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What time is the UK lottery drawn on a Saturday?

The UK National Lottery draw takes place at 7:45pm GMT every Saturday evening. This is a set time that does not change, with the draw broadcast live on BBC One.
The UK National Lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in the country, with millions of people playing each week. Saturday nights are when the main draw takes place, with the winning Lotto numbers announced at 7:45pm sharp. This is a fixed time that provides a sense of routine for players, who know exactly when to tune in to find out if they have won a prize.

In this article, we’ll look at the key details around the Saturday National Lottery draw:

  • What time it takes place
  • How to watch the draw live
  • The process and format of the draw
  • When tickets sales close
  • Prizes available on a Saturday

Understanding the ins and outs of the Saturday draw time can help you take part easily and maximize your chances of winning.

What Time is the Saturday National Lottery Draw?

As mentioned, the Saturday night draw takes place at 7:45pm GMT. This time is consistent every week, whether it’s summer or winter.

The UK National Lottery always takes place at the same time on Saturdays for several reasons:

  • It’s an easy routine for players to remember
  • It fits well with peak Saturday night TV viewing
  • It allows enough time for ticket sales before the draw
  • It builds excitement at the end of the week

Having a set draw time adds a sense of ritual for players. It also makes it straightforward for the National Lottery organizers to plan and execute the draw effectively each week.

The draw takes place promptly at 7:45pm. Announcers will give reminders leading up to the cutoff, and the numbers are revealed straight after the seconds tick over to the draw time.

Some key things to remember:

  • The time is always 7:45pm GMT, which is the UK time zone
  • This time does not change for British Summer Time
  • The draw lasts around 15 minutes in total

Knowing exactly when the National Lottery takes place allows you to get your ticket in time and tune in without missing the winning numbers.

How to Watch the Saturday Draw Live

For many players, watching the National Lottery draw live is an exciting part of the experience.

The main way to watch the draw live each Saturday night is on BBC One. The draw segment airs around 7:45pm as part of the primetime schedule.

The show is usually hosted in the National Lottery draw studio. Draw hosts appear on screen to oversee the proceedings. They provide commentary and reveal the winning numbers as the draw machine spits out numbered balls.

To watch on BBC One, simply turn your TV to the channel a few minutes before 7:45pm. The draw show airs straight after the Saturday evening news.

If you prefer, you can also live stream the BBC One broadcast online via the BBC iPlayer in the UK. This allows you to watch on any device. Just visit and select BBC One before 7:45pm.

Other ways to watch the Saturday draw live include:

  • The National Lottery YouTube channel
  • The National Lottery website and app
  • Catch-up via iPlayer after the draw

With numerous viewing options available, it’s easy to watch the action unfold and find out if your numbers have come up.

How the National Lottery Draw Works

Knowing a bit about the National Lottery draw process can make watching it more interesting. Here are the key elements:

  • A dedicated draw studio hosts the event each week
  • Draw hosts appear on screen to guide viewers through the experience
  • The draw machine holds numbered white and yellow balls
  • Balls are mixed and selected randomly one by one
  • 6 main numbers come out first, followed by a Bonus Ball
  • Special checks are done to ensure random results
  • Winning numbers light up on screen as they are drawn
  • The hosts confirm the winning number combinations

The draw machine itself is carefully calibrated and rigorously tested. The numbered balls pop up through a sealed tube before being lifted into view. This prevents any tampering and makes the draw demonstrably fair and random.

Lottery officials oversee every aspect of the live draw. Independent observers are also on hand to make sure proper protocols are followed every time.

It’s this commitment to integrity that helps make the National Lottery a trustworthy experience for players. Watching the draw machine in action on TV adds transparency to the proceedings.

What Time Does Ticket Sale Close?

To take part in a given Saturday draw, there is a clear ticket sales cutoff you need to be aware of.

Sales for the Saturday night National Lottery draw close at 7:30pm GMT. This means you have around 15 minutes to buy your ticket or play online before the 7:45pm draw time.

Online sales at the National Lottery website close at 7:30pm sharp each Saturday. Online play lets you buy tickets up to hours before the draw. Just be sure to complete your purchase by the 7:30pm deadline.

Retail ticket sales close a bit earlier, at around 7:00pm – 7:15pm, as the physical outlets need time to process transactions and print tickets before passing sales data to lottery officials.

When buying in person from an authorized National Lottery retailer like a shop, kiosk or newsagent, aim to make your purchase by 7:00pm latest. Some outlets stop sales 30 minutes before the deadline.

Key times:

  • Online ticket sales close: 7:30pm GMT
  • Retail ticket sales close: ~7:00pm GMT
  • Draw takes place: 7:45pm GMT

Allow enough time on Saturdays to buy your tickets in advance of the sales cutoffs. This ensures you don’t miss out on a chance to play.

