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What time is Massachusetts Megabucks drawing?

The Massachusetts Megabucks drawing occurs twice a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 PM EST. Megabucks is one of the lottery games administered by the Massachusetts State Lottery. It is a 6/42 game drawn from a field of 42 numbers. To play, players pick 6 numbers from 1 to 42. The jackpot starts at $500,000 and continues to grow until there is a winner. Tickets can be purchased for $1 each at licensed lottery retailers across Massachusetts.

When are the Megabucks drawings held?

The Megabucks drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 PM Eastern Time. On Wednesdays, the drawing takes place at the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Braintree, MA. On Saturdays, the drawing is held at a different location across the state. Some of the Saturday drawing locations include:

  • Gillette Stadium in Foxborough
  • Fenway Park in Boston
  • TD Garden in Boston
  • Veterans Memorial Skating Rink in Westfield

The pre-draw ceremonies at these locations allow the public to attend and view the drawing process. The Lottery encourages players to arrive by 9:00 PM for the pre-draw events. The actual drawing procedures begin at 10:50 PM and culminate with the drawing at 11 PM sharp.

Drawing Schedule

Day Time Location
Wednesday 11 PM EST Lottery Headquarters, Braintree
Saturday 11 PM EST Rotating locations across MA

Where can I view the Megabucks drawing?

There are a few ways to view the live Megabucks drawing:

  • In person: Attend the Saturday night drawings at locations around Massachusetts
  • Online: A live stream is available at
  • TV: The drawing is televised on local MA stations
  • Radio: Airs on some local radio stations

If you cannot watch the drawing live, remember to check the winning numbers after 11 PM on the Mass Lottery website or app. The numbers are posted soon after the drawing concludes.

Watching the Drawing In Person

Attending the Saturday night drawings is a fun way to experience the Megabucks excitement firsthand. Fans can arrive early for the pre-draw celebrations which include music, games, prize giveaways and food. This creates a festive atmosphere leading up to the main event. Lottery officials and local dignitaries speak to the crowd and select attendees to participate in the drawing procedures. Make sure to get there on time, as seating is first come first served!

Watching Online or on TV

For those who cannot attend in person, the Mass Lottery provides a live webcast of every Saturday night drawing at The drawing is also broadcast on several local TV stations across the state. Check your local listings for the channel. Some radio stations will also air live coverage of the drawing, allowing listeners to follow along.

How are Megabucks winners selected?

The Megabucks winning numbers are selected using two drawing machines – the Random Number Generator and the Lottery Ball Machine. The Random Number Generator contains 42 balls numbered 1 through 42. Prior to the drawing, 6 of the balls are randomly mixed and selected. These determine the 6 winning numbers for that night’s drawing.

The selection process is conducted and supervised by Massachusetts State Lottery officials to ensure it is truly random. 4 Lottery personnel oversee the drawing procedure along with an independent auditor.

Here are the steps to select the winning numbers:

  1. The 6 balls are mixed in the Random Number Generator by blowing air for 20 seconds
  2. One ball is released into the prize chamber
  3. A lottery official announces the number and shows it to the auditor and audience
  4. Steps 1-3 repeat until all 6 numbers are drawn
  5. The numbers are logged as the official winning numbers and entered into the system

All drawings are video recorded for review and verification purposes. The resulting combination gives all players an equal chance of winning.

Lottery Drawing Machines

The Mass Lottery uses meticulous processes and specialized equipment to ensure provably fair drawings. The 2 main machines are:

  • Random Number Generator – Mixes and selects the 6 winning numbers
  • Lottery Ball Machine – Used for separate raffle drawings

Both machines are inspected and tested thoroughly by Lottery officials and independent auditors prior to each live drawing. Numbers are chosen completely at random, without any manipulation. This gives players confidence in the game’s integrity.

What are the Megabucks Doubler prizes?

Megabucks offers two exciting prize levels:

  • Jackpot – Starting at $500,000 and grows until won
  • Doubler – Fixed $1 million prize

Players must match all 6 numbers to win the jackpot. The Doubler can be won by matching 5 numbers using the Doubler feature. Lower tier prizes range from $2 to $50,000 for matching some numbers. The overall odds of winning any Megabucks prize are 1 in 6.

Jackpot Details

The Megabucks jackpot starts at $500,000 and continues growing based on ticket sales and rollovers. Once the jackpot is won, the prize is reset to $500,000 for the next drawing. Jackpots can reach into the multi-millions depending on how long it takes to have a winner. The record MA Megabucks jackpot was $13.82 million in March 2007!

