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Who did Emma’s sister marry in Emma?

In the novel Emma, Emma’s sister Isabella marries George Knightley, the brother of Emma’s closest friend, Mr. Knightley. Very little is known about George’s background and character, as the novel explains that he entered their lives late and does not live in Highbury.

However, Mr. Knightley assures Emma that George is a good man, has a steady income, and will be able to provide for Isabella. It is also stated that George is a sensible man, and the fact that he gained Mr. Knightley’s approval is a great testimony to that.

Furthermore, the fact that he wants to marry Isabella, despite her being poor and without a large dowry, shows that he is kind and generous, as well as having a good sense of character.

Is Emma’s sister married to Knightley’s brother?

No, Emma’s sister is not married to Knightley’s brother. Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley are not related, so they do not have siblings who are related to each other. Emma’s sister Isabella, whom she lives with and is very close to, is married to John Knightley, who is George’s brother and a close family friend.

However, their relationship is only that of a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and the two are not romantically involved.

Who does Harriet end up with in Emma?

At the end of Emma, Harriet ends up with Robert Martin. The two had been mutual admirers for some time, but it was not until Mr. Knightley’s wise counsel that Emma realizes that Harriet and Robert are well matched for one another and encourages them to be together.

After a lengthy conversation, Robert proposes and Harriet happily accepts. Harriet is overjoyed that her lifelong friendship with Emma has been saved and that she is marrying into a respectable family, and Robert is ecstatic that he finally gets to marry the woman of his dreams.

With this happy ending, all their dreams come true.

Was Mr. Knightley always in love with Emma?

No, it is not completely clear whether or not Mr. Knightley was always in love with Emma. Although there are moments when it appears that Mr. Knightley has romantic feelings for Emma, these moments are often ambiguous and could easily be interpreted as genuine concerns for Emma’s well-being and happiness.

For example, in the early parts of the novel, Mr. Knightley often express disapproval at Emma’s misguided actions, prompting Emma to think that he was only interested in “fault-finding” rather than any deeper feeling.

Later, Emma realizes that Mr. Knightley’s outspokenness is instead indicative of his growing affection for her. However, this realization comes after Mr. Knightley has already confessed his feelings to her.

Thus, it is not definitively known just how long Mr. Knightley was in love with Emma before he revealed his feelings.

Why does Emma marry Mr. Knightley?

Emma Woodhouse has grown up in the quaint village of Highbury. Throughout her life, she has been surrounded by the love and protection of her father and other family members, whom she greatly cares for.

The closest to her is her much-respected brother-in-law, Mr. George Knightley. Over the years of their relationship, the pair have become very close and Emma has come to depend on him as a brotherly figure.

When Emma reaches maturity, Mr. Knightley begins to see potential in the young woman and the feelings he has been concealing begin to manifest. Although Emma is initially hesitant to see her brother-in-law in a romantic light, she eventually realizes that she is falling in love with him.

Before long, the couple declare their love for each other and make plans for marriage.

Marriage for Emma and Mr. Knightley is an ideal union of both intellect and emotion. They come from similar backgrounds and have similar values. In addition, the two are able to challenge and support each other.

The undeniable connection between the pair results in their mutual desire to get married. By getting married, Emma believes that Mr. Knightley will be able to provide the security and protection that she needs in order to feel settled in life.

For Walter, marrying Emma is a declaration of how much he loves her and how he will be there for her.

In essence, Emma and Mr. Knightley marry out of love, mutual respect, and understanding. Through their marriage, the pair create a strong bond of companionship, support, and intimacy that is incomparable.

Is Harriet in love with Mr. Knightley?

No, Harriet is not in love with Mr. Knightley. Harriet initially has a romanticized notion of Mr. Knightley and holds him in high regard. However, her feelings toward him do not evolve into a romantic love.

It is Mr. Knightley that falls in love with Emma and the two eventually marry.

Harriet does, however, have admiration and respect for Mr. Knightley, which grows even more so when he acts as her mentor and helps her to find a suitable husband for herself. Harriet appreciates the guidance and wisdom that Mr. Knightley provides.

She is also always eager to please him and make him proud. Ultimately, Harriet is deeply grateful for his friendship and kind attentions which are indicative of his sincere care and concern for her.

What happens to Harriet in Emma?

At the start of Jane Austen’s novel Emma, Harriet Smith is an 18 year old living with the family of Emma’s former governess, Mrs. Goddard. She is an orphan, and lacks a detailed history that allows the reader to place her into a specific class in the English Regency.

Emma is taken with Harriet, and quickly forms a strong bond with her. She sees her as a project and begins to attempt to better Harriet’s chances for achieving a ‘good match’ in marriage.

Throughout Emma, Harriet’s story begins to unravel. Despite Emma’s insistence and guidance, Harriet is drawn to the wrong men. After a brief and disastrous attachment to the villainous farmer Robert Martin, Harriet finds out that her father is actually a gentleman from London.

Previously thought to be an orphan, the revelation of her true parentage helps her take the steps to move up socially.

Ultimately, Harriet accepts and marries the young vicar of Highbury, Mr. Elton. The marriage isn’t a happy one, however, as Elton’s true nature is revealed as soon as they are wed. After a brief but rocky marriage, Harriet leaves Elton and goes to live in London with her newfound father.

The story ends with a hint of a happier ending for Harriet, as we learn that she is now as beloved by her family as Emma has been to her.

Who does Emma end up with every which way?

At the end of Every Which Way, Emma ends up with Logan, after some ups and downs in their relationship. The two had been good friends for a long time, but had drifted apart when Logan started to date Emma’s best friend, Kayla.

