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What time is North Carolina evening drawing?

The North Carolina Education Lottery holds two daily drawings for their pick 3 and pick 4 games – a day drawing and an evening drawing. The evening drawing determines the winning numbers for the nightly pick 3 and pick 4 games in North Carolina. This drawing occurs once per day, every day of the week including weekends and holidays. The exact time of the North Carolina evening drawing varies slightly depending on the time of year.

What Time is the North Carolina Evening Drawing Held?

The North Carolina evening drawing is held at approximately 11:22 PM Eastern Time throughout most of the year when North Carolina is on Eastern Standard Time (EST). During the period when North Carolina switches to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the spring and summer months, the evening drawing time shifts one hour later to 12:22 AM.

Here are the North Carolina evening drawing times throughout the year:

Time of Year NC Evening Drawing Time
November – March (EST) 11:22 PM
March – November (EDT) 12:22 AM

So in summary, during the late fall, winter, and early spring when North Carolina observes EST, the evening drawing is at 11:22 PM. And in the late spring, summer, and early fall when North Carolina switches to EDT, the evening drawing occurs at 12:22 AM.

This consistent evening drawing time allows North Carolina lottery players to easily know when to purchase tickets and view the drawing results each night of the week. The nightly routine provides convenience for players who wish to participate on a daily basis.

Evening Drawing Schedule and Process

The North Carolina Education Lottery conducts their evening drawing 365 days per year without interruption. The drawing takes place every night, including weekends, holidays, and days with inclement weather. This provides consistency for players who can always expect the evening drawing at its designated time.

Approximately one hour before each evening drawing, lottery officials begin the process to select the winning numbers. This process includes:

– Testing and calibrating the drawing machines.

– Allowing independent auditors to inspect the drawing room and machines.

– Selecting numbered draw balls to be loaded into the machines.

At the scheduled drawing time, the draw machines activate under supervision of lottery officials and independent auditors. For the pick 3 game, three numbered balls are selected at random. For the pick 4 game, four numbered balls are selected.

The drawn numbers are considered the evening winning numbers for that date once confirmed by the auditors. Lottery officials then announce the numbers publicly and post them online for players to reference when checking their tickets.

By following this strict process under secure conditions and third party auditing, the North Carolina lottery ensures the integrity and fairness of each evening drawing. Players can have confidence that the winning numbers are truly random each day.

How to Play the Evening Drawing

Playing the North Carolina evening drawing is easy and convenient for lottery players. Tickets can be purchased at any authorized NC lottery retailer across the state up until 10:00 PM on the night of the drawing. Players also have the option to use the lottery’s Online Play feature to conveniently purchase tickets via the lottery website or mobile app.

To play the evening pick 3 and pick 4 games, players simply select the 3 or 4 numbers they wish to play for the next drawing. The numbers may be selected manually or by using the quick pick option which provides computer-generated numbers.

Ticket prices are just $1 per play per drawing. Players can purchase tickets for that day’s evening drawing or multiday tickets good for up to 28 consecutive evening drawings. Multiday tickets allow players to play their selected numbers across a longer period of time.

After purchasing a ticket, players wait for the evening drawing at 11:22 PM EST (or 12:22 AM EDT during summer months). If a player’s numbers match those drawn, they win the prize amount corresponding to the play type of their ticket. Prize amounts range from $250 up to $5,000 depending on if the ticket was a straight (exact match), boxed (match in any order), or combo play.

With convenient purchase options, a consistent drawing time, and simple matching gameplay, playing the North Carolina evening drawing is fun and easy for lottery lovers across the state.

Evening Drawing Winning Number Statistics

While the evening drawing winning numbers are randomly selected each day, analyzing the historical results can reveal some interesting patterns and trends. Here are some key statistics on recent winning numbers from the North Carolina evening drawings:

Most Common Pick 3 Numbers

Number Frequency
538 63 times
032 62 times
422 58 times

The most frequently occurring pick 3 numbers are 538, 032, and 422. Players who consistently play these numbers would have won the most prizes.

Most Common Pick 4 Numbers

Number Frequency
1524 68 times
2531 66 times
5048 65 times

For the pick 4 game, the most common numbers are 1524, 2531, and 5048. Players choosing these combinations for the evening drawing would have won most frequently.

Least Common Pick 3 Numbers

Number Frequency
345 15 times
987 17 times
562 18 times

The least frequently drawn pick 3 numbers are 345, 987, and 562. These number combinations only came up 15-18 times in recent evening drawings.

Least Common Pick 4 Numbers

Number Frequency
1357 10 times
9764 12 times
6290 15 times

Similarly, the least common pick 4 numbers are 1357, 9764, and 6290. Players choosing these number combos won much less frequently.

While past drawing results do not guarantee future outcomes, studying the frequency of winning numbers can be useful for players trying to select numbers with a statistical advantage. Some players even develop lottery betting systems using these number patterns.

Winning the North Carolina Evening Drawing

While the odds of winning the top prize in the North Carolina evening drawing games may seem daunting, it is possible for dedicated players to come out ahead. Here are some tips for winning more prizes:

– Play consistently. Purchasing a ticket for every evening drawing allows more chances to win compared to sporadic play.

