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DIY Bed Frame: 20 Homemad Ideas for You to Try

We spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping. How well do you use this time? Your body needs comfort and adequate rest so that it may give you the best returns.

A bed frame you place your mattress on can determine how comfortable your night will be. See different DIY bed frame ideas and try one out.

1. Contemporary Platform Bed Frame

Contemporary Platform Bed Frame

Do you have a house with a low ceiling? Then a lower bed will complement it. And this contemporary platform bed frame is the best. You can check for instructions on how to make it from Anna white.

It is rustic and stylish. Who will not love it? And since it is low enough, you will not struggle to get your body on top. It can comfortably fit you.

The supporting base is strong, and the platform is wide enough to accommodate your mattress. The headboard is also available, and you can be sure your pillows have an excellent place to stand.

2. DIY Upholstered Bed Frame

DIY Upholstered Bed Frame

Do you love it when your furniture have a soft padded covering? Then using an upholster covering can be a design of choice. This method gives your furniture a unique look. They look neat as well as presentable.

Besides, the upholster gives the bed frame a soft touch, unlike bare wood. The patterns add a bolder look, and even as you sleep, you feel comfortable.

As you can see, the head has a patterned upholster. And the platform has a plain upholster surrounding it. These two colors blend well with the wood.

You can have a look at this project here. It is straightforward, and it will not take even more than two days. And if you like, even a day can be pretty enough.

3. DIY Floating Bed Frame

DIY Floating Bed Frame

Would you want to try out a new sleeping experience? A luxurious one? Making a bed stand on the floor is common, and most people are familiar with it. But what if you try a floating bed. I know you may not believe it is possible to make this. But who said so?

Putting LED lights below the bed frame gives it a classic look. These light strips enhance the floating illusion too.

The following Youtuber gives clear instructions on how you can raise your bed frame high above the ground. Indeed, this will provide a cloud experience.

4. DIY mid-century Hairpin Frame

DIY mid-century Hairpin Frame

Some things may look hard until you find someone explaining to you straightforwardly and with clear steps. This mid-century hairpin bed frame is rustic and excellent. Check these steps if you wish to make one.

However, you may need some specific tools to make it. But still, it is possible. The legs for this bed frame are strong industrial Japanese hairpins. You may think the hairpins are weak, but not really. They are strong enough to hold your bed. The bed has extra wooden straps that add support.

5. DIY Basic Bed Frame

DIY Basic Bed Frame

Probably other bed frames may seem complicated. And, you may not have all the time to go through those complex processes. But there is always a solution for you. After all, some of us love simple things.

This bed frame is wooden on all sides. The screws tighten the sides to make the bed not swing. The legs are short enough to provide sturdiness and stability.

The wooden frame adds simplicity and beautiful wooden color to your bedroom. See this guide if you wish to know how you can make one.

6. DIY Small Bed Frame

DIY Small Bed Frame

Could you be among those that do not like big beds? Or probably you have a small room? Besides, you might be having a child. And obviously, you will need a small bedframe to put your mattress.

This bed frame has its advantages. If it does not save your space, it can save you money.

It is low and very stable. The legs penetrate through the platform to support the mattress. It has no headboard but still cozy and comfortable.

And the white polish makes it classy and sleek.

7. Pallet Frame Bed

Pallet Frame Bed

Sometimes you may not have money to purchase a costly material. But what about wooden pallets? These materials are readily available. And anyone can acquire it at a friendly price.

Pallets make a simple but elegant bed frame. They are strong and durable. If you are on a tight budget, this is the real deal.

Pallets look more glowing when you polish them with white paint. You can either make it wide or narrower, but your preference is what matters most. See how you can create one here.

8. DIY Slanted Legs Bed Frame

DIY Slanted Legs Bed Frame

This is a bed with a designer vibe in it. The slanted legs say it all. You do not need costly or fancy staff to make it. With only a few stuff and readily available materials, you are good to have your magnificent bed.

Unlike most beds with straight headboards, this one has slanted woods that hold the headboard in place. It is beautiful and simple. See tutorials from

Besides, you can paint it to make it more colorful, but anyway, paint it or not, this bed frame remains unique.

9. Wooden Canopy Bed Frame

Wooden Canopy Bed Frame

This wooden bed frame is one of a kind. The frame has attached woods going upwards and form a canopy. You can lean on then if you are standing. Also, they add support and style to the bed.

If you would to make such a bed frame, click here. With this, you can easily place your mosquito net on the frame too. That is if you do not want to hang it on your ceiling.

The wood is hard, and you can be sure of durability and firm support.

10. DIY Leftover Woods Bed Frame

Leftover Woods Bed Frame

No need to waste resources. Do you have wood that remained after doing some other woodwork? This is the time to reclaim it. You can make a rustic bed out of the woods.

As you can see, the bed frame is very robust. It is comprehensive, and even a king-size mattress can fit on it. But you can adjust the sizes according to your preference.

The base that supports the platform is robust and without spaces. Hence more support. See how you can come up with one here.

11. DIY Farmhouse Bed Frame

DIY Farmhouse Bed Frame

Are you a fanatic of big-sized beds? Then, this king-size bed frame will amaze you. It is rustic and simple. And the process of making It is straightforward. However, you may need a whole weekend to work on it.

