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Who is the host of the My Big Lottery Dream Home?

My Big Lottery Dream Home is a popular home renovation television show that follows lottery winners as they search for their dream homes. The show first premiered in 2015 on Great American Country and has since gained a devoted viewer following. But who is the host that guides lottery winners through this exciting home buying journey? The host of My Big Lottery Dream Home is none other than David Bromstad.

About David Bromstad

David Reed Bromstad is a 44-year-old American designer and television personality. He is best known as the host of My Lottery Dream Home on HGTV as well as the winner of the very first season of HGTV Design Star in 2006.

David grew up in Cokato, Minnesota and showed an early interest in art, design, and animation. He attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. After winning HGTV Design Star in 2006, David began hosting his own show on HGTV called Color Splash which ran for over 100 episodes until it ended in 2011.

David has enjoyed tremendous success as a designer and television host. In addition to My Lottery Dream Home and Color Splash, he has also hosted shows such as The White Room Challenge and Beach Flip. He has made guest appearances on several other popular HGTV shows as well. Outside of designing and hosting, David is an accomplished artist who has had his fine art exhibited in galleries across the United States. He also runs his own interior design firm out of Miami Beach, Florida called David Bromstad Designs.

David Bromstad’s Role on My Lottery Dream Home

As the host of My Lottery Dream Home, David Bromstad helps recent lottery winners find and renovate their perfect dream homes. In each episode, David meets with lottery winners who get to share their personalized home wish lists. David then takes them to tour three potential properties that fit their wants and needs. After the tours, the lottery winners select which home is their favorite.

Once the house is selected, David works closely with the homeowners to fully renovate and customize their new property. He provides expert insight on all design aspects including layout, furnishings, color schemes, materials, and more. David handles all the renovations from start to finish, turning the house into the lottery winner’s dream home.

Part of what makes David such a successful host on My Lottery Dream Home is his upbeat and enthusiastic personality. He truly excites and empowers the lottery winners to get creative with their new homes. David also uses his extensive design expertise to turn their visions into realities. He makes sure to incorporate details that reflect the homeowners’ personal styles and interests.

David also isn’t afraid to give the lottery winners honest feedback to make sure their design choices are functional and cohesive. His outgoing nature coupled with his design skills help take each home renovation on the show to the next level.

Why David Bromstad Stands Out

There are several key factors that help make David Bromstad an exceptional host for a show like My Lottery Dream Home:

Creativity and innovation

David has an incredibly creative mind and eye for innovative design. He has a true talent for turning spaces into something incredible using colors, patterns, textures, lighting and more. On the show, David always seems to take the home renovations to new creative heights.

Design expertise

With his background in art, fine arts education, and years of design experience, David has impeccable design skills. He knows how to pair colors, furnishings, architectural details and decor to achieve beautiful, balanced spaces. David uses his expertise to actualize the lottery winners’ home visions.

Upbeat, outgoing personality

David’s spirited personality immediately livens up any space he is in. He has an energetic, fun-loving presence that is engaging and enjoyable to watch on camera. His outgoing nature also helps put the lottery winners at ease.

Budget savvy

While many of the home renovations on My Lottery Dream Home have multi-million dollar budgets, David is very skilled at maximizing every dollar. He stretches budgets creatively by repurposing items, bargain hunting, and accessing his network of designer connections for discounts. This helps create incredible homes tailor-made for the lottery winners.

Detail oriented

David has a great eye for design details and perfectionism. He often laser focuses on all the fine details of a space like trim, hardware, tilework and finishes. His detail orientation results in magnificent, high-end designs.

Notable My Lottery Dream Home Episodes

Throughout his time hosting My Lottery Dream Home, David Bromstad has worked on some particularly memorable renovations. Here are some of the most notable episodes and lottery winner home projects from the series:

Nahale’s Hawaiian Beach House

In Season 8, episode 3, David worked with Hawaiian local Nahale Kaleikini to find her dream oceanfront home on the island of Oahu. Nahale purchased a 5-bedroom, 3,700 square foot home for $2.1 million. David then gave the home an extensive renovation to create an open, tranquil oasis reflective of Hawaiian culture. Some highlights included a large new kitchen, designer furnishings, an outdoor shower, luxury patio space, and bright colors influenced by the landscape. This project stood out for seamlessly blending contemporary style with Hawaiian tradition.

