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Can you play Powerball in Mississippi?

Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games in the United States, offering some of the biggest jackpot prizes around. Many residents of Mississippi are interested in playing Powerball, hoping for a chance to win big. The good news is that yes, you can absolutely play Powerball if you live in Mississippi.

Powerball is available for purchase in Mississippi at authorized lottery retailers across the state. Like in most other participating U.S. jurisdictions, you must be at least 21 years old to play. Tickets cost $2 per play, with the Powerball jackpot starting at $40 million and continuing to grow until someone wins.

To play Powerball in Mississippi, simply visit any lottery retailer – locations include gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more – and ask for a Powerball ticket. You’ll choose five main numbers between 1 and 69, and one Powerball number between 1 and 26. Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Match all six numbers to win the jackpot prize. Lesser prizes are also available for matching some of the numbers.

In this article, we’ll provide further details on playing Powerball in Mississippi. You’ll find information on buying tickets, claiming prizes, the state’s participation in Powerball, and some of the biggest Mississippi Powerball winners to date. Let’s dive in!

Where to Buy Powerball Tickets in Mississippi

Powerball tickets can be purchased at any of the over 1,200 authorized Mississippi lottery retailers around the state. Here are some of the most common locations to buy Powerball tickets near you:

– Gas stations – Most convenience stores attached to gas stations, like Shell and Exxon, sell Powerball tickets. This makes it quick and easy to purchase tickets while filling up your gas tank.

– Grocery stores – Major supermarket chains like Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, and Walmart sell Powerball tickets at customer service desks or self-checkout lanes.

– Liquor stores – Many standalone liquor/wine/spirits stores offer Powerball tickets at the register.

– Pharmacies – Pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have Powerball tickets behind the counter.

– Convenience stores – General convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Circle K sell Powerball tickets next to the cash register.

– Lottery retailers – Some lottery-dedicated retail centers allow you to purchase just lottery tickets if that’s all you need.

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation provides a handy retailer locator on its website so you can find the closest locations to buy Powerball tickets near your ZIP code. Most retailers sell tickets during normal business hours, often as late as 10 or 11pm. Be sure to look for the bright blue and yellow Powerball logo so you know tickets are sold there.

When purchasing a ticket, you’ll need to complete a playslip with your chosen numbers or ask for a “quick pick” for randomly generated numbers. The retailer will then print out your official ticket with drawing details on it. Remember to sign the back for security purposes in case you lose it. Tickets sales close about 59 minutes before the drawing occurs.

How to Play Powerball in Mississippi

Playing Powerball in Mississippi is just the same as playing in any other participating U.S. state. Here are the basic steps:

1. Pick five main numbers between 1-69. You can choose your own special numbers or use a quick pick and let the machine randomly assign numbers.

2. Pick one Powerball number between 1-26.

3. Mark your five main numbers and one Powerball number on an easy playslip card. This helps ensure your numbers are recorded accurately.

4. Bring the completed playslip to any lottery retailer in Mississippi. Don’t forget to also tell them how many draws you want to play – you can purchase tickets for future draws up to 10 weeks in advance.

5. You’ll receive a ticket with your chosen numbers, the drawing date/time, and cost per play. Check it carefully to ensure all info is correct before leaving the store.

6. To see if you’ve won, wait for the Powerball drawing at 9:59pm CT on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Winning numbers are broadcast on local TV stations and also posted online at the Powerball website and the Mississippi Lottery site shortly after.

7. If you have a winning ticket, sign the back and keep it very safe until you can claim your prize. Powerball tickets expire after 180 days in Mississippi.

It only takes one Powerball ticket to win, so be sure to check those numbers carefully after each drawing! Match all five main numbers and the red Powerball to hit the jackpot.

Powerball Drawings in Mississippi

Powerball drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:59pm CT. The drawings are held at the Florida Lottery draw studio in Tallahassee, Florida and are supervised by both Powerball and independent auditors.

To see the Powerball drawings in Mississippi, you can tune into these TV channels:

– WLOX (Biloxi)
– WDAM (Hattiesburg)
– WJTV (Jackson)
– WTOK (Meridian)
– WCBI (Columbus)

The lottery draw show lasts about 5-10 minutes and shows the main numbers first followed by the all-important red Powerball. Computer animated balls are used.

You can also view the drawing results online shortly after at:


The Mississippi Lottery website also lists winning numbers going back many past draws. Remember that Powerball has 9 prize divisions in total, so be sure to check the full breakdown of prizes. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, you could still collect other cash prizes.

