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What transits bring wealth?

Wealth and abundance are desires many of us share. Astrology offers insight into the cosmic cycles that correlate with financial gain and material comfort. By studying the transits of planets through the signs of the zodiac and houses of the birth chart, we can identify periods that are more likely to bring economic opportunities and rewards.

In this article, we will explore the major astrological transits associated with increased wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Understanding these planetary patterns can help you maximize fortunate timing in your business and career. With astrological knowledge on your side, you can learn to ride the cosmic waves of fortune.


Jupiter is considered the most benevolent and beneficial planet in astrology. It governs growth, expansion, and good fortune. Jupiter is associated with abundance, prosperity, and success. When Jupiter is transiting in harmonious aspect to your natal planets, you are likely to encounter positive financial developments. Let’s look at some key Jupiter transits for wealth:

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Jupiter

During this transit, you have an increased desire to improve your life, often through material gain and increased income. You are likely to receive opportunities, gifts, and financial benefits from influential individuals. Your optimism grows, fueling your drive for success. Investments initiated now can bring long-term rewards.

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus

This transit enhances your appreciation of beauty, luxury, and comfort. Your possessions increase in value and you may receive money from your partner or through collaboration. Creativity and charm aid your success in business and finances.

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Pluto

During this transit, you have the power to increase your wealth and status. Growth comes through exercising influence over groups and joint finances. Seek to improve economic conditions for many, not simply your own gain.

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Saturn

Hard work, discipline, and conservative investments initiated under this influence are likely to yield substantial returns over time. Reputation and career begin to solidify. Tensions ease between work and private life.

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Neptune

Under this transit, your charitable generosity and spiritual ideals can lead to material reward. Wealth may come through institutions, charity, oil, chemicals, or film. Be wary of deception or illusion affecting finances now.

Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Uranus

Sudden financial opportunities present themselves, often through groups, friends, or unconventional partnerships. Be willing to act outside your normal structures. Experimentation with technology, science, and metaphysics can bring economic gains.

Jupiter in the 2nd house

When Jupiter transits your natal 2nd house, you tend to have more disposable income. You may receive a pay raise, bonuses, or a windfall of some kind. Practice budgeting and financial management now so earnings translate into real wealth.


While Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism, Saturn is the planet of restriction and reality. However, Saturn’s influence is not necessarily detrimental to wealth. Saturn governs hard work, perseverance, and responsible resource management. Its transits encourage a diligent buildup of wealth earned slowly over time.

Saturn conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Saturn

During this transit, you gain maturity, stability, and wisdom in managing your resources and finances. Investments started now have staying power. Discipline, effort, and consistency pay off.

Saturn conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Jupiter

Under this influence, you blend Saturn’s realism with Jupiter’s vision. Bold ideas are executed through practical, step-by-step effort. Grand plans for prosperity bear fruit through hard work over time.

Saturn conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Pluto

During this transit, you have the intense focus and drive to increase your earning power and wealth. Eliminate waste and combine resources for greater efficiency. Your astute investments may bring financial mastery.

Saturn in the 2nd house

With Saturn transiting your 2nd house, building wealth is a disciplined, methodical process. Avoid risky financial schemes. Budget, save, and make do with less. Your modest habits and perseverance now lay the foundation for increased income.


Uranus is the planet that governs change, rebellion, and innovation. Its transits often correlate with unexpected financial developments that break conformity. Uranus brings wealth through progressive ideas, technology, and group affiliations.

Uranus conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Uranus

This transit spurs you to liberate yourself financially from limiting mindsets, habits, and associations. You desire a unique, independent approach to money. Breakthroughs come through innovation and revolutions in your field.

Uranus conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Saturn

During this transit, you balance the new and cutting edge with tried-and-true career and financial practices. Blend experimentation with pragmatism for success. Wealth can come through science, computing, and electronics.

Uranus conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus

This transit brings excitement and unconventional pleasures. You may make money from new trends, creative technologies, or a novel approach to relationships. Group activities increase prosperity.

