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DIY Shoe Rack: Best 23 Ideas to Make Your Space more Big

Last time, we shared hanging pot rack ideas, have you ever looked for a shoe-in your house but without success? And then imagine you are in a hurry. How do you feel? Of course, frustrated, is it not so?

Below are many DIY shoe rack ideas that are very simple to make. Most of them do not need a woodworking expert. Pick one. Organize your shoes and avoid frustrations.

1. DIY Metal/Wood Shoe Rack

DIY Metal Wood Shoe Rack

This industrial rack looks elegant and stylish. The metal and the wood combine excellently to give a striking look.

The metal provides the frame while the wood provides the surfaces. You can put shoes on the two surfaces as well as at the bottom of the rack.

The metal pipes are strong enough and provide excellent stability. The tutorials and instructions for making this rack are straightforward. Click here to see.

2. DIY Shoe Bench and Baskets

DIY Shoe Bench and Baskets

Having this kind of idea is not only unique but superb. It can fit well just outside your door beneath the window. And anyone that comes to your house will not struggle were to keep their shoes.

If you want to display the shoes, you can put them on the bench, while if they are too many, you can keep them in the baskets.

This idea is simple, and anyone can come up with it. What you will need is a plank of reclaimed wood from your past woodwork. Also, you will need the baskets, which do not cost so much. You can also personalize the baskets. And this will help you avoid confusion.

To see how you can make this simple rack, check tutorials.

3. DIY Wiremesh Shoe Rack

DIY Wiremesh Shoe Rack

This idea is simple. You can either choose to purchase a wire mesh or make it by recycling it from cattle panels.

You will then lean it against the wall. Also, you can screw it to make it more stable. Hang your shoes and let your floor space breathe.

4. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

This is an excellent idea for simple reclaim wood and some metals. It will only cost you the metals to clamp on the wood.

This rack is also spacious. And can hold as many shoes as you have. The shelves will as well neatly arrange your shoes and keep your space tidy.

The metal pipes provide for the legs and blend perfectly with the wood. You will only need screws to attach the metal pipes to the wood.

5. DIY PVC Shoe Rack

DIY PVC Shoe Rack

Are you on a fixed budget? A PVC pipe can save you lots of money. Instead of purchasing an expensive shoe rack, you can make your own from a PVC pipe. A single pipe can make several shoe stores.

All you need is to cut the pipe into similar sizes. Then, clamp them on the wall using sticking glue. And there you have your beautiful shoe rack.

You can decide to have as many as you wish, depending on the number of shoes you have.

These pipes will save on your floor space and add some elegant appearance.

6. DIY Built-In Galvanized Pipes Shoe Rack

Built-In Galvanized Pipes Shoe Rack

If you want a shoe rack that will add beauty anywhere you place it, worry no more. With galvanized pipes, you are good to go. These pipes come with their fittings; hence you do not need to worry about fitting them.

You will need to connect the pipes both on the wall and under the wooden shelves for stability.

Display your beautiful shoes, and anyone will glance at your work. Would you wish to know how you can make one? Check the pictorial steps here.

7. Floating Shoe Rack

Floating Shoe Rack

A floating shoe rack is exclusively beautiful. And what if you are creative enough even to fix some of your few clothes that match the shoes’ colors? They will look great.

What you need are double woods that you will place opposite each other on the wall. Then you will stick them on the wall using brackets or metal shelving strips.

The spaces in between the woods should be flexible to adjust if you need expansion.

Give your shoes a floating illusion and save the floor space. And if you have a small room, wait no more, try this out.

8. DIY Flip Flop And Sandal Hangers

DIY Flip Flop And Sandal Hangers

And when you thought that you could only use hangers on clothes, you were wrong! Using hangers to hang shoes is absolutely genius.

If you have old hangers, do not throw them away. And if you do not have them at hand, they are very cheap in the market.

Once you have the metal hangers, you will need to bend them somehow so that you can insert your sandals and flats well. Anyway, here is a tutorial explaining how you can do this.

9. DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

Wooden crates have immeasurable uses. You can find a way to use them in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

These are four crates. The base ones have the same measurements, but the top ones vary in shape and measurements.

You can use the longer one to store longer shoes like gumboots while the shorter ones to keep lower shoes.

They display the shoes so well, and you can put other stuff on top as well. Once you have your crates, you will need to align them neatly and place your shoes.

10. DIY Spinning Shoe Rack

DIY Spinning Shoe Rack

Giving your shoes a spinning appearance makes them look elegant. This wooden shoe carousel is not difficult to make. Also, it does not take much of the floor space since it goes upwards as opposed to outwards.

It is also spacious enough to accommodate a variety of your shoes. Each circular shelf has partitions, and you can choose to make the partitions bigger to accommodate two or more shoes.

11. Cardboard Shoe Rack

Cardboard Shoe Rack

Indeed, we cannot limit the potential of cardboard. This material though simple it has enormous advantages and versatility.

This idea needs cardboard, glue, and tape. Once you have shaped your cardboards, you can join them together to make such a simple rack. Click here for more directions.

If you are living in a small space, then you should try this out. You can undo the boxes if you are moving to another house. Also, you can recycle and make something new.

