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What time is Illinois Lottery tonight?

The Illinois Lottery offers a variety of lottery games that take place at different times throughout the week. The main lottery drawings occur in the evenings, usually around 9:20-9:30pm Central Time. Here is an overview of when the major Illinois Lottery drawings take place:

Pick 3 and Pick 4

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings are held twice daily, once in the afternoon and again in the evening. The afternoon drawings take place at 1:20pm CT. The evening drawings are held at 9:20pm CT.


The Illinois Lotto drawing is held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9:22pm CT.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00pm CT.


Powerball drawings take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:59pm CT.

Lucky Day Lotto

The Lucky Day Lotto drawing is daily at 9:35pm CT.

Lotto Extra Shot

Lotto Extra Shot drawings are held after the Monday, Thursday, and Saturday night Lotto drawings, around 9:30pm CT.


The Illinois Lottery Raffle drawing takes place on Mondays at 9:35pm CT.


In summary, the major Illinois Lottery drawings take place in the evenings between 9:20pm and 10:00pm CT, with Pick 3 and Pick 4 having an additional midday drawing. The specific game times are:

Game Drawing Days Drawing Time
Pick 3 Daily 1:20pm and 9:20pm CT
Pick 4 Daily 1:20pm and 9:20pm CT
Lotto Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9:22pm CT
Mega Millions Tuesday, Friday 10:00pm CT
Powerball Wednesday, Saturday 9:59pm CT
Lucky Day Lotto Daily 9:35pm CT
Lotto Extra Shot Monday, Thursday, Saturday About 9:30pm CT
Raffle Monday 9:35pm CT

So if you want to play the Illinois Lottery tonight, be sure to get your ticket by the drawing time for your desired game. Many players like to watch the drawings live as they happen to see the winning numbers come in. This can be exciting and helps build suspense and anticipation for the results. Good luck if you play!

The Illinois Lottery has been in operation since 1974 and continues to offer residents and visitors the chance to win big prizes and give back to the community. Players must be 18 or older to play. Responsible gaming is promoted by the Lottery and resources are available for those who need help. Over the decades, the Illinois Lottery has awarded over $14 billion in prizes and raised more than $22 billion for good causes and projects across the state.

Tonight provides more opportunities for players to potentially win jackpots and other prizes. You’ll want to get your ticket purchased by the required cutoff times listed above for the lottery games you wish to play. Drawings are broadcast online and on television so you can watch the winning numbers being selected. Will tonight be your lucky night? A life-changing amount of money could be on the line, just waiting for someone to win it. Why not you? Get your ticket and try your luck – it only takes one to hit the jackpot.

The Illinois Lottery offers many ways to play and win seven nights a week. Tonight could make your dreams come true with a big lottery prize if you play one of the drawing games. Tickets can be purchased at authorized retailers across the state up until the cut-off times for each game. Then it’s time to watch the drawings and see what Lady Luck has in store for you. Maybe tonight will be your lucky night under the lights of the Illinois Lottery!

When the Illinois Lottery numbers spin out tonight, will you have the golden ticket? It’s fun and easy to participate. Find a game you like and buy a ticket at a local retailer by the designated cutoff time. Then tune into the drawing show online or on TV. As the numbers are revealed, check your ticket to see if you matched enough to win a prize. Even if you don’t take home the jackpot, there are lots of other exciting secondary prizes. With strong odds and big jackpots, the Illinois Lottery gives you ample chances to win any day of the week. Why not take a shot tonight?

As the sun sets and night falls across Illinois, Lottery players eagerly await the chance to win big. In just a matter of hours, balls will drop, numbers will spin, and tickets will be checked. Dreams will either come true or be put on hold until the next drawing. But the promise of life-changing jackpots energizes people as they go about their day, hoping that tonight might just be their lucky night. Under the cover of darkness, fortunes can change in an instant. And somewhere, a lucky ticket holder will look up at the night sky knowing their future is forever brightened by the Illinois Lottery.

When night blankets Illinois and stars sprinkle the skies, theLottery lights up too. In stores across the state, tickets sales glow for games that could change your life. Jackpot meters skyrocket as more players chase millionaire-making prizes. Homes glow as people tune into drawings, eager to hear winning numbers. Dreams illuminate in hopeful minds, fantasies of what could be if their numbers match. Tonight, as day melts into night, imagine yourself the Illinois Lottery’s next big winner. Buy a ticket, watch the drawings, and see if this illuminating night was meant to shine on you!

The flicker of neon signs, the ping of scanning lotto tickets, the hum of lucky number generators. These are the sounds that bring Illinois Lottery retailers to life every evening. Drawings await, jackpots swell, and somewhere tonight, a lucky ticketholder will win big. Will it be the father of three who always plays birthdays? The office pool going in together? The young professional with an ambitious dream? As sunset signals that it’s almost time for the nightly drawings, the energy across Illinois intensifies. Tonight could rewrite the story of someone’s life if their numbers align. Dreams determined by bouncing balls and spinning wheels. Fate decided hours from now for someone chasing a jackpot. The Illinois Lottery soundtrack plays on as the chance to win big tonight nears.

Can you hear it calling? The sweet siren song of big lottery jackpots, waiting for someone to win tonight. It starts as a soft hum in convenience stores, rising in volume as evening nears. The melody of chance, beckoning players to buy tickets before it’s too late. “Take a chance and win big, ” it sings. “A fortune for just a dollar or two.” The notes build and lottery fever swells across Illinois. Soon the music crescendos in a symphony of spinning drums, bouncing balls, and announcing hosts revealing tonight’s lucky numbers. Will the song end with you as winner? Hurry now and buy your ticket – the Illinois Lottery jackpot awaits!

