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Will there be a lotto draw on Christmas Day?

Quick Answer

Yes, there will usually be a lottery draw on Christmas Day. Major national lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions in the USA, and EuroMillions in Europe, typically hold their regular draws even on holidays like Christmas. However, smaller state/regional lottery games may sometimes alter their draw schedule around holidays. Players should check with their local lottery operator to confirm the draw schedule over the Christmas period.

Will Powerball and Mega Millions Draw on Christmas Day?

Yes, the two biggest national lottery games in the United States – Powerball and Mega Millions – will both hold their regular draws on Christmas Day.

Powerball draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday evening, including Christmas Day when it falls on those days. There are no changes or disruptions to the Powerball draw schedule for Christmas.

Mega Millions also holds its regular Tuesday and Friday night draws on Christmas Day. The Christmas Day draw will proceed as normal.

Both of these huge multi-state lottery games have draws scheduled 365 days of the year, regardless of holidays. The Powerball and Mega Millions draws are only altered in extreme circumstances – for example, being postponed a day after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Christmas Day is not deemed a major enough disruption to change the draw calendar.

So players can count on Powerball and Mega Millions having their usual draws if Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Tuesday. Tickets can be purchased as normal right up until the cut-off time on Christmas Day too.

Will EuroMillions Draw on Christmas Day?

EuroMillions, the giant pan-European lottery played across nine countries, also holds its regular Tuesday and Friday night draws on Christmas Day.

The EuroMillions draw schedule is not affected by the Christmas holiday period. As one of the biggest lotteries in the world, it maintains its usual timetable of 104 annual draws regardless of Christmas falling on a Tuesday or Friday.

EuroMillions tickets can be purchased on Christmas Day for that evening’s pan-European lottery draw, offering a chance at huge jackpots and 12 other prize tiers. EuroMillions has only ever postponed draws after major events like the death of Pope John Paul II.

So for EuroMillions players, Christmas Day represents an opportunity to play for huge prizes in line with the regular draw calendar. The transnational lottery carries on as usual.

What About Other National Lotteries on Christmas Day?

Other major national lottery games around the world also typically proceed with their normal draws on Christmas Day.

Some examples:

  • UK National Lottery – the Lotto draw happens as usual on Christmas Day.
  • Oz Lotto and Powerball in Australia – these national games hold their regular draws.
  • French Lotto – the big twice weekly draws continue on Christmas Day.
  • Spanish Christmas Lottery – known as “El Gordo”, the huge annual draw still takes place on Dec 22.
  • German Lotto – the Saturday draw proceeds as normal on Christmas Day.

So in most countries with established national lottery games, the Christmas holiday does not disrupt the normal draw schedule. Provided Christmas Day falls on a draw day, the lotto will go ahead as planned.

This gives players the opportunity to win big prizes even on Christmas. National lottery operators recognize that customers want continuity at this time of year.

What About State and Regional US Lotteries on Christmas Day?

While the major national games in the US like Powerball and Mega Millions will draw on Christmas Day, some smaller state or regional lotteries may alter their schedules.

State lottery operators have more flexibility around statutory holidays, especially those that only conduct draws a few days per week rather than every day.

For example, the Florida Lottery often shifts its regular Wednesday and Saturday night draws to Tuesday and Friday when Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday. Players in Florida should check for rescheduled draws.

The New Jersey Lottery also tweaks its draw calendar to allow for Christmas – Monday draws may move to Tuesday or Wednesday that week.

So for smaller US lotteries, there can be some rescheduling if Christmas falls on a draw day. Check local lottery announcements and websites closer to Christmas to confirm any changes.

But the major multi-state games – Powerball and Mega Millions – will draw as usual nationwide.

Are Lottery Tickets Sold on Christmas Day?

Yes, lottery tickets continue to be sold as normal on Christmas Day – even when it falls on a draw day.

Sales outlets that are open on Christmas Day – gas stations, convenience stores etc – will still have lottery tickets available. Customers can come in and buy tickets for that day’s draw up until the usual cut-off time.

Lottery vendors recognize that players want to participate on holidays too. The opportunity to win big prizes is part of the excitement and enjoyment of Christmas.

However, hourly lottery employees may not wish to work Christmas shifts. So outlet opening hours can vary compared to regular days. Players should check ahead. Independent stores and some chains may close altogether on Christmas Day.

But major lottery vendors and those stores that remain open will accommodate ticket sales for Christmas draws where they occur. Players can still buy into their chance to win.

Online lottery ticket sales via official state/national websites or authorized resellers are also unaffected by the Christmas holiday. Purchases can still be made over the internet.

The main impact is around retail availability for in-person ticket purchases on Christmas Day – check ahead with your local stores. But sales do remain available.

