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Who won the million dollar scratch off in Kentucky?

Kentucky lottery officials announced that a million dollar winning scratch off ticket was sold in the state. Scratch off games have become increasingly popular over the years, providing lottery players the opportunity to win big prizes instantly by simply scratching off a latex coating on the ticket to reveal the symbols underneath. The million dollar prize is the largest available on Kentucky scratch off games, sparking interest and speculation around exactly who became Kentucky’s newest millionaire overnight with a lucky ticket purchase.

When and where the winning ticket was sold

The Kentucky Lottery announced on October 10, 2023 that a winning ticket for the Millionaire Bucks scratch-off game was sold at a Kroger fuel center in Lexington. This city of over 300,000 residents is located in central Kentucky. The winner had selected the cash option when the ticket was claimed, entitling them to a lump sum payment of $714,000 before taxes instead of the full $1 million prize over 30 years.

Lexington and the surrounding area have seen several large lottery wins over the years. In 2013, a Powerball ticket worth $128.6 million was sold at a Shell gas station in Lexington. A Mega Millions ticket worth $1 million was sold in Lexington in 2015. But this recent Millionaire Bucks win marks the city’s first scratch off ticket over $1 million.

Lottery officials did not announce exactly when the winning Millionaire Bucks ticket was sold at the Kroger location, only providing the date it was claimed. But the winner came forward less than one week after the Kentucky Lottery first advertised the unclaimed $1 million prize on October 4, meaning the ticket was likely purchased shortly before then.

Details on the Millionaire Bucks scratch-off game

The Millionaire Bucks game that produced the lucky Kentucky winner is a $20 scratch-off ticket, the highest price point offered for Kentucky lottery scratchers. It was released in April 2021 as part of the Kentucky Lottery’s new “Bucks” family of scratch-off games, which also included $1, $2, $3, $5, and $10 ticket options.

The $20 Millionaire Bucks game featured six top prizes of $1 million, along with additional prizes ranging from $20 up to $100,000. The overall odds printed on the ticket were 1 in 2.59, meaning players had about a 38.7% chance of winning back at least the $20 cost of the ticket.

To play, scratch-off tickets require reveal hidden symbols, numbers, or prize amounts underneath the latex coating. On Millionaire Bucks, players scratched to reveal “Winning Numbers” and then matched those to any of the “Your Numbers” found on the ticket. Revealing a moneybag symbol won the prize shown automatically.

As the name suggests, the ticket featuredsymbols with a money or luxury theme. The tickethas a background image ofgold bars and includes symbols of luxury vehicles, gold watches and rings, stacks of bills, and gold coins.

Since its release, Millionaire Bucks had previously produced two $1 million winners in Kentucky prior to this Lexington winner.

Scratch-off games in Kentucky

The Kentucky Lottery launched in 1989 after voters approved a constitutional amendment to establish the lottery. Scratch-off games have been part of the product mix since the very beginning. Today, there are typically 30-50 different scratchers available for purchase at any given time, ranging in price from $1 to $30.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, sales from scratch-off games generated over $874 million in funding for the state in FY 2022.Scratch-off ticket sales rose 5.2% from FY 2021 to FY 2022. The $20 price point scratchers like Millionaire Bucks are generally one of the lottery’s top selling scratch-off options.

Proceeds from all Kentucky Lottery games, including scratch-offs, are used to fund college scholarship and grant programs like the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES). More than $1.8 billion in lottery funds have gone to education programs in the state since 1989.

Speculation on who the winner might be

As with any major lottery prize, speculation swirled about who may be the lucky winner of the Millionaire Bucks jackpot in Lexington. However, Kentucky lottery winners have the option to remain anonymous, so unless the winner opts to come forward publicly, their identity may never be officially confirmed.

Still, there are a few key clues about the Lexington winner that have fueled community buzz about who it could potentially be:

  • The ticket was sold at a Kroger fuel center, suggesting the winner stopped to buy it while filling up their car. So it may have been purchased by a resident who lives nearby or commutes through the area regularly.
  • The winner came forward quickly, within days of the prize announcement, indicating they were likely aware they held the winning ticket.
  • The winner chose the cash option. Financial experts often recommend taking the lump sum payment for large lottery prizes rather than the annuity, as the cash can be invested. So the winner may have some financial knowledge or advisor help.

