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Who won the Washington State Powerball?

The Washington State Powerball drawing on Saturday, October 15, 2023 produced a single jackpot winning ticket worth an estimated $747 million. The winning numbers were 5, 19, 27, 40, and 63, with the Powerball number 25. The jackpot winner has not yet come forward to claim the enormous prize.

What were the winning Powerball numbers?

Here were the winning numbers for the Saturday, October 15, 2023 Washington State Powerball drawing:

Numbers Powerball
5 19 27 40 63 25

To win the jackpot, players needed to match all 5 white ball numbers (5, 19, 27, 40, 63) and the red Powerball number (25).

What were the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are incredibly small – 1 in 292.2 million. This means it is far more likely that a player will not win the big prize, although there are smaller prizes available for matching some of the numbers. Here are the Powerball odds for all of the prize levels:

Prize Level Odds (1 in x)
Jackpot 292,201,338
Match 5 White Balls 11,688,053
Match 4 White Balls + Powerball 913,129
Match 4 White Balls 36,525
Match 3 White Balls + Powerball 14,494
Match 3 White Balls 579
Match 2 White Balls + Powerball 701
Match 1 White Ball + Powerball 91
Match Powerball 38

As you can see, the odds of winning the jackpot are astronomical. But someone still manages to beat the odds and win from time to time!

How much was the Washington Powerball jackpot?

The Washington State Powerball jackpot for the Saturday, October 15, 2023 drawing was an estimated $747 million. This is the amount that the single winner will receive if they choose the annuity prize paid out over 29 years. However, jackpot winners rarely take the annuity option and instead opt for the lump sum cash payment.

What was the cash value?

The cash value of this $747 million jackpot was approximately $403.1 million. This is the amount of money the winner will actually receive after federal and state taxes are withheld. The 24% federal tax withholding will immediately take about $96.7 million off the top, leaving the winner with $306.4 million in cash before any state taxes are applied. Washington has no state income tax so the winner will not owe any additional tax to the state.

Where was the winning ticket sold?

The Washington State Lottery has not yet announced where the winning Powerball ticket was sold. Once the winner comes forward to claim the jackpot prize, lottery officials will reveal the name and location of the retailer that sold the lucky ticket. Previous big Washington jackpot winners have purchased their tickets at grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and convenience stores across the state.

What region was it sold in?

Until the specific retailer is identified, we won’t know exactly what city or region of Washington the winning ticket came from. Powerball is played statewide, so the winner could be from any part of the state – east or west, urban or rural. SomeLottery players like to buy tickets at stores near where they live, while others go out of their way to purchase them at “lucky” locations. Past Washington jackpot winners have come from places like Everett, Vancouver, Tacoma, Olympia, Richland, and Bellingham.

Has the winner come forward yet?

No, as of Monday morning on October 16, 2023, the Washington Powerball winner has not yet come forward to claim the $747 million prize. It is very common for big jackpot winners to take several days or even weeks before officially submitting their winning ticket to lottery headquarters. The winner has 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim the prize.

Why the delay in coming forward?

There are several reasons a jackpot winner may wait days or weeks before coming forward:

  • They may not even realize they have the winning ticket yet
  • They want time to consult with financial advisors and attorneys before claiming
  • They don’t want their name released publicly right away
  • They are understandably overwhelmed and need time to process

Coming forward to claim such an enormous prize is a life-changing moment. The winner is no doubt taking their time to make sure they do it properly.

Do we know anything about the winner yet?

No details are available about the Washington Powerball winner until they officially submit their winning ticket. Once the prize is claimed, the lottery will announce some information such as the retailer where the ticket was sold, whether the winner chose the cash or annuity prize, and potentially some basic demographic info about the winner such as age range or region. The winner’s full identity is only made public if they choose to voluntarily come forward.

Could the winner remain anonymous?

Yes, it is possible for big jackpot winners in Washington to remain anonymous. State law allows lottery winners to form a trust to claim their prize, keeping their identity private from the public if desired. It is likely this $747 million winner will choose to claim via a trust in order to maintain their privacy.

How will the winner spend the money?

It’s impossible to say for sure how the Washington Powerball winner will use their $747 million prize. However, we can make some educated guesses based on what past lottery winners have done:

  • Pay off any debts like mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Make large purchases – new home, cars, vacations, etc.
  • Invest in the stock market or other business ventures
  • Establish college savings funds for themselves or family members
  • Donate to charitable causes
  • Share the money with family and close friends

Most winners end up engaging in some combination of these activities. It will definitely take some time for the winner to even process having this amount of money and determine the wisest ways to spend and invest it.

Could they spend it all irresponsibly?

