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Who is likely to draft Victor Wembanyama?

Victor Wembanyama is the consensus number one pick for the 2023 NBA draft. At 7’4″ with a 7’9″ wingspan, Wembanyama possesses a unique combination of size, skill and athleticism that has teams tanking for the chance to draft him. But which team is most likely to end up with the #1 pick and the right to select Wembanyama? Here’s a look at the teams with the best odds to land the French phenom.

What makes Victor Wembanyama such a coveted prospect?

At just 18 years old, Wembanyama has already established himself as one of the most talented prospects in the history of the NBA draft. Here’s a quick overview of what makes him so special:

– Size – At 7’4″ with a massive 7’9″ wingspan, Wembanyama has measurements that rival Rudy Gobert. His size gives him an enormous advantage on both ends of the court.

– Athleticism – Despite his height, Wembanyama is incredibly mobile and athletic. He runs the floor well, has quick leaping ability, and moves smoothly for a big man.

– Shooting – Wembanyama is a dangerous shooter with deep range on his jump shot. He shot 38% from three-point range in the French league last season. His outside shooting ability creates major matchup problems.

– Shot blocking – With his length and instincts, Wembanyama is an elite shot blocker. He averaged 3.0 blocks per game in France and has the potential to be an immediate defensive force in the NBA.

– Ball handling and playmaking – Wembanyama has legitimate ball handling and playmaking skills, especially for his size. He can bring the ball up court, break down defenders off the dribble, and find open teammates with crisp passes.

Wembanyama’s incredible two-way potential as a giant shot-blocking, three-point shooting, rim-running big man makes him one of the most hyped prospects ever. He has the talent to be a franchise-changing player.

What are Victor Wembanyama’s stats and accomplishments so far?

Despite his young age, Wembanyama already has an impressive list of accomplishments:

– In 2021, he was named FIBA U19 World Cup MVP while leading France to the gold medal. He averaged 19.3 points, 9.0 rebounds and 4.3 blocks per game at the tournament.

– In May 2022, he was named LNB Pro A Best Young Player after averaging 9.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game for ASVEL.

– He was named MVP of the 2022 FIBA U19 European Championship after posting 22.2 points, 8.9 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game.

– In October 2022, he made his debut for the Metropolitans 92 in the French league and had a 37 point, 5 block game.

Overall, Wembanyama has already established himself as the most talented international prospect of the last decade. His otherworldly performances against players 5-10 years older than him has scouts drooling over his potential. If he can stay healthy, he has all the makings of a transformational NBA talent.

What is the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery and how does it work?

The NBA Draft Lottery is the system used to determine which team earns the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. Here is a quick overview of how it works:

– The lottery provides the 14 non-playoff teams a chance to move up in the draft and land the #1 pick. Teams that finished with worse records have better odds to win the lottery.

– A random drawing of ping pong balls determines the fate of the lottery teams. The combination of balls drawn sets the order of selection for the first 4 picks.

– The lottery has flattened odds since 2019. Now the three worst teams have a 14% chance at the #1 pick instead of 25% for the worst team. This reduces incentive to overly tank.

– The remaining picks from 5-14 fall in reverse order of the regular season standings.

– The lottery takes place prior to the playoffs, so all 14 lottery teams are settled.

– The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery will be held in May 2023 to determine who picks first in June. Landing the chance to select Wembanyama is the ultimate prize.

What are the current 2023 NBA Draft Lottery odds?

Based on the current standings, here are the teams with the best lottery odds to land the #1 pick and draft Wembanyama:

Team Record Lottery Odds
Houston Rockets 10-30 14.0%
Detroit Pistons 11-30 14.0%
San Antonio Spurs 13-28 14.0%
Charlotte Hornets 11-30 12.5%
Orlando Magic 15-26 10.5%

The Rockets, Pistons and Spurs are tied for the best lottery odds at 14% each. Charlotte and Orlando also have top 6 odds. These are the prime Wembanyama suitors as of now. Of course, the lottery results are probabilistic, so teams with lower odds could always get lucky and vault up.

Why are teams tanking so hard for Victor Wembanyama?

Victor Wembanyama is one of the most hyped draft prospects of the last decade. He’s drawing comparisons to players like Kevin Durant, Rudy Gobert and Kristaps Porzingis. Teams are tanking hard this season due to the potential franchise-altering talent Wembanyama brings:

– Once-in-a-generation talent – Players with Wembanyama’s combination of size, skill and athleticism are exceptionally rare. Franchises are willing to bottom out for a chance at a special talent.

– Flat lottery odds – The flattened lottery odds give bad teams a solid chance at the #1 pick, increasing the viability of strategic tanking.

– Weak 2023 draft – After Wembanyama, there is no clear #2 prospect in 2023. Teams are therefore extra motivated to secure the top pick and Victor.

– Rebuild timelines – Teams like the Rockets and Spurs are in the early stages of rebuilding. Landing Wembanyama could accelerate their timelines and provide an elite young talent to build around.

– Superstar potential – Victor has the talent to become a true franchise superstar. Those are nearly impossible to find outside the draft. Teams want the next face of their franchise.

