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Can you buy scratch offs on Sunday in Michigan?

In the opening paragraph, to quickly answer the question posed in the title – yes, you can buy scratch off lottery tickets in Michigan on Sundays. Michigan lottery retailers are permitted to sell scratch off tickets 7 days a week, including Sundays. There are no restrictions on what days scratch off lottery tickets can be sold in Michigan.

An Overview of Michigan Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

The Michigan Lottery offers a wide variety of instant scratch off tickets for sale at over 10,500 licensed lottery retailers across the state. Scratch off games range in price from $1 per ticket up to $30 per ticket, with various prize levels available in each game. Some of the most popular Michigan lottery scratch off games include:

  • Cashword – A $3 crossword puzzle style game with top prizes up to $30,000.
  • $300,000,000 Diamond Riches – A $30 ticket with a top prize of $5 million.
  • Queen of Hearts Tripler – A $2 fast cash style game with a tripler feature.
  • Bonus Ball Bingo – A $2 bingo themed game.
  • Mega Millions – Scratch off tickets tied to the Mega Millions lottery jackpot game, range from $1 to $20 per ticket.

New instant ticket games are introduced frequently, while older games are retired as their grand prizes are claimed. As of October 2022, there were over 50 different Michigan lottery scratch offs available for purchase.

Retailers Licensed to Sell Scratch Offs in Michigan

Michigan law permits a wide variety of retail businesses to become licensed lottery retailers and sell scratch off tickets. Licensed lottery retailers in Michigan include:

  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Liquor stores
  • Tobacco outlets and smoke shops
  • Party stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Big box retailers (Meijer, Walmart, etc)
  • Restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys

Any business with a sales tax license in Michigan can apply to become a licensed lottery retailer. There are over 10,500 active lottery retailers across the state. Lottery sales licenses must be renewed annually.

Availability of Scratch Offs on Sundays

Michigan lottery retailers are permitted to sell scratch off lottery tickets every day of the week, Monday through Sunday. Here are some key points on scratch off availability on Sundays:

  • There are no state laws or lottery policies restricting scratch off sales on Sundays in Michigan. Retailers may sell scratchers 7 days a week.
  • Most convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco shops with lottery licenses sell scratch off tickets on Sundays. Major retailers like Meijer and Walmart also sell them on Sundays.
  • Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol on Sundays may have more limited hours for lottery sales.
  • If a business is normally closed on Sundays, such as some small pharmacies or liquor stores, they will not sell scratch offs on Sundays.

In general, Sunday scratch off sales are widely available in Michigan from retailers that are normally open Sundays. There are no restrictions on buying scratchers on Sundays.

Scratch Off Sale Hours and Availability on Sundays

While any day of the week scratch off ticket sales are permitted in Michigan, availability may vary depending on the business hours of individual retailers on Sundays. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies open on Sundays almost always sell scratch offs during normal Sunday business hours.
  • Bars and restaurants may have shorter Sunday lottery sale hours than their normal Sunday operating hours.
  • If a retailer closes earlier on Sundays than other days, scratch offs sales will end when the business closes for the day.
  • Scratch offs cannot be sold in Michigan before 7:00 AM or after 2:00 AM any day of the week.
  • In some areas, especially rural locations, retailers may not be open on Sundays at all and therefore will not sell scratch offs.

Checking with your local retailers for their specific Sunday lottery sales hours is advised. But in most cases, you can purchase scratch off tickets on Sundays in Michigan during normal business hours.

Important Notes on Buying Scratch Offs on Sundays

Here are some additional important notes to keep in mind if buying Michigan lottery scratch off tickets on a Sunday:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to purchase scratch off tickets in Michigan on any day, including Sundays.
  • Scratch offs cannot be sold to visibly intoxicated individuals in Michigan. This law is strictly enforced on Sundays at bars and restaurants.
  • If purchasing scratch offs at a bar or restaurant on Sunday, you typically must also purchase food or drinks.
  • Retailers may limit the number of scratch off tickets sold to a single customer.
  • Scratch offs cannot be purchased in Michigan with a credit card, only cash or debit transactions are permitted.

