19 DIY Computer Desk Ideas (with Methods and Tips for You)

How to custom build a computer desk by yourself? And help you save much money on purchasing something for computer desk making. You only need a few materials, and you are good to go.

With just like some pieces of wood, you can have your own computer desk. Below are several Do It Yourself (DIY) computer desk ideas you can try out.

1. Wooden pallet computer desk

Wooden pallet computer desk

Pallet wood computer desk is one of the simplest and budget-friendly desks. The material is also sturdy and will provide enough support to your equipment.

This computer desk consists of a wooden pallet surface board where you mount your computer. It has two cabinets. On one, you can place your speaker, and on the other, your CPU.

The cabinets also support the whole desk as they act as the legs. The desk is also tidy and free of messy wires. You must have a good cable management system to achieve this.

2. Parson Tower computer desk

Parson Tower computer desk

This desk provides you with an ample storage area and a wider top surface. It has a simple but modern design and can also serve as your console table.

The shelves are spacious, and your files or books can fit in comfortably. In between the right and left shelves, you can put your comfortable chair and use it while working on your computer.

Due to the spaces behind and besides the shelves, you can manage your cables well without keeping your desk untidy.

The shelves are easily accessible. You can access anything without the struggle of opening or closing drawers.

Parson tower is a simple but robust desk for your computer. You can also move it to your place of convenience since you do not install it permanently.

3. Computer Desk with filing drawers

Computer Desk with filing drawers

This computer desk meets not only a convenient workspace but also a storage solution. You can customize it based on how much storage and filing space you will need.

This desk’s advantage is that you can easily break it down into parts if you want to relocate it. You cannot be stuck in one position.

You can be sure of the security of your stuff once you store them in these drawers and lock them since they are lockable. Keep your privacy of your important information safe and no one can get it.

Because you have the freedom to determine the amount of space you need, you can decide as much as you want and store more stuff.

4. Convenient Cubbies Computer Desk

Convenient Cubbies Computer Desk

Convenient cubies computer desk will not only provide a surface for your PC. It will also provide easy access to your files or other stuff you store.

The cubes are not closed; hence you can remove or keep anything at your convenience.

The surface is spacious enough for your PC and other accessories like a keyboard and mouse. You can also place other items like photo frames on the desk’s surface.

In between the cubbies is your chair to sit in while operating your PC and working on your files. This desk is convenient for a single person, and you can use it in your home office if you do not want disturbances.

5. Flipping Table Computer Desk

Flipping Table Computer Desk

Flipping desks are perfect for compact spaces and spaces shared by several people. When you fold this desk, you can maximize space and square footage as well.

This desk has two surfaces. You can use either at a time. One side is a chalkboard while the opposite is a desk when you fold it.

You can also store your stuff on the shelves and use it as a surface board for your computer.

The other advantage is its ability to mount on the wall and also unmount by unscrewing easily. Hence, you can remove it or install it anywhere or even move around with it.

6. Stool-legged Computer Desk

Stool-legged Computer Desk

This is the simplest DIY ever and also cost-friendly. Yes, the legs are made of stool. You can use any other material such as glass or wood for the tabletop.

As you can see, the bottom parts of the stool are also serving as cabinets. You can store your stuff conveniently.

If you have a small space, you can put this simple desk that will help you a great deal.

  • Cut a sizeable wooden board.
  • Repurpose those bar stools that you do not use for support legs.
  • Fix each end of the board on top of the stools with screws.
  • Paint using two or three coats and make use of your computer desk.

7. Small DIY Corner Desk

Small DIY Corner Desk

Most small DIY desks are triangular. This shape makes them occupy a small corner space in your room. Do you have a corner TV stand? Then, you can turn that to your computer desk.

The only thing you will need is to prepare a chair then install the cable management system. If your computer has a CPU, then you will need more space. You can think of making a shelf on the wall or put the CPU under your table instead.

8. Standing Computer Desk

Standing Computer Desk

You can perfectly adapt this simple idea if you need a small office around your home. A standing desk is a simple and flexible design.

  • If you want to mount this desk in your house or office, you can get some boards and mount them on the wall. Mount them as you would mount shelves in your place of choice.
  • The height should be ideal for standing, depending on your height.
  • You can add some bar stools which can make the desk convenient for sitting too.
  • Some of these standing desks are adjustable. You can adjust to a convenient height or if someone shorter or taller is using them.

9. Upcycled charm computer desk

Upcycled Charm computer desk

You can make this simple desk from already used wooden pallets. You will only need a few tips to make it presentable and appealing.

  • This upcycled computer desk has already used old wooden planks. The advantage is that you can sand the wood using grit sandpaper.
  • Instead of retaining the same design as the old desk, you can design a new and better desk like the second on the picture above.
  • The second looks prettier and more classic compared to the first one.

10. Gaming Computer Desk

Gaming Computer Desk

Are you a fanatic of computer games? Then, a gaming computer is a necessity for you.

A gaming computer desk includes;

  • Quality speaker, including subwoofer, for quality sound.
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Led lighting that will glow and lighten the place, add life and some uniqueness
  • Wireless headphones. Coded headphones have their disadvantages. One being the wires being caught by the chair.
  • Built-in-echo
  • Built-in wireless phone charger
  • USB-hub
  • Monitor set-up. This can be triple or dual, according to your uses. While playing games, you can be chatting with the other monitor.
  • Gaming headset
  • Gaming chair which should be comfortable enough.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can choose to remodel any of your desks and come up with this gaming computer desk. The advantage is that you can build it according to your own design.

