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Include Interior and Outdoor Handmade Playhouse Plans

Outdoor Handmade Playhouse

With the advancement of technology, it has become really difficult to get the kids out of the homes and push them to play in the backyard or parks. How many times have you seen your child glued to their iPad or gaming consoles? The count is extremely large.

Have you tried your hands on DIY Playhouse Ideas? Yes, a playhouse can be the best way to attract your child to your backyard. However, you must be wondering that outdoor playhouse ideas can be challenging, right? However, a DIY Kids playhouse can be made in many ways, and we’ll venture into how you can make it right with our homemade playhouse ideas!

There are usually two kinds of DIY Playhouse Ideas, which you can implement – the easy indoor DIY Playhouse Plans and the Outdoor playhouse ideas.

The Easy Indoor DIY Playhouse Plans

  • You can make a structure with simple cardboard and use bedsheets as the covering for this DIY Playhouse idea. It is a temporary structure and works wonders when your kids can’t go out.
    Easy Indoor DIY Playhouse Plans
  • Have you tried PVC Pipes? The structure becomes rigid, and you can give it a shape of anything, just the way your children love it.
  • You can also try your hands on big fat books and make a one-time book fort for your children when they are not listening to you or creating a lot of menaces while eating. one-time book fort

When we look at having outdoor playhouse ideas, there can be a lot of ways in which you can shape up your DIY kids’ playhouse so that your child can even have fun on their own and can also invite their friends for an outdoor kids’ party.

The booklover’s paradise also known as the Summer Reading Nook

The booklover’s paradise

This is one of the best small playhouse ideas, through which you can convince your kid to pick up reading as a habit and also enjoy it in the meantime. Create a small cupboard with books and a lot of treats and encourage them to play host to a small and private book club.

Parents try this DIY Playhouse Idea to inculcate the adventure with reading.

The Cute only for Your Daughter Princess Playhouse Plans

Daughter Princess Playhouse

Does your daughter love to dress up like a Barbie Doll? You can play dress-up with her and don like Cinderella and Snow White. Most parents with a daughter adopt this garden playhouse idea. Paint the playhouse in royal colors and also put up matching curtains.

You can also have luxurious and cushiony interiors, and your princess can invite other princes and princesses for a quality playtime in your well-executed DIY Playhouse idea.

The Cob Playhouse – a sure attraction for Kids and a fun activity for Parents.

The Cob Playhouse

What’s better than you executing one of the backyard playhouse ideas? Your kids are joining hands with you to build a playhouse. The cob playhouse is the best DIY playhouse idea for your kids. On the weekend, invite them to the backyard and make one on your own with them.

This is also a great bonding activity for parents with their children, just like fishing, road-trip, etc. Alongside this, you will also be teaching them to create something with mud, clay, and straws. Trust me. Children love this!

Your Charming Prince or Princess deserves The Castle Fort

Charming Prince or Princess deserves The Castle Fort

Is Chronicles of Narnia the favorite movie of your kids? Have a theme-based small playhouse idea for your kids’ favorite playhouse and have them spend quality time with their favorite characters inside the playhouse!

What more can you do? Use cut-outs of their favorite characters inside the fort and color it accordingly to make it look like a fort. You can also have it history-themed so that they can enjoy their history lessons inside.

The all-time favourite Sleep-N-Play Clubhouse

Sleep-N-Play Clubhouse

A clubhouse has a special spot in every kid’s heart. Design this wooden playhouse idea in a manner so that they can have a secret hide-out. Encourage them to hold secret meetings with friends, and you can have a theme based on The Famous Five or Sherlock Holmes, too!

This is the best way for them to start venturing into books of mystery, and they can also have a lot of adventures right from this playhouse. Teach them to make string walkie-talkies, and they can have a whole lot of outdoor fun!

The Greatest Hideaway your child can expect

Greatest Hideaway your child can expect

Want the best possible DIY Playhouse idea to bond with your child? Have you tried the hideaway? This works wonders, and your kids will also let you in on their secrets and share everything here. Make it as secretive as possible, and make sure you include a couple of elements and signage like ‘Keep Out.’

