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What number combinations win the EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions is a popular lottery game played across nine European countries. To win the jackpot, players must match all five main numbers drawn between 1-50, as well as both Lucky Star numbers drawn between 1-12. With so many potential combinations, the odds of winning the top prize are 139,838,160 to 1. However, there are ways players can intelligently choose number combinations that may give them better chances of matching the winning numbers.

How are EuroMillions Numbers Drawn?

Before exploring smart approaches for picking numbers, it’s helpful to understand how EuroMillions draws work. Here’s a quick overview:

– Two drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday evening at 9PM Central European Time in Paris.

– Five main numbers and two Lucky Stars are drawn from separate number pools.

– The first five winning numbers are drawn from the pool of 1-50 numbers.

– The Lucky Stars are drawn from the pool of 1-12 numbers.

– To win the jackpot, players must match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars. Lower tier prizes are awarded for matching just some of the numbers.

– The jackpot starts at €17 million and can roll over up to €220 million if there are no top prize winners.

– Once the jackpot is won, it resets to €17 million for the next draw.

– Overall odds of winning any EuroMillions prize are 1 in 13.

So in every draw, seven numbers are chosen – five from the 1-50 pool and two from the separate 1-12 pool. While matching all seven numbers perfectly is highly unlikely, there are still patterns and combinations players can look for to boost their chances.

Most Common EuroMillions Numbers

Although every number has an equal probability of being selected in each draw, some numbers have occurred more frequently than others in EuroMillions history. Analyzing the long-term statistics can reveal which numbers have come up most often:

Number Frequency
50 Drawn 117 times
44 Drawn 113 times
19 Drawn 112 times
4 Drawn 110 times
23 Drawn 110 times

As shown above, the numbers 50, 44, 19, 4, and 23 have occurred most frequently in EuroMillions draws to date. Though past draws don’t predict future ones, playing these commonly drawn numbers could help players cover more outcomes.

Most Common EuroMillions Lucky Stars

The two Lucky Star numbers offer another opportunity for smart number picking. Looking at the long-term Lucky Stars statistics reveals some numbers that have been selected more often:

Lucky Star Frequency
5 Drawn 126 times
3 Drawn 125 times
11 Drawn 124 times
2 Drawn 123 times
8 Drawn 121 times

Numbers 5, 3, 11, 2, and 8 have proven luckiest in the Lucky Stars pool. Selecting combinations that include these numbers could help players match more winning Lucky Stars.

Optimize Number Coverage

Rather than just choosing frequent numbers, smart EuroMillions players optimize their number coverage across the full 1-50 pool. This gives them the best shot at matching numbers drawn from different parts of the pool.

Some effective coverage strategies include:

– Play multiples of 5: This covers numbers ending in 0 or 5 like 15, 20, 25, etc.

– Choose a range of odd and even numbers: Mixing both evens and odds across the 1-50 range helps cover more possibilities.

– Include high and low numbers: Don’t just play numbers in the 30s and 40s. Also pick some bigger and smaller ones.

– Cover 1-31 and 32-50: Trying to cover both the lower half and higher half of the pool is wise.

Using these approaches, players can create number combinations that provide broad coverage and include some frequently drawn numbers. For instance, playing 10, 18, 27, 33, 47 covers different odds/evens, high/low numbers, multiples of 5, and includes frequent numbers 19 and 23.

Increase Lucky Star Coverage

Since there are fewer Lucky Stars to pick from, covering more possibilities is simpler. Try these tips:

– Play pairs that combine frequent Lucky Stars like 2 and 5 or 3 and 11

– Select consecutive Lucky Stars like 6 and 7

– Include Lucky Stars from both the low and high end like 1 and 12

Using such pairings gives players the best chance of matching the two winning Lucky Stars.

Avoid Number Patterns

Some players unintentionally reduce their odds by playing predictable number patterns. Here are some to avoid:

– Picking only consecutive numbers: Combinations like 23-24-25-26-27 lack variety.

– Choosing numbers in the same decade: All 30s like 33-35-37-39-30 limits coverage.

– Playing only birthdays: Too predictable if using just day and month.

– Selecting shapes on the ticket: Avoiding straight lines or diagonal patterns.

– Using Lucky Stars that match main numbers.

Number patterns like these mean players are undercovering many possible outcomes each draw.

Check EuroMillions Number Statistics

To keep their number picking strategy up to date, players should periodically check the latest number statistics. The official EuroMillions website shows frequently drawn numbers and other data that can reveal new trends.

Key stats to analyze include:

– Most common main numbers in past 100 draws

– Luckiest Lucky Stars over the last 50 draws

– Least frequently drawn numbers

– Overdue main numbers and Lucky Stars

Reviewing this data every 20-30 draws allows players to adjust their combinations. If some numbers are becoming cold, they can swap them out for hotter ones. Staying informed is key.

Use a Random Number Generator

While picking strategic combinations is helpful, some players take a purely random approach. Online random number generators can select completely random EuroMillions numbers.

