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16 Cool Built-in Shelves Ideas and Practical Guides You Must Try at Home

Arranging your things will not only help in elevating the design of your wall but also give a clean and smooth look to your living room. Cool built-in shelves is a great way to organize your books and other precious possession to improve your home’s beauty perfectly.

For your guidance, we are here with some cool built-in shelves ideas you must try now. You can easily design custom built-in shelves without putting in a great effort. The DIY custom built-in shelves ideas we’re sharing right now is simple and will enhance the beauty of your home.

Customized Built-in Shelves Maximize the Space

Apart from decoration, one of the fantastic benefits of custom built-in shelves is that it increases the storage capacity of your home. If you design your living room with built-in shelves, you will have more opportunities to arrange your precious things.

You can also get psychological benefits. How? If you come back home tired, and everything in your room is adequately organized on shelves, this will refresh your mood and vanish your tiredness.

Custom Wraparound Bulti-in Corner Shelves Ideas

As the name suggests, wrap-around shelves are wrapped around the corners of the wall. If you’re planning to design built-in corner shelves in your bedroom or lounge, you must try these type of frames. These shelves will not only enhance the decoration of your room but also maximize a lot of space.

You can cover the whole wall, as well as the specific area of the wall. If you want to showcase your décor pieces, photos, and books, etc., those wraparound shelves ideas are best for you.

Dining Nook Banquette with Cool Built-in Shelves

If you spend most of your time in your kitchen and want to give it a new look, you can design a dining nook banquet with cool built-in shelves. The designing process of these shelves is a little bit complicated and requires space. So, there is a lot of space in your kitchen, you must go for it.

You can store your wine bottles, recipe books, and other kitchen utensils here so that you can grab them quickly while sitting in the dining. A small lantern above the dining will increase the decoration of your dining nook.

Built-in Shelves Over a Bathtub

Getting a bath in a comfy environment is one of the fantastic feelings. But what if your bathroom is not so beautiful? It can ruin your whole mood, like seriously. You can increase the beauty of your bathroom with built-in shelves above the bathtub in a nook.

Besides the design element of your bathroom, you can have the space to place your towels, soaps, essential oils, and other bathroom wares, etc. It will be easy for you to grab your things while lying in your bathtub.

Recessed Shelving Covered with Wood

These DIY built-in shelves are best for narrow pathways, and small areas in your home. You can design recessed shelves anywhere in your home, like a staircase wall, bathroom, and bedroom. But, the best place for this type of frame is a corridor or pathway, because this shelf fits into the wall without covering outer space.

These shelves can hold décor pieces, photos, or anything you want.

Built-in Shelves beside a staircase

You can design built-in shelves beside the stairs to increase the storage space, as well as to enhance the decoration element of your home. There is two option to create built-in shelves with the staircase; one is on the wall, and the other one is below the stairs.
You can hide your valuables in the space below the staircase, and place the books, décor pieces and photos, besides the stairs.

Built-in Shelves Ideas for Fireplace and TV

If you have a bare wall around your fireplace, you can turn your fireplace into something extraordinary that will increase the beauty of your TV lounge. And the best part is, you can enjoy watching your favorite show feeling the warmth of the fire in a beautiful living room.

You can arrange your Discs, Xbox, and books, etc., on these shelves. If you don’t want to showcase something, you can add some closed cabinets with frames to hide your valuables.

Built-in Wall Unit Shelves

These are the simplest shelves you can create in your home. If you have any bare walls in any room in your home, you can design wall unit shelves. The purpose of these shelves is to arrange your things on the wall so that you can have more space to add items to your home.

Built-in Wall unit shelves are easy to design. You have to take some wood pieces, take measurements, and assemble them on the wall. However, adding dividers and back panels is a tricky part.

You can add anything you want on these shelves, from décor pieces to books, or other valuable possessions.

Mudroom Custom Built-in Shelves

There are many ways to transform your mudroom into something beautiful. But, the best way is to design built-in shelves on the entire wall. Now, what are the benefits of creating shelves in the mudroom? There are a lot of benefits; you can place your footwear, umbrellas, and garbage bins. A small bench can help you in wearing your shoes and tie your laces.
Apart from it, a well-designed entry will make your guest say “Ah-mazing”. So, beauty and storage space, a complete win-win situation.

DIY Staircase Shelves

Does your house have a staircase? Let’s learn how you can utilize this simple space into something useful. The staircase walls are often viewed as a simple space and are not given much attention. You can use staircase walls in numerous ways, designs, and colors.

