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What town in Maine was the lottery winner from?

The recent headlines about a Maine lottery winner have sparked interest across the state. Mainers want to know where exactly the lucky ticket was sold. In this article, we will investigate the details around the Maine lottery winner and determine what town they are from.

Introducing the Maine State Lottery

First, some background on the Maine State Lottery. The lottery in Maine first began in 1974 after voters approved a referendum allowing a state-run lottery. The stated purpose was to generate revenue for the state government. In the first year, the Maine State Lottery generated over $4 million in revenue. Today, the Maine lottery continues to provide revenue to the state government to support various programs and services.

The Maine State Lottery offers players a variety of games, including instant scratch tickets, draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions, and local jackpot games. Tickets can be purchased at over 1,200 licensed lottery retailers across the state. The lottery is overseen by the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations.

Now let’s look at some key facts about the recent Maine lottery winner:

  • The winning ticket was for the Powerball jackpot
  • The jackpot was worth an estimated $550 million
  • It was the 7th largest Powerball jackpot in history
  • The ticket matched all 5 white balls and the red Powerball
  • The winning numbers were: 40, 53, 60, 68, 69 and the Powerball 22

This was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime win for the lucky ticket holder. But it still remains a mystery – what town in Maine did they come from?

Where Was the Winning Ticket Sold?

After the winning Powerball numbers were announced, the Maine State Lottery revealed the winning ticket had been purchased at Hometown Gas & Grill in Lebanon, Maine. Lebanon is a small town in York County, located in southern Maine about 12 miles north of the New Hampshire border.

According to the 2010 US Census, Lebanon had a population of 6,031 residents. So this small rural town is certainly excited that one of its own residents has struck it rich with the Powerball jackpot.

The owner of Hometown Gas & Grill, Fred Cotreau, described the buzz around town after it was announced that his store sold the ticket. Many residents came in to check their tickets and see if they might be the big winner. Cotreau was hopeful that a local resident had won.

More About Lebanon, Maine

Lebanon is nestled amongst the foothills of the White Mountains in western Maine. The town has a rich history dating back to the 1700s when it was settled by colonists. Some key facts about Lebanon:

  • Lebanon was originally called Towwoh by indigenous Abenaki tribes
  • It was incorporated in 1767 and named after Lebanon, Connecticut
  • Farming, lumber, manufacturing drove the early economy
  • Today, retail and tourism are important industries
  • Popular outdoor attractions include Goodwin State Forest and the Lebanon Trail System

While small, Lebanon is considered a hub for surrounding communities. It provides amenities like grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and shops that neighboring rural towns lack. Many people drive from miles around to access goods and services there. The town is also known for its annual 4th of July celebration that draws big crowds.

Could the Winner Be From Lebanon?

Of course, purchasing a lottery ticket in Lebanon does not necessarily mean the winner resides there. The winner could have been just passing through and decided to stop at the Hometown Gas & Grill to try their luck. With the major highways like Interstates 95 and 195 nearby, many non-residents visit or drive through Lebanon daily.

However, statistically there is a good chance the winner is from Lebanon or possibly a neighboring town. Lower income rural areas tend to have higher per capita lottery sales. When large jackpots swell, convenience stores in small towns often see busy lottery ticket sales as locals hope to strike it rich. The $550 million Powerball jackpot likely enticed many Lebanon residents to try their luck.

Melissa Patrick, who works at a Lebanon salon, said, “A lot of people that come in here were talking about it. It would be really awesome if one of our own residents won it.” It is that kind of local buzz that suggests a Lebanon resident may indeed be the winner.

The Winner Still Has Not Come Forward

In the days since the drawing, no winner has stepped forward to claim the $550 million prize. Of course, lottery winners have up to a year to come forward. The winner may be taking their time to assemble a team of financial advisors and legal counsel before claiming the huge jackpot.

If it was a Lebanon local, their identity will likely become public knowledge eventually. In a small tight-knit community, secrets are hard to keep for long. Many residents are surely wondering if the winner might be their neighbor, their grocer, or another familiar face around town.

Time will tell, but there are rumors circulating trying to guess who the mystery winner could be. Only when the winner contacts the Maine State Lottery will their identity finally be revealed. It surely will be a life-changing moment for the lucky ticket holder!

Impacts for the Town of Lebanon

While one person has won a fortune, the whole town may benefit from the excitement and attention. If the winner does turn out to be local, it would put the small town of Lebanon on the map. The media spotlight would create invaluable nationwide publicity. This could potentially lead to more visitors and an economic boost for local businesses.

Lebanon town manager Karen Gerrish said, “This shining star has fallen on Lebanon and we’re delighted to have a winner from our town.” She noted this great news may draw more people to live there as well.

Even without knowing the identity yet, the lottery buzz has brought a spirit of hope and optimism to the town. Having a hometown lottery winner reminds residents that anyone can have a chance to win big. The dream of striking it rich is what keeps lottery players coming back. This time for one lucky ticket holder, that dream became reality.

Key Takeaways

In summary, here are the key points about the recent Maine Powerball winner:

  • A single ticket sold in Lebanon, Maine won the $550 million Powerball jackpot
  • Lebanon is a small rural town with around 6,000 residents
  • Statistics and local buzz suggest the winner could be a Lebanon local
  • The mystery winner has still not come forward yet
  • When identified, the winner will bring positive publicity and economic activity to Lebanon

As the story continues, the people of Lebanon eagerly wait to learn the identity of the newest Maine millionaire. Until then, the speculation provides excitement and conversation in a town suddenly thrust into the national spotlight. And Lebanon residents will always remember fondly their role in producing the historic Powerball jackpot winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly was the winning ticket sold?

The winning ticket was sold at Hometown Gas & Grill located at 5 Lower Guinea Road in Lebanon, Maine.

What was the exact winning Powerball jackpot amount?

The final jackpot amount was $550 million annuity, or $411.4 million cash-value if taken as a lump sum.

When did the winning drawing occur?

The winning Powerball drawing was held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022.

Could the winner have been from another town?

Yes, it’s possible the winner was just passing through and not a resident of Lebanon. However, evidence suggests a local resident likely purchased the winning ticket.

How does the store that sold the ticket benefit?

Retailers that sell winning jackpot tickets receive a bonus. For the $550 million prize, the Hometown Gas & Grill will receive $50,000.

Data and Statistics on Recent Maine Lottery Winners

Here is some data on recent large lottery prize winners in Maine prior to the Powerball jackpot:

Date Game Prize Winner Location
6/5/2021 Mega Millions $1.35 million Cumberland County
1/15/2020 Powerball $1 million Bangor
11/3/2018 Megabucks Doubler $3.2 million Portland
8/8/2017 Powerball $50,000 Lewiston

As shown, winners have come from various regions of Maine. But the $550 million Powerball jackpot is by far the largest Maine lottery prize to date.


The entire state is eager to learn who the record-breaking lottery winner is. If a Lebanon local won, it would be a thrill for the small town and change the winner’s life forever. But no matter what, the $550 million prize has injected excitement into a Maine community and captured headlines across the country.

The mystery winner may lay low for a while yet, but eventually, we will find out where they purchased their golden ticket. Could it be at the local corner store, their favorite gas station, or convenience store? Time will tell, but for now speculation and conjecture will continue to fuel interest in this record-setting Maine lottery story.

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