Megabucks Doubler

The Megabucks Doubler feature gives players 2 chances to become a millionaire. If you match 5 numbers without the Doubler, you win $50,000. But if you match 5 numbers using the Doubler, you take home the fixed $1 million prize! The Doubler costs an extra $1 per play.

What are the odds of winning Megabucks?

The overall odds of winning a Megabucks prize are 1 in 6. This includes smaller prizes from $2 up to the jackpot. The chances vary for matching different numbers. Here are the specific odds for each prize:

Prize Match Odds (1 in)
Jackpot 6 of 6 13,983,816
Doubler 5 of 6 + Doubler 705,128
$50,000 5 of 6 54,201
$5,000 4 of 6 1,953
$150 3 of 6 101
$20 2 of 6 9
$2 1 of 6 6

As you can see, the jackpot is the most difficult to win, but also offers the biggest reward. Matching just the Mega Ball offers the best odds but a smaller prize. With so many prize levels, players have multiple ways to win.

Boosting Your Chances

While Megabucks jackpots are elusive, there are some simple steps players can take to increase their odds:

  • Buy multiple tickets – more tickets equals more chances to win
  • Join or form a lottery pool to buy more tickets
  • Use Quick Pick which evenly spreads number selection
  • Avoid repetitive numbers (all 20s, 30s etc)

In the end, Megabucks is a random numbers game without any strategy. But little changes can help improve your opportunities.

Where does Megabucks lottery revenue go?

As one of Massachusetts’ top performing lottery games, Megabucks contributes significant funding to communities across the state. By law, all lottery profits are distributed to local aid programs supporting:

  • Local cities and towns
  • Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling
  • Mass Cultural Council

Specifically, each 1-dollar Megabucks play allocates funds as follows:

Beneficiary Allocation
Prizes 62%
Local Aid 24%
Operations 12%
Gambling Support 1%
Arts Council 1%

Over $1 billion in lottery aid is returned annually to all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. This helps fund local services like police, fire, parks, libraries and more – without raising taxes. So when you play Megabucks, the whole community benefits.

Lottery Proceeds Distribution

Massachusetts has one of the most effective lotteries in the US in terms of giving back to residents. Key facts on MA lottery proceeds include:

  • Over $1 billion yearly to local aid
  • 300+ Massachusetts cities and towns
  • 340,000+ students receive college tuition through lottery
  • $40 million annually for arts, culture and history

Without the voluntary contributions of players, this community support would not be possible. So playing the lottery positively impacts towns across Massachusetts.

Is Megabucks a good lottery game to play?

Megabucks is one of the most popular games offered by the Massachusetts State Lottery due to its huge jackpots and overall great prizes. Here are some key reasons why Megabucks is a smart lottery game to play:

  • Big jackpots – Starting at $500k and frequently in the multi-millions
  • Solid odds – Easier to win versus huge national lotteries
  • Local focus – Only played in Massachusetts
  • Funding communities – Money goes to support MA cities and towns
  • Two chances to win $1 million – Match 5 numbers or match 5 with Doubler
  • Prize variety – Tiers range from $2 to jackpot amount

With a solid jackpot, reasonable odds, and prizes helping Massachusetts residents – Megabucks consistently delivers as a lottery option. Twice weekly drawings add to the ongoing excitement.

Key Benefits of Megabucks

When choosing a lottery game, important factors for players to consider include:

  • Jackpot Size – Megabucks jackpots are massive for a local game
  • Odds – Better chances versus enormous national lotteries
  • Prize Levels – Low and high tier prizes are available
  • Convenience – Play anywhere in Massachusetts

Evaluating these critical elements makes it clear that Megabucks stacks up as a premier lottery game with broad appeal.

What time is Massachusetts Megabucks drawing?

The Massachusetts Megabucks drawing takes place twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 PM Eastern Time. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day of the drawing. Make sure all ticket purchases are completed before 10:45 PM.

On Wednesdays the drawing is held at the Mass State Lottery headquarters in Braintree, MA. On Saturdays, the drawing rotates through various public venues across the state. Arrive early on Saturday nights to join the festivities leading up to the big drawing at 11 PM sharp. Good luck!

Drawing Night Reminders

  • Drawings held every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 PM ET
  • Cut-off for ticket purchases is 10:45 PM day of drawing
  • Check lottery website after 11 PM to view winning numbers
  • Attend Saturday night drawings for public parties and giveaways
  • Remember there is a fixed $1 million Doubler prize available

Follow these tips for an optimal Megabucks playing experience. Check those tickets carefully after the drawing and good luck becoming Massachusetts’ next millionaire!