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What time is the Pick 3 drawing for Florida Lottery?

The Florida Lottery offers a variety of draw games that allow players to try their luck at winning cash prizes. One of the most popular draw games is Pick 3, which offers players a chance to win up to $500 on a $1 play. So what time is the daily Pick 3 drawing held in Florida?

When are the Florida Lottery Pick 3 Drawings Held?

The Florida Lottery holds two Pick 3 drawings every day, seven days a week. The midday Pick 3 drawing is held at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. The evening Pick 3 drawing takes place at 6:57 PM Eastern Time. Tickets can be purchased up until 10 minutes before each drawing at more than 13,000 Florida Lottery retailers across the state.

How to Play Florida Lottery Pick 3

Pick 3 is a straightforward lottery game where players choose three numbers between 0 and 9. Tickets can be purchased for 50 cents or $1, with the prize amounts multiplied accordingly. Players have a few different bet type options when playing Pick 3:

  • Straight – Match all three numbers in exact order. Pays $500 on a $1 play.
  • Box – Match all three numbers in any order. Pays $80 on a $1 play.
  • Straight/Box – Contains both a Straight and Box bet for the same numbers. Pays both straight and box payouts if numbers match.
  • Front Pair – Match the first two numbers in exact order. Pays $50 on a $1 play.
  • Back Pair – Match the last two numbers in exact order. Pays $50 on a $1 play.

Players can choose their three numbers by filling out a play slip at a lottery retailer, or by asking for a Quick Pick, which provides randomly generated numbers. Tickets can also be purchased online in advance. It’s easy to see why Pick 3 is such a popular attraction for Florida Lottery players with its fast pace and range of bet options.

Pick 3 Winning Number Draw Details

Both the midday and evening Pick 3 drawings are conducted using mechanical ball drawing machines at the Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Four balls are loaded into the machine, numbered 0 through 9. Three balls are randomly selected as the winning numbers for each drawing.

The drawings are supervised by both internal and external auditors. The results are publicly posted online at the Florida Lottery website as well as displayed at retailers. Players can watch the evening Pick 3 drawing live online every night at 6:55 PM Eastern Time.

Midday Pick 3 Drawing

  • Held at 1:30 PM ET
  • Winning numbers posted by 2:00 PM ET
  • Sales cut-off at 1:20 PM ET

Evening Pick 3 Drawing

  • Held at 6:57 PM ET
  • Winning numbers posted by 7:15 PM ET
  • Sales cut-off at 6:47 PM ET

Claiming Pick 3 Prizes

Winning Pick 3 tickets can be redeemed for up to $599 at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes over $600 must be claimed at a district office or at Lottery headquarters. Players have 60 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. The following validation procedures are required:

  • Tickets must be signed.
  • Identification may be requested for validation.
  • Tickets must be intact and not altered in any way.
  • The Lottery ticket scanner must be able to read the barcode.

For the latest information on claiming procedures and appointment availability during COVID-19, visit the Lottery’s website. Unclaimed Pick 3 prizes are retained by the state for use in future games and promotions.

Odds of Winning FL Pick 3

The odds of winning a prize in Pick 3 depend on the type of bet placed:

Bet Type Odds (Per $1 Play)
Straight 1 in 1,000
Box 1 in 333.33
Straight/Box Straight: 1 in 1,000
Box: 1 in 333.33
Front Pair 1 in 100
Back Pair 1 in 100

As shown, the Straight bet with an exact match in order has the highest odds, while a Box bet has better chances of winning a smaller prize. With 10 permutations available on a 3-digit number, the odds are more favorable than games like Powerball.

Is Pick 3 a Good Bet?

Pick 3 offers reasonable odds of winning compared to other lottery games, but as with all games of chance, outcomes are random. While the odds suggest players could expect to win around once in every 1,000 straight bets, there is no guarantee. Some players may win more often, while others may not ever hit the exact numbers drawn.

Statistically over time, the Florida Lottery retains around 50% of Pick 3 sales as profit, paying out the other 50% in prize money. This payback percentage is quite high compared to other lotteries. However, players should still only bet entertainment money they can comfortably afford to spend, rather than wagering grocery or rent funds on lottery tickets.

Pros of Playing Pick 3

  • Relatively good odds of winning
  • Drawings held twice daily for convenience
  • Prizes from $20 up to $500
  • Straight, box, combo, and pairs bets available
  • Can play same numbers for multiple drawings

Cons of Playing Pick 3

  • Smaller prizes not life-changing money
  • Big jackpots still unlikely to hit
  • Bankrolling plays can get expensive
  • Winnings are taxable
  • Games of chance are unpredictable

Pick 3 Draw Results and Patterns

Although the mechanical drawing machines generate random Pick 3 results, many players like to analyze past drawings to look for patterns and trends. Some frequent numbers, pairs, and triples that have hit in recent Florida midday and evening Pick 3 results include:

  • Repeating triplets like 111, 666, 777
  • Consecutive triples like 123, 567
  • Singles: 0, 8
  • Pairs: 11, 88, 55
  • Triples: 445, 818, 343

However, it’s important to note that these are just observational trends. The next drawing is still a random, independent event, so past draws do not definitively predict upcoming results. Many serious Pick 3 players use statistical and lottery analysis software to scan hundreds or thousands of past drawings for frequency and patterns.

