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Why do cops put up 4 fingers?

Cops use the ‘four finger salute’ as a signal to represent the office they serve and the people they serve. The signal is done by raising their right index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger in a salute like manner.

The gesture signifies a silent honor of allegiance to the safety and well-being of their fellow officers. It also represents a show of respect for the courage and dedication they commit while serving the public.

The gesture symbolizes an unwavering promise to always treat each other with mutual respect and to watch each other’s back. It is also a reminder of the dedication and commitment required by their profession and a way to acknowledge their dedication in protecting the community.

What does flashing 4 fingers mean?

Flashing 4 fingers is a common sign used when calling for help. It usually means that the person needs urgent assistance and is used in situations such as when a person is injured or in danger. It can also be used when someone is in distress and needs help from a third-party, or when someone is signaling for someone from a distance.

It is commonly used in situations of an emergency or life-threatening nature.

What is the meaning of code 4?

Code 4 is a radio code which typically indicates that an incident or event has been resolved and is under control, with no further assistance needed. It can also indicate that the incident doesn’t pose any danger to the officers.

The code is most commonly used by law enforcement agencies and emergency services. In some cases, it is also used by some businesses to let their employees know that the situation is under control, and no further help is required.