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Who is the actress in the movie Kuri?


The actress who played the lead role of Kuri in the movie of the same name is Priyanka Chopra. Kuri released in 2022 and is Priyanka’s most recent movie. She has had a successful career in Bollywood films and has also starred in some Hollywood movies. Kuri marks her return to working in India after a few years abroad. The movie has been getting good reviews, with praise for Priyanka’s performance.

About Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the top actresses in India today. She has received many awards and accolades for her acting skills. Some key facts about her:

  • Full Name: Priyanka Chopra Jonas
  • Date of Birth: July 18, 1982 (age 40 years)
  • Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, India
  • Parents: Ashok and Madhu Chopra
  • Spouse: Nick Jonas (m. 2018)
  • First Movie: Thamizhan (2002)
  • Big Breakthrough: The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (2003)
  • Notable Films: Barfi!, Mary Kom, Bajirao Mastani, The Sky Is Pink
  • Hollywood Films: Baywatch, Isn’t It Romantic, The Matrix Resurrections
  • Upcoming Films: It’s All Coming Back to Me, Citadel

Priyanka was born in India to physician parents. She did her schooling in India across various cities. She then went to the US for college, studying at institutions in Newton, Massachusetts and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She returned to India during her teens and entered the Miss India pageant, winning the title in 2000. This opened up opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Early Acting Career

After winning Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra made her acting debut in the 2002 Tamil film Thamizhan. Her first Bollywood release was The Hero in 2003, which was a major box office hit and made her a star overnight. Between 2003-04, she appeared in 7 Hindi films, playing a variety of roles. Some of her notable movies during this period include Andaaz, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, and Aitraaz.

The year 2004 proved to be a turning point in her career when she played a negative role in Aitraaz. Her portrayal of a scheming seductress was praised by critics. This was followed by a critically acclaimed performance in the thriller Saaya. By this time, Chopra had established herself as one of the most promising new actresses in India.

Success and Stardom

The year 2005 onwards, Priyanka Chopra’s career graph only went upwards. She delivered several consecutive hits which made her a bankable star.

Some of her career highlights during this phase:

  • Played 12 distinct roles in the comedy drama What’s Your Raashee? (2009). Her acting range was appreciated.
  • National Film Award for Best Actress for the biopic Fashion (2008), where she played a troubled supermodel.
  • Rose to wider fame with the box office smash hit 7 Khoon Maaf (2011). Her versatility as an actress was praised as she showcased 7 different avatars in the movie.
  • Essayed the role of renowned boxer Mary Kom in the biopic Mary Kom (2014). To prepare, she underwent extensive physical training to gain muscle and learn boxing.
  • Starred alongside Ranveer Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic romance Bajirao Mastani (2015). Her portrayal of Kashibai won her several awards.
  • Played a woman fighting for her child’s rights in Madhur Bhandarkar’s social drama Jai Gangaajal (2016).
  • Portrayed a mother whose child has a rare genetic disorder in The Sky Is Pink (2019), for which she won Best Actress at film festivals globally.

By the 2010s, Priyanka had become one of the most in-demand actresses in India with a string of successful films under her belt spanning different genres. She had also gained a reputation for her dedication to every role, going the extra mile to get into the skin of varied characters.

International Ventures

Chopra achieved significant success in Hollywood as well, becoming a trailblazer for Indian talent abroad.

Her key achievements in international films and TV:

  • Debuted in the ABC thriller series Quantico (2015), playing an FBI recruit. She was the first South Asian lead of an American series.
  • Played villain Victoria Leeds in the action comedy Baywatch (2017) alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.
  • Starred in the romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic (2019) as the lead alongside Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine.
  • Cast as Sati in The Matrix Resurrections (2021), joining the legendary sci-fi franchise.
  • Will headline the upcoming thriller series Citadel produced by the Russo Brothers.

Priyanka Chopra has been hailed for increasing the global popularity of Indian cinema. She has been named in rankings like Time 100 Most Influential People for her contribution to the entertainment field.