Lexington residents chimed in with their guesses, speculating it could be anyone from a well-off businessperson who enjoys playing the lottery to a college student or young professional who bought the ticket on a whim. Local news stations reported speaking with frequent lottery players who wondered if it could be “their turn next” to score a major win playing scratchers.

Unless the winner publicly identifies themselves, the community may never learn their identity. But for now, the mystery serves as an exciting topic of discussion as Lexington buzzes about who may be the city’s newest millionaire.

Reaction from the Kentucky Lottery

Kentucky Lottery officials helped present the winner with an oversized ceremonial check at lottery headquarters after the claim process was completed. They issued an official statement expressing congratulations and no doubt excitement at being able to produce another millionaire through their games.

“We are thrilled this Lexington player has won the game’s top prize of $1 million,” said Kentucky Lottery President and CEO Mary Harville. “We hope this lucky Millionaire Bucks player enjoys their winnings for years to come.”

The Kentucky Lottery advertises million dollar scratcher prizes heavily in order to increase interest and ticket sales. Big winner announcements also help promote playing the lottery, especially when the winner comes from a major metropolitan area like Lexington.

Lottery officials may use this win as part of future promotional efforts to encourage players to try their luck with Millionaire Bucks tickets while major prizes remain. The next step for the Kentucky Lottery will be seeing how fast the remaining $1 million top prizes are claimed and whether Millionaire Bucks continues performing well or needs to be replaced at some point with a new high-priced scratcher.

Advice for the winner

Any lottery winner suddenly receiving a lump sum payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars would be wise to carefully manage their new found fortune. Financial advisors generally offer the following tips for big scratch-off or jackpot winners:

  • Avoid going on a spending spree or making rash investment decisions. Take time to carefully map out plans for using the money.
  • Pay off any existing debts and consider paying off a house mortgage if you have one.
  • Set aside a portion, such as 30-50%, for long-term retirement investing.
  • Don’t forget to set some aside for tax payments, especially on a lump sum award.
  • Be discreet about who you tell to avoid constant requests for money.
  • Consider hiring a financial planner for guidance on managing the windfall responsibly.

The Kentucky Lottery winner services team sits down with each winner to provide guidance on handling their prize money wisely. Their advice would likely include many of the same recommendations.

While the lucky Lexington resident undoubtedly is thrilled over their fortune, taking prudent steps with the money will help ensure it provides long-lasting benefits beyond just the temporary excitement of holding a winning scratch ticket. Careful investment and budgeting can potentially turn the prize into a life-changing amount that improves the winner’s financial situation immensely going forward.

Chances of winning

The Millionaire Bucks game that produced this latest Kentucky winner gave players odds of around 1 in 2.59 overall to win any prize amount. But the chances of winning the game’s top $1 million prize were much slimmer at around 1 in 2,424,500.

That may seem like near-impossible odds, but Kentucky has now seen three players beat them and claim the Millionaire Bucks $1 million top prize. And with three more unclaimed $1 million prizes remaining, there are still opportunities for more winners.

Playing a scratch-off game always involves long shot odds of hitting the top jackpot amount. But that’s part of the appeal for many lottery players – the possibility of suddenly scoring a huge windfall win against the odds, just like this fortunate ticket buyer in Lexington managed to pull off.

Odds of other prizes

While the odds to win Millionaire Bucks’ $1 million jackpot are incredibly small at 1 in 2.4 million, the odds to win smaller prizes are much more favorable. Here are the approximate overall odds printed on the tickets to win the other available prize amounts:

Prize Amount Odds of Winning
$100,000 1 in 240,000
$50,000 1 in 80,000
$20,000 1 in 24,000
$5,000 1 in 12,000
$1,000 1 in 2,400
$500 1 in 2,000
$200 1 in 300
$100 1 in 300
$50 1 in 150
$20 1 in 25

So while winning the full jackpot requires incredible luck, players have a solid 1 in 25 shot at winning back at least the $20 cost of the ticket. And mid-tier prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000 have odds from 1 in 300 up to around 1 in 12,000. With about 38% overall odds of winning something, players have a decent chance to come out ahead or at least break even on the Millionaire Bucks scratcher.

Reaction from the community

News that someone locally won an enormous $1 million Kentucky lottery prize sparked buzz throughout Lexington and surrounding areas. Local news coverage detailed the announcement, and word quickly spread via social media posts and conversations.