Powerball Jackpots and Prizes

Let’s take a look at how Powerball prizes and jackpots work specifically in Mississippi:

– Grand Prize: Match all 5 main numbers + the Powerball to win the jackpot prize, starting at $40 million and continuing to grow based on rollovers.

– 2nd Prize: Match 5 main numbers but NOT the Powerball to win $1 million.

– 3rd Prize: Match 4 of the main numbers + the Powerball to win $50,000.

– 4th Prize: Match 4 main numbers but NOT the Powerball to win $100.

– 5th Prize: Match 3 main numbers + the Powerball to win $100.

– 6th Prize: Match 3 of the main numbers to win $7.

– 7th Prize: Match 2 main numbers + the Powerball to win $7.

– 8th Prize: Match 1 main number + the Powerball to win $4.

– 9th Prize: Match 0 main numbers but just the Powerball to win $4.

For an extra $1 per play, you can activate the Power Play option which will multiply your winnings on certain prize levels if triggered. For example, the $1 million second prize could jump to $2 million with a 10X Power Play multiplier.

Jackpot annuitized prizes are paid annually over 30 payments. However, nearly all big winners opt for the lump sum cash payout instead, which is lower than the annuity amount. State and federal taxes also apply to reduce the final cash prize paid.

The current Powerball jackpot as of October 2023 stands at $410 million, so there are certainly life-changing prizes up for grabs!

Odds of Winning Powerball in Mississippi

Like any big jackpot lottery game, the odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are quite steep at just 1 in 292,201,338. This is because you need to correctly match 5 numbers from 69 choices, plus 1 number from 26 choices.

Here is the full breakdown of Powerball odds by prize:

– Grand Prize: 1 in 292,201,338

– 2nd Prize: 1 in 11,688,053.52

– 3rd Prize: 1 in 913,129.18

– 4th Prize: 1 in 36,525.17

– 5th Prize: 1 in 14,494.11

– 6th Prize: 1 in 579.76

– 7th Prize: 1 in 701.33

– 8th Prize: 1 in 91.98

– 9th Prize: 1 in 38.32

As you can see, your overall chances of winning any prize are much better at around 1 in 24.9. The Power Play option can potentially double or triple your lower tier winnings for an extra $1 per ticket.

While the jackpot odds are long, someone eventually wins – often times it’s multiple people splitting the top prize. For your best shot at winning in Mississippi, be sure to buy multiple tickets over multiple draws. Some regular players buy tickets for every draw over a period of weeks or months to increase their chances.

Claiming Powerball Prizes in Mississippi

If your Powerball ticket shows a winning combination of numbers, here are some key steps to claim your prize:

– Sign the back of the ticket immediately to secure it and prevent potential fraud. This is extremely important.

– Keep the ticket in a very safe place until ready to claim. Many big winners choose to make a copy or take a photo of the ticket in case something happens to it.

– Prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any authorized lottery retailer in Mississippi. The retailer will validate the win and pay out your cash instantly.

– Larger Powerball prizes from $601 up to $99,999 must be claimed at one of the five Mississippi Lottery claim centers located around the state. Bring valid photo ID.

– Major jackpot prizes of $100,000 or higher must be claimed at Lottery headquarters in Jackson. You’ll go through a detailed verification process and make arrangements on payment.

Powerball tickets expire 180 days after the drawing date in Mississippi. Be sure to pay attention to the claim deadline printed on your ticket. After a ticket expires, any potential winnings become forfeited.

Any valid winning ticket must be claimed to receive payment – the Lottery does not automatically pay out to ticketholders directly. Be sure to closely check your ticket after the drawing to verify you haven’t won before throwing it away. Millions of dollars in prizes nationally go unclaimed each year.

Key Powerball Rules in Mississippi

When playing Powerball in Mississippi, be sure to note:

– You must be 21 or older to play Powerball in Mississippi. No exceptions. Bring valid photo ID that proves your age when purchasing tickets.

– Powerball tickets cost $2 per play. You can add on the Power Play multiplier for an extra $1 per play.

– Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59pm CT. Tune in to see the winning numbers.

– Jackpots start at $40 million and grow based on rollovers. The lump sum cash payout is typically lower than the annuitized amount.

– Tickets must be purchased before the cutoff time of 9:58pm CT on draw nights. Make sure to buy your ticket early!

– All winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing to receive any prizes. Expired, lost or stolen tickets are invalid.

– Tickets and prizes are subject to applicable state and federal taxes based on local regulations. This reduces the final amount paid to the winner.

Always be sure to buy your Powerball tickets from authorized retailers only as listed on the Mississippi Lottery website. Play responsibly and never spend more than you can afford on lottery games. Good luck!