Franco’s Miami Party Home

In Season 6, episode 10, lottery winner Franco wanted a fun, luxurious party home to share with friends in his hometown of Miami, Florida. He purchased a 6-bedroom, 6,500 square foot contemporary for $3.9 million. David transformed the house into an ultra-sleek space perfect for entertaining. Upgrades included an enormous gourmet kitchen, tech-savvy amenities, a glam master suite, infinity pool, and modern geometric wall art and fixtures throughout. The lively vibe reflected Franco’s larger-than-life personality.

Carolyn’s Coastal Cottage

In Season 4, episode 3, Carolyn aimed to downsize into her dream coastal cottage after winning the lottery. She selected a beautiful 2-bedroom home in Seaside, Florida for $975,000. David used light, neutral colors and textures coupled with antique furniture to give the home an airy, sophisticated beach aesthetic. Some standout details were the coastal blue kitchen, shiplap walls, and custom storage solutions. In the end, the cottage far surpassed Carolyn’s coastal dreams.

Debbie’s Country Lakehouse

In Season 7, episode 4, Debbie purchased a stunning 5-acre lakefront property in Anderson, South Carolina for $1.5 million. She envisioned a rustic yet luxurious lakehouse to enjoy nature in. David incorporated reclaimed wood, stone, and metal paired with high-end finishes. Charming country elements like a pontoon boat, fishing cabin, and outdoor entertaining spaces materialized as well. This lakehouse was an idyllic escape for nature-lovers.

Impact and Success of My Lottery Dream Home

Since it first aired in 2015, My Lottery Dream Home has been a massive success for HGTV. It has become one of the network’s most popular programs. The show has run for over 190 episodes across 9 seasons and is still going strong.

There are a few key factors that have made My Lottery Dream Home such a winning formula:

Unique concept

The show’s concept of following real-life lottery winners through their home buying journeys is highly unique and intriguing. Viewers love getting a glimpse into how ordinary people spend large fortune wins.

Aspirational appeal

My Lottery Dream Home allows viewers to live vicariously through the lottery winners as they search for their perfect home. For many viewers, it represents an aspirational what-if scenario.

Charismatic host

David Bromstad’s fun-loving and vibrant on-screen presence has earned him a big fanbase. His creativity and expertise as a designer also draws viewers in.

Beautiful designs

Watching the custom dream home renovations unfold into gorgeous finished spaces is very binge-worthy and satisfying for audiences. The beautiful designs are a huge part of the show’s appeal.

Emotional element

Getting to follow real homeowners on their deeply personal journey to find their perfect home creates many heartfelt, emotional moments that viewers connect with.

David Bromstad’s hosting skills and design talents combined with the show’s compelling concept make My Lottery Dream Home a foolproof recipe for success. It will likely continue charming audiences for many more seasons. While supporting lottery winners, David also fulfills the dreams of viewers at home through his vibrant persona and spectacular renovations.

David Bromstad’s Other Shows and Projects

Beyond My Lottery Dream Home, David Bromstad has hosted and appeared on numerous other popular HGTV programs over the years:

HGTV Design Star

David first shot to fame in 2006 winning the premiere season of HGTV’s Design Star. His victory launched his TV hosting career. David returned for Design Star seasons 4-6 as a mentor to guide contestants through design challenges.

Color Splash

After winning HGTV Design Star, David began hosting his own show Color Splash in 2007. He transformed rooms for families using bold colors and creative touches during over 100 episodes before the show ended in 2011.

Bang for Your Buck

From 2014-2016, David hosted Bang for Your Buck where he redesigned rooms on a budget for couples in 40 episodes across 2 seasons. David focused on using affordability and functionality to create beautiful spaces.