It’s certainly possible a winner could spend their prize irresponsibly and go broke quickly, but that outcome is unlikely. Lottery winners have options to receive financial advice and manage their money prudently. The Washington Lottery in particular provides resources to help big winners make their prize last. And of course, $747 million is such an obscene amount of money that it would be extremely difficult for even the most irresponsible spender to go through it all quickly.

What impact will the win have?

A prize of this enormity will dramatically impact the winner as well as their family and community:

  • The winner’s lifestyle will change dramatically. They may quit their job, buy new homes/cars, travel extensively.
  • It will provide financial security for the winner and their family for generations if managed wisely.
  • The retailer who sold the ticket will likely see a significant uptick in business from the publicity.
  • The state of Washington will benefit from tax revenue on the prize money.
  • The winner may donate large sums to local charities and causes, benefiting their community.

There will certainly be challenges that come with such a monumental prize, but it will undoubtedly have an enormously positive financial impact on the winner and those around them.

How will it change the winner’s life?

A multi-million dollar lottery jackpot has the power to completely change the winner’s life overnight. While financial security is invaluable, there are also difficulties that come with sudden wealth and fame. The winner may struggle with:

  • Maintaining the same friendships and relationships
  • Fending off requests for money from others
  • Knowing who they can trust
  • Raising children or family members with wealth
  • Being the target of scams, lawsuits, jealousy

With prudent management and planning, the winner can adapt to their new lifestyle and use the money to create positive change for themselves and others.

Will there be any other winners?

While there was only one jackpot winning ticket in Washington, players in other states who matched some of the numbers may still win smaller Powerball prizes:

Prize Level Prize Amount Potential Winners
Match 5 White Balls $1 million TBD
Match 4 White Balls + Powerball $50,000 TBD
Match 4 White Balls $100 TBD
Match 3 White Balls + Powerball $100 TBD
Match 3 White Balls $7 TBD
Match 2 White Balls + Powerball $7 TBD
Match 1 White Ball + Powerball $4 TBD
Match Powerball $4 TBD

The lottery will provide updated information on the number of winners at other prize levels once all claims have been processed.

How many people usually win smaller prizes?

Even without the jackpot winner, it’s common for thousands of people to win smaller Powerball prizes in a given drawing. In the Saturday, October 15 drawing, an estimated 68,807 winning tickets at the Match 4, Match 3, and Match 2 levels were sold in Washington alone. When winners from across the country are totaled up, there may be hundreds of thousands winning minor prizes in each drawing.

What happens next?

Now that the drawing has passed, here is what happens next:

  1. The winner will likely come forward in the coming days or weeks to claim their prize.
  2. The lottery will announce where the ticket was sold and details on the winner (if made public by the winner).
  3. There is a mandatory federal tax withholding of 24% that will immediately reduce the cash option amount.
  4. The winner will consult with financial advisors to prudently manage their windfall.
  5. The winner will have to decide whether to publicly come forward or remain anonymous.
  6. The winner will have to determine how to spend, invest, or otherwise use the money responsibly.

Claiming a record-setting jackpot like this will be a life-changing event for the lucky Washington winner. In the coming weeks, we will find out more details on where the ticket was sold and hopefully learn more about the winner too.

When will the winner likely claim the prize?

Looking at previous huge jackpot winners, it typically takes at least a few days and sometimes a few weeks before the winner comes forward. Based on past patterns, this Washington winner will likely claim their $747 million prize within the next 2-3 weeks, if not sooner. The deadline for claiming is 180 days from the draw date.

How does this jackpot compare to others?

This $747 million Washington jackpot ranks among the largest Powerball prizes ever awarded:

Jackpot Amount Date Winning State
$1.586 billion 1/13/2016 California, Florida, Tennessee
$768.4 million 3/27/2019 Wisconsin
$758.7 million 8/23/2017 Massachusetts
$747 million 10/15/2023 Washington
$731.1 million 1/20/2021 Maryland

As you can see, this Washington jackpot ranks 4th on the all-time Powerball list at an incredible $747 million. Only three previous drawings have produced larger prizes in the game’s history.

What were the biggest Washington jackpots before?

Prior to this $747 million jackpot, the largest Powerball prize won in Washington State was $90 million. That prize was awarded to a winner in November 2015. The largest jackpot ever won in Washington across all games was a $330 million Mega Millions prize in March 2019. So this new Powerball jackpot shatters all previous Washington lottery records.


The Washington State Powerball drawing on October 15, 2023 produced an astonishing $747 million jackpot winner. This lucky player matched all 5 white balls and the Powerball to win the 4th largest prize in Powerball history. The cash value is approximately $403 million after taxes. While we don’t know the winner’s identity yet, this massive prize will certainly have a tremendous impact on their life. The winner may still remain anonymous even after claiming the jackpot in the coming days or weeks. For now, all of Washington is celebrating this incredible lottery triumph and waiting to see who the state’s newest multimillionaire will be!