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Comfortable Alternatives to Mattresses

deep comfortable sleep
Everyone loves a deep comfortable sleep, especially after a long day of work and life. But there comes a time when the regular mattress doesn’t just give us the comfort we crave anymore. Yes, we’ve all been there before, so don’t think you’re odd for not wanting your precious mattress any longer. I’ve been down that line before! But, guess what? There are quite a number of alternatives to mattresses that give you much more comfort while sleeping than you could ever dream of! I have compiled some of these amazing alternatives to mattresses, including the air mattress, Casper mattress, down feather sleeping bags, and several others. You will also find why each of these alternatives are best for you. Let’s dig in!

Why alternatives to mattresses?

There are several reasons we choose to ditch the regular mattress and opt for the cheaper and comfortable options. One of such reasons is funds. Sometimes, if your intention is to stay at a place temporarily, maybe for a week or two, you do not necessarily have to get a full mattress because you just might be needing them when you leave that place, so, why waste your money on a mattress when you could save your money by getting alternatives to mattresses such as the hammock or purple mattress alternatives?

Why alternatives to mattresses
In the same vein, if you are a student watching your budget closely but you don’t want to forego comfort, alternatives to mattresses are your best shot! Another important reason for alternatives to mattresses is for the sake of guests. They’re good options to leave in your guest rooms, especially when you have a large number of visitors at home. These alternatives do not consume much space; they are easy to fold and store, and they’re convenient to have around.

But that’s not all! Let’s say you’re out on a private holiday with your family, or you would be spending a night or two in an open camp, would you want to go through the stress of heaving your mattress in and out of the car? Sure, not! Whether at home or when you’re outside, you will find alternatives to mattresses an awesome choice for sleeping. They are cheap and do not take up space. They are also convenient to use, comfortable to sleep on, and easy to move about.

Here are some of the best sleeping alternatives you should consider instead of the regular mattresses:

1. Hammocks

Hammocks come first on my list because they give me a wonderful sleeping experience. They are portable sleeping options that eliminate back pain, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A wide hammock works just as well as a bad, and you have all the luxury of rocking in your sleep as much as you want. Another great thing with hammocks is that they can be detached from the hook, just in case you need the space for other functions during the day. If you have lots of guest around, you don’t have to worry about space because you can fit as many hammocks as possible in a single room. They’re very much comfortable, and come in different colors to suit your taste!


  • Hammocks do not take up space
  • They are very cheap to procure
  • Hammocks help easy blood flow in the body and eliminate back pain
  • Hammocks are also easy to maintain and clean
  • They are portable and easy to carry about anywhere!
  • Hammocks do not welcome bugs and mites.
  • With hammocks, you can rock easily yourself to sleep if you suffer sleep disorders.


  • Getting in and out of a hammock might be difficult if you’re not used to it
  • With hammocks, there’s little room for you to turn and roll about.
  • Hammocks are best used by one person. No room for your partner.
  • Hammocks require poles, hooks or trees to erect, which might be difficult to get.
  • Falling off a hammock is rare, but it is possible
  • Light sleepers might wake up frequently if they sleep on a hammock because each slight movement causes the hammock to shove them awake.

2. Reclining Chair

Reclining Chair

A recliner chair is a more compact alternative to mattresses. It works in very small apartments where you can’t fit in more than one mattress, as well as studios. The recliner chairs perform double functions: they are just chairs for sitting and resting at noon, but your comfy sleeping spot at night. When I have work to do, and would like to wake up during the night, I like to use the recliner chair, because it also makes me feel refreshed and ready to go! They are very comfortable to sleep in or take a nap, and support the spinal cord.


  • Reclining chairs offer certain health benefits such as regulating breathing problems, relaxing tense muscles and supporting your spine.
  • They are compact, and can fit in almost anywhere.
  • Reclining chairs do not take up space
  • Reclining chairs are best for quick short naps


  • Not many sleeping positions are possible because you are forced to sleep on your back
  • Some people may not find deep sleep on the reclining chair because they don’t get to turn and roll
  • Might be a little expensive

3. Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Pull-Out Sofa Bed
I like to call this an advanced form of the reclining chair. A pull-out sofa is an ingenious alternative to mattresses. In simple terms, it is a couch by day, and a bed by night! This piece of furniture is often left in the living room. It is especially useful if you’ve got an apartment with very few rooms and you have a relation or friend who wants to pass the night. But beyond this, it is also a great choice for you when you’re tired of using the traditional mattresses either at home or in a dormitory. The pull-out sofa literally has a mechanism that helps you pull it out in full. When you’re set to sleep, just pull it out and you have for yourself a comfy place to have a great night. Pull-out sofas come in various sizes and colors.


  • It saves the costs of getting both a sofa and a bed since the same piece of furniture does both jobs for you!
  • It also saves your apartment space a lot
  • It can take two or more persons, depending on the size you get
  • It is not so difficult to move from one permanent apartment to another


  • Depending on how sophisticated you want it to be, the pull-up sofas could be quite expensive
  • The pull-out mechanisms could wear out with time.
  • They could also be difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • Transferring it could sometimes be a huge task due to the weight, especially if yours is a big one.

4. Japanese Futon or Shikibuton

Japanese Futon or Shikibuton
The Japanese Futon is an Oriental style alternative to mattresses. Typical of Japanese furniture, the Japanese Futon or Shikibuton are very low, and that is pretty good because it gives you a laid-back comfort. More so, it is as good for kids as much as it is food for adults. There’s no fear that a deep sleeper could roll off the bed while sleeping. They’re cheap and available in layers. They can also be neatly folded for storage, and unfolded when it’s time to sleep. They are often made from cotton, and can be spread anywhere in the home.