You can also teach them password protection, and a person will only be allowed if they know the password. This will make your kids very excited.

The Happy Treehouse for your cute little jungle experience

Treehouse for your cute little jungle experience

Does your backyard have a sturdy and robust tree? Use it and construct a treehouse. This is a great attraction for kids, and your children can make a lot of friends. Use timber to construct it and make it long-lasting for your kids to play.

They can host tea-parties, book and game clubs, and enjoy to the heart’s content. This is one of the best backyard playhouse ideas for a birthday gift to your kid. You can also have a wheel swing, a rope for climbing, etc. and decorate it with lavish amenities.

The Evergreen Triangular Playhouse

Evergreen Triangular Playhouse

Not being able to go out camping with your kid? Give them an idea of how camping feels with one of these homemade playhouse ideas! The triangular playhouse can be made of wood, and you can easily set it up in the backyard.

You can also plan campfire, roast marshmallows, celebrate with your kids’ friends and teach them a thing or two about nature.

The easy to make Pallet Playhouse

Pallet Playhouse

Did you just move-in to your new house? If you have a lot of shipping pallets left with you, you can quickly turn it into an excellent playhouse for your children. You can use the timber and give it a funky or retro look.

A fresh coat of paint, some modifications here and there, and your DIY kid’s outdoor playhouse are ready for their new tenants.

The Old-school and amazingly timeless Rustic Pallet Playhouse Plans

timeless Rustic Pallet Playhouse Plans

You can check for numerous designs on the internet. Still, pallets are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to design a playhouse. The structure of these boxes, along with the design, makes it relatively easy to convert into one of the most comfortable kids’ playhouse ideas.

The sturdy and huge Log Cabin Playhouse

sturdy and huge Log Cabin Playhouse

Over here, you might have to use logs to put the garden playhouse idea to life. Logs are sturdy and can be an easy solution to the longevity of the playhouse.

You can have colorful windows, salon-style doors and can also have a unique theme, like a cowboy or a wild-west theme for kids to play and enjoy.

The immortal and ageless 1950’s Pallet Playhouse

immortal and ageless 1950’s Pallet Playhouse

Have an old-themed playhouse with a makeshift fireplace, long chimney, and a lot of ventilators. You can also have analog and candle-lamps and give it a grandfather style home outlook.

Playhouse with a Slide to make your kids glide and smile

Playhouse with a Slide

Do your kids love the waterslides at the amusement park? Well, if that is the case, then you can have a slide-themed garden playhouse idea, and all you have to do is have a slide on the treehouse. During summers, you can have that slide to a makeshift pool of water, and there will be an indoor waterslide for your kids’ fun.

The slide can act as a great way of attracting your kids to the outdoors and keeping them away from screens for longer hours.

The Old Captain’s Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

Old Captain’s Pirate Ship Playhouse

Is Jack Sparrow your child’s favorite movie character? Push his wildest imaginations and dreams into action and create a pirate ship playhouse for him with this gorgeous wooden playhouse idea. You can also use black sails and decorative swords and guns on the ship.

They can even invite their friends and have a pirate’s adventure aboard the ship. This is one of the most adventurous DIY Playhouse ideas for kids, especially for the ones who love pirates and ships. You can also have a theme party to inaugurate the vessel.

The Shed Playhouse Plans – or call it home number 2 for the kids

Shed Playhouse Plans

It is like a mini-house in your backyard, which is like a small twin of your giant house. You can construct a playhouse like this as it acts as a great space to have fun with your children. Ask your child to invite his/her over for an excellent board games’ party or a lovely evening supper while you relish in their laughter.

These homemade playhouse ideas can act wonders for your children, and they can also learn about independence, responsibility, and, more importantly, the sense of belongingness.

