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Which hair Colour is halal in Islam?

In Islam, all colors of hair are permissible and considered “halal”. According to Islamic law. Islam does not have a set dogma of what constitutes permissible hair colors. Therefore, it is up to the individual to choose the color that is right for them.

Generally, it is suggested that a color should not be too extreme, out of the ordinary or unnatural, and should remain within limits that are considered attractive and attractive to Allah.

However, there are certain colors that many Muslims consider inappropriate, such as bright colors, colors that are excessively bright, colors that are opposing to the hijab, and colors that are intensely red or closely related to black.

Generally, colors that are not too intense, such as black and all its shades, brown, and all its shades, are appropriate. There are also some who believe that lighter shades of other colors, such as blonde, strawberry, and pale blond, are permissible.

Ultimately, while there is no fixed definition of what constitutes a halal hair color in Islam, every Muslim is free to choose their hair color, provided it falls within the limits of general decency, is not a bright and attention-seeking color, and does not oppose their Islamic clothing.