How to Use Pick 3 Hot and Cold Numbers

For Pick 3 players who use drawing trends, hot numbers are those that have been drawn more frequently in the past. Cold numbers are those that have not hit as often. Some players only play hot numbers hoping the trend continues, while others exclusively play cold numbers betting they are due to hit.

Another approach is to play a combination of current hot and cold numbers. For example, if 5 has been hot, 8 cold, and 3 a middling number, a player might do a combo bet on 853. This covers both the hot and cold trends. Statistical analysis can help identify meaningful patterns versus just coincidence or randomness too.

FAQs About the Florida Lottery Pick 3

What days are the Pick 3 drawings?

The Florida Lottery holds Pick 3 drawings twice a day, every day of the week – 365 days a year. This includes holidays and weekends.

What time is the midday Pick 3 drawing?

The midday Pick 3 drawing takes place at 1:30 PM ET. Sales cut-off at 1:20 PM, so players must purchase tickets by then.

What time is the evening Pick 3 drawing?

The evening Pick 3 drawing is held at 6:57 PM ET. Ticket sales end at 6:47 PM ET for the evening draw.

What is the biggest Pick 3 prize?

The top Pick 3 prize for a straight bet is $500 on a standard $1 play. For an extra $1 per play, the Extra feature multiplies non-jackpot prizes by the Extra number drawn, up to 5X. So the top prize can reach $2,500 with Extra activated.

Are Pick 3 tickets sold online?

Yes, the Florida Lottery website and mobile app allow players to conveniently purchase Pick 3 tickets online up to seven days in advance.

Can you buy Pick 3 tickets across state lines?

Unfortunately no. Lottery tickets must be purchased within the state of Florida through authorized retailers or the Lottery’s own online services.

Strategies for Winning FL Pick 3

While Pick 3 outcomes are entirely random, players have developed some strategies that may help boost their odds and fun. Popular approaches include:

Playing Hot Numbers

Focus bets on numbers that have hit most frequently in recent drawings.

Playing Cold Numbers

Bet on uncommonly drawn numbers due to hit based on odds.

Monitoring Trends and Patterns

Look for pairs, triples, odd/even, high/low, and other trends in past results.

Wheeling Numbers

Bet on all possible combinations of a set of numbers to guarantee a win.

Combining Hot and Cold

Include both frequently and rarely drawn numbers on the same ticket.

Playing Birthdays

Use meaningful numbers like birthdays rather than random Quick Picks.

Focusing on Midday or Evening

Analyze either midday or evening rather than combined draws.

Although these approaches can make playing more engaging, players should remember that Pick 3 drawings are ultimately random. There is no guaranteed winning strategy.

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Pick 3

Pick 3 is entirely a game of chance, so there is no way to definitively improve chances of winning. The mechanical drawings are truly random. However, players can optimize their fun and excitement with the lottery by:

  • Managing entertainment budgets responsibly
  • Using different bet types like box and combo bets
  • Buying tickets for multiple upcoming draws
  • Trying different numbers and strategies
  • Playing low cost 50 cent tickets

Monitoring bankrolls, playing in moderation, and having reasonable expectations are also keys to enjoying Pick 3 responsibly as entertainment.

Where Pick 3 Lottery Proceeds Go

The Florida Lottery provides key funding to support education in the state. More than $1 billion in contributions are made annually to help Florida students. Lottery earnings are allocated by the state legislature, with the majority going to:

  • Bright Futures Scholarship Program – Provides scholarships based on academic merit for Florida students to attend colleges, universities, and vocational schools in the state.
  • Florida Public Schools – K-12 education receives approximately $400 million annually.
  • Florida Colleges – The state’s colleges are funded with around $300 million in annual lottery proceeds.

Other beneficiaries include the College Improvements Fund, Florida Prepaid College Program, Florida Universities, K-12 Construction Bonds, and the Department of Education.

Buying Responsibly and Getting Help

The Florida Lottery encourages responsible play and provides help resources. The minimum age to purchase lottery tickets in Florida is 18. Players are advised to set a budget for entertainment spending and only bet what they can afford. Gambling addiction support is available by calling 888-ADMIT-IT.


Pick 3 gives Florida Lottery players an opportunity to win up to $500 twice a day, every day. To play, simply choose three numbers between 0 and 9 and match them to the randomly drawn winning numbers. With midday and evening drawings daily, reasonable odds, and a wide range of bet types and strategies, Pick 3 is an appealing choice for lottery fans seeking regular action and excitement. Just remember to always play responsibly within your entertainment budget.