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Will there be a 5th season of A Million Little Things?

A Million Little Things is an American drama television series created by DJ Nash. It first aired on ABC in September 2018 and is currently in its fourth season, which premiered on February 8, 2023.

The show centers around a tight-knit group of friends who are forced to reevaluate their lives and relationships after one of them dies unexpectedly. As the friends lean on each other, they begin to unpack the truth about their situations while asking themselves the big questions about life, love, and happiness.

Over its four seasons so far, A Million Little Things has garnered a passionate fanbase who have connected with the show’s themes of friendship, mortality, and living life to the fullest. Naturally, fans are now wondering if there will be a fifth season to continue following the journeys of this group of friends.

Has ABC renewed A Million Little Things for Season 5?

As of October 2023, ABC has not yet announced whether A Million Little Things will be renewed for a fifth season or cancelled.

The show is currently airing Season 4, with new episodes dropping weekly on Wednesdays at 10/9c. Season 4 is slated for 19 episodes in total, with the season finale expected to air in May 2023.

Typically, broadcast networks evaluate the ratings performance of shows as they air new episodes before deciding on renewals or cancellations in the spring. Since A Million Little Things is still in the midst of its fourth season run, it is too early for ABC to make a definitive decision on its future.

However, based on the show’s past renewal history, there is reason to be optimistic that A Million Little Things could score a Season 5 order:

Season Renewal Date
Season 1 February 2019
Season 2 May 2019
Season 3 May 2020
Season 4 May 2021

As this timeline shows, ABC has consistently renewed A Million Little Things for additional seasons ever since its successful debut in 2018. The network has shown a commitment to allowing the show to continue telling its multi-season story.

Barring a dramatic drop in viewership, there is a strong possibility ABC will pick up A Million Little Things for Season 5 sometime in May 2023. But fans will have to wait anxiously for the official network announcement.

What could happen in A Million Little Things Season 5?

A Million Little Things is known for its emotional, character-driven storytelling that delves into weighty themes while still delivering plenty of drama and heartwarming moments.

If the show is renewed for Season 5, here are some possible storylines that could play out:

– The aftermath of Eddie’s life-threatening car accident at the end of Season 4. Will he recover fully or suffer long-term injuries? How will Katherine react and what will it mean for their relationship?

– Gary and Maggie’s blossoming romance. In Season 4, the two finally admitted their feelings for each other and got together. Season 5 could explore them navigating their new relationship.

– Rome and Regina prepping for the adoption process. The couple decided they wanted to adopt a baby, so Season 5 could show them working through the challenges of becoming parents.

– Delilah moving forward after her first year of widowhood. She could consider dating again or focus on raising her kids.

– Sophie heading off to music school. The show could depict Sophie adjusting to college life as a young musician.

– Danny’s mental health struggles. His depression could continue to impact his life and friendships next season.

– New love interests, career developments, family issues. Just like in past seasons, anything could happen!

The show’s creator DJ Nash and the writers are known for seamlessly weaving in new developments alongside resolving long-running storylines. So Season 5 is sure to bring a mix of surprises, relationships ups and downs, and emotional moments if it gets the green light.

How have the ratings and reviews been for Season 4 so far?

Currently halfway through its fourth season, A Million Little Things has been garnering decent ratings and reviews:


– Season 4 premiered on February 8, 2023 to 2.68 million viewers.

– The premiere rating in the key 18-49 demographic was a 0.4.

– So far this season, episodes have averaged around 2.3 million viewers.

– Compared to averages from Season 3, viewership is down about 15%. But this is a common trend for long-running shows.

– Among ABC dramas, A Million Little Things ranks in the middle of the pack – not a breakout hit but not in dire straits either.


– On Rotten Tomatoes, Season 4 is rated 100% Fresh from 5 critic reviews.

– Critics praise the show’s ability to consistently deliver heartfelt stories about friendship and emotion.

– However, some critics have said the show can veer into overly sentimental territory at times.

– Overall, reviewers seem invested in following the journeys of Gary, Maggie, Rome, Regina and the rest of the gang.

While live ratings have dipped slightly from last season, A Million Little Things continues to have a committed audience tuning in to see what happens next. Reviews remain mostly positive, so there does not appear to be creative fatigue with the show. These factors bode well for its renewal chances.

What cast members would return for Season 5?

A Million Little Things has an ensemble cast with eight main characters across different generations. If the show returns, these core cast members are likely to reprise their roles:

David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville – Giuntoli has been part of the show since Season 1, playing a central character. He would be expected to return for Season 5 as Eddie recovers from his car accident.

Romany Malco as Rome Howard – As one of Gary’s best friends, Malco’s Rome character would continue providing emotional support and pursuing adoption with Regina.

Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom – Miller joined the show in Season 1 as a series regular. Her character’s romance with Gary is a main Season 5 storyline to explore.

