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Where does the host of My Lottery Dream Home live?

My Lottery Dream Home is a popular HGTV show that follows lottery winners as they search for their dream homes. The show is hosted by David Bromstad, an interior designer who helps lottery winners find and renovate their perfect home. With his vibrant personality and keen design sense, David has quickly become one of HGTV’s most beloved hosts. Though he flies around the country to help lottery winners on the show, many viewers are curious about where David calls home when he’s not filming.

Who is David Bromstad?

David Reed Bromstad was born on August 17, 1973 in Cokato, Minnesota. From a young age, David had a passion for art and design. He attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts.

After college, David began working as a Disney illustrator and decorator. In 2006, he gained national attention when he won the grand prize on the debut season of HGTV Design Star. This launched his TV hosting career, with shows like Color Splash, Design Star, and My Lottery Dream Home.

Outside of his HGTV career, David operates his own interior design firm out of Miami Beach, Florida called David Bromstad Designs. He also enjoys giving back to the LGBTQ community, supporting organizations like Project Runway’s “Fashion For Life” which benefits HIV/AIDS research.

What is My Lottery Dream Home?

My Lottery Dream Home premiered on HGTV in 2015. The show features lottery winners from across the country as they enlist the help of David Bromstad to find their perfect million dollar home. With cash in hand, the winners seek David’s expert advice to find homes that fit their wishlists. From waterfront mansions to quaint cottages, no expense is spared.

While house hunting with the lottery winners, David lends his design expertise. He helps the winners visualize design changes that can turn their new home into a customized sanctuary. The show has proven extremely popular, currently airing its thirteenth season.

Where Does David Bromstad Live?

When he’s not on the road filming My Lottery Dream Home, host David Bromstad lives full time in Miami Beach, Florida.

David’s Miami Beach Home

David resides in a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach. Purchased in 2005 for $1.1 million, the modern home features David’s signature colorful and creative style.

The exterior is painted in bright hues of orange, blue and yellow. Inside, vivid colors and patterns decorate the walls and furnishings. Some highlights of David’s home include:

– An open floor plan with living, dining and kitchen spaces flowing together

– Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors providing natural light

– A spacious outdoor patio area with pool and lounge areas

– Vibrant wall art, sculptures and accessories in Miami-inspired themes

– A home art studio where David can work on design projects

Why David Chose Miami Beach

In interviews, David has shared that he chose to settle down in Miami Beach because of the vibrant culture and tropical climate. He was drawn to the tropical landscapes, Art Deco architecture, and Cuban influences that make South Beach unique.

Having grown up in the cold winters of Minnesota, David enjoys that Miami allows him to wear flip flops and shorts year-round! The sunny weather and palm trees provide constant inspiration for his creativity and fashion.

Professionally, the culture of Miami Beach also influences David’s interior design projects. He describes his style as “beach chic” – combining bold patterns, pops of color, and natural elements like driftwood. Living in Miami allows David to be immersed in this energetic aesthetic 365 days a year.

David’s Life in Miami Beach

When not traveling for My Lottery Dream Home, David enjoys soaking up the Miami Beach lifestyle. Though he works long hours on design projects and TV appearances, he still carves out down time to enjoy his home city.

David starts most mornings with a coffee on his patio overlooking the pool. He might hit the beach for a quick dip in the ocean or walk along the boardwalk. Being steps from the sand makes it easy to embrace the beach vibe every day.

David also loves experiencing Miami’s multicultural cuisine and nightlife. He can often be spotted dining at trendy restaurants or dancing at South Beach clubs into the early morning hours.

But it’s not all just beaches and parties for David. He makes sure to find time for creative hobbies like painting in his home studio. Photography is another passion, with David posting many artsy shots of Miami scenery to his Instagram feed.

Though David travels frequently for work, his bright and breezy Miami abode always calls him back home. The easygoing seaside lifestyle suits this energetic designer perfectly.

David’s Other Homes

In addition to his Miami Beach residence, host David Bromstad owns a couple other properties across the United States.

San Diego Home

David owns a lavish second home in San Diego, California. This Spanish-style property features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a home theater, and private pool. Situated just steps from the beach, it serves as David’s West Coast residence.

He lived in the home full-time while filming his show Color Splash, which was based in San Diego. Now David mostly uses the house as a vacation property to get away and unwind.

Minneapolis Apartment

David still has roots in his home state of Minnesota and owns an apartment in downtown Minneapolis. Though he doesn’t spend much time there, he returns occasionally to visit family and friends.

The apartment also gives David a home base when he travels back to Minnesota for work events or media appearances.

Other Potential Properties

With the success of My Lottery Dream Home, David likely has the funds to purchase real estate in other locations if he chooses.

In a 2021 interview, he mentioned possibly buying a vacation home in Palm Springs, California. He also hasn’t ruled out real estate in his home state of Minnesota, perhaps a lakefront cabin to escape to in the summer.

For now, David seems content with his homes in Miami Beach, San Diego, and Minneapolis. But with his design career thriving, he may continue expanding his property portfolio in the future.

