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What was the secret in Manifest?

Manifest was a hit television series that kept audiences on the edge of their seats throughout its run. Over the course of the show, there were several secrets that kept viewers invested in the plot, but there were a few that stood out as the central mystery of Manifest.

At the core of the show was the mystery of Flight 828. The airplane went missing for five and a half years and was presumed to have crashed into the ocean. However, when it finally reappeared, the passengers onboard were shocked to find out that no time had passed for them.

They were still the same age as they were when they boarded the flight, but for everyone else, they had been declared dead and their families had moved on.

The central secret of Manifest was tied to this inexplicable event. The passengers of Flight 828 began to experience strange phenomena after their return, including visions of the future and hearing voices in their heads.

As the seasons progressed, it became clear that their return was linked to a larger conspiracy involving a shadowy organization called the Major.

The Major had been watching the passengers since their return, and it was revealed that they were conducting experiments on them to harness their unique abilities. The passengers had been imbued with special powers during their flight, and the Major wanted to harness those abilities for their own uses.

However, the final season revealed that there was an even greater secret at play. It was discovered that the reappearance of Flight 828 and the passengers’ powers were all part of a greater mystical prophecy, known as the “Death Date.”

The passengers were destined to fulfill a greater purpose, to avert a catastrophic event that would wipe out humanity.

The secret in Manifest was the mystery behind Flight 828 and the passengers’ unique abilities. This secret was linked to a larger conspiracy, which ultimately revealed a greater mystical purpose for the passengers’ return.

It was a complex and intriguing plot that kept viewers captivated throughout the series.

Who is behind everything in Manifest?

It’s difficult to determine who exactly is behind everything in Manifest as the show is still ongoing and there are a lot of mysterious plot lines that have yet to be unraveled. However, there are a few potential suspects who could be behind the eerie and unsettling events that have been happening to the passengers of Flight 828.

One possibility is that the United States government or a secret government agency is responsible for the strange happenings. It’s been hinted at throughout the show that the government may have had a hand in the plane’s disappearance and eventual return.

Additionally, the revelation that some of the passengers have developed certain supernatural abilities could indicate that they were part of a government experiment or project gone awry.

Another potential suspect is the mysterious organization known as the Major. This secretive group seems to have connections to both the government and the passengers of Flight 828. They have been known to manipulate events to their own advantage and it’s been hinted at that they may be involved in the disappearance of the plane.

However, there are also hints that a more supernatural force could be at play. The show often explores themes of fate, destiny, and the afterlife, leading some viewers to speculate that a higher power or entity could be behind everything that is happening to the passengers.

Additionally, there have been several references to religious symbolism and mythology throughout the show, which could further point towards a supernatural explanation.

The identity of the individual or group behind Manifest remains a mystery. With new twists and turns in every episode, it’s likely that it will be some time before audiences fully understand the scope and motivations of the show’s villains.

Why did the plane disappear on Manifest?

There are a few factors that contributed to the plane disappearing on Manifest. Firstly, the plane experienced severe turbulence during its flight, which caused it to experience significant structural damage.

This damage could have caused the plane to malfunction or potentially even crash.

Additionally, there were several strange occurrences leading up to the plane’s disappearance, including the sudden appearance of a mysterious passenger and unexplained electrical interference. These events could have also played a role in the plane’s disappearance.

However, the most significant factor in the plane’s disappearance is the central mystery of the show – the idea that the passengers of the plane were transported into an alternate dimension or timeline.

This theory is supported by the fact that the passengers on the plane seemingly did not age during the time that they were missing and the appearance of supernatural phenomena that seem to be linked to their return.

The disappearance of the plane on Manifest is a complex and mysterious event that is still being investigated by the characters in the show. As the story continues to unfold, more clues and revelations may be uncovered that shed light on what truly happened to the flight and its passengers.