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Why does my breast implant make a noise?

The most common cause of a noise in a breast implant is a to and fro movement of the implant, which is known as “shift migration.” This usually occurs when the implant is too large for the body or the implant capsule is too thin.

When an implant “shifts,” it can rub against the chest wall, which can cause a noise or even pain. Other causes of noise in a breast implant can be excessive scar tissue build up, thinning of the implant capsule, deflation or rupture of the implant, as well as displacement of the implant within the pocket.

It is important to contact your doctor if you notice any noise coming from your breast implants as it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

What is the popping noise in my breast implant?

A popping noise in your breast implant may be caused by several factors. One possible explanation is that it is due to the implant shifting or shifting of the tissue that is around the implant. This can happen when there is too much movement or pressure on the implant from physical activity or from the implant being filled with too much fluid.

Another possibility is it could be a sign of capsular contracture, which can occur when the breast implant is surrounded by too much scar tissue, which can cause the implant to tighten and make a popping noise.

Additionally, the implant can make popping noises if it is worn out and has tears or holes. In either case, it is important to see a plastic surgeon to assess the cause of the popping noise and determine if any medical intervention is needed.