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13 Amazing Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Can Try Easily

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas
Having a small bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy some vanity within the available space. This is because there are several stylish vanity ideas out there which you can try out to give that limited space of yours an entirely new look (a beautiful one, if I may add). It can be modern, beautiful, comfortable.

If you’re excited like me but still wondering what little ideas you can use to change your small bathroom games, then keep reading to discover the small bathroom vanity ideas that will help you improve your bathroom’s look.

1. Powder Room Vanity Ideas

Your powder room may be small and meant exclusively for your guests, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mind-blowing!

Check out some of the powder room vanity ideas below to spark things up a little bit.

The Narrow-minded Idea

The Narrow-minded Idea for powder bathroom
Since a small powder room lacks the desired space, you can go with this mindset, as it caters to a small powder room.

You can try an elongated sink with a mirror installed.

Add Some Glitz

Add Some Glitz for powder bathroom
Another idea that can bring out the best from a small powder room is to add some shine to it.

You can do this by installing some glittery coated ornaments along the walls and mirror frames. The glitz will take your guests’ minds away from the actual size of the room and channel it towards the astonishing beauty lying in front of them.

Hand-painted Murals

Hand-painted Murals for powder bathroom
This is a simple yet classy powder room idea that can amplify the room’s beauty.

There are several painting styles and themes to choose from, ranging from ancient Asian styles to modern European finishes. The choice is yours.

2. Powder Room Sink Ideas

There are some really cool sink ideas you could use in your powder room. Check them out below.

Double-sink Vanities – What’s better than one sink? Two! Especially when it doesn’t consume as much space as you would have expected.

The double sink vanity idea is no-brainer for those that share their bathroom with another person (say couples or two friends living together). It means you can both brush your teeth or wash your hands simultaneously without waiting for turns.

You shouldn’t worry about the size. Double sink vanities are usually 60 inches in length, so you can still save enough space.

Remember that some single sink vanities measure the same length, but this may not be ideal if you live with your partner.

Then again, why expend the same amount of space on just one sink when all you’ve got is a small bathroom?

Small Pedestal Sinks

Small Pedestal Sinks for powder bathroom sink

Having a small pedestal sink will not only add class to your small bathroom, but it will also save you some space! This is because it has a slim bottom, so there’s nothing to worry about space-wise if it has a large top.
Don’t worry about storage space. You can simply install a small shelf right above the sink if need be.

Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-Mounted Sink for powder sinks
Your bathroom may be smaller than you’d like, and this would mean limited storage space. This is where a wall-mounted sink comes in.

With this, you can have some free space beneath the sink, and this will make your bathroom feel bigger than it is.

An extra tip here is to install towel hooks beside the sink for placing washcloths.

3. Cornered Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Cornered Bathroom Vanity Ideas
To properly explore all the available small bathroom vanity ideas, it is important to consider space, which is a significant factor when decorating.

Why not try placing the vanity by the corner of your bathroom walls? This corner bathroom vanity idea will potentially save you a couple of valuable inches.

A great tip here is to install a small vanity with a cabinet that features an in-built towel bar and a shelf for storing smaller items like cosmetics.

4. Modern Powder Room Vanities

Modern Powder Room Vanities
For your powder room, the vintage look is one way to go, but if you’re the type that has a flair for the new century look, then you should explore some modern powder room vanities.

Consider the ideas below.

Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper

Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper for bathroom
On general terms, a farmhouse itself cannot be considered “modern” since they’ve been in existence for thousands of years. However, wallpaper material and patterns can.

There are all kinds of modern wallpapers, and you will easily find one that appeals to you.

You can go for wallpapers with digitally designed bulls, chickens, or even modernized farm machinery like tractors.

Since a powder room isn’t a place for bathing, you won’t have to worry about your wallpaper being damaged by splashing water.

Celebrity Wallpaper

Celebrity Wallpaper for bathroom vanity
Let’s face it, women especially love to look like some of their favorite celebrities. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a powder room laced with wallpapers that carry the images of pop stars?

There’s a certain “celebrity-like” feeling this wallpaper would give you as you dab your face.

Custom Painted Walls

Custom Painted Walls for bathroom vanity
Depending on your taste and already existing fittings, a mixture of several colors painted in stripe-like patterns can add some extra beauty to your powder room.

Color combinations that go well include green/ yellow/ red, orange/ light brown/ dark tan, blue/ red/ yellow.

5. Rustic Small Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Small Bathroom Vanities
Who says you can’t achieve a vintage look in your small bathroom space? Tell them they are wrong!
You can get a small-sized antique-looking piece of vanity and fit it right in your small bathroom. A dresser style vanity will look great, and it will offer some storage space for toiletries and other smaller items.

6. Small Bathroom Vanity with Storage

Small Bathroom Vanity with Storage
You will find that many vanities are constructed with two cabinet doors that enclose a spacious area. Nonetheless, there is another space-saving option you can explore.

These vanities have wider, deeper drawers that you can use to store most of your bathroom items neatly.

The good news is, these supplies will be hidden from the human eyes when the drawers are shut. It also means you can dedicate each drawer to specific items so you’d know where each item is as you need them.

Dry towels can be separated from cosmetics, and so on.