When Kayla dumped Logan and moved away, Emma helped him to pick up the pieces and slowly but surely, the two rekindled their connection and started to date officially.

At first, Emma was afraid of taking this next step with Logan, but after some encourage from her friends, she decided to take a chance on the relationship. In time, she realized that the two had a deep connection and felt incredibly happy when the two announced to their friends that they were together.

Throughout the course of the story, Emma learns a lot more about herself and ultimately ends up with Logan after learning to accept the changes that come with growing up. The two realize that their friendship has grown into something more than they ever expected and they manage to stay together despite all the struggles they faced.

Why does Emma tell Harriet not to marry Mr Martin?

Emma tells Harriet not to marry Mr Martin because she believes he is not a suitable match. Despite Harriet’s strong feelings for Mr Martin, Emma expresses her concern that his poor financial status makes him an inappropriate choice.

Emma has Harriet’s best interests at heart and believes that Harriet can find someone who is better suited to her in terms of class and status. Emma also recognizes that the connection between them is unlikely to last because of the differences in their upbringing and lifestyle.

Additionally, Emma encourages Harriet to consider Mr Knightly as a more suitable option. Emma does not want Harriet to settle for someone she does not believe is a good match for her.

Does Emma marry her brother in law?

No, Emma does not marry her brother in law. While the exact circumstances of her relationship with her brother in law are unknown, it is highly unlikely that Emma would marry her brother in law as it would be seen as incestuous and socially unacceptable in most cultures.

In addition, as marriage is a legal and binding contract, it is likely that there would be legal repercussions for such a union, making it even more unlikely that Emma would consider marrying her brother in law.

How old was Emma when she married Knightley?

Emma Woodhouse was twenty-one years old when she married Mr. Knightley. The novel Emma, by Jane Austen, is set in the early 19th century among England’s privileged upper-class society, and it was typical for women of that social strata to marry in their early 20s.

At twenty-one years old, Emma was well within an appropriate marrying age. Additionally, her mother, Mrs. Woodhouse, was a proponent of excellent matches for her daughters and daughters-in-law, and it would have been seen as an excellent one for Mr. Knightley to be marrying a young lady of such a high social standing.

Emma and Mr. Knightley had known each other for quite some time, and their romance grew as the novel moved on, culminating in their marriage at the end of the novel.

How much older is Mr. Knightley to Emma?

Mr. Knightley is around eight years older than Emma. He was born in 1765, while Emma was born in 1776. From early childhood, Mr. Knightley was a close family friend of the Woodhouse family, which included Emma and her father.

Mr. Knightley would often turn to Emma for counsel, displaying a special connection and trust that Emma had for him even at a young age. By the time Emma reached adulthood, Mr. Knightley had assumed a prominent role in their family circles, becoming a kind of guardian to her.

The age difference between the two is a minor plot point, as Mr. Knightley is portrayed as a mature and wise older figure in contrast to Emma, who is young and relatively reckless in her choices. Throughout the novel, Emma is often shown to be in need of aides and advice from Mr. Knightley.

Which Knightley does Emma marry?

Emma, the titular character of the novel written by Jane Austen, is married to Mr. George Knightley at the end of the novel. Mr. Knightley is described as an admirable, dependable and levelheaded man, continually showing the best of his character and devotion to Emma.

He is a close neighbor and an old friend of the Woodhouse family, and has been a guiding presence in Emma’s life. He is a wealthy gentleman, who owns the nearby estate of Donwell Abbey.

Although Mr. Knightley initially disapproves of some of Emma’s behaviour, he continues to maintain a close bond with her. His unyielding support and compassion for her ultimately leads to Emma recognizing the deep love that she has for him.

They eventually come to an understanding and get married, with the support and approval of their families and the community.

At the time of their marriage, Jane Austen wrote: “The wishes, the hopes, the confidence, the predictions of the small band of true friends who witnessed the ceremony, were fully answered in the perfect happiness of the union”.

Who was secretly engaged in Emma?

In the novel Emma by Jane Austen, Emma Woodhouse’s best friend Mr. Knightley was secretly engaged to Harriet Smith. Harriet was mainly viewed by others as a poor, orphan girl; however, Emma was able to uncover the truth about Harriet’s identity—that she was in fact the illegitimate daughter of a gentleman.

A publication by this gentleman’s son then revealed the fact that Harriet was indirectly related to a wealthy family, making her a respectable young woman in the eyes of society.

With Harriet’s newfound status, Mr. Knightley began to realize his deep love and admiration for her and asked her to marry him. Though Harriet initially accepted, she later refused due to her sense of commitment to Emma.

Emma eventually forced Mr. Knightley to tell Harriet the truth about his feelings, and with this encouragement Harriet accepted Mr. Knightley’s proposal. Harriet and Mr. Knightley then kept their engagement a secret for the rest of the novel, until the very end when Emma herself revealed their union.

What happened in chapter 49 of Emma?

In Chapter 49 of Emma, Mr. Elton passionately professes his love for Emma, which shocks her since she thinks he was in love with Harriet Smith. Mr. Elton proposes marriage to Emma and she politely but firmly refuses.

Emma eventually learns that Mr. Elton’s affections were never directed at Harriet; they were meant for Emma all along. Realizing her mistake in believing Mr. Elton was in love with Harriet, she apologizes to Mr. Elton and confesses that she returned his affections after all.

Despite Mr. Elton’s insistence that they marry, Emma firmly insists that they remain friends instead. She wisely realizes that Mr. Elton is not her true love and that there must be another better match for him.

The chapter ends with them both agreeing to remain only as friends.