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What should I watch at age 12?

At age 12, there is a wide range of age appropriate content to watch. Depending on your interests, there are plenty of options.

If you are interested in cartoons, Disney+ has tons of classic Disney movies and new series. Netflix also has classic animated movies, as well as some great original series like The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Skylanders Academy and Dragons: Race to the Edge.

If you are into live action series, you can watch movies and shows on the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC. Popular Disney and Nickelodeon shows like Disney’s Jessie, Andi Mack and School of Rock are all suitable for 12 year-olds.

If you are more interested in adventure and drama, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have plenty of age appropriate shows like Stranger Things, Project Mc2, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If realistic movies and dramas are more your style, Streaming services have an abundance of age-appropriate shows like The Worst Year of My Life, Again, Bedeviled and Starstruck.

Overall, there is an endless amount of age appropriate content to watch at age 12, and streaming services have made finding these titles easier than ever.

Is there R rated things on Disney plus?

No, there are no R-rated films or shows available on Disney+. The streaming platform is designed to be family-friendly, and its content is generally appropriate for viewers of all ages. Movies and TV shows are given one of five content ratings – ranging from General Audiences (G, all ages admitted) to Adult (A, 18+ only) – and Disney+ only carries content rated G – PG (Parental Guidance Suggested).

As such, you won’t find any R-rated films or TV shows on the platform. However, there are horror movies rated PG-13 and original movies rated TV-14 that may contain more adult content than your average family movie.

If you’re looking for more grown-up content from Disney, check out Disney+ Hotstar – which offers select titles rated up to R.

What should a kid watch on Disney plus?

When it comes to what a kid should watch on Disney Plus, there are a wide variety of options available. From classic movies to original series, there is sure to be something for everyone. Some of the more popular movies and series on Disney Plus include the Marvel films, Pixar films, the Star Wars saga, The Simpsons, and the classic Disney movies.

There are also new original series such as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and The Mandalorian that have been hugely popular.

For younger kids, Disney Plus offers a wonderful selection of original animated films. Some popular choices include Coco, Frozen 2, Moana, Zootopia, Toy Story 4, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. There are also classic movies such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Aladdin, as well as animated TV series such as DuckTales, Phineas and Ferb, and Big City Greens.

For sports fans, Disney Plus has a variety of original documentary series such as The Last Dance and Backcourt, as well as a great selection of classic sports films such as Miracle, The Mighty Ducks, and Remember the Titans.

Disney Plus also has a great selection of documentaries and educational shows from National Geographic and other sources. These are great for kids of all ages and make for great family viewing.

There is something for everyone when it comes to Disney Plus. From classic movies to new original series, there is truly something for every age that can be enjoyed over and over.

What age is Disney plus appropriate for?

Disney Plus is appropriate for anyone of any age, as it contains a wide range of content from classic Disney movies and animated shorts to family-friendly live-action and Marvel shows. The content focuses on themes of adventure, imagination, and positive representation of all kinds of family dynamics, so even young viewers can gain valuable lessons from the stories told.

Depending on the age of the viewer and the amount of parental guidance desired, specific content can be available for limited viewership. Some of the movies made after the year 2000 may have a bit of more mature themes so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing what content to watch.

On the Disney Plus website, content can be filtered by age rating, making it easier to choose age appropriate content. Additionally, parental controls are also available to further limit access to certain types of content.

What does V mean on Disney Plus?

The “V” on Disney+ is a rating designation that qualifies a piece of content as being intended for viewing by mature audiences only. The “V” is equivalent to an R rating for movies. This rating is usually applied to movies, shows, or other content that contains graphic violence, adult language, or nudity.

Parental guidance is recommended for content marked with the “V” rating as these mature themes may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Will Disney Plus have mature shows?

YES! Disney Plus offers a fantastic selection of mature shows for adults. Disney Plus is available in four different subscription tiers, including a much-anticipated adult-focused tier called Star. Star will bring together beloved library content from FX, 20th Century Studios, and other major media brands, plus dozens of new Original Series and Movies exclusive to Disney Plus.

Depending on your subscription tier, you can watch a variety of mature shows and movies all in one place.

Some examples of mature shows available on Disney Plus include FX’s American Crime Story, Feud, and the critically acclaimed The Americans. Also available to Star subscribers are Hulu hits such as Castle Rock, Catch 22, and Handmaid’s Tale.