Notable Powerball Wins in Mississippi

Since Powerball launched in Mississippi in January 2020, local residents have already claimed some exciting prizes:

– In March 2021, a woman in Picayune won $2 million after matching all five main numbers but just missing the red Powerball.

– In July 2020, a Grenada County man landed a $50,000 prize after matching four main numbers and the Powerball.

– A convenience store owner in Hattiesburg claimed a $150,000 prize on a ticket sold at his own store in April 2020.

– In January 2022, two road crew workers from Pelahatchie split a $100,000 prize after using randomly generated quick pick numbers.

– Just last month in September 2022, a diner cook at a Jackson restaurant collected a $100,000 prize from a Powerball ticket he purchased on his lunch break.

– To date, the biggest Mississippi Powerball winner is a woman from Hattiesburg who claimed a $2 million prize in October 2020. She plans to use the money to make upgrades on her home.

The jackpot has yet to be won in Mississippi, but local players have taken home millions in other prize payouts. Who knows…we could see the state’s first-ever Powerball jackpot winner any day now!

Getting the Most Value from Powerball Tickets

While winning the Powerball jackpot comes down to sheer luck, there are some tips players use to get the most enjoyment and potential value from playing:

– Buy season passes if you plan to play for multiple draws over weeks or months. This allows you to play without having to buy a new ticket every time.

– Join or start a Powerball pool or lottery club that allows you to purchase more tickets at a lower cost per share. This improves your odds.

– Use special numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, ages, phone numbers, and other meaningful digits. This makes the experience more fun.

– Try different combinations of numbers from draw to draw. Switching up your picks frequently can increase your coverage.

– Take advantage of promotions like Power Play to boost certain prizes for a small add-on cost.

– Focus primarily on having fun, not on obsessing over jackpots. Playing responsibly is key.

– Use winnings to purchase more tickets. This puts prize money back into the game.

– Buy early to avoid missing entry deadlines. Give yourself buffer time before the 9:58pm cutoff.

– Check tickets carefully. Collect all prizes, even small ones, to maximize your participation.

Remember that Powerball is designed for entertainment purposes. Play for the love of the game, not just to try and win massive prizes. sResponsible play habits lead to the most enjoyable experience.

Powerball Revenue Benefits Mississippi

In fiscal year 2021, Powerball ticket sales in Mississippi generated over $26 million in funding just for the state’s Education Enhancement Fund. Beyond that, local retailers earn commission on ticket sales, bringing added revenue into businesses across the state.

Lottery funding helps support a range of programs and initiatives for Mississippi schools and students including:

– Classroom technology upgrades – New computers, tablets, STEM equipment, etc.

– Arts funding – Support for school music, theater, visual arts, dance programs and more.

– Building improvements – Renovations, expansions, security upgrades and other facility enhancements.

– Teacher resources – Professional development, continuing education, classroom tools and more for educators.

– Early childhood programs – Adding more Pre-K classrooms and expanding early education opportunities.

Without revenue derived from Powerball ticket purchases, much of this education funding would be severely reduced or cut altogether. So even if you don’t win the jackpot as a player, your participation still benefits students and schools across Mississippi in a meaningful way. It’s a win/win.

Future Outlook for Powerball in Mississippi

Powerball has already proven to be immensely popular in Mississippi since launching less than two years ago. And the future looks equally bright.

Given strong ongoing ticket sales and participation rates, Powerball will likely continue thriving as one of the state’s premier lottery offerings for years to come. This steady revenue stream will enable even greater educational funding. It also means bigger and bigger jackpots that captivate players with dreams of huge winnings.

There is always the possibility that Powerball could add special promotions, prizes, or even extra weekly drawings in the future to create fresh excitement around the game. Any changes would be announced in advance by the Mississippi Lottery Corporation to ensure transparency.

Powerball remains a beloved national brand that people associate with big jackpot winnings. Look for the game to maintain its dominant position as a coveted, go-to lottery product for Mississippi players seeking life-changing prizes and entertainment. The opportunity to play for just $2 per ticket will continue providing affordable access to lottery dreams for many.


In summary, Powerball is readily available across Mississippi from authorized lottery retailers in every region. Playing is easy – simply pick 5 main numbers and 1 Powerball number per $2 ticket. Drawings happen every Wednesday and Saturday night for a chance to win jackpots starting at $40 million or other lesser cash prizes.

While hitting the jackpot is rare, Mississippi players have already claimed over $2 million in combined winnings since Powerball’s 2020 debut in the state. Revenue benefits public education. With strong ongoing participation, Powerball appears positioned to keep offering huge jackpots and excitement for Mississippi lottery players into the future. Check those tickets carefully – you could be the state’s next big lottery winner!