Either you have a closed in descending hallway or an open space you can use by displaying art, by putting up blank canvas or you can put mini shelves and place some little decoration pieces as well as mini plants.

Every home has different spaces that can be utilized for storage. Similarly, the area below the staircase can be designed and created according to your own choice. You can choose whether to cabinets or drawers depending upon something that you want to store.

It’s ample space to keep your daily life routine goods and your shoes here in this storage space. These storage spaces prevent a lot of mess. You can also keep your child’s toys here if she has any.

Doorway Shelves

The doorway shelves are considered more than just functionality. This minimum vertical space not only creates focal points but also sets up a small library that can be helpful to store your book collection. In small urban homes where each inch is very important, a little space creates a lot of difference.

Usually, you left these little places blanks, but you will be surprised how beautifully you can make this small space functional. It can provide you with some much-needed storage space along with some cool display ideas that reflect your personality.

Built-in shelves framing around the room look sophisticated and give an architectural charm to your living room. It is another one of the ways to utilize the space above doors. You can store your book collection and other amazing things that give it an attractive look.

Cool Built-in Shelves Ideas for Bathroom

How to design a large bedroom that looks elegant and beautiful? Well, we have some ideas regarding built-in bedroom shelves. You can keep different decoration pieces matching the style of your furniture. You can also place some books if you love reading.

Do not install shelves directly over your bed because the things place on shelves can fall on the ground during earthquakes or any activity. The best site for these shelves is the side walls where they give decorative, creative, and visual appeal.

A room looks cool and classy when there is a shelf in the room, with a chair on the side, and there should be two beautiful and stylish lamps on bedside tables.

DIY Built-In Closet

DIY Built-In Closets are fantastic because you get to design everything according to your choice and preferences. You can try many ways to organize your closets to keep your shoes, clothes, and other items. Besides, you can use organizers to arrange your things to avoid any mess.

One of the most significant benefits of DIY Built-In Closets is that you get the desired storage space. For a shared closet, you need more space: the designs, paints, doors, everything you can design on your own.

You can use a plywood sheet which is considered best for DIY projects. It is excellent for use in built-in closets because it is strong, durable, and works for a long time. Moreover, it also gives a beautiful look.

Over-Cabinet Built-In Shelves Ideas

Over-Cabinet Built-In shelving provides storage space and increases the aesthetics of your place. If you don’t know what to do with your huge walls, then built-in shelves are a great option to transform your house. It’s a better idea always to keep the design simple so that you can easily redecorate if you want.

if you don’t want to show your stuff really, cabinets give you hidden storage space. You can pay attention to specific details to make your things look nice and elegant.

Floating Shelves Nook Built-in Corner Bookshelf

Floating shelves give a modern and trendy look to your living area or room. It’s a brilliant idea to decorate your place with a floating shelf nook built-in corner. Use your crafting skills to make them look beautiful.

You can arrange your books in corner bookshelves if you love reading. You can also keep small plants or other decoration pieces to decorate it and make the corner attractive. These shelves fill up your empty looking corners that usually give a dull look.

The reason why floating shelves are considered good is that they provide you storage which means that you don’t have to invest in a furniture item. What’s more, you are not necessary to spend much on them. These shelves only need vertical space so no matter how much place there is on your wall, you can install these.

IKEA Bookcase to Built-In Desk

Bookcases help you to keep your books in one place and to arrange them correctly. Not only books but you can keep your other items as well. The bookcase is an essential furniture item for every home. You can have a built-in desk to make it a home library to keep books.

You can also have an IKEA bookcase to the built-in desk for keeping toys in your child’s room. It can also be used for keeping some essential folders, paper and files. There are a lot of options’ it depends on you what you want to use it for.

Bookcase built-in desk can be of different sizes and shapes. Their height and width can vary, but it all depends on your need. Moreover, there are other colors or paints you can choose for it so that it matches the theme of your home.

How Deep Should Built-in Shelves be?

While there’s no standard depth for built-in shelves, most of them range from 11-12 inches but can vary depending on what you will be placing on them. Regardless, you have the chance to customize it to your liking; why not go for it?


Built-in shelves are one of the coolest ideas to decorate your home and to give it a different look without changing it much. There are some cool built-in shelves ideas, and there are different types of shelves. You can choose what you want depending upon the place where you want to install it.
These shelves have a lot of benefits and can help you increase the storage space. The built-in cabinets give you hidden storage space so that you can hide the things you don’t want to display.