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Why can I not remove my phone number from Discord?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely remove your phone number from the Discord account. When you register with the Discord account, you are required to provide a valid phone number in order to verify your identity and protect the server from spammers.

Once the phone number is verified and connected to your Discord account, it cannot be removed.

This is intended to ensure that all users have a valid phone number associated with their accounts and to protect your account from unauthorized access. Even if you change your phone number, Discord will still remain connected to the old number and you will not be able to remove it from your account.

The only way to effectively remove your phone number from Discord is to delete your account and start fresh with a new one, this time without providing a phone number.

Can you remove phone number from Discord after verification?

Yes, it is possible to remove your phone number from Discord after verification. There are two methods to do so.

The first method is to open Discord in a web browser and log in with your account. On the Discord dashboard select “User Settings” and in the left-hand menu select “Privacy & Safety. ” From the list of options at the bottom of the page, find “Phone Number” section and select “Remove.

” Click “Verify” to complete the removal process.

The second method is to open the Discord app on a PC, smartphone or tablet and log in with your account. Select “User Settings” and choose “Privacy & Safety. ” Select “Phone Number” from the list of options and enter the phone number that you want to remove.

Select the “Remove” button to complete the removal process.

After you’ve completed either method, your phone number will be removed and you will be able to use Discord without having to enter your phone number for verification when creating a new account.

Can I use the same phone number for 2 Discord accounts?

No, you can’t use the same phone number for two Discord accounts. Discord requires users to verify their accounts with a phone number and each phone number can only be used once. If you use the same phone number on two different accounts, they will both be blocked, as Discord will only allow one account per phone number.

In addition, there are other limits in place to prevent people from setting up multiple Discord accounts, such as email address and IP address restrictions.

Does Discord ban phone numbers?

Yes, Discord does ban phone numbers. This is to help ensure the safety and privacy of their users. Discord does not allow users to share their phone number, email address, or any other personal contact details in any public areas like channels or public chats.

If a user tries to post a phone number in any of these public areas, they will be subject to a ban by Discord. Additionally, Discord has moderators and staff members who are able to further monitor and manage the platform to ensure that no users are sharing any personal information.

If any user is found to be sharing their phone number, they will be subject to a ban, as Discord takes the safety and privacy of its users very seriously.

How long does it take for Discord to delete your account?

Once you request to delete your Discord account, the account will be removed within 14 days. During the 14-day period, you will no longer have access to your Discord account. Deleting your Discord account will permanently delete all of your messages, conversations, friends, followers, roles and Discord server connections, so it is advised that you back up your data before deleting your account.

After the 14-day period has elapsed, your data will be permanently removed from the Discord servers and you will no longer be able to access it or use it to log in.

What is deleted user 0000?

Deleted user 0000 is a user account created by the computer operating system when installation begins. It is an account that exists with no login and password, meaning that it cannot be logged into or used by those without administrator privileges.

However, it can be used to access certain restricted areas of the computer or the operating system such as certain system files or certain directories. Although the user cannot be logged in, it does have certain privileges including access to the registry, registry editing, and the ability to create or delete certain system files.

Deleting the user can be beneficial for security reasons, as it can prevent unauthorized access to certain areas of the system. It is usually not necessary to delete the user, however, as the account does not have access to personal information or data.

Do unused Discord accounts get deleted?

No, unused Discord accounts do not get deleted. Discord accounts are permanent and will remain active as long as you are able to log into them. Once an account is created, it cannot be deleted unless it is manually requested through the Discord support team.

Additionally, any associated data and history for that account will still exist, so if you try to create a new account with the same name, it will be rejected. If you wish to not use your current account anymore, you can deactivate it by going to User Settings > My Account and changing the email address associated with that account to a non-existent one.

Once this is done, you will no longer be able to login to the account.

Can I have two Discord accounts open on my phone?

Yes, it is possible to have two Discord accounts open on your phone. To do so, you must download the Discord app on your phone, create two separate accounts, and then log in to each account. You can open both accounts at the same time by switching between them in the app’s settings.

Once both accounts are open, you can easily switch between them and communicate with different people or groups on both accounts. It’s important to remember to always log out of each account when you’re done using it or switch back to the main account to ensure your privacy is kept safe.

Is it illegal to have 2 Discord accounts?

No, in general it is not illegal to have two Discord accounts. While Discord does discourage having multiple account without good reason, they do not have a policy that explicitly outlaws it. Multiboxing (using a single computer to operate more than one Discord account at the same time) is strictly prohibited, though.

It is also not allowed to use multiple Discord accounts in order to evade punishment or gain an advantage over other users. Doing so may result in the suspension or termination of one or more of those accounts.

How do I use two Discord on my phone?

If you are looking to use two Discord accounts on your phone at the same time, the first thing you will need to do is make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app installed on your device.

It is important to keep your app updated so that you can access all the features that are available in the latest version.

Once you have the app updated, you will want to make sure that you are logged out of any existing Discord account that you may already have. If you are not already logged out of your account, you will want to open the app, select the settings icon in the top-left corner, state your log-out option and then log out of your account.

Once you have logged out, you can then open the app and create a brand new account or start the login process to an existing one in order to use two Discord accounts on the same device. By logging out before creating a new account or using an existing account, this will ensure that the new user data is kept separate from the one you may have already been signed in with.