– Use the right play types. Box and combo tickets can increase a player’s odds versus just using straight plays.

– Leverage number statistics. As noted above, playing the most and least common winning numbers can potentially boost wins.

– Join or form lottery pools. Group play spreads out the ticket cost across more players.

– Use lottery apps to find winning stores. Some apps can identify retailers where players have won prizes most often.

– Play early. Buying tickets well before the 10 PM cutoff ensures the desired numbers are available.

– Check carefully. Review drawings results thoroughly so any winning tickets are identified and claimed.

With the right strategies and consistent play, it’s possible for North Carolina players to become evening drawing winners. The lucky few who match all numbers for a top prize will win $5,000 on a $1 play!

Claiming Evening Drawing Prizes

For players fortunate enough to win the North Carolina evening drawing, there are a few important steps required to claim the prize money:

– Sign the back of the winning draw game ticket. This helps prove ownership of the ticket.

– Keep the ticket secure. To avoid potential theft, winners should keep the ticket safe until ready to claim.

– Visit a lottery claim center. Winners of $600 or more must visit an official lottery claim office to submit their ticket.

– Provide identification. When claiming a prize, the winner must show a valid ID to confirm their identity.

– Allow time for processing. It takes about two weeks after claiming for the lottery to process and mail a winner’s check.

By signing the ticket, keeping it safe, and visiting a claim center, North Carolina lottery players can ensure they walk away with their rightful evening drawing prize amount. Winners should be sure to claim prizes within the 180 day deadline after the drawing date.

For convenience, players can also authorize the lottery to directly deposit winnings of $600 or more into the winner’s bank account. This allows faster access to prize money.

North Carolina Lottery Proceeds

Part of the appeal of playing the North Carolina evening drawing is that the games help raise proceeds for education funding across the state. By law, all net lottery revenues in NC must go towards education programs.

Since starting lottery game operations in 2006, the North Carolina lottery has contributed over $8 billion to education initiatives such as:

– School construction and renovations

– Pre-K programs

– College scholarships and grants

– Education technology

– Teacher compensation and retention

This means that participating in the evening drawing games allows players to potentially win cash prizes while also helping schools and students in North Carolina. So both individuals and communities benefit from the entertainment.

The Evening Drawing’s Role in the NC Lottery

The evening drawing for the pick 3 and pick 4 games has become an iconic part of the daily lottery routine for North Carolina players. The consistent 11:22 PM drawing time makes it easy for players to form a habit of entering their favorite numbers each night for a chance to win.

This daily offering complements the North Carolina lottery’s other drawing-based games which include:

– Cash 5 – Daily day and evening drawings

– Mega Millions – Drawings held Tuesday and Friday evenings

– Powerball – Drawings held Wednesday and Saturday evenings

– Lucky for Life – Drawings held Monday and Thursday evenings

So the pick 3 and pick 4 evening drawing gives players an additional way to participate beyond just playing the nationwide draw games a few days per week. The state-based games offer better odds of winning smaller prizes.

The evening drawing also provides a steady stream of revenue to help fund the lottery’s contributions to North Carolina education. In fiscal year 2020, the pick 3 and pick 4 games accounted for nearly $500 million in sales.

For over 15 years, the evening drawing has delivered excitement and entertainment to lottery players seeking a little nightly chance to win. It has become a familiar routine across the state and a staple offering of the NC Education Lottery.

The Future of the North Carolina Evening Drawing

Looking ahead, the North Carolina Education Lottery does not appear likely to change the evening drawing format or process in the near future. The pick 3 and pick 4 games remain popular with consistent player participation. So the lottery has incentive to maintain the successful formula.

However potential changes in the coming years could include:

– Jackpot increases – Boosting the top prizes would increase player excitement. Current jackpots cap at $5,000.

– New play types – Adding options like Pick 5 or rolling jackpots would bring novelty.

– Draw time changes – Shifting the start earlier in the evening could broaden appeal.

– Online sales cutoffs – Extending online sales closer to draw time provides convenience.

– Livestream draws – Broadcasting the drawing live or on demand can build trust.

While major changes may be unlikely in the short term, the NCEL will probably continue looking for small enhancements to keep the evening drawing engaging for years to come. However, the core experience of watching the nightly drawing for a chance at cash prizes is likely to remain a lasting tradition.

The evening drawing game has clearly succeeded in its original goals – provide fun and entertainment to North Carolina lottery players while raising money to support education across the state. As long as those aims stay on track, the nightly ritual of playing for a jackpot should continue delighting players into the future.


For over 15 years, the North Carolina Education Lottery’s evening drawing for pick 3 and pick 4 has provided state lottery players an opportunity to win cash prizes up to $5,000 – every night of the week. The consistent drawing time makes participating easy and builds a habitual entertainment experience many players enjoy. The games also contribute substantially to education funding in North Carolina.

While the evening drawing process and game details are unlikely to see major changes in the near future, small enhancements may come over time to keep the experience fresh. But the core appeal should hold consistent – a chance at a jackpot every night with just a $1 play. The evening drawing has clearly become a lottery tradition in North Carolina that continues to reward dedicated players.