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What time is FLORIDA LOTTO drawing tonight?

The Florida Lotto is one of the most popular lottery games in the state of Florida. It is drawn twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday nights. For many lottery players in Florida, knowing the exact time of the Florida Lotto drawing on any given night is important. The drawing time impacts when players need to purchase their tickets by and when they can watch the drawing live online or on TV. Having the drawing details handy ensures Florida Lotto players don’t miss out on the chance to play and win huge jackpot prizes.

What days are the Florida Lotto drawings held?

The Florida Lotto drawings take place twice weekly, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The weekday drawing is held on Wednesdays, while the weekend draw takes place on Saturdays. This schedule provides frequent opportunities for players to win, with just a couple of days in between each chance at the jackpot. Lottery players appreciate having drawings during both the middle of the workweek and on the weekend.

What time is the Florida Lotto drawing held on Wednesdays?

On Wednesdays, the Florida Lotto drawing takes place at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. For players within the Eastern Time Zone, this puts the weekday draw at a primetime hour. It is late enough in the evening that most people are off work and able to focus on the drawing. Yet it is still early enough at night that players can check the numbers soon after the drawing. Players on Eastern Time will want to purchase tickets by 10:45 PM to ensure they are included.

What time is the Saturday Florida Lotto drawing?

On Saturdays, the drawing for the Florida Lotto also takes place at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. Again, this primetime slot allows players across Florida to tune in live. It also gives people time after dinner or evening activities to buy their tickets. Players will want to finalize all ticket purchases by 10:45 PM Eastern Time on Saturday nights. This ensures all entries are eligible for that night’s big jackpot.

How can I watch the Florida Lotto drawing live?

For players interested in watching the Lotto drawings live as they happen, there are a few options:


The Florida Lotto drawings are televised across much of the state. To find the channel and time for your area, check your local TV provider listings. The Lotto drawing is typically aired during the 11 o’clock news broadcast.

Website Live Stream

The Florida Lottery website provides a live stream of each Lotto drawing as it happens. Players can visit just before 11:15 PM on draw nights to watch online. The winning numbers will also be posted shortly after.


The Florida Lottery’s official Youtube channel live streams the drawing as well. Players can subscribe and turn on notifications to know when new drawings air live.

Florida Lottery App

Using the official Florida Lottery app also allows you to view drawings in real-time. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

What channel is the Florida Lotto drawing on?

For those watching on TV, the Florida Lotto drawings are broadcast on different channels depending on your region:

Central Florida

Orlando area: WKMG Channel 6
Tampa area: WTVT Channel 13

South Florida

Miami/Fort Lauderdale area: WSVN Channel 7
West Palm Beach area: WPEC Channel 12

North Florida

Jacksonville area: WJXT Channel 19
Tallahassee area: WCTV Channel 18
Pensacola area: WEAR Channel 12

Panhandle Florida

Panama City area: WMBD Channel 13

Check your local TV provider for the exact channel in your home on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Times are typically during the 11 PM news broadcast.

What happens during the Florida Lotto drawing?

The Florida Lotto drawing itself is a straightforward process conducted by lottery officials. Here is an overview of what happens:

– Acrylic lottery drawing balls numbered 1-53 are loaded into a mechanized ball drawing machine.
– Pressurized air mixes the balls around inside the machine.
– A chamber then opens and a ball emerges, showing the first winning number.
– A video camera films the number, while a lottery official announces it.
– This process repeats 5 more times until all 6 winning numbers are drawn.
– A separate machine with balls numbered 1-27 is used to draw the FL Lotto XTRA number.
– The 7 numbers make up that night’s official game winning numbers.
– Within minutes, the results are certified and published online.

The Lotto drawing machines are tested thoroughly by third parties and lottery officials prior to each drawing to ensure proper randomness. The entire process takes place under the supervision of security personnel and is typically broadcast on TV.

When can I find the Florida Lotto results online?

Soon after each drawing wraps up, the latest Florida Lotto winning numbers are published across a number of online platforms:

– Florida Lottery Website: is updated within minutes after the balls are drawn.

– Florida Lottery App: Official app for iPhone and Android also updates instantly.

– Florida Lottery Twitter: @floridalottery posts the numbers after the drawing.

– Florida Lottery Facebook: The lottery’s Facebook page announces results.

– Google Search: Typing “Florida Lotto numbers” into Google will show the latest results.

– News Websites: Many Florida news media outlets like the Tampa Bay Times post the numbers shortly after the live drawing.

Lottery players can check any of these sources after 11:15 PM on drawing nights to see that evening’s results. The quickest way is usually to open the Florida Lottery website or app and look for the posted winning numbers.

What are the cutoff times to buy Florida Lotto tickets?

Florida Lotto ticket sales cut off at 10:45 PM Eastern Time on the night of each drawing. Here are the important deadlines lottery players should know:

– Wednesdays: Ticket sales end at 10:45 PM for that night’s drawing at 11:15 PM.

– Saturdays: Sales also end at 10:45 PM for the Saturday drawing at 11:15 PM.

– Online sales stop at 10:00 PM on drawing nights to allow time for the order to process.

Ticket buyers must complete their purchases before these deadlines in order for them to be eligible for that night’s drawing. Florida Lottery retailers also usually stop selling tickets 15 minutes prior to the listed cutoff times. Planning ahead ensures you secure your entries in time.

Can I buy Florida Lotto tickets online?

Yes, the Florida Lottery allows players to conveniently purchase Lotto tickets online. Orders can be placed through the state lottery’s official website at or using the mobile app. Players must create an account and deposit funds to place online bets.