  • The Japanese Futon is thin, light and easy to carry about
  • They can be easily folded and unfolded
  • They are very inexpensive materials for sleeping
  • They are made from cotton, and come with varieties of designs which make them appealing and comfortable to sleep on.
  • For people who love sleeping on the floor, this is a much comfortable option
  • They are especially good for hot seasons because they’re thin


  • The shikibuton requires airing after each use because it assimilates sweat. This might be a demanding task for some persons
  • People who are not comfortable sleeping on the floor or very close to the ground might find it a little uncomfortable
  • The Japanese Futon is not readily available in most parts of the world.

5. Futon Sofa

Futon Sofa
The Futon sofa is technically almost the same as the pull-out sofa. They both function as sofa in the day, and bed at night. The slight differences are that the Futon sofa is lighter than the pull-out sofa, and the bed is generated by flipping down the backrest to create room for sleeping.


  • They’re much cheaper than the regular mattresses and the pull-out sofa
  • You could choose to replace the mattresses on them when they get old
  • The mattress is easily detachable and can be cleaned
  • The space underneath the Futon sofa is useful for storing little items


Futon isn’t a good choice for people with back problems

It needs to be assembled before use, and this might demanding for some people

6. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag
You literally sleep in a sleeping bag! It feels just like a blanket. They are comfortable on the skin, and can be placed on the bare floor, rug or carpets in order to get maximum comfort. They are also available in diverse designs, sizes and types. Down feather sleeping bags are best used with paddings.


  • Sleeping bags are available at various prices, so you can buy whichever one that suits your budget.
  • They can be placed anywhere at home
  • They are easy to roll up and store
  • They are easy to wash and they are warm on the skin.


  • To enjoy a sleeping bag, you would need to pad it with either a mat or yoga mat.
  • Drying a down feather after washing could take much time.
  • It requires regular airing, and this could be a task.

7. Day Beds

Day Beds
Day beds are more like sofas, but they are made rest against the wall, and sometimes come with armrests. They’re quite small and cannot accommodate two people. Day beds are best used by single people and children.


  • They are useful for both sleeping and sitting
  • Day beds are space-economical
  • They are very light and easy to move from one room to another


  • They cannot be folded or used for outdoor sleeping
  • They cannot contain more than one person at a time.

8. Futon mat

Futon mat
Think Futon mats, think Japanese style! The futon mat is a low mattress that can be used with your pillows and beddings. Although, they’re made to accommodate just one person at a time, you could combine two or more of the futon mats together, so it could take more people.


  • They’re easy to roll, unroll and store.
  • They take very little space when spread
  • They’re designed to rest the head and the back very well to give comfort
  • They do not require frames


  • Not especially good for aged people because of the difficulty in standing up
  • Spreading them on the floor would expose them to dirt frequently

9. Air Mattress

Air Mattress
The air mattress is an inflated mattress. They’re often used to cater for emergency guests, but you could choose to leave them inflated on the floor if you have enough room. Although there are different designs, most air mattresses have coils that make them suitable for the back.


  • An air mattress can be easily deflated and stored
  • They are very easy to carry about
  • Air mattresses are good for people with back pain because they keep the spine level


  • An air mattress could get punctured by accident
  • Because of the material it is made from, an air mattress can hardly keep you warm

10. Camping Mat

Camping Mat
Like the futon mat, this is easy to roll and unroll. A camping mat can be used both indoors and outdoors. It gives you enough comfort and keeps you warm all night long.


  • There’s no fear of accidentally falling off because it is close to the floor.
  • They are available in different types, and you could select the thick ones for yourself.
  • Camping mats are relatively cheap.


  • Like the futon mat, a camping mat can only accommodate one person at a time.
  • They are also not good for aged people.

11. Sleeping on The Floor

Sleeping on The Floor

Contrary to popular opinion, lying on the floor is really an excellent sleeping option, and a great alternative to mattresses. It has lots of health benefits and helps you stay connected to the earth. You could spice it up by using a rug and a pillow for greater comfort.


  • Lying on the floor regulates blood flow and eases neck pain
  • It is especially helpful during hot periods of the year
  • It also aids proper food digestion


  • Sleeping on the floor might not be a good idea for people with pneumonia
  • It is not advisable during cold seasons
  • You could also be exposed to dust and pathogens


1. What is the best type of mattress for comfort?

There are many factors that go into selecting the best mattress for yourself. If you like very soft mattresses, I like to recommend the Puffy Original, but the Layla Hybrid is my best pick because it is firm, gentle on the back, comfortable, and is suitable for al weathers and seasons.

2. What is the most comfortable affordable mattress?

If you want an excellent mattress, but your budget is tight, the Nectar mattress is your best shot! It is wide enough to accommodate you and your partner, and makes you comfortable all night and day.

3. How can I make my bed more comfortable without a mattress?

Yes, we agree that you can still get comfort without a mattress. You could try out any of the alternatives to mattresses suggested above.

When you’re tired of your mattress, maybe because it is getting old and uncomfortable, and on the other hand, you don’t have enough funds to get another exquisite mattress, there are many equally comfy alternatives to mattresses that you could opt for, including the Futon mats, Futon Sofa, Pull-out sofa, air mattresses, day beds, and so on. They all make you comfortable and give you a fun sleep at night or day. Try them out today!