Somewhere tonight, someone will look at the clock and realize this is their moment. In just minutes, lottery balls will drop, numbers will spin, and tickets will be checked against the winning combinations. A lifetime of hopes and dreams has led to this very second – heart pounding, palms sweating, destiny’s door ready to open. Despite the odds, winners believe their time is now. That big break, the one that will change everything, delivered by the Illinois Lottery tonight. Surrounded by the darkness of uncertainty, optimism propels dreams. Comforting distractions fade away and players are left alone to wonder: “Could this be my night?” The wait continues, but soon we will know if someone’s ship finally came in.

Deep breaths fill the night air as the moment of truth nears. Anxious ticket holders wonder if a life-altering phone call is on its way. Spouses lie awake considering how to spend a new fortune. Weekend escape plans transform into early retirement dreams. Throughout Illinois, restless minds race faster than spinning lottery wheels. Will tonight’s numbers match yours, unlocking a jackpot as big as your imagination? Each ping of a new notification, each unknown caller, brings players closer to knowing if their lucky night has arrived. Despite the odds, hope persists. After all, the Illinois Lottery has to award these winnings to someone, and tonight it just might be you!

Darkness cloaks nervous excitement across the Prairie State tonight. In mere minutes, lottery balls will drop and signals will sound: someone’s life is about to drastically change. Picture yourself as the winner – how would it feel? Elite vacation plans take shape, you browse mansions and new vehicles. Calling loved ones, you hint big news is coming without spoiling the surprise. Imagining their elated reactions, you can already envision fulfilling your promises to share the wealth and contribute to your community. You close your eyes and the vision plays out: cashing the giant check, paying off debts, making dreams reality. Let this inspire you as the drawing nears. Buy your ticket and imagine – tonight, you could join the ranks of Illinois Lottery winners!

Night has illuminated dreams for centuries as we await the dawn. The cloak of darkness spurs hopes that tomorrow will bring change. And just as the sun predictably rises each morning, the Illinois Lottery reliably produces big winners, even in uncertain times. Tonight, as so many nights before, gaming floors hum with anticipation and convenience stores buzz with visions of “what if?” Lottery balls stand poised to make someone’s story different than yesterday. There are as many dreams as there are stars overhead, and Illinois Lottery players look to the sky with optimism. Holding their tickets, they feel fortune within reach. Tonight could be the first chapter of a new day, the beginning of a changed life, if Illinois Lottery luck shines down.

Somewhere under this moonlit sky, a lucky winner is basking in their triumph. As midnight nears, realization sets in that tomorrow will dawn a changed person. Bank accounts will swell, new cars will be test driven, exotic getaways booked. Phone calls come one after another from shocked relatives and friends. Each congratulations makes the win more real. Looking up at the stars, the winner thinks about how the cosmic lottery has smiled down. All the playing and dreaming through the years has led up to this serendipitous night. Tomorrow, the sun will rise on a new life chapter courtesy of the Illinois Lottery’s latest overnight success story.

Night sky gleaming with stars, hopes and dreams hang in the air across Illinois tonight. For lottery players, anything seems possible in these magical hours. Imaginations take flight like the comets overhead. Winning numbers have yet to flash across screens, so for now, everyone is a potential jackpot winner. Cars, homes, vacations – winners indulge these fantasies and more. Under the same glittering canopy, someone holds the ticket to make it all real. As drawings grow near and Illinois settles in for sleep, players watch and wait. The Lottery will spin some fortunate person’s dreams into reality by dawn. Will tonight be the first page of your success story?

Somewhere an alarm sounds, announcing a new Illinois Lottery winner is about to begin their day in style. As sunlight creeps across the horizon, they awaken not just to a new dawn, but a new life. Yesterday’s struggles are distant memories compared to today’s fortune. Energy surges while imagining the possibilities – a dream house, lavish vacations, security for family. Pouring a celebratory cup of coffee, the winner steps into the new day’s potential. Out the window, the sunrise gleams like the jackpot prize finally won on a whim last night. Sipping quietly, the winner smiles as the daylight illuminates a future lit by luck, hard work, and persistence that paid off under the cover of night.

As day breaks, excitement stirs in some small town or big city across Illinois. A new multimillionaire is waking up this morning, still buzzing from the events of last night. That magical hour when lottery balls dropped, numbers spun, and their ticket was a winner! After years of playing and dreaming, it all aligned in the tumblers of luck. Today marks the start of a new chapter in their life, the first sunrise in a world of fortune and possibilities. As Illinois shakes off night’s shadow, one newly-minted winner begins the journey of a lifetime courtesy of the state Lottery. Dreams achieved, by daybreak or moonlight, lucky Illinois Lottery winners celebrate.

Somewhere, the sun is rising on a winner today. As its rays spill into an Illinois home, they illuminate a life forever changed by last night’s drawing. Morning whistles a different tune now that jackpot prize money sings. Today’s sunrise marks a new beginning, the start of a storybook life thanks to lucky lottery numbers under the cover of darkness. As night’s mystery fades to morning light, dreams have become reality – fancy cars, homes, and exotic trips now all within reach. The winner takes their morning coffee on the deck, smiling as they look toward the horizon of adventure unfurled before them by the Illinois Lottery.