To use a generator:

1. Google “random number generator” and select a site.

2. Configure it for 5 numbers between 1-50 for the main numbers.

3. Configure it for 2 numbers between 1-12 for the Lucky Stars.

4. Hit the generate button to get seven random numbers.

5. Repeat to create multiple sets of numbers.

Playing these computer-generated combinations covers the full probability field. Some players use both strategic combinations and random ones for diversity.

Join a Syndicate

To expand number coverage even further, some players join syndicates. Groups of coworkers, friends or families pool their money to afford more tickets and number combinations.

Advantages of syndicates include:

– Playing 100+ combinations across all group members. Greatly improves winning chances.

– Ability to afford systems that guarantee certain prize tiers.

– Jackpot is split amongst fewer people if won.

– Winning smaller prizes more frequently.

The downside is having to share out any big jackpot wins. But for many, the tradeoff is worth it.

Use a Proven Number System

For players who want an off-the-shelf strategy, there are published EuroMillions systems available:

– Book authors have researched number statistics extensively to create formulas for generating combinations.

– Lottery gurus like Richard Lustig advocate systems using a mix of hot, cold and frequent numbers.

– Syndicates sometimes publish their systems once they win big. Recent big winners have shared their methods.

– There are free and paid systems online players can download and use. Some have good reputations.

These systems take the guesswork out of picking numbers. Players simply generate combinations based on the formulas. Systems using statistical analysis tend to perform best.

Consider Quick Pick

One last option is to use the Quick Pick feature when buying EuroMillions tickets. This lets the lottery terminal randomly select numbers for you.

Pros of Quick Pick include:

– Numbers are genuinely randomly generated, not chosen by humans.

– Very fast and easy way to play.

– Provides guaranteed complete coverage of all possible number combinations.

– Often used by big jackpot winners.

The downside is having no control over what numbers are selected. But many players use Quick Pick for some of their tickets. Combining Quick Picks with your own number selections can hedge your bets.

Check Tickets Carefully

Whichever approach players use to choose numbers, it’s critical to check tickets carefully after the drawing. Major prizes often go unclaimed due to player errors. Avoid losing out on a jackpot by following these tips:

– Always read back ticket numbers after purchase to ensure they are correct.

– Double check the draw date and numbers on your ticket prior to the draw.

– Watch the draw online or on TV to view winning numbers.

– Methodically check your numbers against the results. Mark off matching ones.

– When redeeming a winning ticket, sign the back and keep a copy for your records.

– If playing online or on an app, review your account after the draw to see if you won smaller prizes.

– Follow up on any potential winning tickets if you can’t collect a prize immediately.

– Know the deadline for claiming EuroMillions prizes (times vary by country).

Mistakes do happen, so be diligent. Having a clear system for checking tickets is essential. Don’t let a jackpot windfall slip through your fingers.

Increase Chances of Winning

In summary, here are some key ways EuroMillions players can maximize their odds and create more winning opportunities:

– Analyze long-term number statistics to identify frequent main numbers and Lucky Stars.

– Optimize number combinations for coverage across the full 1-50 and 1-12 pools.

– Avoid patterns and spread picks across odd/even and high/low ranges.

– Check latest number frequencies every 20-30 draws and adjust picks accordingly.

– Use random number generators for truly random selections.

– Join syndicates to afford more number combinations.

– Leverage proven systems created by statisticians and past winners.

– Mix in Quick Picks to complement your own number picks.

– Carefully check all tickets to avoid missing out on winnings.

Winning the jackpot may still come down to luck. But using these tips can significantly improve players’ chances and lead to more lower tier prize wins. Don’t just randomly choose numbers. With strategic picking, EuroMillions players put the odds in their favor as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about winning EuroMillions number combinations:

What’s the best way to pick EuroMillions numbers?

There is no single “best” method, but analyzing number frequencies, covering the full number pools, using randomness, and avoiding patterns are good approaches. Mixing these strategies tends to work well.

Can I improve my chances of winning EuroMillions?

Yes, your odds can be improved by picking numbers strategically instead of randomly. Covering more potential combinations and including frequently drawn numbers will increase your chances versus quick picks.

What numbers should I avoid picking in EuroMillions?

Avoid consecutive numbers, all numbers in the same decade, predictable patterns, and combinations where the Lucky Stars match the main numbers. These reduce the combinations covered.

Is it better to pick high or low numbers in EuroMillions?

Neither are inherently better – it’s best to cover both high and low numbers across the 1-50 range to optimize coverage. Don’t just pick numbers 30-49 for instance.

Can the EuroMillions numbers be predicted?

No, there is no way to consistently predict the next winning numbers. The draws are random. However, you can make educated guesses based on statistics.

How many number combinations are there in EuroMillions?

With 5 main numbers from 1-50, and 2 Lucky Stars from 1-12, there are 139,838,160 total possible combinations – hence the long odds of matching them all.


Winning the massive EuroMillions jackpot requires incredible luck. But players can tip the odds in their favor by picking numbers strategically based on statistics, coverage, randomness, and avoiding predictable patterns. Taking a smart approach creates more winning opportunities. With millions of prizes awarded regularly, thoughtful play means EuroMillions excitement for more players.