The all English favourite Wendy House

Wendy House

It is highly common in the United Kingdom, and a lot of people love having playhouses there. You can quickly whip up a playhouse with some power tools and timber, right in your garage, itself. You can also use some themes to add a twist to your playhouse.

You can also have unlimited makeshift furniture for this DIY Playhouse idea like mini-chairs, tables, beds, cupboards, etc. and decorate them nicely, too.

An all American love affair for Gothic Playhouse Plans

Gothic Playhouse Plans

Some kids get influenced by American Gothic Culture. For those, you can think of this DIY Playhouse idea as it will help your child bond with their friends in the playhouse. You can have the interiors themed like a goth party, with a lot of blacks, and the décor can also be done in a similar manner.

Make sure there are enough snacks available in the goth cupboards, especially, which are goth themed, and you can also bake theme goth cookies and goth beverages.

The most convenient Wooden Playhouse

Wooden Playhouse

Technically, almost all playhouses are made of wood. However, what differs is the way it has been designed. There are millions of designs for you to surf on Pinterest or elsewhere.

So, stick to a theme, like mentioned, and you can use any of the DIY Playhouse ideas to make it work.

Malay Style Playhouse from the Wonderlands of South East Asia

Malay Style Playhouse

How does an exotic foreign styled home feel like an addition to your backyard? It feels good, right? You can design a Malay or Balinese style playhouse and show them how diverse cultures are present in the world.

If you have a large beautiful garden in your house, you can create this with the theme of the park in your mind.

The simple and easy Little Yellow Playhouse

Little Yellow Playhouse

This is the simplest of all DIY playhouse ideas. A simple yet colorful playhouse has a friendly appeal and can be a good playing companion to your child and their friends.

The everyday Play Cottage

everyday Play Cottage

Create a Swiss-themed cottage right at your backyard. These cottages are fun to make and will help you bond with your little one while you create a fun space for them. Don’t miss out on this fun session, and just start building!

All convenient and sturdy PVC Pipe Fort

sturdy PVC Pipe Fort playhouse

If you do not want to use wood, you can surely use PVC to make a temporary playhouse for your kids. If you are making an outdoor playhouse, make sure there is enough PVC to support your DIY Playhouse ideas.

The Cowboy Constructed Playhouse from the Wild West Taverns

Wild West Taverns

The western roof style, the brown shaded fences, the open ladders, and the fresh smell of paint. Which kid does not like their favorite sheriff cowboy? Get them this design, and they can have a sheriff party right at home.

How to make handmade playhouse at home?

  • Start with the materials and tools you will need for the project and source them from the local store. You can use pallets, timbers, logs, and even PVC Pipes and will require nails and power tools.
  • Get a basic design from the internet, which you can easily plan out and execute. All the above mentioned DIY Playhouse Ideas are easily executable.
  • Start with the basic structure of the DIY Playhouse idea and work around how to model the rooms and doors and windows around it.
  • Finish it off with a nice coat of paint and add the little details, just the way your kid wants it!

More DIY Playhouse FAQ

How much does it cost to build your own playhouse?

It usually costs around $1500, depending on the raw materials and detailing you desire on the playhouse. Usually, these DIY Playhouse Ideas are very cheap in comparison to the ones available in the market.

How do you make a simple playhouse?

You can make a simple playhouse just by using cardboard or PVC if you are building it indoors with no permanent walls and if outdoors, use it with Pallets and wooden crates. Simple Playhouses do not even take a day’s time.

What should I put in my playhouse?

You can either have a theme for your DIY Playhouse Idea or keep it simple. If it’s a themed one, you can add furniture accordingly. However, some of the common ones are mini-chairs, tables, lamps, a small bed, a cupboard, and definitely shelves for books, toys, games, and a whole lot of snacks.

Over to you…

So now, what are you waiting for? If you want to be your child’s favorite parent, execute one of these DIY Playhouse ideas and let them keep on talking about you to all of their friends, teachers, and everyone else! Make sure it is a safe playhouse, and it is fun for them to play in it.