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Why did my text messages turn from blue to green am I blocked?

The reason that your text messages have turned from blue to green is likely because the person you sent them to has an iPhone, and you may have an Android phone. iPhones and Android phones have different messaging systems that don’t always communicate with each other in the same way.

The green color indicates that the message was sent using Apple’s iMessage platform rather than a standard SMS text messaging system, which uses a blue color.

If you are seeing green messages that you sent, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that you have been blocked. It is likely just that the messaging systems aren’t fully compatible. However, if you are consistently not receiving a response from this person, it is possible that they have blocked you.

Does a green text mean im blocked?

No, a green text does not necessarily mean that you are blocked. While some messaging applications may use color coding to denote a block, this is not a standard or universal practice. It is important to look at the specifics of what the green text says and other actions taken by the sender to determine whether or not you are blocked.

For example, if the text is a message sent by the sender and they can see it but you cannot, then it is likely that you have been blocked. Also, if the sender is unable to see your messages, then you may also be blocked.

Why would a message turn green?

A message turning green may indicate that the person you are messaging has read the message. Depending on the messaging platform — such as WhatsApp — the message will turn green when the recipient has read it.

This is usually denoted by a “last seen” timestamp that corresponds to the time the recipient viewed the message. On some platforms, messages will also turn green when you are typing a new message to the recipient.

This gives a visual indicator that the other person is aware you are currently typing.

Why are some text messages blue and some green?

The color of a text message can vary depending on the platform it is being sent from or the type of device being used to send and receive the messages. On the iPhone, iMessage is blue and regular SMS texting is green, while on Android, texting through a standard texting app would appear green and could vary in color if a third-party app is being used instead.

Different messaging platforms and apps also have different associated colors. For example, Facebook Messenger chat messages typically appear in blue and WhatsApp messages typically appear in green.

The blue and green coloring of text messages is useful in helping users quickly identify the source of the message and provides an easier way to keep track of conversations. Messages sent through an iPhone’s iMessage system appear in blue so the user knows it is being sent through Apple’s messaging system and can easily differentiate it from messages sent from other sources.

Similarly, the green coloring of regular SMS messages allows the user to quickly identify them as coming from a non-Apple messaging system.

How do you tell if you’re blocked on iMessage?

First, you can check to see if you’re getting delivery notifications. If the messages you send are not showing a “delivered” notification, it could mean you’ve been blocked. Additionally, if the person you sent the message to is not receiving your messages, but you can see the “read” receipt, it could indicate they have blocked you.

However, if their profile image is not appearing next to the messages they sent, it could also mean they have blocked you. Finally, if you are unable to call or Facetime the person, it may be an indication that you have been blocked.

If you suspect you have been blocked, it’s best to reach out to the person in a different way to confirm.

What color is iMessage when blocked?

When a person is blocked in the iMessage app, their messages will no longer appear to the blocked user as blue bubbles. Instead, the blocked user will not see the messages at all and the other person will only see the messages they send as ‘Not Delivered’ with a red exclamation point.

This is an indication that the message was not delivered to the other user.

Why is iMessage suddenly green?

iMessage suddenly becoming green can be caused by a few different things. One of the most common reasons for iMessage to suddenly go green is if you’ve sent a text message to someone who doesn’t have an Apple device.

To send an iMessage, both people need to be using an Apple device as iMessage is an Apple-only messaging service. If you’ve sent a message to someone with a non-Apple device, the message will be sent as a standard text message (known as SMS or MMS) which will appear green.

The other potential cause for a sudden change to green could be if you’re in a group message with other people who don’t have Apple devices. In this case, the group message will be sent via SMS and will appear green.

What happens when someone blocks you on iMessage?

When someone blocks you on iMessage, it becomes impossible for you to contact them or any of their other contacts. Any outgoing messages you send to the blocked person will not be received, and if you have any conversations with the blocked user in your chat history, those conversations will be deleted.

The blocked user will no longer be able to call or FaceTime you, nor will they be able to add you to their contacts list. If the blocked user has a shared iCloud account with you, all messages sent to you from them will be blocked as well, regardless of the device used to send them.

Additionally, the blocked user’s name and phone number will be removed from the contact list of everyone the blocked user is connected to on iMessage, effectively cutting them off from all their contacts.