7. Custom-made Vanity

Custom-made bathroom Vanity
If you have a small bathroom, then customizing your vanity is a great option. This is because a ready-made vanity may not fit into your nook’s precise dimensions.

However, a customized vanity will be made to your nook’s specific dimensions, and it will fit just right. It can also allow you to spare some room at the base while maintaining a spacious counter top to store some toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

You can have a cabinet with multiple compact drawers and shelves for proper storage of your bathroom items. Adding a large mirror at the top can also give a reflective feeling that will make your small space look larger than it is in real life.

Try A Customized Shower Bench

Try A Customized Shower Bench for bathroom vanity
Regardless of whether the shower space in your bathroom is limited, you can still make the most of it by customizing a shower bench.

It doesn’t have to be a spacious bench; it just has to look luxurious.

The shower bench can be laced with tiles and matte black/glass enclosures, of which there are many styles of these to choose from.

This bench doesn’t just make your bathroom look more formal; it also has a functional value attached to it.

8. Built-in Lighting Bathroom Vanity

Built-in Lighting Bathroom Vanity
What’s a room without proper lighting? Dull and dim. For this reason, you should consider the kind of lighting styles that will suit your small bathroom space.

The recommended option would be energy-saving LED lights. While there are different lighting styles, the choice is totally up to you.

You can install several LED bulbs across the upper parts of the walls. You can even try a color mix that will suit your already-existing bathroom walls.

Tube lights are also a great idea. You can install them on either side of your bathroom mirror or dim the lights to create a nerve-calming ambiance as you bathe.

9. Elegant Mirrored Vanity

Elegant Mirrored Vanity
You can install a freestanding cabinet that has mirrors on the doors.

Are you wondering what this will do for your small bathroom? It’s simple!

The mirrors perform the task of bouncing light around, causing your eyes to see your small bathroom as more spacious.

That’s not all; you still have the cabinet space where you can store toiletries and dry washcloths.

Use Wall-To-Wall Mirrors

Use Wall-To-Wall Mirrors for bathroom vanity
Instead of merely having cabinet mirrors, you can install wall-to-wall mirrors.

You may install large-sized mirrors on opposite sides of your small bathroom walls. Doing this will enable both light and images to bounce off and make the room look larger than it is.

10. Marble Vanity Counter

Marble Vanity Counter
There are quite a few materials with which vanity counters are made of. One of them is a marble.

This may be pricier than traditional wooden counters, but trust me, it will add a world of flair and beauty to your bathroom.

This is one of the small bathroom vanity ideas you should really consider!

11. Concrete Bathroom Vanity

Concrete Bathroom Vanity
Unlike metal or ceramic sinks, a concrete vanity sink is a lot heavier. The advantage here is that it can be customized to have a slender, space-saving form.
This is because they can be designed wide and flat, providing room at the bottom, which can be used to install a drawer cabinet for storing bathroom essentials.

You can have the concrete finished with your favorite color or leave its natural concrete looks.

12. Drawers Instead of Doors

Drawers Instead of Doors of bathroom vanity
Another great small bathroom vanity idea is to go for drawers instead of doors. This is because drawers are flat and won’t consume much space when opened.

Slender drawers also look good and add a touch of class to your bathroom, even though it’s small.

13. Cabinet-style Vanity

Cabinet-style Vanity
There are several cabinet styles you can try for your small bathroom.

Oak wood is a top-notch choice, although it is pricier. You can try other softwood options for your cabinet-style vanity.

The advantage of having a cabinet is that it offers enough storage space for your toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

Other Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Vanity

Adding style and class to your small bathroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are simple yet useful tips which will be listed out below.

They’ll make your small bathroom feel a lot more luxurious. Check them out.

Install Your Curtains in Strategic Positions

Install Your Curtains in Strategic Positions for bathroom vanity
This is one of the easy-to-achieve small bathroom vanity ideas you can think of.

First, you need to buy bathroom curtains that resemble drapes instead of the regular plastic curtains. Secondly, you can install two from either side, as this will allow you to slide them away when need be.

You can try several styles of linen curtains, depending on your taste.

Use Stylishly Designed Tiles

Use Stylishly Designed Tiles for bathroom vanity
There are many types of tile designs you can try for your small bathroom. Do not use dull-colored tiles that lack patterns since they do not add much value to beauty.

Ebony colored tiles are an excellent recommendation since they blend with almost any bathroom fitting and color.

Infuse Some Art into Your Bathroom

Infuse Some Art into Your Bathroom
Good looking art can bring new life into your bathroom and make it feel new.

They need to be hung high up the walls to avoid being hit by splashing water.

An alternative is to hire an artist to figure out which styles will best suit your bathroom.


There are many small bathroom vanity ideas which you can explore, and we have talked about some of them in the sections above. Many of them have been listed in this article.

They save space, provide room for storage, and add a touch of beauty and class to your small bathroom, as well as your powder room.

I trust this post gave you some awesome ideas you can use to remodel your small bathroom. While most of these ideas are peculiar to small bathrooms, they produce the same magic when applied to a big bathroom.

On a final note, if you have other great small bathroom vanity ideas that didn’t make it to the list, kindly let us know what they are via the comment section. Someone reading this may be interested.

Thanks for reading!

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