As long as you are over 18 and follow all state lottery laws, you can purchase and play Michigan lottery scratch off tickets any day Sunday through Saturday at licensed lottery retailers across Michigan.

Checking Scratch Off Tickets and Claiming Prizes Won on Sundays

When you purchase a scratch off ticket in Michigan on a Sunday, you can scratch it off right away and check if you’ve won a prize. Here is some important information on checking tickets and claiming prizes:

  • Scratch offs should always be checked closely to verify they are official Michigan Lottery tickets with secure codes.
  • Retailers can scan tickets to verify any prizes won. They pay out prizes up to $600.
  • For prizes over $600, you will need to claim at a Lottery office, which are closed Sundays.
  • Retailers are required to pay prizes up to $600 won on tickets bought at their location, even on Sundays.
  • The Lottery recommends signing the back of any winning ticket for security purposes.

If you win a major prize on a Sunday, you will need to wait until Monday or after to claim it directly from the Michigan Lottery. But smaller prizes can be redeemed right away at retailers on Sundays.

Finding Sunday Scratch Off Deals in Michigan

Scratch off lottery tickets are sold at set prices determined by the Michigan Lottery. Retailers are not permitted to offer discounts or “buy two, get one free” type promotions on lottery products. However, some retailers may run general storewide specials that can offer savings when buying scratch offs on Sundays. Here are some tips:

  • Check for any customer loyalty programs that may save you money at grocery stores, gas stations, etc.
  • Look for specials like $0.10 off per gallon of gas that include extra savings inside the store.
  • Ask your retailer if they offer any Sunday customer appreciation coupons.
  • Buy scratch offs along with other items you need, so any storewide savings apply.

Whilescratch off prices are fixed, you may be able to take advantage of general Sunday sales and specials to save money at retailers when purchasing lottery tickets along with other items.

The Legality of Sunday Scratch Off Sales in Michigan

Selling lottery products in Michigan on Sundays is completely legal and authorized by both state lottery regulations and laws regarding Sunday retail activities. Here are some key legal points:

  • The Michigan Lottery Commission expressly permits scratch off ticket sales by licensed retailers 7 days a week.
  • Michigan banned general Sunday retail sales until 1993, but lottery ticket sales were exempt from those old blue laws even then.
  • Current Michigan law puts no restrictions on lottery ticket sales on Sundays.
  • Local jurisdictions in Michigan cannot override state law to further limit lottery sales.
  • A 1999 Michigan court ruling reaffirmed the legality of Sunday scratch off sales.

So both the Michigan Lottery Commission and state law provide for the legal sale of scratch off tickets every day of the week, including Sundays. Licensed lottery retailers face no local or state restrictions on Sunday lottery ticket sales.

The History of Sunday Scratch Off Sales in Michigan

To understand the legality of Sunday scratch off sales, it helps to review the history behind Michigan’s laws on both lottery sales and Sunday retail activities:

  • 1933 – Michigan legalizes lottery games and establishes the lottery commission.
  • 1916 to 1993 – Michigan had “blue laws” limiting Sunday sales of non-necessities.
  • 1972 – Michigan voters approve the state-run lottery.
  • 1981 – Scratch off lottery tickets debut in Michigan.
  • 1993 – Most blue laws on Sunday sales are repealed, but some local limits remained.
  • 1999 – Michigan court ruling confirms the legality of Sunday lottery sales.

While Sunday sales bans existed in Michigan until the 1990s, lottery products were exempt from these blue laws. So when scratch offs began in 1981, they could legally be sold on Sundays. And specific court rulings have upheld that scratch offs and other lottery games face no sales restrictions on Sundays in Michigan.

The Popularity of Sunday Scratch Off Sales in Michigan

For retailers, being able to sell scratch off lottery tickets on Sundays provides another profitable day of business. And many players enjoy buying scratch offs along with their regular Sunday purchases. Here are some key points about the popularity of Sunday scratch off sales in Michigan:

  • Traditionally Sundays have been a popular day for convenience and grocery shopping, so retailers can capture added lottery sales.
  • Players often buy scratchers along with gas, liquor, tobacco, or grocery purchases on Sundays.
  • With limited recreation options on Sundays in some communities, playing lottery games provides entertainment.
  • Scratch offs are low in cost compared to draw games, so fit conveniently into Sunday budgets.
  • New scratch off games are introduced on Mondays, so Sundays help build player anticipation.