If you like an organized and tidy desk, consider choosing a good cable management system.

11. Multipurpose Computer Desk

Multipurpose Computer Desk

You can use this computer desk for various purposes. For eating, writing, as a cup holder, and as a bedside table.

You can purpose it for your computer works, but you will not limit this desk if need be. You can also store flower vases, photo frames, or keys on top of it.

12. Double-sided Computer Desk

Double-sided Computer Desk

This desk provides privacy and easy collaboration if you are working with someone.

Double-sided desks are of two types; back-to-back and side-to side-desks. The pictures above represent a back-to-back on the left, while a side-by-side double computer desk on the right.

For the back-to-back computer desk;

  • A bookshelf acts as a separator between two desks.
  • The bookshelf also adds some privacy to each user.
  • The bookshelf will also serve as a substitution for table legs.
  • You can also store your vases, books, and small frames of photos.

While for the side-to-side computer desk;

  • The drawers act as a support for the tabletop.
  • You can store your stuff in the drawers too.

13. Cross-legged Computer desk

Cross-legged Computer desk

Are you bored of using common tables, you can try this cross-legged computer desk? It is simple but unique in its way.

The legs cross each other, providing support to the whole table and your computer as you work. The design of the legs is also sleek and stylish.

This X-legged desk also provides a modular working space. Some of these desks are foldable, while others are not. If you want to make one, you can decide between the two.

The foldable ones are usually screwed. The screws then act as hinges, hence making the desk foldable.

14. Small DIY Computer Desk

Small DIY computer Desk

Are you trying to save on space and at the same time want to work efficiently? A small desk is definitely the best solution for you. The desk does not provide lots of storage space; hence you will only place on it what you need.

This small computer desk will help you be more organized than having a big table. Because you will be short of too much space, you will have to arrange your stuff well. And by this, you will be able to work well and be more focused.

A small DIY computer desk is not any different from normal tables. This table is small and the simplest of most desks. You can adjust this four-legged desk according to your requirement, especially if you are making it yourself.

15. DIY cardboard computer stand

DIY cardboard computer stand

This cardboard stand is the simplest and cheapest. Though not very strong, it is very beneficial and functional and will make your desktop stylish.

  • If you would try to make this cardboard desk, your cardboard should be strong and sturdy.
  • You can also make some holes behind the cardboard for cable management.
  • This desk may not be very durable because of the material. The advantage is that it can serve you for some time.
  • You have to keep it far from water and a wet environment too.

16. Closet office

Closet office

Are you the kind that needs to work without any interference or disturbance? This office closet will be the best for you. Its other advantage is the plenty of storage space for your stuff.

  • This computer desk closet has some shelves and a desk.
  • The curtains are also available to cover you and your working area, whether you are in or not.

17. Custom Made Corner Computer Desk

Custom Made Corner Computer Desk

If you are the kind of individual who loves and is inspired by an efficient, large working space, this custom desk fits you.

You can maximize your office space or space at your house and install one.  You will need to install the desk at a corner hence the name, corner computer desk.

You can modify this desk depending on your test and how easy or complicated you would like it to be. This desk’s advantage is that you will enjoy lots of free space and organize your stuff more neatly.

There are different DIY corner desk ideas that you can choose from. These include an L-shaped corner desk, craft room desk, ergonomic desk, etc.

18. Student’s corner

Student’s corner

The amazing part of this student’s corner desk is the hooks you can use to hang your keys, bags, caps, etc.

  • This desk only occupies a small space. A desk with some drawers offers some good working and storage space.
  • The shelves will keep your books and files neatly.
  • The hooks are just below the shelves to hold your other stuff.

You or your child can enjoy privacy and conduct learning activities from here.

19. DIY floating Gaming Desk

DIY floating Gaming Desk

This desk’s idea will fit best in a U-shaped corner or a small room with a gap between two walls.

  • The desk has the same measurements as the wall. It also has L-shaped brackets around the table for support.
  • LED strip lights on the gap between the walls provide an elegant finish.
  • The monitor is mounted on the wall, and cable wall plates serve as the cable management system.
  • The advantage of this desk is the cable management system. Your table will not be messy and untidy because of the wires.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a DIY Computer Desk Idea

Before coming up with your computer desk, you need to put some factors in place, which include;


You should arrange your desk in such a way that you will not have to sit in an awkward position while working. Your arms should be approximately 90 degrees. The center of the monitor should not be above the eye level, but just below.


Your desk should be strong enough to hold your equipment. The materials you use will determine the weight of your workstation. Consider using durable materials and those that can provide enough support to your equipment.


You may need to store your stuff, such as keys, bags, photos, etc. Consider the number of things to store before making a computer desk.


Lighting is necessary while working. A poorly lit room will most probably lead to eyestrain. You can put your desk near the window for some natural lighting during the day. Avoid direct sunlight as it causes glare. You can use an overhead light at night.


Consider the strength of the internet while installing your computer desk. A strong internet connection will help you avoid straining and moving from one place to another.

In case you have Ethernet wiring, consider placing your computer desk near the port.


I believe you are now aware that you can diy computer desk by yourself. It is this easy. Instead of spending lots of money to purchase a new desk, you can choose to try these hacks.

Enjoy a homemade computer desk and work at your comfort.

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