The main advantage of buying Lotto tickets online is that it can be done from anywhere within Florida. You do not have to visit a retailer location. Online ticket orders must be placed by 10:00 PM on the night of a drawing. This allows time for the order to process before ticket sales end at 10:45 PM.

One thing to note is that Florida Lotto tickets cannot currently be purchased online from outside the state. You must be physically located within Florida to place an order on the state lottery’s website. Play is restricted to within state boundaries.

What are the Florida Lotto rules?

The Florida Lotto follows these main rules:

– Players select six numbers from 1 to 53. This makes the odds of winning the jackpot 1 in 22,957,480.

– Tickets cost $1 per play. Up to 10 sets of numbers can be entered on a single ticket.

– Drawings are held Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:15 PM Eastern Time.

– To win prizes, matching numbers from the 7-number winning draw are required. Match all 6 to win the jackpot.

– Unused Lotto numbers from the previous draw are returned for the next one.

– Jackpot winners can choose to receive the full amount in annual installments over 30 years or take a reduced lump sum payment.

– Tickets must be purchased by 10:45 PM on the night of a drawing to be eligible. Players must be 18 or older to play.

– Winnings are subject to federal tax withholding if over $600. State taxes are also deducted for top prizes.

Following these rules carefully is key to properly participating and claiming any prizes won. Be sure to check for full terms, conditions, and FAQs.

What are the odds of winning the Florida Lotto jackpot?

The odds of matching all 6 numbers to win the Florida Lotto jackpot are steep at only 1 in 22,957,480. This is because players choose 6 numbers from a field of 1 to 53, making the mathematical odds longer. While not easy, someone eventually wins due to the frequent drawings.

For comparison, the overall odds of winning any prize starting at $2 in the Florida Lotto game are much better at 1 in 81. That’s because there are seven total prize tiers, including matching just 3 numbers correctly. Lower tier prizes award more frequent payouts.

While the jackpot odds are long, it only takes one lucky ticket to hit the top prize. And when the Lotto jackpot rolls over for some time, it can grow to tens of millions for life-changing money.

What are the biggest Florida Lotto jackpots ever won?

The Florida Lotto has awarded some truly massive jackpots since beginning in 1988. Here are the largest historical top prizes:

Winning Jackpot Date Won
$106.5 million September 14, 1990
$101.5 million March 27, 1990
$91.4 million January 3, 2009
$79.6 million March 14, 2007
$72.9 million August 3, 1990

As shown, all of the biggest Lotto jackpots were won back in the 1990s and 2000s. The two largest were both over $100 million. The record holder is the $106.5 million prize from 1990. While not as massive, more recent jackpots have still reached tens of millions.

With today’s larger player base, there is always a chance an upcoming Florida Lotto drawing could set a new record top prize. Playing the game gives you a chance at winning history!

Has anyone in Florida won the lottery multiple times?

Incredibly, there are some people who have won big lottery prizes in Florida more than once. Some notable multiple winners in Florida Lotto games include:

– Inez Lostra – Won $2 million in 1988 on a Florida Lotto ticket just 9 years after claiming a $1 million Florida Lotto jackpot in 1979.

– Maureen Wilbur – Hit a $13 million Lotto jackpot in 1993 and previously won $1.1 million back in 1990 on another Florida Lotto ticket.

– Miguel Piloto – Won a $52 million Lotto jackpot in 1994 just 5 years after taking home $8 million in another Florida Lotto win.

– Manuel Mata Sr. – Claimed a $32.5 million Lotto prize in 2002 after winning $2 million in 1988.

– Mack Metayer – Split a $42 million Lotto jackpot in 1999 after winning over $4 million in 1993.

Some lottery experts believe past winners have an advantage in hitting multiples because they reinvest a portion back into playing. While quite rare, these stories show that winning big once doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky again!

Where does Florida Lotto money go?

The Florida Lottery turns over all profits from Lotto ticket sales and other games to the state’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF). The money is then appropriated by the Florida Legislature each year to support important education initiatives. Here are some of the key programs funded by the Lottery:

– Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
– Voluntary Prekindergarten Program
– School Construction Bonds
– Florida College Prepaid Scholarship Program
– Standard High School Diploma and Testing Program

Since the Florida Lottery began, over $41 billion has gone to benefit education within the state. Lotto games have been a major contributor, funding everything from childhood education programs to college scholarships. Playing the Florida Lotto helps support continued opportunities for students across Florida.

Can I remain anonymous if I win the Florida Lotto jackpot?

Florida does not allow Lotto jackpot winners to remain completely anonymous. State law requires the Florida Lottery to identify any winner of $250,000 or more through a press release and press conference. This ensures transparency to the public.

However, recent winners have been able to maintain some privacy by claiming prizes through a legal entity like a trust. The lottery then announces that a trust has won rather than an individual. This hides the identity of the real person or people behind the winning ticket. Winners should consult with legal and financial advisors to decide if using a trust makes sense for them. Lottery winners cannot stay completely anonymous but can take steps to keep some privacy.


In summary, the hugely popular Florida Lotto offers life-changing multimillion dollar jackpots two nights a week. Drawings take place at 11:15 PM Eastern Time every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets must be purchased by 10:45 PM before the drawings in order to participate. Players can buy entries online or at authorized Florida Lottery retailers statewide. While the odds of hitting the jackpot are long at around 1 in 23 million, someone eventually wins, with the top prize often climbing into tens of millions of dollars after rollovers. Playing the Florida Lotto is an exciting chance for Sunshine State residents to win it big while also benefitting important education programs funded by the Lottery. Just one lucky winner on Wednesday or Saturday nights could bring you instant riches for the future.