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Who is Village Candle made by?

Village Candle is a premium home fragrance brand made in Maine by Village Candle LLC. Founded in 1999 by Bob and Janet Cook, Village Candle has grown to become one of the largest fragrance companies in the home décor industry.

They offer a wide range of products featuring the signature 100% natural soy wax, along with an extensive selection of high-end fragrances. All of their candles are hand-poured in their plant in Wells, Maine and use only the finest fragrance ingredients available to create unique and memorable scents.

Through their commitment to offering quality products with great customer service, Village Candle has become a trusted and beloved brand in the home décor industry.

Are Yankee Candle and Village Candle the same?

No, Yankee Candle and Village Candle are not the same. While both companies offer a wide range of scented candles, they each have their own unique styles and fragrances. Yankee Candle is a leading manufacturer of jar candles, tarts wax melts, and votives, while Village Candle is known for its highly fragranced jar candles and unique luminescent wax.

Additionally, Yankee Candles offers a wide variety of exclusive fragrances, while Village Candles are known for their unique scents that cannot be found elsewhere. While the two companies are similar in many ways, they each have their own individual style, product selection, and fragrances.

Are village candles made in USA?

Yes, Village Candle is a premium brand of fragranced candles that are hand-crafted in the USA. Village Candle is a family run business that began in Maine in 1997, and all their scented jar candles and other products are made in their factories in Old Town, Maine.

Their candles are crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques that allow for a greater fragrance intensity, a longer burn time, and an unforgettable customer experience. Village Candle’s advanced patented technology uses two layers of wax to create a unique candle that burns even and clean, and their candles are also made with all-natural, lead-free wicks.

What brands do Yankee Candles make?

Yankee Candle is one of the leading manufacturers of scented and unscented candles, wax-melts and home fragrances. Their products include premium scented and unscented candles in many sizes and shapes, wax melts, auto air fresheners and a variety of unique home fragrance products.

They offer a range of candles in special collections including iconic Housewarmer jars, Votive Candles, Tumbler Candles, Tea Light Candles, Concentrated Room Sprays, Electric Home Fragrance, Exquisite Car Jars, and more.

Some of the exclusive candle collections they offer include A Cape Cod Winter, Star of David, The Great Outdoors Collection, Autumn Wreath, Paris Chic, Champagne Cocktail, and Coastal Living. The company also has many seasonal fragrances available throughout the year including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and many more.

In addition to their products, Yankee Candle offers personalized services such as candlemaking workshops, wedding & event coordination and design services, and gift wrapping services.

How long does a Village Candle last?

Village Candle is a candle company that produces a variety of long-lasting, fragrant candles intended to fill an entire room with a pleasant scent. According to the company website, Village Candles typically last for 65 to 125 hours, depending on the size of the candle and the outside environment in which it is used.

For example, an 8-ounce candle may last for up to 65 hours, a 10-ounce candle may last for up to 90 hours, a 22-ounce candle may last for up to 170 hours, and a 26-ounce candle may last for up to 200 hours.

The duration of burn time can also be affected by temperature, humidity, and conditions in the room. To extend the life of their candles, Village Candle recommends that customers always ensure that their candles are placed in a draft-free area, and the wick should be trimmed to ¼ inch before each use.

What kind of wax does Village Candle use?

Village Candle uses all natural, food grade, beeswax in the making of their candles. Their wax is paraffin-free and contains pure beeswax, vegetable wax and a special formula that contains an all-natural blend of proteins and plant-based wax.

This unique formulation allows the candles to burn cleanly and evenly while leaving minimal soot residue. Village Candle also adds essential oils and fragrances to help enhance the atmosphere of any room.

Is there a candle that smells like rain?

Yes, you can find candles that smell like rain or have scents that are reminiscent of a rainstorm. There are a variety of companies that make rain-scented candles, and many are even made with natural fragrance oils for a more realistic aroma.

Popular scents include light and refreshing notes of fresh rain, ocean mist, dew-covered flowers, and clean, ozone-filled air. You can even find candles described as a stormy rain scent, with deeper aromas of wet earth, crushed leaves, and jasmine for a more complex aroma.

