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Where do people live in the Death Star?

On the Death Star, there are a variety of places for people to live, depending on their rank or social status. The vast majority of personnel on the Death Star live in standard dormitories located throughout the inner ring and the outer rim in various sections of the station.

Some lucky personnel may even be granted permission to live on the upper levels, in the residential maglev chambers. Those of high rank, such as Imperial officers, have their own lavish living quarters located in Sector TZ-13.

Additionally, there are barracks and sleeping quarters scattered throughout the station to provide sleeping space for temporary personnel. In the event of an emergency, the inhabitants of the Death Star may be evacuated to a massive evacuation control center in the center of the station.

This is where civilian personnel wait to be transferred to other locations.

What is the area of the Death Star?

The exact area of the original Death Star from the Star Wars movie franchise is not known, but it is estimated to be approximately 150-180 miles in diameter. This would give it a surface area of approximately 28,125 to 34,050 square miles.

The second Death Star, according to the Return of the Jedi novelization, has a diameter of 900 kilometers or 560 miles. This would give the Death Star II a surface area of approximately 316,400 square miles.

It is also stated that the second Death Star was larger than the first, so even if the exact size is not known it is assumed to be larger than the 28,125 to 34,050 square mile area of the first Death Star.