– Marketability – As an international talent, Wembanyama expands the global appeal of the NBA. His uniqueness also makes him extremely marketable from a fan and sponsorship perspective.

Essentially, the 2023 draft has the makings of a rare one-player-draft. Securing the #1 pick to draft Victor Wembanyama could single-handedly alter a franchise’s fortunes for the next decade. That is why teams are willing to make short-term sacrifices to improve their lottery odds this year.

Which teams are best positioned to land Victor Wembanyama?

Based on current odds and team situations, these are the top franchises positioned to potentially land Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 NBA Draft:

Houston Rockets

– Worst record in the NBA at 10-30

– Currently has the best lottery odds at 14%

– Extremely young roster focused on player development

– Already have potential star guards in Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr.

– Wembanyama would perfectly complement their young core

Detroit Pistons

– Tied for second-worst record in NBA at 11-30

– Also has 14% lottery odds right now

– Developing an intriguing core of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Saddiq Bey and others

– Wembanyama would provide a defensive anchor and elite shot creator

San Antonio Spurs

– Third-worst record in the league at 13-28

– 14% lottery odds give them top chance at #1 pick

– The Spurs embrace tactical tanking and have been losing intentionally

– Frontcourt lacks star power and would welcome a talent like Victor

Oklahoma City Thunder

– Loaded with future draft picks, including potential 2023 lottery picks

– Aggressive team builder focused on maximizing lottery positions

– Would likely trade up to draft Wembanyama if they secure a high pick

Indiana Pacers

– 12th worst record but have shown willingness to pivot into rebuild

– With Tyrese Haliburton secured, Wembanyama would accelerate their timeline

– Indiana has always been open to tearing down the roster to rebuild through the draft

Landing the chance to draft a generational talent like Wembanyama can make intentionally losing games worth it this season for rebuilding teams like the Rockets, Spurs and Pistons. Expect the race to the bottom of the standings to intensify in the second half of the year as clubs jockey for lottery position.

Which team best fits Victor Wembanyama’s skillset and timeline?

Based on their current personnel, timeline and style of play, the Houston Rockets stand out as the best theoretical fit for Victor Wembanyama:

– The Rockets are fully embracing a rebuild centered around high upside young players

– Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. form an explosive, highlight-friendly backcourt that would complement Wembanyama’s style

– Green and Wembanyama have similar athletic, slender frames and could develop pick-and-roll chemistry

– Houston played at the 5th fastest pace last season – perfect for maximizing Wembanyama in transition

– Head coach Stephen Silas is regarded as an excellent strategic coach who could unlock Wembanyama’s versatile skillset

– As a major market team, the Rockets provide visibility and marketing opportunities that would benefit Victor

– The Rockets already boast a top notch player development program to help Wembanyama reach his potential

– At just 19 years old, Wembanyama aligns perfectly with the timeline of the Rockets’ core

With the Rockets years away from contention, Wembanyama would have the time and environment needed to properly develop his generational physical gifts and skills. Houston has been fully committed to maximizing their lottery odds – with Victor as the ultimate prize.

What could prevent the worst teams from drafting Victor Wembanyama?

While the teams with the worst records have the highest lottery odds for Wembanyama, there are some factors that could prevent them from securing the #1 pick:

– Lottery upsets – While unlikely, teams with lower odds could always jump up via lottery luck. This happened with the Pelicans landing Zion Williamson despite 6% odds.

– Trading the pick – Once the lottery order is set, the winning team could explore trading the #1 pick for an established star. Small market teams in particular have done this.

– Winning too much – Teams that accrue a few too many wins late in the season could slide in the standings and hurt their lottery odds.

– Injuries – Unfortunately injuries to key players could lead to improved records for some lottery bound teams.

– Play-In Tournament – Whichever team “wins” the 9th/10th seed play-in games will get bumped to the 14th lottery slot, lowering their odds.

– Draft order tiebreakers – If teams tie with the same record, tiebreakers like division and conference records come into play that impact lottery odds.

So while the teams looking to tank have the pole position for Victor, there are always factors that can shuffle the final draft order. But make no mistake, the teams at the bottom of the standings will be gunning for the top odds to select the French phenom.


Victor Wembanyama is the most exciting NBA prospect in years. His size, athleticism, defensive versatility and shooting ability gives him legitimate generational superstar potential. Several rebuilding teams are jockeying for lottery position with hopes of drafting Wembanyama first overall in 2023.

The Houston Rockets are currently best positioned to land the #1 pick based on their league-worst record and 14% lottery odds. Houston makes sense as a theoretical landing spot given their rebuild timeline, supporting personnel and playing style. However the lottery results are never certain, so any teams in the bottom third of the NBA standings have a chance to win the Wembanyama sweepstakes.

One thing is clear – the final months of the 2022-23 NBA season will be an all-out tanking race like we’ve never seen before. Victor Wembanyama is the kind of franchise-altering talent worth sacrificing wins to obtain. His arrival in the NBA next season has the potential to reshape the league’s competitive landscape for years to come.