If you have multiple users on the same device that you would like to have logged into the same account, you will want to make sure that you are using the “Account Linking” feature that is available in the settings.

By linking all users’ accounts to the same one, this will make it so that everyone can access all of the same conversations, channels and notifications.

Once you have two Discord accounts setup on your device, you can simply switch between them by pressing the user icon in the top left-corner of the app, which will give you the option to switch accounts.

If you have multiple users on the same account, you will also be able to switch between all of them from this same place.

By following these steps, you should be able to easily use two or more Discord accounts on your phone for all of your messaging needs.

Can you make 2 Discord accounts with the same email?

Yes, it is possible to make two Discord accounts with the same email. All you need to do is create two separate accounts with the same email address attached to each one. Each account will have its own unique username and password, but the email address used to create both accounts will be the same.

You can use either the desktop app or the web version of Discord to create multiple accounts and you can link them together in order to access both accounts with ease. When using the same email address, it’s important to keep each account’s username and password separate and secure.

How do I create a second Discord account?

Creating a second Discord account is very easy and only takes a few short steps. First, you will need to open the Discord app on your device or go to the Discord website. Once logged in, click the gear icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the User Settings page.

Here you can click on the “New Account” option. You will then be asked to enter the email address, username, and password you would like to use for your new account. Once all the information is entered click “Create Account.

” Now you are ready to use your new account and join any new servers you may be invited to. It is important to keep in mind that you can only have one account logged in at a time and must log out of your original account to access the new one.

How do I make a Discord account without a phone number?

Creating a Discord account without a phone number is easy, and only requires an email address. First, go to the Discord website (discordapp. com) and click on the “Sign Up” button. On the sign-up page, enter your email address and then create a password that you’ll need to use to log in to your account in the future.

Then, type in your desired Discord username, and select your date of birth. Once that’s finished, you can hit the “Create Account” button and you’re all set! You will have access to the Discord application even if you don’t have a phone number.

You will also receive an email confirmation to activate your account.

How do I fix Discord phone verification?

To fix Discord phone verification, the first thing you should do is make sure your phone is properly connected with your account. This can be done by either signing in to your account on the discord phone app or by verifying your phone number at discord. com/verify.


If your account is already connected but you are still having issues with phone verification, try disabling and re-enabling two factor authentication. To do this, go to User Settings, then Security & Privacy, then Two-Factor Authentication.

Toggle the setting off and then back on, and then try verifying your phone number again.

If you are still experiencing issues, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Discord app, as well as checking to make sure there isn’t any network congestion causing problems.

If none of these solutions work, you can contact Discord Support for further assistance. You can reach them at [email protected] or by submitting a ticket at

Does Discord IP ban?

Yes, Discord does IP ban. An IP ban is when a particular IP address is blocked from accessing a service/website/etc. This type of ban is often used as a security measure to prevent someone from abusing the service or website, or even to stop users from spamming comments or messages.

Discord has the ability to IP ban users from its services. When a user is IP banned from Discord, they are unable to access any of Discord’s features or services until their IP address is unbanned. This includes messaging, Voice/Video calling, etc.

It is important to note that while IP bans can be effective at preventing access to Discord, they are not 100% foolproof. There are methods users can use to get around an IP ban, such as using a VPN or proxy.

Additionally, some users may have a dynamic IP address and can simply reset their modem in order to gain access to the service again. Ultimately, it is always best to use a combination of different security measures to ensure the safety and security of your service/website/etc.

How long do Discord IP ban last?

Discord IP bans can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the severity of the offense. For severe violations of the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, an IP ban can last for an indefinite period of time.

This type of ban is not reversible and, if applicable, the device may be permanently blocked from accessing the platform. The exact duration of an IP ban can vary from case to case, and is determined by the severity of the violation.

Discord may also give users a warning or a temporary ban before they decide to permanently IP ban an account, depending on the situation.

How do I stop IP ban?

The best way to stop an IP ban is to first understand why the ban was placed in the first place. Many bans are a result of violating terms of service for a particular platform or website, so your first step is to review and make sure you have not broken any rules or regulations.

If you have violated any rules, your best option is to contact the owner of the website to explain why and see if it’s possible to get the ban reversed.

If the ban is due to malicious activity, such as a cyberattack or hacking, it’s best to contact the administrator of the website immediately and explain the situation. You may need to provide proof that the malicious activity was not done by your side, such as logs or screenshots that prove your innocence.

It’s also important to make sure your system is secure and protected. This includes running regular security scans to detect any malware or malicious activity, updating your operating system and browser regularly, and using a strong password with two-factor authentication enabled.

Doing this will help ensure your system is not vulnerable to future attacks.

What does a Discord ban look like?

When someone is banned on Discord, their account will appear to be deleted from the server and their profile name will be replaced with “Banned User”. This effectively denies them access to the server.

Their messages will no longer appear in the conversation and any links sent from their account will be seen as broken by other members. They will also be removed from all voice chat channels, and their profile image will be replaced with a locked symbol.

If they try to join the server again, they will not be able to do so. Also, their user name will remain in the chat and their username will be strikethrough, signifying that they have been banned.