The Impact of Christmas Eve and Day on Lottery Play

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day can influence lottery play trends and player behavior:

  • Jackpots can grow bigger ahead of the Christmas Day draw, due to rollovers.
  • Traffic at physical outlets may be lighter, but sales remain steady.
  • Online and mobile play may increase over the holidays.
  • Ticket sales for Christmas Day draws are steady as players engage with the event.
  • Syndicates and group play rises for holiday draws.
  • Offices pools and family syndicates enter holiday drawings.
  • Tickets may be purchased as stocking stuffer gifts.
  • Some players have superstitions around playing on Christmas Day.
  • Major lotteries capitalize on promotional opportunities around holiday play.

So while active lottery players treat Christmas draws like any other, casual players may engage specifically over the holidays, changing short-term trends.

But the passion for playing and dreaming of huge jackpot wins remains undimmed over Christmas. Lotteries bank on that demand by holding normal draws.

Which Lotteries Have Christmas-Themed Games?

Many lotteries run special one-off or seasonal Christmas games to capitalize on the festive spirit. These add to the usual slate of lottery products over the holidays.

Some examples of Christmas lottery games include:

  • Pennsylvania Lottery – $1 Million Jolly Jackpot game
  • Hoosier Lottery – Jingle Raffle with holiday prizes
  • Michigan Lottery – seasonal $2 cashword ticket
  • Virginia Lottery – multiple Christmas-themed instant win games
  • California Lottery – $10 holiday scratcher ticket
  • Oregon Lottery – $10 Christmas Deluxe scratch-off
  • Texas Lottery – multiple holiday instant games
  • Ontario Lottery – Merry & Bright family of games
  • Ireland National Lottery – Festive Fortunes draw

These special games allow lotteries to expand their holiday product range beyond just regular draws on Christmas Day.

The Christmas theme offers chances at big prizes while also providing entertainment and engagement for occasional players over the festive season. Lotteries actively push these games in the run up to the holidays.

So players not only have regular lottery draws on Christmas Day but also a range of seasonal games in many jurisdictions. This caters to the demand for Christmas lottery play.

Are Lottery Winnings Taxed at Christmas?

Lottery winnings are subject to taxation all year round, including on Christmas games. There is no special tax exemption for lottery prizes won on Christmas Day or from holiday-themed games.

In the United States, federal taxes of 24% are withheld from any lottery prize over $5,000, regardless of when you play or win. This includes Powerball, Mega Millions and state lottery games.

Winners also pay applicable state taxes on their windfall. Most states impose modest tax rates, often 3-8% on lottery prizes. A handful have no taxes.

So prizes won from tickets purchased on Christmas Day for that day’s big draw are taxed in the same way as any lottery winnings. There are no tax breaks for playing on the holiday. Winnings are fully taxable income.

The same applies elsewhere like the UK where lottery wins above a threshold are subject to 12% tax. Christmas lottery success is just as taxable.

That means players dreaming of a Christmas lottery windfall need to factor taxes into their plans. Withholding amounts take a portion immediately. Budgeting properly for further tax liabilities at filing time is also important after a big Christmas day win.

While the holiday spirit may be willing, the taxman continueth to take his share too!

Biggest Lottery Wins on Christmas Day

Christmas Day lottery wins may be extra special, and some ticket holders have landed truly life-changing prizes on Dec 25 draws over the years:

Year Lottery Winner(s) Prize
2011 Spanish Christmas Lottery Residents of Granen �720 million shared
2016 Euromillions Anonymous �24 million
2018 Mega Millions David Johnson $1 million
2019 Irish Lotto The Naul Family Syndicate �5.5 million
2020 Powerball Anonymous $1 million

Winning huge lottery prizes like these on Christmas Day represent a truly magical festive story. While regular draws continue on Dec 25, players always have dreams of joining this list with their own amazing Christmas win.

The chances may be slim, but the opportunity is always there thanks to lottery draws proceeding as usual. Yuletide lottery success represents a special gift-wrapped present that could come true for some lucky players.


In summary, major national and international lottery games like Powerball, EuroMillions and most domestic lotteries around the globe conduct their regular ticket draws on Christmas Day.

The holiday season does not alter the core draw schedules for these huge lotteries. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are treated the same as any other dates by most operators.

This gives millions of players the chance to win big prizes even on December 25 itself. Lottery tickets continue to be sold as normal too, both in stores and online.

Smaller state/regional lotteries may tweak schedules around Christmas by moving draws, but jumping to dates like Christmas Eve or post-holiday. This avoids lengthy gaps without the games being played.

Lottery vendors also roll out special Christmas games and scratch-off tickets at this time of year. These supplement regular lottery products to enhance holiday choice.

While lottery activity patterns may change over Christmas as family life takes priority, draws still take place for those seeking festive lottery excitement. Dreams of winning are not put on hold!

For devoted and casual players alike, the prospect of a Christmas lottery windfall retains its magical appeal every December 25. Fa-la-la-la-la, play away!