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Why can’t I Unsend some messages on Messenger?

Unfortunately, you cannot unsend messages sent through Messenger. Messages sent via Messenger are almost immediately delivered to the recipient and can’t be recalled or retracted. Messenger does not have a feature to delete or retract messages.

If you’ve accidentally sent a message, you can ask the recipient to delete it but this may not always be possible if they have already seen it. It is best to double-check all messages before you send them to avoid any potential embarrassment or confusion.

How do you force delete messages on Messenger?

Depending on the platform you are using, there are a few ways to force delete messages on Messenger.


On Android devices, to delete single messages, long-press the message and hit the delete icon. To delete an entire conversation, open it and hit the info button on the top right of the screen. Here you will be able to select the delete icon to delete the conversation.


On iOS devices, to delete single messages, simply swipe left and tap the delete icon. To delete an entire conversation, tap and hold the conversation, tap the delete message icon, then tap delete conversation.

Web Version:

On web versions, you can delete single messages by hovering over the message and clicking the three-dotted icon, and then select ‘Delete’ from the context menu. To delete an entire conversation, select the conversation and click the gear icon at the top right of the screen, then select ‘Delete Conversation’ from the context menu.

Overall, it is simple to force delete messages and conversations using any version of the messenger platform.

Why I am not getting Delete for everyone option on Messenger?

The Delete for Everyone option on Messenger is only available within the first 10 minutes after sending a message. If you have sent a message longer than 10 minutes ago, the Delete for Everyone option will no longer be available.

It is also important to note that both the sender and receiver will need to be using the latest version of Messenger in order for this option to be available. If either one of you are using an older version of the app, then the Delete for Everyone option will not be available.

Finally, if you have used the Delete for Everyone option too many times in a short period of time then the option may temporarily be disabled.

Why is remove for everyone not available?

Remove for Everyone is not available because it is a relatively new feature that is not available in all messaging apps or platforms yet. This feature allows a user to remove a sent message from both the sender’s and the recipient’s devices.

It provides the user with the option to delete a sent message within a certain time frame after sending it. This feature is becoming more and more popular in messaging apps and platforms due to its convenience when a mistake is made or a message is sent to the wrong person.

However, since it is a relatively new feature, not all messaging apps or platforms have it available yet. It will likely become more available in the future as companies continue to add new features to their messaging apps and platforms.

How do I permanently delete Messenger messages on both sides?

If you want to permanently delete a message you have sent through Messenger, you must delete the message from both sides of the conversation. To do this, open Messenger, select the conversation you want to delete from, and click on the delete icon.

Select the message(s) you want to delete, then click ‘Delete. ’. This will delete it from your end of the conversation.

However, keep in mind that if you have enabled read receipts on the conversation, the other person will still be able to see that the message was deleted. To delete the message from their side too, the other person must click ‘Delete’ on the same message.

Once both parties have selected the delete option, the message will be permanently deleted from your messaging thread. It is important to note that once a message is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

How do you delete Facebook messages on both sides after a long time?

If you’re looking to delete Facebook messages from both sides after a long time, it can be done a few different ways. Depending on the type of conversation, you can delete a conversation, or delete messages using the settings.

If you want to delete an entire conversation with someone, go to your Messages, click on the conversation and select “Actions” in the top right, followed by “Delete Conversation. ” This will delete the message from both sides in just a few clicks.

If you only want to delete certain messages, but keep the conversation, go to the message and click on the three dots in the top right corner. From here, you can select to “Remove for You” or “Remove for Everyone.

” Selecting “Remove for Everyone” lets you delete a message from both sides at once.

If you need to delete an entire conversation, but you don’t want to delete it right away, you can also use the “Archive” option. This will remove the conversation from your inbox and store it in archive.

You can delete the conversation at anytime by going to thearchive and selecting “Delete Conversation. ”.

No matter which route you take, you can easily delete Facebook messages on both sides after a long time.

Does vanish mode delete messages on both sides?

No, vanish mode only deletes messages on the sender’s side. Even though the messages may be hidden from the sender’s side, the messages still exist on the receivers’ end. This means that the receivers can still view the messages and take screenshots of them, which can then be shared with other people.

So, it is important for users to not send any sensitive information or valuable personal data when using vanish mode as this information could still be accessed by the receivers.

Does deleting a conversation on Messenger delete it for the other person?

No, deleting a conversation on Facebook Messenger will not delete it for the other person. If you delete a conversation, the messages will be removed from your chat list but will still remain visible on the other person’s chat list.

The other person will be able to continue the conversation with you and view their old messages, even though you have deleted it. If the other person also deletes the conversation, then the messages will be gone for both of you.

Does Blocking someone on Facebook delete messages?

No, blocking someone on Facebook does not delete the messages you have exchanged with them. Blocking someone on Facebook simply prevents that person from being able to see things you post on your timeline, start conversations with you, or add you as a friend.

Your previous messages, however, remain accessible to both of you. In addition, messages you have sent to a blocked person may still appear in their messages inbox and notifications, because those messages were sent before you blocked the person.

How do I delete an entire conversation on Messenger?

Deleting an entire conversation on Messenger is easy. First, open the Messenger app on your device. Then, locate and open the conversation that you wish to delete. Once the conversation is open, press and hold the conversation you wish to delete until a menu appears.

When this menu appears, locate and select “Delete Conversation” from the list. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the conversation; select “Delete” to confirm. Once the conversation has been deleted, it can no longer be retrieved.

If you want to get rid of all messages and chats within a conversation, you should individually delete messages within the conversation. This can be done by selecting the message, holding it and then selecting the trash can icon to delete the message.

Can you delete a message if it hasn’t been read?

Yes, it is possible to delete a message even if it hasn’t been read. Depending on the messaging platform you are using, this can typically be done by accessing the message thread, long-pressing the specific message you wish to delete, and then tapping the delete option that appears.

In some messaging applications, you may also be able to delete the message by hovering over it with your cursor if you are using a computer or laptop. Additionally, some messaging applications will allow you to delete the message on behalf of the recipient, while others will require the recipient to delete the message themselves.

What is vanish mode on Messenger?

Vanish mode on Messenger is a feature that enables users to send messages that can disappear after the recipients have seen them. This provides an extra layer of privacy, as the messages are not stored in either the sender or receiver’s inbox.

To use vanish mode, the sender must first activate it when sending a message. Once activated, the message will disappear from everyone’s devices after it has been seen. To re-activate vanish mode, the sender needs to tap the plane icon in the message composer again.

Additionally, users can also set vanish mode for all messages with a contact, so that messages are automatically set to vanish mode each time. This makes it easier for those who want the extra privacy.