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DIY Carpet Remnant Projects

Carpet remnants, as the word suggests, are pieces of a leftover carpet. But these leftovers are of the same quality as any new carpet when bought in full length. Remnants are usually the end of a whole roll of carpet. Carpet pieces are at a lower price compared to the roll.


Selling remnants at a lower price is a win-win situation for both sides. The seller gets to sell even the last bit of the carpet, and the customer who needs a small piece of carpet buys it for cheap. Let’s say you want to carpet your entryway. For that, you will need to order a small piece from a store. So, instead of ordering it from a roll, try searching for a remanent that you can use for the limited space of your hallway.


Do you want to use a carpet remnant for stairs? You can save by installing it yourself. Here is a tutorial for installing a carpet on the stairs.


Pros of Purchasing Carpet Remnants

  • They are cheaper compared to regular carpet rolls.
  • You can find a lot of variety if the shop sells only remnants.
  • Mix and match colors for a unique look.
  • Easily available anywhere.


Cons of Purchasing Carpet Remnants

  • There is no warranty with a carpet remnant.
  • Sometimes the quality may vary.
  • You might get a little difficulty in finding the right size. Sometimes you like a carpet a lot but the remnant might be smaller than the required size. In such a case, you might have to give up on your favorite floor covering.
  • No sample book to choose from.

Carpet Remnant Binding


After you have purchased your favorite carpet leftover, it needs binding. Binding is a method to seal the edge of the carpet. Otherwise, it can get ruined with shredded outer edges.

DIY Carpet Remnant Projects

1. A Low-Cost Carpet Rug


Instead of purchasing a new area rug, you can get a carpet remnant. With a little love and effort, it can transform into an area rug. You can also split the carpet remnant into more than one piece. In this way, you will have identical design rugs in varied sizes. Cut the leftover in your desired size. Measure the rug(s). Go to a fabric store. And ask them for a braided trim. Make sure the color matches your carpet. You can buy the trim in some other color too. Get the desired length of braided trim. The next step is easy. Grab a hot glue gun. And start sticking the braided trim to the edges of the carpet rug. This project is quite easy. It won’t require too much effort. You don’t even have to use any special equipment.

2. A Geometric Rug

While discussing the cons of carpet remnants, we talked about the small size. Let’s say you need a rug. You go to the store and find some quality carpet pieces. It is not the time to worry. Have a light bulb moment! Bring them all home and create a geometric rug. There is some effort involved. We get it. But the result will be a masterpiece. So, be the designer of your area rug!

3. A Painted Carpet Remnant


You can customize the carpet leftover with upholstery paint. In this picture above, they have painted the carpet with stripes. You can do that too. Start by marking the breadth of the bands. If you vary the stripe width, it will look better. Once you have marked the stripes, apply painter’s tape as guides. Spread a drop cloth, and put the carpet over it. Spray paint over the carpet to make stripes. Let the paint dry completely. Make sure to do all this in an airy space. When the carpet has dried, remove the painter’s tape. Bring the rug in and add life to your home. You can also spray one stripe and then remove the tape. In this way, you can paint all the carpet in parts. Choose the method that is convenient for you.

4. A DIY Stenciled Carpet Remnant Rug

This one is an easy project. You need to have stencils in two sizes. The first stencil will cover most of the rug. The second stencil will cover the borders. Start by putting the stencil in the middle of the carpet rug. From there, you can move around and keep on stenciling. Use painter’s tape to cover the border of the rug. Secure the stencil for each part with tape. Paint on the stencil with a stenciling brush. After you paint one part, clean the stencil thoroughly with a towel.

5. Carpet Stair Treads


You can use carpet remnants for adding comfort to your staircase. In a very limited amount, you can cover your stair treads. You don’t need to find one long piece for the stairs. Just cut the carpet into pieces that suit the depth of your stair treads. Use a double-sided carpet adhesive tape to stick the tread runners.

So, after reading about the details of carpet remnants, you can confidently purchase them from your nearby store.

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