David’s Design Philosophy and Approach

Throughout his career, David Bromstad has cultivated his own unique approach to interior design. His style emphasizes creativity, color, and embracing one’s personality in home decor.

Vibrant, Eclectic Style

David’s design style is best described as vibrant, eclectic, and just plain fun. He loves to combine bright colors, striking patterns, diverse textures, and playful elements. In an interview with HGTV, he described his aesthetic as “a bit whimsical and quirky.”

David encourages his clients to step outside their comfort zones. He often mixes and matches patterns that some would consider over the top. But the resulting spaces are bold, energizing, and highly personalized.

Inspiration from Nature and Culture

For inspiration, David often looks to nature, artwork, fashion, and cultural traditions. As a Miami resident, he frequently incorporates Latin, Caribbean, and Art Deco influences into his designs. Natural elements like seashells, palm fronds, and driftwood are also common in his spaces.

David’s passion for art is evident in the way he decorates. Custom wall murals, graffiti accents, gallery walls, and bright paintings are featured frequently in his projects.

Celebrating the Client’s Personality

Most importantly, David’s interiors celebrate the unique spirit and personality of each client. During his initial consultations, he gets to know his clients deeply – their hobbies, passions, and lifestyle needs. He then custom designs an interior space to match their essence.

In an interview, David explained his goal is “to inspire clients to live their most amazing lives through design.” The finished rooms always feel deeply personal, like they could only belong to that individual.

Advice for Homeowners

When asked for advice on decorating your home, David emphasizes a few key tips:

– Decorate without fear – don’t be afraid ofbold colors and patterns.

– Mix high and low – combine expensive pieces with budget finds.

– Look to your interests and loves – fill your home with meaningful pieces.

– Change it up – don’t be afraid to reinvent a space regularly.

David’s Impact on the Design World

Throughout his long career in interior design and home renovation, David Bromstad has made a significant impact on the industry. Some of his key contributions include:

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

As an openly gay man, David has advocated for more diversity and inclusion within the male-dominated interior design world. He has worked to downplay stereotypes that design is a career only meant for women. David wants to inspire more people of all backgrounds to unleash their creativity through design.

Redefining Masculine Design

David has also redefined the aesthetics of masculine design. While many male designers opt for dark, moody interiors, David celebrates color and playfulness. He merges masculine elements like leather and wood with vibrant hues, patterns, and artistic flair. This creates a more diverse vision of design that appeals to clients of all genders.

Champion of Sustainable Design

An advocate for eco-conscious design, David incorporates sustainability into many of his projects. He upcycles found objects, uses environmentally friendly paints/finishes, and opts for energy efficient appliances. On My Lottery Dream Home, David educates millions of viewers on how to create sustainable dream homes.

Boosting the Profile of Designers

With his huge media presence, David has brought more mainstream attention to interior designers. Fans feel like they know David after watching his bubbly personality on TV each week. This exposure helps showcase the passion, artistry, and business savvy of professional designers.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Many up-and-coming designers cite David Bromstad as a role model and source of inspiration. His career path from art school to winning Design Star to hosting his own shows proves that creativity can pay off. Aspiring artists see David’s success and feel motivated to follow in his footsteps.

Thanks to these contributions, David leaves a vibrant mark on the world of interior design. He continues paving the way for more inclusive, sustainable, and inspired design.

Frequently Asked Questions About David Bromstad

David Bromstad has inspired legions of fans with his fun design style and upbeat TV persona. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this interior design icon.

Where is David Bromstad originally from?

David Bromstad was born and raised in Cokato, Minnesota, a small town about an hour west of Minneapolis.

How did David Bromstad get his start in design?

David became interested in art and design while taking classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida. After completing their fine arts program, he began a career as a Disney illustrator. In 2006, he catapulted to fame winning the debut season of HGTV Design Star.

Is David Bromstad married?

No, David Bromstad is not currently married. The designer tends to keep his romantic life private. In past interviews he has mentioned being single and too busy with his career for a committed relationship.

What is David Bromstad’s net worth?

Celebrity net worth sites estimate David Bromstad’s net worth at approximately $2 million. This earnings come primarily from his HGTV hosting salary as well as his interior design firm.

Where does David Bromstad live?

David Bromstad’s primary residence is in Miami Beach, Florida. He also owns homes in San Diego and Minneapolis.

What is David Bromstad’s design style?

David’s design style is colorful, playful, and full of personality. He combines vibrant patterns, textures, artwork, and cultural elements to create eclectic, beachy interiors that match each client’s essence.

Where can I learn more about interior design?

David has published several books about design including Color Inspirations, Design Your Life, and My Lottery Dream Home design tips. He also offers online interior design courses at Of course, watching his shows like My Lottery Dream Home provides endless design inspiration too!


David Bromstad has turned his creative vision into a thriving career. By staying true to his fun, colorful aesthetic, he has attracted a large fanbase and expanded the horizons of interior design. Though he splits time between multiple properties, Miami Beach calls this beach bum back time and time again. The sun, sand, culture, and lifestyle of the Magic City perfectly suit the vibrant designer. From his South Beach home base, David will continue making bold design dreams come true nationwide.