Personal Life

In 2018, Priyanka married American singer Nick Jonas in lavish wedding ceremonies held in India. Their relationship and marriage generated widespread media attention. She is very close to her family, even having a tattoo that reads “Daddy’s Lil Girl”.

Priyanka is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, being appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2016. She works extensively for children’s rights and women’s empowerment causes. She has worked with UNICEF for over a decade for various initiatives in India and globally.

About Kuri

Kuri is a 2022 Indian Hindi language drama film directed by Saket Chaudhary. It stars Priyanka Chopra in the title role of a tech worker. The cast also includes Rajit Kapur, Zakir Hussain, and child actor Leela Ramans. The movie focuses on the relationship between Priyanka’s character and an AI humanoid robot Kuri that enters her family.

The main premise of Kuri is:

  • Kuri is an AI humanoid robot created by the technology start-up Yotabyte. Their aim is to create smart robots that can integrate into human families.
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays Anu, an engineer working at Yotabyte. Her job is to test and monitor the Kuri bot by having it stay with her family for some time.
  • Kuri enters Anu’s home and her interactions with each family member like the father (Rajit Kapur), mother (Zakir Hussain) and daughter Leela are shown.
  • How the presence of Kuri affects the family dynamics forms the crux of the plot.
  • The movie examines human relationships through the lens of an endearing childlike AI robot.

Kuri premiered at the Red Sea International Film Festival where it got positive reviews. Critics praised the film for its novel concept and Priyanka Chopra’s performance as a woman balancing her career and family life. The movie released in theaters on February 11, 2022. Made on a modest budget of $5 million, it was a sleeper hit at the box office earning $24 million worldwide.

Priyanka Chopra’s Role in Kuri

As the lead actress, Priyanka Chopra shouldered Kuri completely and delivered an emotional performance. Highlights of her role:

  • She depicts the emotional arc of Anu as she goes from being wary of Kuri to eventually treating it like her own child.
  • Her reactions to Kuri, as it learns human behavior and integrates into the family, come across as authentic and heartfelt.
  • Priyanka imbues warmth and affection into the scenes showing her attachment to Kuri, which makes the audience relate to their bond.
  • She brings nuance into the morally ambiguous dilemmas Anu faces regarding AI and robots.
  • The rapport she establishes with her reel daughter Leela Ramans translates into some touching moments between their characters.
  • Priyanka also convincingly portrays Anu’s work persona as an ambitious tech developer.

Overall, critics praised Priyanka for carrying the emotional weight of the film and bringing credibility to the character’s evolving relationship with Kuri. Her performance got her Best Actress nominations at several award shows.

Response to Priyanka Chopra’s Acting

Priyanka Chopra garnered widespread acclaim for her performance in Kuri from film critics:

  • NDTV movies praised her emotional depth: “Priyanka invests Anu with such emotional integrity that it lends credibility to even the most fanciful parts of this futuristic fable.”
  • The Hindu commended her rapport with the robot: “Chopra manages to strike up an endearing equation with Kuri. She makes you believe in their unlikely yet heartwarming bond.”
  • GQ India called it a masterclass in acting: “Watching Priyanka switch from being a ruthless corporate overlord to a loving mother is an absolute masterclass in acting.”
  • Bollywood Hungama highlighted her flair for drama: “Priyanka gets into the skin of Anu effortlessly. Her flair for drama is evident in the potent emotional moments.”
  • Times of India declared it one of her best performances: “Priyanka delights in a role that lets her tap into varied emotions. This must rank amongst her finest.”

Apart from the reviews, Kuri emerging as a surprise hit vindicated Priyanka’s decision to take up the unconventional role. Her nuanced and relatable performance is credited as the biggest strength of the film. It added to the range of characters Priyanka has successfully portrayed over her career.