There are a variety of additional mature series being added up until 2021. You can add on an HBO Max or an ESPN+ bundle to your subscription as well, giving you even more access to a variety of adult content.

In addition to adult-focused shows, Disney Plus offers a variety of family-friendly and kid-centric content. You’ll find original Disney movies, classic shows, and more. Disney Plus subscribers can also watch Star Wars movies and animated Marvel shows.

With such a variety of content, Disney Plus has something for everyone.

How do I change my Disney Plus to 18+?

Unfortunately, Disney+ does not offer an age rating higher than 13+. It is not possible to increase the age rating manually. The service has been designed to appeal to viewers of all ages, with the 13+ age limit providing an extra layer of security for younger viewers.

It may be worthwhile to consider setting up parental controls on the account. These can be used to manage what types of content the kids can watch, based on their age or level of maturity. To access the parental controls, simply open the Settings tab on your Disney+ profile and select “Parental Controls”, where you can set restrictions on the content your child can access.

Disney+ also offers the Disney Kids Profile, which provides a secure kids-only profile that has been specifically designed for a younger audience. Kids can access shows and movies tailored to their age, and parents can control what content their kids can view by setting appropriate age thresholds.

In addition, you can also create separate Disney+ profiles for each family member to ensure that the content your family members watch is suitable for each of their ages.

How do you get out of kids mode on Disney+?

The Kids Mode on Disney+ is a safe and secure profile settings feature that enables users to limit content on Disney+ to only those titles and shows deemed suitable for kids. To get out of Kids Mode, launch the Disney+ app and select the Profile icon located in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Select the three dot menu in the top right and then select ‘Edit Profile’. Scroll down and select ‘Exit Kids Mode’, you will be asked if you wish to exit, select ‘Yes’. Your safe and secure profile settings will now be disabled and you will be able to access all titles that are available on Disney+.

Why is Disney plus removing content?

Disney+ is removing content for a variety of reasons. In some cases, due to ongoing rights management issues, Disney+ has had to remove certain content from its platform. There are also cases when Disney has made the decision to remove certain content in order to better adhere to its standards and practices.

Additionally, some content has been removed because it was not age-appropriate or may have featured safety risks or other health concerns. In other cases, Disney+ has had to remove content that infringed upon copyrights or intellectual property.

In some cases, content may have been removed because of market exclusivity or availability deals with other services. Finally, there may also be instances where Disney+ made the decision to remove content for other undisclosed reasons.

Why was the Aristocats removed from Disney plus?

The Aristocats was removed from Disney Plus due to numerous owner requests which were made to Disney in response to the current controversy surrounding the film. This controversy is rooted in racist stereotypes historically found in Disney films, which includes the film The Aristocats.

The film includes several insensitive depictions that are considered off-putting and offensive.

The decision to remove The Aristocats from Disney comes as part of Disney’s larger commitment to diversity and inclusion, and it is part of the company’s decision to provide a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

The move is also seen as part of Disney’s intention to uphold its commitment to showing respect for all cultures, even those that have been historically marginalized.

While some may feel sad to see The Aristocats removed from Disney Plus, Disney is making the right decision here. Removing content with antiquated and offensive stereotypes will create a better and more welcoming experience for all.

Why is Moana under parental controls?

Moana is under parental controls because it is a PG-rated movie and contains themes and topics that may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. The movie is about a young girl’s extraordinary journey across the Pacific Ocean to save her people and the world.

Moana contains themes that may be too intense and mature for younger viewers, such as the power of fate, coming to terms with death, and a strong emphasis on Polynesian culture and mythology. It also contains several intense and frightening scenes, such as a giant lava monster, an underworld of monsters, and a stormy fight with a giant crab.

All these elements can be overwhelming for young viewers, so parental controls are an important way to make sure Moana is seen and understood in the right way.

Can you block specific movies on Disney Plus?

Yes, you can block specific movies on Disney Plus. To do this, first, open the Disney Plus app on the device you are using. At the top right corner of the screen, tap on your profile name. In the profile settings menu, select Parental Controls.

Here, you will be able to restrict specific titles from being viewed on the account. You can also restrict content by age. Once you have finished customizing your parental control settings, exit the menu and be sure to hit the Save button.

Your settings are then saved and applied to all devices linked to your Disney Plus account.