Saturday Draw Prizes

A big part of the National Lottery’s popularity stems from the fact that it offers large prize payouts. Let’s look at the prizes available with a Saturday Lotto ticket:

Lotto Prizes

Lotto is the main Saturday night game, requiring players to match 6 numbers from 1-59. Prizes are:

Match Prize
6 main numbers Jackpot – minimum £2 million
5 main + Bonus Ball £1 million
5 main numbers £1,750
4 main numbers £140
3 main numbers £30
2 main numbers Lucky Dip entry

As you can see, matching even just a couple of numbers can win you a Lucky Dip ticket for another shot at the jackpot.

The Saturday jackpot often rolls over, letting the top prize climb higher. Lotto jackpots over £10 million are not uncommon.

Millionaire Raffle

Each line of Lotto numbers gets entered into the Millionaire Raffle as well. This spins a prize wheel to award guaranteed £1 million and £20,000 prizes.


Playing Lotto online also gains access to Instant Win scratchcard games for more chances to win. These digital card scratch-offs add to the excitement.

In summary, Saturday Lotto tickets open the door to multimillion-pound jackpots, £1 million raffle prizes, and instant online scratchcard wins. The availability of big money prizes drives interest each week.

Buying Tickets for the Saturday Draw

There are several ways you can buy National Lottery tickets for the Saturday night draw:


The easiest way is to sign up and purchase tickets online at Just create an account, deposit funds via debit card or PayPal, then click to buy. Online sales stay open until 7:30pm on Saturday.

Mobile App

Download the National Lottery app on your iOS or Android device. You can use this to scan your tickets, check results, and buy for upcoming draws.

In Person

Thousands of authorized retailers around the UK sell Lotto tickets in person. Find your nearest outlet and buy before 7pm Saturday. Look for the National Lottery logo.

By Phone

You can enter draws by telephone via the National Lottery Line. Call 0333 234 50 50 and follow the instructions. Operators are on hand to help.


For convenience, you can set up a lottery subscription to automatically buy tickets for every draw. This ensures you never miss playing.

The digital options make playing fast and convenient any day of the week. With retail outlets open late on Saturdays, you have flexibility in how and when you purchase draw tickets.

Key Points to Remember

To finish up, here are the key details again about the Saturday National Lottery draw time:

  • The draw takes place each Saturday at 7:45pm GMT
  • Watch live on BBC One or stream online via the National Lottery website/YouTube
  • Ticket sales close at 7:30pm online and ~7pm in shops
  • Prizes range from £30 up to multimillion-pound jackpots
  • Buy tickets online, via app, in stores, or by phone before the cutoff
  • Knowing the draw time helps you play and win

The Saturday evening Lotto draw has become a British tradition millions look forward to. With huge jackpots up for grabs, it’s no wonder National Lottery tickets are so popular. By understanding the ins and outs of the draw time and process, you can enhance your playing experience and not miss the chance to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Saturday National Lottery draw:

What time is the Saturday draw?

The draw takes place every Saturday at 7:45pm GMT.

Can I watch the draw live if I don’t have BBC One?

Yes, you can live stream the draw online via the National Lottery website, app or YouTube channel without needing a TV.

How long does the draw last?

The full draw show lasts around 15 minutes. The actual drawing of balls takes just a few minutes.

What is the minimum Saturday jackpot?

The minimum Saturday Lotto jackpot is £2 million and rolls over if not won. Jackpots frequently climb much higher.

Where does the draw take place?

The draw studio location changes but is always hosted in the UK under tight security.

What time does online sales close on Saturday?

Online sales stop at 7:30pm GMT. Make sure to buy tickets before then.

Can I buy tickets after 7:30pm on Saturday?

No, there is no way to buy tickets after the 7:30pm deadline, either online or in shops.

What should I do if I miss the ticket cutoff?

If you miss getting a ticket for this Saturday, you can always buy one for next week’s draw.

So in summary, the Saturday National Lottery draw in the UK takes place each week at 7:45pm GMT without fail. Know the ticket cutoffs, watch live online or on TV, and play each Saturday for your chance to win big!


The Saturday evening National Lottery draw is a major British institution, offering millions of players the chance to become instant millionaires. With a guaranteed jackpot of £2 million up for grabs each week, it’s no wonder tickets are so sought after.

By understanding the fixed draw time of 7:45pm GMT, you can easily get your tickets and tune in to see if fortune favors you. The convenience of online play makes taking part easier than ever. With numerous viewing options available, you can watch the action unfold live wherever you are.

While winning the jackpot or a raffle prize is not common, the excitement and anticipation the National Lottery creates every Saturday is priceless entertainment. Taking part also helps raise billions for good causes over the years.

So gather your friends, buy your tickets, and be sure to watch the Saturday night draw live at 7:45pm for the thrill of seeing if your numbers come up. It could transform your life in an instant!