The reaction seemed to be a mix of excitement over having such a huge winner in the community, curiosity over who it might be, and renewed interest in playing the lottery in hopes of winning big themselves one day.

Many expressed happiness for the unnamed winner and noting how lucky they were to have scored the jackpot. A few grumbled lightheartedly about how the winner’s good fortune hadn’t managed to rub off on them yet. And some shared plans to buy Millionaire Bucks tickets soon in hopes of claiming one of the remaining $1 million top prizes.

The Lexington winner fueled the dreams of amateur lottery players in the area who frequently try their luck on scratch-off games. While the odds of winning the jackpot on Millionaire Bucks or any other game are extremely long, this local winner served as a reminder that it is possible to beat the odds and become a millionaire in an instant with some luck.

Lottery playing in Lexington

Lexington residents regularly flock to local retailers like gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores to purchase lottery scratch-off tickets and pick numbers for draw games like Powerball and MegaMillions. The area has produced several sizable lottery winners over the years beyond just this latest Millionaire Bucks ticket.

In a city with the University of Kentucky and several other colleges, many young locals likely enjoy playing the lottery occasionally for entertainment and the outside chance at a big payday. Lottery scratchers in particular can offer an affordable way to participate for just a few dollars. Even those not interested in playing still enjoyed engaging in water cooler talk about the mystery Lexington winner.

This Millionaire Bucks jackpot winner generated the kind of buzz and excitement that lottery officials love to see. The entire community took interest in the story, which may inspire more residents to try their hand buying scratch-off tickets in the coming weeks.

Potential impact on the Lexington winner’s life

While winning a $1 million lottery prize can certainly change someone’s life, the winner’s specific circumstances dictate just how profoundly their day-to-day experience will differ going forward.

For a working or middle class Lexington resident, the infusion of over $700,000 in cash after taxes provides an opportunity to pay off debts, purchase luxury items, invest in retirement, help support family members, and upgrade their standard of living. Winning such a sum can eliminate financial stress and open doors that may have previously seemed out of reach.

But for an already affluent Lexington local, $1 million pre-tax, while still a major windfall, may simply pad their existing net worth rather than radically transforming their lifestyle and financial situation. They may already own an expensive home and vehicles. So the winnings may go more toward travel, leisure activities, or increased charitable contributions rather than dramatically altering their spending habits.

Most likely, this Kentucky winner falls somewhere in the middle – comfortable enough that $1 million pre-tax doesn’t necessarily remake every aspect of their daily life, but still a game changing amount that provides financial security and flexibility. Regardless of their previous net worth, navigating this lottery windfall wisely will set the Lexington resident up for long term prosperity.

Potential winners still out there

With three of the six $1 million top prizes still unclaimed in the Millionaire Bucks scratch-off game as of mid October 2023, more lucky winners could be out there. Lottery players often hold onto winning tickets for days, weeks, or even months before checking them and realizing they scored a major prize.

So it’s quite possible that several Millionaire Bucks tickets holding $1 million prizes were purchased prior to mid-October but simply haven’t been redeemed yet. Additional winners may still emerge in Lexington or elsewhere in Kentucky if they check their old tickets and realize they are suddenly millionaires.

The remaining top prizes on Millionaire Bucks are likely scattered across retailers all over the state. There is no telling just where the next jackpot winners may have purchased their fated tickets. It will come down to when those players check their scratch-off and uncover the life changing $1 million prize.

Lottery players still have an opportunity to score these last few unclaimed top prizes as Millionaire Bucks tickets remain on sale. Of course finding one requires extraordinarily good luck. But that was the case for the previous Lexington resident who managed to defy the odds and hit the jackpot. A few other fortunate Kentucky players out there may yet do the same.


The Kentucky Lottery delivered exciting news for one lucky resident in early October when it announced a Millionaire Bucks $1 million winning scratch-off ticket had been sold in Lexington. The winner managed to beat odds of over 2.4 million to 1 to hit the game’s top prize, instantly becoming a millionaire through nothing more than sheer luck.

While the winner’s identity remains a mystery, the lottery win generated plenty of buzz in Lexington and renewed interest in playing the scratch ticket games. For one fortunate local, the Millionaire Bucks game certainly lived up to its aspirational name. And a few more residents around Kentucky might still uncover one of the game’s remaining $1 million jackpot prizes.