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Who is Pat McDonald Ohio Lottery Director?

Pat McDonald is the current Director of the Ohio Lottery. He was appointed to the position in February 2019 by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. As Director, McDonald oversees all operations of the Ohio Lottery, including sales, marketing, gaming, finance, and information technology. He leads a staff of over 100 employees working at the Ohio Lottery’s headquarters in Cleveland and throughout Ohio.

Early Life and Education

Pat McDonald was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964. He attended St. Ignatius High School and graduated in 1982. After high school, McDonald attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After graduating from Miami University, McDonald began his career working in sales and marketing roles within the consumer products industry. He gained experience working for companies such as Nestle, Kraft Foods, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. While working full-time, he also earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in 1992.

Career Before Joining the Ohio Lottery

Prior to being named Director of the Ohio Lottery, Pat McDonald gained extensive experience working in the consumer products goods and gaming industries. Here are some highlights of his professional career:

– Worked for Nestle USA for 5 years in various sales, marketing, and management roles. Held positions in the Chocolate & Confections and Coffee divisions.

– Spent 3 years working for Kraft Foods managing grocery sales teams and retail execution strategies. Focused on maximizing in-store promotions, displays, and merchandising.

– Joined the consumer products division of Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1997. Held senior sales leadership positions over an 18 year period. Responsible for managing sales teams and executing sales strategies across multiple product lines.

– In 2014, transitioned from consumer goods to the gaming industry. Was hired as Vice President of Sales for IGT Global Solutions Corporation, a lottery vendor and commercial gaming provider. Oversaw lottery sales activities across 24 U.S. jurisdictions.

– Was promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales for North America Lottery at IGT in 2016. Managed a sales team covering 50+ U.S. and Canadian lottery customers. Helped drive substantial revenue growth across IGT’s lottery business.

– Continued career advancement at IGT, becoming Senior Vice President of Global Business Development in 2018. Led global business development initiatives across IGT’s lottery, gaming, and digital businesses until joining the Ohio Lottery as Director in February 2019.

Tenure as Ohio Lottery Director (2019 – Present)

As Director of the Ohio Lottery, Pat McDonald oversees all aspects of one of the largest and most successful lotteries in the United States. The Ohio Lottery generates over $1 billion a year in revenue, which is transferred to education funding in Ohio. When McDonald assumed the Director role in February 2019, his priorities included:

– Increasing lottery ticket sales and revenue. Developing new games and improving marketing to drive growth.

– Modernizing the lottery’s technology infrastructure. Upgrading the lottery’s backend systems to enable more capabilities.

– Expanding the Ohio Lottery’s retail footprint. Adding more retail locations across Ohio to increase availability and access.

– Improving the player experience. Introducing new features and self-service options to make playing more convenient.

– Promoting responsible gambling. Ensuring lottery games adhere to responsible gambling practices and principles.

– Maintaining high standards of integrity, security, and transparency. Upholding the lottery’s reputation as a well-regulated, ethical business.

Within his first year as Director, McDonald focused heavily on driving ticket sales and revenue growth. Sales in fiscal year 2019 increased 4% over 2018, topping $1.14 billion. The profits generated were contributed to education, as required by state law. McDonald also made upgrades to the lottery’s internal systems and completed a large retailer expansion during his first year.

Moving into 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for the lottery. Retail closures early in the pandemic led to a decrease in sales. However, the Ohio Lottery adapted quickly to the changing conditions. Under McDonald’s leadership, the lottery accelerated its digital integration plans to enable online play options and ticket scanning. Sales largely rebounded and the lottery finished 2020 with its second highest profit on record at over $718 million for education.

McDonald continues to diversify the Ohio Lottery’s game portfolio with new draw games and instants tickets. The lottery has also expanded its promotional second-chance drawings and VIP Club under his tenure. McDonald regularly works with policymakers and key stakeholders to promote the Ohio Lottery as an important contributor to education funding in the state.

Key Accomplishments as Director

  • In 2019, McDonald oversaw a 33% increase in fiscal year profits over the prior year.
  • Presided over the Ohio Lottery’s second highest profit contribution ($718 million) to education funding in 2020.
  • Grew lottery sales to over $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2021, the highest sales ever for the Ohio Lottery.
  • Oversaw the creation and launch of new draw games (Rolling Cash 5) and instant ticket games.
  • Implemented mobile app integration and ticket scanning technology to enable online play options.
  • Expanded the lottery’s retail footprint to over 10,000 retailer locations statewide.

Education and Honors

In addition to his work experience and tenure with the Ohio Lottery, Pat McDonald has been involved with several professional and educational organizations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Miami University (1986)
  • MBA, Case Western Reserve University (1992)

Organizations and Honors:

  • Board Member, Cleveland Leadership Center
  • Former Board Chair, Greater Cleveland Sports Commission
  • Former Trustee, United Way of Greater Cleveland
  • Named “MOVER” by Inside Business Magazine (2010)

Leadership Philosophy and Management Style

As a leader, Pat McDonald takes a collaborative and team-oriented approach. He values open communication and fostering an inclusive, innovative work culture. Several philosophies shape his management style:

– Driving growth through innovation – McDonald encourages new ideas and continually looks for opportunities to improve. He implemented several technology advances at the Ohio Lottery aimed at modernizing offerings.

