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Who makes the most powerful chainsaw?

The most powerful chainsaw is the Husqvarna 576XP G, made by the Swedish outdoor power equipment company Husqvarna. This is one of the most powerful chainsaws available on the market today, sporting an impressive 3.

2-horsepower engine and the capability to cut through thick logs and even trees with ease. Its X-torq technology allows for a high-speed cutting action, while its heavy-duty construction is built to last.

The easily adjustable AutoTune feature allows the user to choose their desired power output for the respective task at hand. Husqvarna also offers an excellent design, ensuring comfortable and safe operation, and the rear handle fits perfectly in the user’s hands.

All these features combined make the Husqvarna 576XP G the most powerful chainsaw available.

How much horsepower does a STIHL MS 880 have?

The STIHL MS 880 chain saw has an impressive 6.4-horsepower engine, a chain speed of 23.7 meters per second, and a displacement of 72.2 cc. The saw has a max bars size of up to a length of 90 cm (36 inches). With its 4.

With its 4.6 kg (19 lbs), it is the most powerful chain saw in the STIHL lineup.

In addition to its power and weight, the MS 880 features a soft handle for comfortable extended use, a variable fuel-mix system that helps reduce fuel consumption, a starting system that helps reduce operator fatigue, and a captive nut adjuster.

The saw also includes a wide variety of pre-set carburetor settings and an inertia-active chain brake that can stop the chain in fractions of a second. With such specialized features, the STIHL MS 880 is an ideal choice for commercial logging or extreme cutting jobs.

What saw do most loggers use?

Most loggers typically use a chainsaw. Chainsaws are the go-to tool for loggers because they are efficient, powerful, and relatively easy to use. Chainsaws work by using a rapidly rotating chain with sharp teeth to cut through the wood.

They range in size from small handheld versions to large, road-towing models that can cut through large logs with ease. Chainsaws also come with variety of features and attachments, allowing them to be used for different tasks like removing branches and brush, cutting firewood, shaping logs, and even cutting down large trees.

Chainsaws require proper safety equipment and careful handling to be used safely, and require regular maintenance to ensure the tool remains in good working order.

How much is a Stihl MS 881 cost?

The cost of the Stihl MS 881 chain saw depends on a variety of factors, such as the retailer or the extra accessories you purchase with it. On average, a new Stihl MS 881 chain saw can range anywhere from $1,449 to $1,699.

This price also depends on which dealer you purchase the saw from and the particular specifications of the saw. When customizing your Stihl MS 881, you can choose from a variety of accessories, such as an oilomatic saw chain, an ergonomic handle, a Stihl bar scabbard, a low-kickback chain, and a powerhead with a lead and spark plug.

These accessories may slightly influence the price of the Stihl MS 881 chain saw.

What’s the biggest CC Stihl chainsaw?

The biggest chainsaw made by Stihl is the Magnum MS 880, a professional-grade chainsaw designed for the most demanding applications. This saw has a 111.5cc engine that boasts an impressive 6.3 horsepower and a maximum power output of 8.1 kW.

It has a guide bar length of up to 50 inches and a cutting capacity of up to 28 inches. The Stihl MS 880 has an anti-vibration system for comfort and is designed for all-day comfort, with a comfortable length of just 34.

3 inches long. Additionally, it has a side-mounted chain tensioner and quick-release air filter for added convenience and maintenance.

What does MS mean in Stihl chainsaw?

MS in Stihl chainsaws stands for M-Tronic System, a computer assisted engine management system developed by Stihl for advanced performance and emissions regulations. The M-Tronic System monitors and regulates different engine parameters such as temperature, fuel mixture, idling speed, RPM and much more.

This technology ensures that the engine is always running at its best performance regardless of external conditions, such as time of day, temperature, barometric pressure and fuel quality. It also provides precise control of the engine to maximize efficiency, reduce emissions and provide improved fuel economy.

With the M-Tronic System, Stihl chainsaws are considered one of the most reliable and powerful engines for any cutting job.

How many cc’s is a Stihl 880?

The Stihl 880 model chainsaw is a top handle chainsaw with the power of a professional saw. It is equipped with an 88 cc displacement engine that offers professional performance and excellent safety features.

The 880 model is equipped with an advanced anti-vibration system and features a magnesium crankcase for improved balance and reduced vibration. This saw is ideal for professional tasks such as felling, limbing, and stump removal.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 0.73 liters, allowing users to work for longer periods of time without needing to refuel. The 880 model comes with a standard bar length of 16 inches, perfect for professional users.

This chainsaw is capable of producing 4.2 PS of maximum horsepower and 3.1 kW of minimum horsepower. With its advanced technology and high-quality components, the Stihl 880 model is an ideal choice for those who need a capable and powerful chainsaw.

What is the number 1 chainsaw brand?

The number 1 chainsaw brand is STIHL. STIHL has been producing chainsaws since 1926 and has since become the world’s leading chainsaw brand. STIHL manufactures a large range of high-quality chainsaws with innovative features to help make work easier and more efficient.

These features include low-emission engines, quick-stop chains, anti-vibration systems, automatic chain oilers, anti-kickback systems, and more. STIHL chainsaws are made for professionals, but there are also models perfect for occasional use by homeowners.

STIHL stands behind all of its products with a comprehensive warranty. The company also offers a repair and service network for its products.

Whats the biggest bar you can put on a STIHL 881?

The biggest bar that can be put on a STIHL 881 is a 28-inch bar, but users should take into consideration that use of a longer bar can lead to more vibration and reduce performance, so they should closely research the performance of the saw prior to purchasing a longer bar.

If a longer bar is desired, it’s important to properly balance the saw and bar to ensure optimal working conditions. Installing a longer bar can also lead to needing a different chain length, so additional considerations may be needed before adding a longer bar.

What is the most sought after STIHL chainsaw?

The STIHL MS 362 C-M is arguably the most sought after STIHL chainsaw. It’s a great all-around saw, suitable for most homeowners, farmers and commercial users. The saw has a long-running, fuel efficient engine and is easy to start and maintain.

It’s equipped with an ergonomic front handle and anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue. The robust design is lightweight and well balanced making it easy to maneuver. It also features an extra long guide bar, making it ideal for longer cuts and deeper sawing applications.

In addition, this particular model is compatible with a wide range of STIHL accessories, allowing for easy customization and maximum performance in any situation. All in all, the MS 362 C-M is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance chainsaw from a trusted manufacturer.