Uranus in the 2nd house

With Uranus transiting your 2nd house, expect variable income and an unusual approach to finances. Wealth may come suddenly through innovative endeavors. Avoid extremes. Pursue financial freedom in alignment with your ideals.


Neptune is the planet associated with spirituality, illusion, compassion, and creativity. Under its influence, wealth often arrives through inspiration, vision, and service. Yet confusion around money is also possible.

Neptune conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Neptune

This transit deepens your compassion, intuition, and mystical sensibilities. Wealth may come from institutions, healing, the arts, or your spiritual service. Charitable giving also increases now. Avoid deceit.

Neptune conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus

Under this transit, your creativity blossoms. Share your imaginative gifts, visionary artistry, or musical talents for financial reward. Money comes through beauty, leisure, and relationships. Beware of overindulgence.

Neptune conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Pluto

During this influence, you have intense creative and spiritual focus. Your visionary leadership and healing gifts empower others financially and materially. Avoid any schemes, drugs, orせん or deception implicating wealth.

Neptune in the 2nd house

With Neptune transiting your 2nd house, you seek spiritual fulfillment over materialism. Wealth may fluctuate and require boundless faith. Avoid deceit with money. Prosper by sharing your inspired visions and creative talents.


Pluto is the planet of transformation, intensity, and power. Its transits bring drastic change and opportunities for renewed empowerment. Wealth often comes by embracing deeper values and merging personal assets with others.

Pluto conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Pluto

During this transit, you undergo a financial metamorphosis. You no longer accept powerlessness over income and resources. Dig deep to uncover your wealth potential. Eliminate disempowering beliefs.

Pluto conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Saturn

This influence empowers your career ambitions with intense focus and drive. Hard work leads to substantial wealth and status. Investments may involve property, land or joint finances. Power comes with responsibility.

Pluto conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus

Under this transit, you gain financial power by merging assets and forming intense partnerships. Wealth comes through depth of experience, elimination of waste, and intense focus on values. Passions intensify.

Pluto in the 2nd house

With Pluto transiting your 2nd house, you transform your relationship with finances and possessions. Wealth comes by releasing fear and obsession. Rebuild your values and earning ability from the bottom up. Dig deep.

The North Node

The North Node represents your spiritual destiny and life purpose. North Node transits point you toward abundantly fulfilling paths.

North Node conjunct, sextile or trine your natal North Node

This strengthens your commitment to a destined path of prosperity. Align income efforts with your true calling. Wealth comes through pursuing your soul’s purpose.

North Node in your 2nd house

The North Node transiting here shifts your values toward purpose and service. Prosper by sharing your unique talents and gifts with the world. Contributing to others brings you joy and abundance.

The South Node

The South Node represents habits and patterns from the past. Its transits show financial areas that require release to gain progress.

South Node conjunct, square or opposite your natal Venus

Old pleasures and attachments must be outgrown to cultivate new financial abundance. Avoid excessive comforts, possessions, or dependencies on relationships.

South Node in your 2nd house

With the South Node transiting here, you are letting go of obsolete values, security habits, and materialistic pursuits. Move into more meaningful sources of prosperity.


Eclipses occur in pairs every six months and accelerate change in the houses transited. They often trigger financial surprises.

Eclipses in your 2nd house/8th house axis

These catalyze rapid shifts in income, values, intimacy, and shared resources. Adapting to the changes leads to financial improvement. Release control.

Eclipses aspecting your natal planets

Eclipses aspecting planets in your birth chart jolt those energies into action. For example, an eclipse conjunct your natal Jupiter may bring happy financial news.


Mercury’s retrograde periods are notorious for misunderstandings and delays, especially around signing contracts. Venus and Mars retrogrades also disrupt finances.

Mercury Retrograde in your 2nd house

Review budgets, accounts, possessions. Reflect before finalizing transactions. Research purchases and avoid unnecessary spending until Mercury goes direct.

Venus Retrograde in your 2nd house

This transit prompts a re-examination of values, self-worth, and money habits. Avoid expensive purchases. Review investments and improve financial systems.

