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What time do people bathe in Japan?

In Japan, the time people choose to bathe varies depending on personal preferences and daily routines. However, traditionally the most common time to take a bath in Japan is in the evening, before going to bed.

This is known as “yuagari,” which literally means “bath after the evening meal” and is considered an essential part of the daily routine for many Japanese people.

The reason for this may be because traditionally, Japan had many public baths or “sento.” These would be a place for communities to gather and socialize, but also give people the opportunity to cleanse themselves before going to bed, which was seen as a way to purify the body and the mind before sleep.

However, nowadays, many people opt for a shower in the morning for convenience, as it helps to wake them up and get ready for the day ahead. Additionally, some people may choose to take a bath or shower at other times throughout the day depending on their work schedules or personal needs.

While there is no set time for taking a bath in Japan, it is still a significant part of Japanese culture and seen as an essential part of daily cleanliness and relaxation.