12. DIY Door shoe Rack

DIY Door shoe Rack

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe to pick a cloth then pick a shoe at the same place? The feeling, without a doubt, is incredible. You will not need to look around again. And that is how you can make your life easier.

You will only need to attach steel shelves to the closet door. These will hold as many shoes as you wish. And the display is just impressive.

13. DIY Vertical Shoe Rack

DIY Vertical Shoe Rack

This rustic wooden shoe rack is one of a kind.  It is simple, but its functionality is on point. It has seven shelves; hence if you have seven pairs of shoes that you frequently use, this one can hold them perfectly and neatly.

Screws hold the shelves together in place, meaning you can adjust them to fit your desired heights.

The white color brings your shoes out clearly and gives them a more artistic vibe.

14. DIY Shoe Cabinet Rack

DIY Shoe Cabinet Rack

Who will not fall in love with this shoe cabinet? It is rustic and simple. And it will definitely serve its function perfectly well.

If you are a wearer of many shoe types, this is for you. The sides are long enough to accommodate boots. The middle shelves can accommodate both low and high-heeled shoes.

Placing this cabinet on your wall will not take lots of space. Here are the instructions for making one.

15. DIY Planters Shoe Rack

DIY Planters Shoe Rack

We use planters to keep our flowers or plants. But alternatively, you can use them as your shoe rack.

You will need to buy the planters. But if you had planters that you are not using, then here is the idea for you.

You will have to place the planters on the walls using hooks. Then, place a pair of shoes on each planter. However, the size of planters will determine how many pairs you can store in them.

16. DIY Boot rack

DIY Boot rack

If you are a fanatic of boots, then making storage space for them can be elegant. You will fall in love with them more.

This idea is very straightforward. And anyone can make it. All you need is a piece of wood. Then you will have to make holes in the wood to accommodate the smaller woods.

The pointing woods have small spaces in between, and this ensures that your boots do not fall out of place. Indeed, it is a great way to display your lovely boots.

Also, you can use this rack as a place to air your boots without messing your house.

17. DIY Crown Molding Shoe Rack

DIY Crown Molding Shoe Rack

If you are a lover of high heels, keeping them in a place you see them makes life easy for you. Instead of letting them scatter around your closet, you can mount some crown molding on the wall to keep them.

You will then hang your shoes by the heels on the crown molding. This idea displays your heels carefully and neatly. And you will love it because it is inexpensive and straightforward too.

18. DIY Ladder Shoe Rack

DIY Ladder Shoe Rack

And who cannot make a ladder? Or probably, you have a ladder in your home. You can turn it to be your shoe rack.

This idea does not take up lots of space. And it can carry lots of pairs.

You can take some pieces of old wood from previous woodworking and make one. Paint it to make it more attractive.

19. DIY Repurposed Paint Tins Shoe Rack

DIY Repurposed Paint Tins Shoe Rack

Do you have paint tins around your house? Once they are empty, do not think of throwing them away. They can make great shoe racks.

Stick them on the wall and place your flat shoes or sandals inside. You can use screws to hang them on the wall. They can carry several shoes, and you will not need to worry about storing your shoes.

This idea can perfectly fit in the kids’ room. You will need to paint the cans in attractive colors. Place pairs of shoes inside for easy access.

20. Repurposed Plastic Shoe Holders

Repurposed Plastic Shoe Holders

Nothing is useless until you render it so. Probably you have plastic bottles, and you think they cannot help you. Kindly note that they can save you a big deal.

You can cut those detergent bottles into a particular shape then stick them on the wall. If you have several, they can hold several pairs.

Different colors make them look stylish and add beauty to your room.

21. DIY Pocket Shoe Rack

DIY Pocket Shoe Rack

And when you do not feel like storing your shoes in an open place, bags can be an excellent idea for you.

You can have a piece of fabric then subdivide it into pockets. The more the shoes, the more your pockets will be.

You can then hang these fabric pockets in your closet. And anytime you need your shoes, you can easily have access.

22. DIY Huge shoe rack

DIY Huge shoe rack

When you have a family, you may need a giant shoe rack. Or you may also have lots of shoes, and the solution will be a giant rack.

This may fit well in a closet. But if you do not have a closet, still no need to worry. You can have it fit on your bedroom wall.

It has lots of storage spaces. You can place almost everything, including your handbags. These compartments are somehow wide, and you can put even two pairs of shoes.

Though it is enormous, it is still easy to make. Check tutorials.

23. DIY Scaffold shoe Rack

DIY Scaffold shoe Rack

This shoe rack will not only hold your shoes, but you can also do your stuff on the top surface.

It can best fit your children’s room since it is a bit low. The bottom shelf can hold a good number of shoes. And if you are not using the top, you can still place shoes on top.

The legs are metal, and the bottom is a steel wire mesh.


In conclusion, a shoe rack is an essential asset in your house. Unless you like being disorganized.

Besides, you have very many options to choose from. If you do not have those dollars, get the requirements and make one for yourself. All of these diy shoe rack ideas are cost-effective.

Organize your shoes and enjoy a stress-free life. Watch this video for a shoe rack making illustrations.