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Where can I get the Houston Chronicle?

The Houston Chronicle newspaper is available for home delivery and single copy sales at various vendors throughout the Greater Houston area. You can find single and discounted subscriptions to the Houston Chronicle in the following outlets:

– Grocery Stores: Select HEB and Kroger locations sell the Houston Chronicle at the front register.

– Convenience Stores: The Houston Chronicle is available at select convenience stores around the city.

– Newspaper Boxes: The newspaper boxes around the streets of Houston carry the Houston Chronicle and other local papers. The newspapers and magazines in the boxes are free for the taking.

– Digital Subscriptions: You can also get a digital subscription to the Houston Chronicle and read it from the convenience of your own home. Digital subscriptions are available through the Houston Chronicle website and apps.

– Department Stores: Some department stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart carry the Houston Chronicle. It’s easy to pick up a single copy or a discounted subscription at these stores.

Is Houston Chronicle free?

No, the Houston Chronicle is not free. The newspaper is a paid publication, with a variety of subscription plans and options available. Subscription plans range from a digital-only subscription to daily print delivery, with options to add extra publications like the Sunday edition and specialty sections.

The newspaper also offers a variety of weekend and weeklong passes, allowing users to access digital content for one-time fees. Additionally, the Houston Chronicle offers single-copy purchases through its newsstand vendors, with copies ranging from $1.

50 for the daily edition to $4.99 for the Sunday edition.

How much is a digital subscription to the Houston Chronicle?

A digital subscription to the Houston Chronicle costs $12.99 per month. This subscription includes full access to all of the Houston Chronicle’s websites, such as Chron. com, Chron. Magazine and HoustonChronicle. com.

Subscribers get access to exclusive content, such as investigative reports and in-depth stories. Subscribers also get access to special online editions, including a Spanish-language section. Additionally, subscribers get unlimited access to e-Edition, a browser-based replica of the printed newspaper.

Subscribers also get discounts on classified and display advertising.

What happened to the Houston Post newspaper?

The Houston Post was a daily newspaper that served the greater Houston, Texas metropolitan area for more than 100 years. Founded in 1880, the newspaper was one of the largest in the United States and published a range of topics from local news stories to national and international news.

However, shifting newspaper circulation trends and increased competition from local television and radio stations began to put pressure on the publication.

In 1982, the newspaper was purchased by the Hearst Corporation, which owned and operated several other major newspapers across the country. This acquisition gave the Post a competitive advantage as Hearst Corporation leveraged its resources across different publications, but the newspaper was still unable to compete with the emerging media outlets.

In 1995, the Houston Post ceased publishing due to its inability to continue operating profitably. For the customers and employees of the newspaper, the announcement of closure was abrupt and heartbreaking.

The newspaper had been a much-loved publication in the Houston area and had served the community for more than a century. In the many years since its closure, the former employees reflect on the newspaper’s legacy and the important role it had in the community.

Is Chron a reliable website?

Chron can be a reliable source of information depending on the content you are looking for. While Chron is a user-generated content site, it does have a stringent process for moderating each piece of content to ensure accuracy and quality.

Chron allows only verified businesses, professionals, and websites to submit content, and reviews submitted by customers are also monitored. Additionally, Chron features a professional content team that reviews each submission multiple times before accepting it.

Furthermore, Chron provides access to a variety of reputable third-party sources, such as industry experts, researchers, and news organizations, which can be a valuable resource when seeking out reliable content.

Overall, if you are looking for accurate information and professional opinions, Chron can be a reliable site.

Does Houston Chronicle have classified ads?

Yes, the Houston Chronicle does have classified ads. Classified ads can be found in both the print version of the Houston Chronicle and on the newspaper’s website. Classified ads consist of announcements, solicitations, and sale listings for items such as cars, furniture, electronics, real estate, and more.

The newspaper also provides a wide array of job listings and other related services. The classifieds are organized by categories and subcategories to make it easy to find relevant ads. To access the classifieds section of the Houston Chronicle, simply go to the newspaper’s website, choose the “Classifieds” tab, and select the type of ad you are interested in.

You may also contact the Houston Chronicle’s classifieds department directly for assistance in finding the ad that you are looking for.

How do I cancel my Chronicle subscription?

Cancelling your Chronicle subscription is a fairly easy process. First, log into your account using your username and password. Once you are logged in, you will see a list of all your subscriptions. Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option to the right of the Chronicle subscription that you want to cancel.

Once you’ve done that, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your cancellation. You can also call the customer service line at 1-800-732-9237, and a representative can help you cancel your subscription from there.

Please note that cancellations must be received at least 30 days before the expiration date of your subscription to ensure that you are not charged for additional issues.

How do I stop newspaper delivery?

Stopping newspaper delivery is straightforward but may vary depending on the newspaper you receive. Generally, you will need to contact the circulation department or customer service department in your local area to advise that you no longer wish to receive the newspaper.

If a subscription was purchased, you may be able to receive a refund for the unused portion, depending on the specific publisher’s policies.

If the newspaper is delivered by a carrier, contact the newspaper distribution office and explain that you are no longer interested in receiving the newspaper. If the paper is dropped off in boxes or newspaper stands, the local newspaper company likely has contact information listed on the box or stand that can be used to inform them of your request.

If the newspaper is free but unasked for, you will likely need to contact the newspaper’s headquarters to request that delivery be discontinued to your address. If you are still receiving the newspaper after contact with these services, you may contact the local post office and ask that the paper be refused for delivery.

It is also always wise to check with anyone who may have access to your mail, such as a building manager, to ensure that they are aware of your request and not redirecting delivery to your address.

How much does chronicle cost?

Chronicle subscription costs vary depending on the features you require. The Starter plan, which includes up to 10 users, is available for $99/month, or an annual fee of $990. The Professional plan increases that to 40 users and costs $199/month, or an annual fee of $1,990.

The Business plan offers unlimited users and costs $399/month, or an annual fee of $3,990. Each plan also comes with additional discounts based on the number of users and subscription length. Additionally, there are additional add-on services, such as online payments, integrations, customer onboarding, and more, available for an additional fee.

When did the Houston Post go out of business?

The Houston Post was an American daily newspaper published in Houston, Texas and circulated throughout the Greater Houston area. It was founded in 1880 and ran continually until 1995 when the Houston Post Company announced that it was ceasing publication and selling its assets.

At that time, the paper had a circulation of over 300,000 and was one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the state of Texas. The last edition of the Houston Post was printed on Monday, April 17th 1995.

Who is Chron contributor?

Chron contributor is a platform for freelance authors to write content for the Chron website, which covers topics such as healthcare, financial services, and business. Contributors are paid for their work, and may write anything from news stories to blog posts to long-form features.

The platform allows contributors to pitch ideas and make suggestions for topics, and editors review and approve them before any work is sent out. Once approved, contributors craft their pieces and, upon completion, place them into the Chron editor for editing.

Payments are then processed accordingly, typically within two to four weeks.

Chron contributors are expected to provide accurate thoughtful pieces on topics related to their area of expertise. The content must be original and free of any plagiarism. Additionally, contributors should strive to develop pieces that have a consistent style, tone and approach, and should be aware of the latest news, events, and trends related to their topic.

In addition to financial compensation, Chron contributors also have the added security of knowing that their work will be seen by readers. With a wide array of topics available, contributors have the potential to build professional networks and be compensated for their hard work and knowledge.