Mars Retrograde in your 2nd house

With Mars retrograde in your house of income, frustration around finances is likely. Channel angry energy into positive financial changes. Revise instead of quitting abruptly.

Lunar Cycles

New Moon in 2nd House

The new moon marks a fresh start in finances and values. Initiate budgets, savings plans, and income-generating efforts in the waxing lunar cycle.

Full Moon in 2nd House

Under the full moon, money matters culminate. Rewards may manifest. Alternatively, compulsions that waste resources surface for acknowledgment and release.

New Moon aspecting natal planets

When the monthly new moon aspects planets in your natal chart, those energies emerge anew. For example, a new moon conjunct your Jupiter renews financial optimism.

Daily Transits

In addition to longer retrogrades, eclipses, and lunar cycles,favorable daily transits also boost prosperity.

Moon conjunct, sextile or trine Jupiter

On this transient “lucky” day take advantage of opportunities, express optimism, and put yourself in position to benefit from good fortune.

Sun conjunct, sextile or trine Jupiter

When the ego aligns with expansive Jupiter, confidence grows. A favorable day for positive expectations, vision boards, and luxury.

Venus conjunct, sextile or trine Jupiter

During this abundant transit, pleasures and popularity create financial opportunity. Share gratitude. Align values with growth.

Moon conjunct, sextile or trine Venus

The moon aligning with Venus brings a day of enhanced charm, creatively solving problems. Add beauty, art, and collaboration for prosperity.

Progressed Planets

In addition to transits, your natal chart is also impacted by progressions—symbolic movements of planets tied to aging and life phases.

Progressed Moon conjunct, sextile or trine natal Jupiter

Your emotions gradually align with faith in abundance. Over months, this “lucky streak” supports financial increase, philanthropy, and helpful people.

Progressed Sun conjunct, sextile or trine natal Venus

Your identity becomes more aligned with happiness, popularity, and prosperity. Creativity and partnerships add wealth during this period.

Progressed planets changing houses

When progressed planets change houses in your natal chart, they influence those areas of life. For example, progressed Jupiter entering your 2nd house suggests increased income.

Return Charts

In astrology, returns are charts cast for the moment when a planet returns to its natal position. They provide insight into upcoming phases.

Jupiter Return in 2nd House

Jupiter’s roughly 12-year cycle marks a productive period for earning. Manage growth wisely. Share good fortune, avoid waste and arrogance.

Saturn Return in 2nd House

This 29-year cycle reset brings maturity in finances and values. Accept responsibility for income and rely on real efforts more than luck.

Solar Return 2nd House Planets

The annual solar return impacts finances through its 2nd house. For example, Venus there suggests comfortable income from talents and partners.


In addition to understanding positive transits, Vedic astrology recommends remedial measures to counter challenging periods.

Weak 2nd house

Support this house of wealth with rituals on Tuesdays, wearing emerald, and chanting Laxmi mantras like Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Laxmirachagachha Mama Mandire Tishtha-Tishtha Swaha.

Afflicted natal Jupiter

Boost your natal Jupiter by wearing yellow sapphire and gold, lighting yellow candles, chanting Om Gurave Namah, and donating to charity on Thursdays.

Malefic transits to 2nd house

Protect wealth during unfavorable transits by offering honey and saffron in the home, fasting on problematic weekdays, and practicing restraint in spending and consumption.


While no transit delivers wealth and abundance on its own, the astrological patterns discussed here provide background cosmic support for prosperity. When we align intention with favorable celestial timing, our efforts meet with greater success.

By understanding the astrological influences associated with increased income, resources, and values, you can better cooperate with cosmic forces rather than fighting against the tides of change. Plan big visions under Jupiter’s optimism. Work steadily toward goals as Saturn encourages discipline. Move ahead with innovation when Uranus breaks limitations. And share imaginative gifts to prosper during Neptune’s harmony.

The meaningful rewards we seek require focus, diligence, and faith to materialize. With cosmic cycles on your side, the stars come that much closer to grasping.