As you can see, the frame is strong. The wood is hard enough and can support any weight.

The back frame extends a bit higher to support the mattress. And keep it neatly in place. Also, the sides have wood across that enhances rigidity and stability.

Give your body that cozy and beautiful sleep by making this frame. Click here for tutorials.

12. DIY Hanging Bed Frame

DIY Hanging Bed Frame

What an incredible way to lure yourself to sleep. You can choose to hang your bed frame on hangers. This indeed is a funny way but possible. And what can you use? You can use either plywood, pallets, or metals. But whatever is available can work.

You will need to ensure that your ceiling is strong enough to hold the bed and your weight. We do not want you to fall! Also, the ropes should be strong enough to avoid breaking.

As you can see, the ropes attach the frame from the four sides to the ceiling. Enjoy the swinging experience with this frame. This Youtuber gives clear instructions to make one.

13. DIY Built-in Bed Frame

DIY Built-in Bed Frame

Do you have a dead space in your house?

You can make use of it by making it a bedroom. What you will need to do is to take measurements of the type of bed you will need. Then make a bed frame.

You can also utilize the space by adding some storage space. As you can see, this bed frame serves as a bookshelf too.

And besides, if the space is ample, you can input a more oversized frame for 2 or 3 mattresses.

14. DIY Cardboard Bed Frame

DIY Cardboard Bed Frame

Did you know that cardboard can make a bed frame? Do you also think it can support your weight? Yes. You cannot limit the potential of cardboard.

The materials are very easily accessible. You may buy them, or you can get them at your nearby shop for free price. Then what should hold you from trying this idea out?

To make it strong, you will need to use a number of these cardboards. Also, you can fill the cardboard with miscellaneous things or books. This means that this frame can serve as your storage space too.

This can be a survival kit if you are on a tight budget. Or maybe you have guests, and you do not have sufficient beds; you can try this one out. Check tutorials here.

15. DIY Wheeled Bed Frame

DIY Wheeled Bed Frame

You may wonder why a bed should have wheels. And it may look crazy too. But it has not one advantage, but several.

With this bed frame, you can move your bed anytime and anywhere inside your house. Especially when you are tired of one single furniture arrangement, the wheels can genuinely aid you.

However, you may find yourself in one corner of your bedroom if you are not careful. This is because the wheels move. But what can you do to avoid this? You will have to invest in wheels that have locks. The locks will keep you in one place hence a peaceful night.

16. DIY Box Spring Bed Frame

DIY Box Spring Bed Frame

Do you have a box spring that you are not using? You can make with it a great bed frame.

You can then furnish the frame with upholstery. The material gives the box spring a cute appearance. It also adds a soft touch and uniqueness.

To lift the frame off the floor, you will need to add some bun feet.

17. DIY Aluminium Pipe Canopy Bed Frame

DIY Aluminium Pipe Canopy Bed Frame

Aluminum pipes make an outstanding bed frame. Apart from durability, they add oomph to your bedroom.

On the canopy, you can decide to decorate by adding some curtains. Or you can leave it bare. Your bed will still command attention.

The corners have Kee clamps that are tightened by recessed screws and a hex key. Hence you can be sure of rigidity and stability.

Once you have the pipes, you can fix this bedframe in place.

18. DIY Cinder Block Bed Frame

Cinder Block Bed Frame

And when you thought that only wood metal could make your frame, cinderblocks shouted, “here we are. You can use us too” No one may believe that cinder blocks can do incredible work like making a bed frame, but look, they can.

What you will need is to paint the blocks to fit your room pallets or wall color. The colors should blend to give an elegant look.

Besides, you will need to paint your frame to match the cinder blocks’ color. The blocks are low enough to support your weight and that of your beddings.

This bed frame is easy to disassemble. Hence you can easily remove it if you want. Do you want to give it a try?  Click here to check tutorials.

19. DIY Wooden Crates Bed Frame

DIY Wooden Crates Bed Frame

All the time, we try our best to minimize the little space we have. And even if we have a bigger room, we cannot put things everywhere. We will need to arrange them neatly.

A bed frame that can serve its functionality and store some things for you is a gem. This bed frame is made of wooden crates. And inside the containers, you can put extra pillows or blankets. This is amazing.

Besides, the wooden nature on the frame adds beauty to your room. They make a strong bed frame, and you can be sure of safe and calm sleep.

20. Boat Bed Frame

Boat Bed Frame

Any parent would love to see a smile on their child’s face. And a simple but elegant bed can make you achieve this. But how creative are you to do this?

A boat bed frame is ideal and a real deal. This bed frame has some secret compartments. Hence suitable for keeping your child’s items too. And those that you do not want the baby to reach, be sure they will be safe also.

Your child may grow up loving fishing! But no problem at all, that’s a hobby you are already nurturing.  You can get tutorials for this idea here.


In conclusion, it is easy to make your bed frame following our DIY bed frame ideas. You may have spent dollars to purchase one, but it is not late. And even if you want to start life and are on a fixed budget, you always have a solution.

Get an idea above; try it out. And bring out the creativity in you.