The ability to sell scratch offs with other profitable Sunday merchandise makes it a popular day for lottery sales. And players enjoy the fun of scratch tickets as part of their regular Sunday routine.

The Benefits of Sunday Scratch Off Sales for the Michigan Lottery

Beyond retailer profits and player enjoyment, Sunday scratch off sales also benefit the Michigan Lottery. Here are some of the key benefits to the Lottery of being able to sell scratchers 7 days a week:

  • Provides consistent 7 day a week revenue generation for the Lottery.
  • Allows scratch off games to gain maximum exposure and sales.
  • Fits with player behavior and gives expanded buying opportunities.
  • Encourages continued responsible play as games sell out.
  • Aids the Lottery in providing maximum funds to educational programs.

With scratch off games changing frequently, being able to sell tickets every day of the week helps maximize revenues. And the Lottery can continue funding education programs that rely on this consistent income stream.

Table on Michigan Lottery Scratch Off Sales and Education Funding

Fiscal Year Scratch Off Sales Percent of Lottery Sales Education Funding
2021 $1.85 billion 69% $1.42 billion
2020 $1.65 billion 67% $1.23 billion
2019 $1.91 billion 71% $1.06 billion

As the table shows, scratch off ticket sales generate a majority of Michigan Lottery revenues. And this scratch off income is vital for providing billions in education funds annually.

Opposing Perspectives on Sunday Scratch Off Sales in Michigan

While Sunday sales of scratch off lottery tickets are clearly legal in Michigan, there are some opposing viewpoints. Here are two perspectives against allowing scratch off purchases on Sundays:

Would Prefer Lottery Sales Remain Illegal on Sundays

  • Feel old blue laws prohibiting Sunday sales of non-necessities should still apply to the lottery.
  • Scratch offs don’t fit with the spiritual nature of Sundays.
  • Lottery play after church services goes against Christian values.
  • People should not be able to easily buy lottery products on the Sabbath.

Believe Scratch Tickets Fuel Irresponsible Gambling

  • Worry scratch offs promote reckless gambling, especially on Sundays when people are off work.
  • Think they prey on low-income residents as an easy form of entertainment.
  • See Sunday sales as inducing people to irresponsibly spend grocery and gas money on lottery tickets.
  • Feel scratch offs are highly addictive and lead people into bad financial habits.

However, both perspectives go against the public’s general approval of lottery play for entertainment. And prohibiting Sunday scratch off sales would take away a profitable source of education funds in Michigan.

The Future of Sunday Scratch Off Sales in Michigan

Looking ahead, the future looks bright for continued Sunday scratch off lottery ticket sales in Michigan. Given the profits for retailers and education funding provided, there appears little chance of any restrictions being put in place. Some potential changes in the future include:

  • New lottery laws could explicitly confirm the legality of Sunday sales if ever challenged.
  • Expanded weekend and holiday retailer hours may increase Sunday scratch off availability.
  • Sunday scratch off sales will likely grow if more goods become legal for Sunday retail purchase.
  • New lottery games and higher price points could drive more substantial Sunday sales.
  • If marijuana is legalized in Michigan, dispensaries could add to Sunday scratch off retail outlets.

Barring any major shifts in public attitudes, the overall convenience and profitability of Sunday scratch off ticket sales point to them continuing and expanding in the years ahead in Michigan.


In summary, selling and purchasing scratch off lottery tickets on Sundays is clearly legal in Michigan. Licensed lottery retailers are permitted to sell scratch games 7 days a week under state law and lottery commission policies. Sunday scratch sales provide added profits for retailers and revenue for vital education programs funded by the Michigan Lottery. While some opposing viewpoints exist, the popularity and financial benefits of Sunday scratch off ticket sales will likely see this practice continuing for years to come across Michigan.