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Has anyone won Mega Millions playing online?

Yes, there have been some winners of the Mega Millions jackpot who purchased their winning tickets online. The Mega Millions lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday in the United States, with a minimum jackpot of $40 million. Tickets can be purchased in person at authorized retailers, or via official lottery websites and mobile apps in certain states. While the overwhelming majority of Mega Millions tickets are still sold at retail locations, online sales have been growing steadily since they were first introduced in Illinois in 2012. Some notable Mega Millions jackpot winners who purchased their tickets online include:

March 2012: $656 Million Jackpot

In March 2012, the Mega Millions jackpot hit a record $656 million. Of the three jackpot winning tickets sold for that draw, one was purchased online in Illinois by the ‘Three Amigos’, a group of three friends from that state. Each of the three winners received a $218.6 million share of the jackpot. This win represented the first Mega Millions jackpot ever won by an online player.

December 2013: $648 Million Jackpot

In December 2013, two winning tickets split a $648 million Mega Millions jackpot. One of the winners, Ira Curry from Georgia, purchased her ticket via the Georgia Lottery’s website. The other winning ticket was sold at a newsstand in California. Curry’s share of the jackpot prize was $173 million.

August 2017: $393 Million Jackpot

In August 2017, the holder of a ticket purchased in Illinois won a $393 million Mega Millions jackpot. The winner chose to remain anonymous but lottery officials confirmed the ticket was bought online. At the time, it was the largest jackpot ever won by an Illinois Lottery player.

January 2021: $1 Billion Jackpot

In January 2021, the Mega Millions jackpot reached an enormous $1 billion. The winning ticket for that record draw was sold in Michigan. However, two of the 14 tickets that matched the five main numbers to win $1 million each were bought online, in New Jersey and Minnesota. Those million dollar prizewinners represented the largest prizes ever won by Mega Millions players who purchased their tickets via the internet.

Current Mega Millions Jackpot

As of Sunday, October 15, 2023, the current Mega Millions jackpot stands at $20 million, following a draw on October 14, 2023 where no ticket matched all six numbers. The jackpot has been rolling over since it was last won on July 29, 2022 when a ticket sold in Illinois matched all five numbers and the Mega Ball to win the $1.337 billion grand prize.

That jackpot win, which remains the second largest in Mega Millions history, marked the third time the Mega Millions top prize has exceeded $1 billion. All three of those billion dollar jackpots were won by players who purchased their tickets in-store rather than online.

States Where Mega Millions Tickets Can Be Purchased Online

Although most Mega Millions tickets are still purchased in gas stations, convenience stores and other retail locations, a growing number of states now offer subscription services and online sales:


As mentioned, Illinois was the first state to allow online lottery ticket sales in 2012. Players must create an account with the state lottery and deposit funds to buy tickets online. Illinois residents have won large Mega Millions prizes playing online, including a $656 million jackpot in 2012.


Georgia rolled out online lottery sales in 2013. A resident won a share of a $648 million jackpot later that year with an online ticket. Players must be Georgia residents over 18 and register for an account with the Georgia Lottery.


Minnesota’s lottery introduced online play in 2014. In 2021, a Minnesota resident won a $1 million Mega Millions prize from an online ticket purchase. The Minnesota Lottery uses a geo-location system to confirm players are within state borders when buying tickets.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire launched e-lottery games in 2016. Mega Millions tickets can be bought online in New Hampshire after players register and fund an account. Winners have the choice to remain anonymous for prizes over $10,000 when playing online.

North Carolina

Online lottery ticket sales debuted in North Carolina in 2019. Mega Millions tickets can be purchased via the state lottery’s app or website. Players have to be at least 18 and located within North Carolina.

North Dakota

North Dakota introduced e-lottery products in 2021. Players need to prove North Dakota residency and be physically located within state borders to play Mega Millions and other draw games online.


Pennsylvania joined online lottery states in 2018. Mega Millions tickets can be purchased via the PA iLottery site and mobile app. Players must register, verify their age and identity, and have a bank account.

Notable Mega Millions Winners from Online Purchases

Here are some of the biggest Mega Millions winners to date who bought their lucky tickets online:

$656 Million – March 2012

As mentioned earlier, this record jackpot had one winning ticket purchased by the “Three Amigos” syndicate online in Illinois. It remained the Mega Millions record for almost 9 years.

$648 Million – December 2013

Georgia resident Ira Curry shared this jackpot with a winner from California. Curry bought her ticket online and took a lump sum of $173 million.

$1 Million – January 2021

A New Jersey man bought his $1 million winning Mega Millions ticket via his state’s lottery app. A Minnesota resident also won $1 million from an online ticket purchase.

$110 Million – April 2022

This jackpot was won by an online lottery subscription service on behalf of a New Jersey man. His annual Mega Millions subscription happened to purchase the winning numbers that draw.

$502 Million – October 2022

In one of the most recent large jackpots won online, a Pennsylvania lottery player won half a billion dollars with a Mega Millions ticket bought via the state lottery’s app.

