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Where did Della sell her hair?

Della sold her hair to a local wigmaker in order to pay for a special Christmas gift for her husband. Della had beautiful long hair which she had been growing for many years, and it was her most treasured possession.

She agonized over the decision to sell it but ultimately decided it was worth the sacrifice to show her husband how much she loved him. She sold her hair for $20, which was enough to get her husband the top-of-the-line chain he had been hoping for.

Why was Jim sorry for letting della sell her hair?

Jim was sorry for letting Della sell her hair because he knew how much her hair meant to her. Della had beautiful, long hair and it was her most treasured possession. She had taken great pride in it and considered it her crowning glory.

By selling it, she was sacrificing something important to her for what she believed was for the greater good. Jim felt bad for allowing Della to have to make such a sacrifice and he hated himself for taking away something from her that she held so dear.

What was special about Della’s hair?

Della’s hair was special because it was incredibly long and lustrous. It was said to be “rare gold… likened to a cascade of silken strands”. Her golden-brown curls cascaded down to her waist, drawing in the eyes of everyone who saw her.

Her hair was described as “glistening like a cascading river of amber” and as “a mass of organ-pipe curls”. It was much admired for its beauty and was her crowning glory. Her hair was the envy of all the ladies in town, and it was said that many women wished for the same.

Della’s hair was special to her, and it enhanced her beauty in such a way that it made her even more beautiful than she already was.

Why did della feel so proud of her hair?

Della felt proud of her hair because it was her most prized possession. She saw her hair as a symbol of her beauty and femininity, and she felt her hair made her stand out from the crowd. The fact that it was so lush and long made it even more valuable to her – she had to take extra special care of it, using elaborate grooming techniques to maintain its quality.

On top of that, it was her only means of feeling special in a world where she was struggling with poverty. The money she could get from selling it could have a big impact on her life and those around her, so it gave her a feeling of power knowing that she had such a valuable resource.

What did Della do with her beautiful hair and why?

Della cut off her beautiful, long hair and sold it to a wig-maker in order to raise money to buy a special gift for her beloved husband Jim for Christmas. Della was determined to prove her deep love for Jim and to show her appreciation for all that Jim did for her and their home.

She sacrificed her beautiful hair, the greatest pride and joy of her life, in order to show him how much he meant to her. She knew that money was tight for them both and that the only way she could afford the perfect gift for Jim was to sacrifice her hair, something that she deeply loved.

She eventually had enough money to buy a luxurious pocket watch for Jim, and she was so happy that she was able to give this gift to him on Christmas Day.

How does the author describe Della’s hair?

In the story, author O. Henry describes Della’s hair as being luxuriant and beautiful. He describes it as being “raven tresses” that hung down her neck like a cascade of silk and reached almost to the bottom of her back.

He describes her hair as being “abundant” and “rippling” and mentions its “glossy sheen”. He also suggests that it is a source of pride for Della, saying that she “spent hours embroidering fantails upon it”.

It is clear from the author’s description that he views Della’s hair as a source of beauty and grace, evoking a sense of romantic mystery.