Christina Moses as Regina Howard – Moses has been playing Regina since Season 1. Regina’s journey to adoption with Rome gives the actress more material to dive into.

Grace Park as Katherine Kim – Park signed on as a series regular in Season 2 as Eddie’s wife. There’s lots of drama left in Eddie and Katherine’s marriage.

Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon – Szostak has been playing the widow Delilah since Season 1. Her character is still evolving after loss.

Tristan Byon as Theo Saville – The young Theo character complements his parents’ stories. Byon has been with the show since the start.

Lizzy Greene as Sophie Dixon – Greene’s Sophie is growing up but still close to her mom. The music school plotline provides future opportunities.

Chance Hurstfield as Danny Dixon – Danny’s mental health struggles continue to unfold, giving Hurstfield more to explore as an actor.

So the main adult and child cast members who drive A Million Little Things would be presumed to return for Season 5. Of course, there is always a possibility of cast changes, departures, or additions to shake things up. But the core ensemble has remained stable over four seasons.

When could Season 5 premiere if renewed?

A Million Little Things has aired in the same September-May schedule since its 2018 premiere. The first three seasons received full season orders (16-18 episodes) while Season 4 has a 19 episode order.

If ABC renews the show for Season 5, the most likely release schedule would follow a similar timeline:

Renewal announcement: May 2023
Filming: July – November 2023
Season 5 premiere: September 2024

However, ABC could alter the schedule slightly, perhaps bumping the premiere to late October or November. This would allow more time for production.

The network also has an option to shorten Season 5 to 13-15 episodes versus a full 18-19 episode order. This would enable a more concentrated story arc for the fifth season.

But pending any major changes, expect A Million Little Things Season 5 to debut in Fall 2024, a year and a half after the Season 4 finale. Of course, ABC would first need to officially grant that fifth season pick-up.

Will A Million Little Things get cancelled before Season 5?

While fans surely hope their beloved show will continue, there is always the risk of cancellation – especially for network programs heading into later seasons. Here are the factors that could influence whether A Million Little Things gets cut short before Season 5:

Declining ratings – If viewership takes a nosedive during the remainder of Season 4, ABC may pull the plug. But so far, the declines have been moderate.

Cast salaries – The more seasons a show runs, the more expensive cast contracts get. Big salary demands could make the series less profitable for ABC.

Critical reception – If critics suddenly soured on the show, that would be a bad sign. So far reviews have stayed positive.

ABC’s slate of new shows – The network may prefer to open up schedule space for promising new series rather than order Season 5. But A Million Little Things is owned by ABC, which works in its favor.

Creative struggles – If the writers ran out of fresh story ideas, a cancellation could make sense. But the story still seems to have legs.

Barring any of those issues, A Million Little Things seems well-positioned for renewal. While success is never guaranteed in television, the show’s devoted fanbase boosts its chances of returning. There would likely be uproar if ABC canceled on a cliffhanger ending.

When will ABC announce their renewal decision?

ABC traditionally reveals its slate of renewed shows in May ahead of announcing fall schedules at its upfront presentation.

So fans can expect an official word on Season 5 in May 2023, likely before the current season finishes airing. The verdict will probably come down to the wire as ABC evaluates the show’s performance.

This means viewers have a couple months left to tune into new episodes of Season 4 live and boost the ratings. DVR, on demand, and streaming numbers will also factor into the decision.

Promoting the show on social media to gain buzz can also help demonstrate fan engagement. A Million Little Things has a passionate online following that can make some noise leading up to ABC’s big renewal choices.

While the waiting game is never easy for devoted fans, the verdict should arrive by mid-May at the latest. Keep an eye out for ABC’s announcement confirming if viewers will get to spend A Million Little Things Season 5 with this beloved friend group.


A Million Little Things has rightfully earned its spot as a fan favorite drama over four seasons on ABC. While the network has yet to make a final call on renewal, there are many reasons to be hopeful that Season 5 will become a reality.

The show continues to deliver emotional, character-driven storytelling with a talented cast that brings these intricate relationships to life. ABC has a track record of sticking by the show and its place on the fall schedule.

Though live ratings have dipped slightly in Season 4, they remain decent enough – especially paired with streaming and DVR numbers. Critical reviews also continue praising the genuine, moving stories depicted on screen.

As long as audiences keep tuning in for the remainder of Season 4, and ABC sees value in investing in another season, expect an official fifth season pick-up announcement in May 2023.

Then fans would likely get to spend more time with Gary, Maggie, Rome, Regina, Eddie, Katherine and the rest of the friend group for a fall 2024 premiere date. While waiting is difficult, the loyal fandom has reason to hold onto hope.

A Million Little Things still clearly resonates deeply with viewers needing a thoughtful, heartfelt show during difficult times. Season 5 could provide more comfort, inspiration and community for fans inviting these characters into their lives each week.

So viewers should keep spreading their love for the show as ABC considers its future. Let’s hope the network decides this is a Million Little Things worth keeping on television for another season.