Biggest Mega Millions Jackpots Not Won Online

While online lottery play has produced several big winners, the largest Mega Millions jackpots so far have all been won by players who bought tickets at brick-and-mortar retailers:

$1.537 Billion – October 2018

This world record lottery jackpot was won by one ticket, sold at a convenience store in South Carolina. It remains the largest lottery prize ever won on a single ticket.

$1.05 Billion – January 2021

This massive jackpot was won by a four-member lottery pool in Michigan. The winning ticket was purchased at a Kroger grocery store in a Detroit suburb.

$516 Million – May 2021

A ticket sold at a convenience store in Pennsylvania matched all six numbers to win this huge jackpot. Only one ticket won the prize.

$1.337 Billion – July 2022

The second largest Mega Millions jackpot was won by an Illinois ticket holder who bought their lucky slip at a gas station. It is the biggest Illinois Lottery prize to date.

Can You Play Mega Millions Anonymously Online?

Mega Millions winners have the option to remain anonymous in some states, whether they purchase their ticket online or at a store. However, total anonymity can be difficult to maintain, even on online lottery platforms.

States where Mega Millions winners can remain anonymous include:

– Delaware
– Georgia
– Kansas
– Maryland
– North Dakota
– Ohio
– South Carolina

However, in states without specific lottery anonymity laws, winners’ identities must be disclosed under open records laws.

Playing online does give winners some extra privacy. Online accounts are registered using the player’s personal details but these are not automatically made public. Lottery subscriptions allow players to win anonymously as part of a group.

But winning a very large jackpot prize often makes it hard for even online lottery winners to avoid publicity and keep their new-found fortune private for long.

Advantages of Buying Mega Millions Tickets Online

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing Mega Millions tickets through official state lottery websites and apps:

– Convenience – Tickets can be bought 24/7 without leaving your home.

– Accessibility – Get tickets easily without visiting retailers. Useful if mobility is limited.

– Subscription services – Set up recurring number selections and ticket purchases.

– Privacy – More anonymity and less publicity if you win compared to in-store purchases.

– Bonus programs – Some online lotteries offer rewards points and tiered benefits.

– Accuracy – Computer selections avoid errors in manually completing play slips.

– Security – Funds held in player accounts are safer than carrying cash to stores.

– Tracking – Online accounts have records of all ticket purchases and winnings.

– Support – Help and account assistance is available from lottery customer services.

Limitations of Online Play

However, there are also some drawbacks or limitations to be aware of with internet-based lottery games:

– State restrictions – Online Mega Millions sales are not available in all states.

– Technical problems – Website outages may prevent ticket purchases at times.

– Registration – Signing up and establishing an account can be time-consuming.

– Deposits – Funding a lottery account often requires linking a bank account or card.

– Geolocation – Players must be physically located in-state to satisfy legal requirements.

– Age limits – Players generally must be 18+ (or older in some states).

– Losing tickets – Without physical tickets, online losers are more prone to forgetting entered numbers.

– Subscriptions – If a lottery account is compromised, recurring number selections could be changed or cancelled.

– Stolen prizes – Online winnings could be vulnerable if player accounts are hacked.

Mega Millions Winning Strategies and Tips

While winning the Mega Millions top prize involves a huge amount of luck, there are some strategies players often employ to try improving their odds:

Pick your own numbers: Many players opt for their own custom number selections, rather than quick picks. Important dates, birthdays and favorite numbers are common choices. This gives players more sense of involvement.

Mix it up: Use a combination of low and high numbers, odd and even numbers, consecutive strings and scattered selections across the number field. Having variety and balance between numbers is perceived as helping create winning combinations.

Buy multiple tickets: Players wanting to find the winning numbers have better chances if they buy several tickets for the same draw, either with different selections or multiplying up a single selection. Online lottery play makes this easy to do.

Join a pool or syndicate: Pooling money and ticket purchases with a group, whether friends or lottery clubs, is a common tactic to get more number coverage and share in any prizes won. Online groups are one way to do this.

Check your tickets! It’s astonishing how many major prizes go unclaimed because players don’t check their tickets. Be sure to carefully check all purchases made online or in-store – you could be a big winner!


Playing the lottery online through official state lottery websites and apps provides a convenient and accessible way for millions of Americans to take a chance on winning fortunes like the Mega Millions jackpot. While in-person retail purchases still dominate lottery play, online sales and subscriptions have been rising steadily since Illinois first introduced internet lottery games in 2012.

Major Mega Millions winners have emerged from online players over the years, with jackpots, million dollar prizes and other substantial windfalls being won by lucky subscribers. Online lottery play offers benefits like privacy, rewards programs and accessibility. However, limitations remain around age restrictions, technical glitches and geolocation requirements.

While the very biggest Mega Millions jackpots have so far eluded online players, it seems only a matter of time until an internet lottery ticket buyer claims a world record top prize. For now, online players will continue trying their luck alongside in-store customers hoping the next massive jackpot has their name on it. The chances are incredibly slim, but someone has to win, and the next record Mega Millions winner could just as likely come from the comfort of their living room as the corner store!