– Leading with transparency – McDonald emphasizes transparency in managing the lottery’s business operations and in working with government oversight entities. He ensures adherence to responsible gambling principles.

– Valuing employees and teamwork – McDonald develops employees to their full potential through training and mentorship. He solicits input from staff and keeps employees informed on lottery initiatives.

– Building partnerships – Forming strong partnerships is a key priority for McDonald. He collaborates extensively with retailers, vendors, regulators, and stakeholders to grow the Ohio Lottery and contribute to education.

– Focusing on the player – Keeping the customer at the forefront of decision-making is important to McDonald. He aims to provide entertaining games while promoting responsible play.

– Contributing to community – McDonald is dedicated to increasing the lottery’s fiscal contributions to Ohio education funding. He also gives back through philanthropic work and community involvement.

McDonald’s sincere commitment to integrity, teamwork, innovation, and community engagement has helped him successfully guide the Ohio Lottery and its staff to continued success and growth.

Personal Life

Outside of his professional role with the Ohio Lottery, Pat McDonald has numerous personal interests and community involvement activities. He has been married to his wife Laurie for over 25 years and they have two grown children together. McDonald and his wife live in Rocky River, a suburb on the west side of Cleveland.

McDonald stays active by playing golf and tennis. He also enjoys attending Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers games as a sports fan. As a big music enthusiast, he likes going to concerts and music festivals with his family. McDonald and his wife enjoy traveling domestically and abroad when they have time.

For community service, McDonald supports and volunteers with several organizations in Northeast Ohio. He has been involved with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, United Way of Greater Cleveland, and the Cleveland Leadership Center. McDonald also serves on the Board of Trustees of Magnificat High School in Rocky River, where his daughter attended school.

Though busy with his professional and community responsibilities, McDonald always makes time for family. He cherishes opportunities to spend time with his wife, children, siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Net Worth and Salary

As the Director of the Ohio Lottery, Pat McDonald earns an annual salary of $220,000. This figure was set when he was appointed to the Director position by the State Lottery Commission in 2019.

Estimates of Pat McDonald’s net worth are not publicly available. However, based on his long career as an executive in the consumer goods and gaming industries, his net worth is likely in the mid to high six figures.

In addition to his Lottery Director salary of $220,000 per year, his net worth has likely been built through:

– Stock options and executive compensation packages from previous employers such as Nestle, Kraft Foods, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and IGT.

– Performance-based bonuses and incentives over his 30+ year career.

– Equity in his home and other real estate investments.

– Retirement savings accrued over his career, including pensions, 401k plans, and other investments.

– Income from his wife’s professional career, as she worked in marketing and retail management.

Though McDonald likely has a healthy net worth from his career success, his Ohio Lottery Director salary makes up the bulk of his current earnings. The Director position comes with high expectations for integrity and transparency, making it a highly scrutinized public sector job.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Pat McDonald aims to continue driving growth, innovation, and integrity as Director of the Ohio Lottery. During his tenure, he plans to:

– Keep increasing lottery profits annually to contribute to Ohio education funding. His goal is to surpass $1.5 billion in annual funding for education.

– Expand the Ohio Lottery’s player base by entering new markets and demographic segments. Attract more casual and younger players through new games and digital engagement.

– Pursue technology upgrades that improve customer experience. Implement more self-service options via mobile apps and retail terminals.

– Maintain best-in-class integrity, security, and responsible gambling standards. Adhere to strict ethical oversight as required for public lotteries.

– Develop employees and promote inclusion and diversity. Create paths for advancement and maintain high levels of employee satisfaction.

– Enhance responsible gambling messaging and tools for players. Cooperate with problem gambling prevention groups and experts.

For McDonald personally, his future aspirations include:

– Spending more time with family, especially as his children start families of their own. Remain active and travel more with his wife during retirement.

– Staying involved in community organizations and philanthropic causes, particularly those supporting education, sports, and the arts.

– Taking up new hobbies and interests once retired, such as reading, photography, and gardening.

– Mentoring young professionals entering the gaming and lottery industries. Passing on knowledge from his 40+ year career.

With his dedication to service, administration, and community, Pat McDonald will continue making a positive impact on Ohio through his leadership of the state Lottery.


Pat McDonald has served as the Director of the Ohio Lottery since February 2019. As Director, he provides strategic leadership for one of the most successful lotteries in the United States. McDonald has decades of executive experience in the consumer goods and gaming industries.

Key highlights about Pat McDonald include:

– Oversees $1+ billion in annual lottery sales that fund education in Ohio.

– Implemented technology upgrades and retail expansions to modernize the Lottery.

– Took a collaborative, growth-focused approach to management.

– Emphasizes transparency, integrity, security, and responsible gambling.

– Has professional experience with companies like Nestle, Kraft, and IGT.

– Engaged in community service with organizations like United Way.

Under McDonald’s leadership, the Ohio Lottery has continued its success. He has overseen record sales, profits, and contributions to education funding. McDonald continues to focus on responsible growth, innovation, and integrity in his role as Director.