Beach Flip

In 2018, David hosted Beach Flip where he renovated properties in Florida beach towns. He utilized his signature coastal design style to give outdated homes fresh modern beachy updates.

Brother vs. Brother

From 2013-2021, David appeared as a guest judge and competitor on Brother vs. Brother alongside famous HGTV personalities Drew and Jonathan Scott. He put his design skills to the test renovating spaces in the challenge-style competition.

HGTV Urban Oasis

David has designer several HGTV Urban Oasis homes, which are luxury homes given away by the network annually. Some of his Oasis projects include homes in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Knoxville.

White Room Challenge

On this web series, David competed against Danielle Colding to design client spaces in only 10 days. Clients ranged from kids to singles to married couples across 20 fun episodes.

David Bromstad’s Other Ventures

When he is not busy hosting and designing for HGTV, David Bromstad has several other ventures he devotes time to as well:

Interior Design Firm

David runs his own interior design firm called David Bromstad Designs which is based out of Miami Beach, Florida. He designs residential and commercial spaces for an elite clientele worldwide.

Product Design

David has partnered with major brands to design various home collections. Some collaborations include fabrics for Grandin Road and lighting for Circa Lighting.


As a professionally trained fine artist, David creates unique abstract paintings and sculptures which he sells and exhibits through various galleries.

BloomSaid Agency

David and his business partner Brian Patrick Flynn co-founded BloomSaid Agency, a creative firm representing influencers, designers, photographers and videographers.

Pride School Atlanta

David serves on the Board of Directors for Pride School Atlanta, a private school aimed at creating a safe educational environment for LGBTQ+ students.

Public Speaking

David makes public appearances as a speaker at various home and design industry events across the country. He enjoys sharing design tips and his entrepreneurial journey.

Even outside of his TV hosting, it’s clear David Bromstad has a versatile range of talents that have contributed to his design authority status today.

Personal Life and Advocacy

While he keeps much of his personal life private, there are a few details that are known about David Bromstad’s life off-screen:

He is openly gay and an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

David lives with his long-term husband Jeffrey Glasko in Miami Beach, Florida. The two were married in 2015. David uses his public platform to advocate for equality and acceptance.

He has three pet dogs he adores.

David is a proud dog dad to three pups: Ella, Parker, and Gracie. He spoils them like his children and they make frequent cameos on his social media.

He practices meditation daily.

To help manage stress, David starts each morning with daily meditation. He cites meditation as one of the keys to his success.

He loves giving back to charity.

David volunteers with and donates to many charities. Some causes close to his heart include HIV/AIDS research, LGBTQ+ support, animal welfare, and homelessness.

Fitness is a priority.

David makes regular exercise part of his routine, often starting his days with cross-training workouts. Outdoor activities like paddleboarding are among his favorite ways to stay fit.

Though he is best known on-screen for his vibrant design work, David Bromstad’s philanthropic efforts and advocacy off-screen are also truly inspiring.


David Bromstad has become one of HGTV’s most beloved designers and personalities over his many years hosting shows like My Lottery Dream Home. His passion for design combined with his magnetic on-screen presence has won over legions of devoted fans who love watching his creative process unfold. While David’s bubbly and outgoing personality keeps things fun, his genuine dedication to each client’s individual needs is what makes him excel at bringing dream homes to life.

Outside of his work on television, David has built an impressive design empire that includes a firm, product lines, fine art, and business ventures. But he still remains committed to causes he cares about like animal rescue and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

With David Bromstad at the helm, it’s evident why My Lottery Dream Home has become a ratings juggernaut and fan favorite. Audiences simply can’t get enough of David’s contagious charisma and spectacular home overhauls. Even after nearly 200 episodes, his creative vision and skill for stunning designs continues to enthrall and inspire viewers. David’s unique flair for making dreams reality, both on and off-screen, points to continued success both personally and professionally in the years to come.