Including pillar candles, votive candles, tealights, melts, and wax melts.

Does Stonewall Kitchen own Village Candle?

No, Stonewall Kitchen does not own Village Candle. Village Candle is a Maine-based candle, air freshener, and giftware company that was founded in 1998 and offers over 200 unique scents and home décor products.

Village Candle is a family-owned business that is renowned for its premium-fragranced candles and gifts. Stonewall Kitchen, on the other hand, is a specialty food producer that was established in 1991 and offers a range of jams, condiments, baking mixes, breakfast items, beverage items, and more.

The company is renowned for its hand-selected, artisanally made products. Stonewall Kitchen markets and sells its products through a variety of retailers and online stores, but does not own Village Candle.

Is Village Candle good Reddit?

Village Candle is a popular candle company and their products are generally highly praised. They have a wide variety of candles in different sizes, styles, and scents, and all their products are made from high-quality materials with an eye for detail.

Their customers often report that their candles burn cleanly and last a long time. Based on the reviews available, it seems that Village Candle is a good option for anyone looking for high-quality, affordable candles.

Do Village Candles have lead wicks?

No, Village Candles do not have lead wicks. The company is dedicated to providing safe and eco-friendly candles. Their wooden wicks are made with a cotton core, rather than lead, and burn with a small crackle, providing a cozy experience.

Village Candles is committed to offering quality, natural, and nontoxic products, designed to enhance and illuminate your life. They use safe wicks for their candles and are always looking for new ways to make their products as safe and eco-friendly as possible.

Village Candles is certified by the EPA, meaning that all of their candles meet rigorous standards for indoor and outdoor air quality. They carefully select the ingredients used in their candles with the goal of becoming as sustainable as possible and to ensure there are no trace materials of toxins within their products.

What is the difference between a Yankee Candle and a Village Candle?

The main difference between Yankee Candle and Village Candle is in the quality of the product. Yankee Candles are well-known for their superior scent throw, which means that their candles give off a more intense, richer scent when lit.

Village Candles, on the other hand, have a soft, wispy scent throw and are best suited for softer, more subtle aromas. While Village Candles are often less expensive than their Yankee Candle counterparts, they may not last as long or fill the room with the same level of fragrance.

Additionally, Village Candles use a wax blend consisting of soy and paraffin for a smooth, even burn, whereas Yankee Candles use special blends of waxes to create a more complex and layered burning experience.

How do I know if my candle has a lead wick?

The best way to determine whether a candle has a lead wick is to look at the packaging and read any information on the label. If it’s not clear whether a lead-containing wick is present, you should contact the manufacturer or retailer to ask.

Some candles may be labeled as lead-free, so this is always a good option if you’re looking for a lead-free candle. Additionally, you can purchase test strips at most craft and home stores that detect lead.

You simply light the wick and dip the strip into the hot wax and wait a few seconds. If the strip changes color, that means that there is lead present in the wick.

Which candles are non toxic?

Candles made of 100% natural waxes, such as beeswax, soy wax, coconut wax, bayberry wax, and vegetable waxes, are considered non-toxic. Moreover, candles made of paraffin, a type of wax derived from petroleum, can be non-toxic ifthey are made with no added chemicals or fragrances.

However, paraffin candles may produce soot, carbon dioxide, and other potentially hazardous substances if not made correctly.

Other types of non-toxic candles include those made with beeswax and soy wax, which are renewable and sustainable alternatives to paraffin. Along with being non-toxic, these blends are biodegradable, produce less soot, and burn cleanly with no odor.

Furthermore, beeswax candles can triple cleanse the air, removing toxins, allergens, and restoring moisture to the room.

In addition, beeswax candles produce negative ions when lit, which can help to improve air quality by embracing the air with freshness. Thus, while the process of deciding which candles are non-toxic may be difficult, using natural wax such as beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin (without added fragrances or chemicals) is suggested to help avoid potential toxicity and health risks.