Priyanka Chopra’s Preparation for Kuri Role

Priyanka Chopra underwent thorough preparation to play the central character of Anu convincingly:

  • She attended workshops conducted by the director to understand the vision for the human-AI relationship in the film.
  • Chopra interacted with tech experts at Anthropic, an AI safety startup, to gain insight into intelligent AI bots and their impact.
  • She observed engineers at Boston Dynamics for a week to study how they interact with the robots they create.
  • Chopra learned coding snippets to look natural executing codes and commands as a robotics engineer onscreen.
  • She spent time at daycare centers to observe toddler behavior which helped her recreate those mannerisms for scenes with Kuri.
  • The actress also took robotics lessons and underwent programming training even though she did not have much screen time as an engineer.

In interviews, Priyanka revealed how the preparation helped her understand emotional connections between people and technology. Her dedication to getting the smallest details right earned praise from critics and audiences alike.

Kuri’s Broader Significance

While a commercial success, Kuri also garnered attention for addressing pertinent themes surrounding human relationships with AI.

  • It explores attachment, loss and what makes us human through an uncommon prism – bonds with an AI companion.
  • The movie highlights issues like how intelligent can artificial beings get before causing potential dangers.
  • It imagines moral dilemmas that may arise as robotics and AI advance to transform our lives.
  • Kuri serves as a warning about the double-edged nature of using technology to create synthetic bonds and emotions.
  • The questions it raises about AI ethics led to much debate and discussion beyond its merits as just a dramatic film.

Kuri’s balanced take on AI’s benefits versus risks was appreciated. The film is seen as a thought-provoking and timely take on our emotional dependence on technology. It highlights why the human costs must be factored in amidst the rush to create more advanced AI indistinguishable from people.

Why Kuri Worked at the Box Office

Kuri managed to succeed at the box office due to the following reasons:

Factor Description
Novel plot The unique storyline focused on family bonds with an AI robot appealed to audiences looking for something new.
Priyanka Chopra’s star power Her popularity as a top actress in India and abroad drove people to theaters.
Feel-good family drama The emotional narrative and portrayal of family values resonated with viewers.
Social media marketing Positive reactions to the trailers and clips shared on social media created pre-release buzz.
Touching music The soundtrack featuring melodious tunes turned out to be a chartbuster.
Word-of-mouth praise Critics and audiences recommending it after initial shows helped sustain collections.
Well-timed release Kuri released during a lull phase with no big clashes at the box office.
Advancements in technology The subject resonated due to rapid progress in robotics and AI globally.

Kuri worked because it had a mix of an intriguing story idea executed well, appreciate performances, and strategic release planning. Priyanka Chopra’s sensitive portrayal and star power as well as the soundtrack helped make it a hit across generations. The film tapped into the fascination for futuristic technology and portrayed its pros and cons effectively through an engaging family story.

Priyanka Chopra’s Upcoming Projects

After the success of Kuri, Priyanka Chopra has an exciting slate of upcoming projects:

  • It’s All Coming Back to Me – A romantic drama opposite Sam Heughan where Priyanka plays a woman who loses her fiance.
  • Citadel – An Amazon Prime action series from the Russo Brothers where she stars alongside Richard Madden.
  • Jee Le Zaraa – A road trip movie featuring Priyanka, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt directed by Farhan Akhtar.
  • Matrix 4 – Reprising her role as Sati in the next installment of The Matrix franchise.
  • The White Tiger – A Netflix movie based on an acclaimed novel where she will star with Adarsh Gourav again after Kuri.

Priyanka Chopra has always carefully selected roles that allow her to push her boundaries as an actor. She is expected to surprise audiences again with her upcoming projects across cinema and OTT platforms. After breaking barriers in the West, she will continue headlining major Hollywood productions as well.


Kuri emerged as an unconventional blockbuster that defied expectations to work at the box office. With its novel concept and Priyanka Chopra’s starred turn as the emotional core, the film managed to resonate strongly with audiences. It provided a provocative look at human relationships with AI robots through a family drama lens. Kuri’s success proves that Priyanka remains a huge draw as a leading lady known for getting into the skin of diverse roles. Her career continues to scale new heights through strategic choices that play to her strengths as a versatile, bankable actor.