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20 Best DIY Grill Stations to BBQ at Home

If you are planning to make barbecue grilling a way of your life, then a grill station is a must-have barbecue setup for you. A well-designed grill station gives you a large space to work, prepare food, store tools, and also serve the guests.

Lots of people like to build their own grill stations. Meanwhile, grill stations are also easy to DIY and budget-friendly.

We have gone through many DIY grill station plans and picked up the 20 best DIY grill station ideas to help you BBQ at home easier and happier.

1. DIY Stone Grill Station

DIY Stone Grill Station

This amazing DIY project uses ProBond Advanced to upgrade the movable grill to a stone-covered grilling station. It features a simple built-in look full of gray and white bricks and looks like a very fancy outdoor kitchen.

You can start by building a frame to fit under the two sides of the grill and then attaching a stone veneer. Be careful to measure the dimensions correctly and make sure to add middle support for more stability.

It is also a nice thing to hear that you can build this beautiful stone grill station for around only $150.

2. DIY Wood Grill Station

DIY Wood Grill Station

Living in an area that near to the woods? Then you should use an inexpensive way to DIY your grill station by using planks. This grill station is built from wood and topped with a piece of granite.

It is simple, small, yet very powerful. You can even frame it with plywood to offer more support for the granite. Once done this special DIY wood grill station will light up your beautiful country home.

3. DIY Blocks Grill Station

DIY Blocks Grill Station

Love the look of a built-in grill? Then use the cinder blocks and patio stones to build your special outdoor cooking station. This block grill station is super easy to DIY and it only takes an hour to put together.

The best part of this station is the flexibility of the setup. As a flexible grill surround, you can freely adjust any size of a grill. This way it can last for many years even you buying a new grill.

4. DIY Portable Grill Station

DIY Portable Grill Station

What makes this grill station stands out from the other DIY projects is how portable it is. It has two wheels on it so you can move it freely and smoothly.

For those who live in a small space but love grilling, this DIY portable grill station can be a perfect fit for your house.

If you need something mobile, then read the full guide of DIY Portable Grill Station and start to DIY it now.

5. DIY Pallet Grill Station

DIY Pallet Grill Station

Due to the cheap price, accessible supply, and how easy it to work with, pallets are perfect for a great number of DIY projects, and the grill station is covered.

Using pallets to build the main structure of a grill station is simple and economical. You can complete this  DIY Pallet Grill Station in half a day.

6. Rolling Outdoor Grill Station

Rolling Outdoor Grill Station

Dreaming of something that is modern and can serve as a cool addition to your beautiful backyard? Built from steel, cement board, and wood, this fancy rolling outdoor grill station is exactly what you are looking for.

To make this station a more proper addition to your house, you can paint it with a color that perfectly matches your home decor. What are you waiting for? You can build this Rolling Outdoor Grill Station right now.

7. Outdoor Grill Cart

Outdoor Grill Cart

Another wonderful woodworking plan to upgrade your grill gear. This outdoor grill cart is mobile, flexible, and small.

It works perfectly with your grill because you can move it from right to left and get more counter space. Not to mention, there are added bars to hold your towels and grilling tools.

8. DIY concrete Grill Station

DIY concrete Grill Station

Everyone knows about concrete is great for buildings, but who knew how easy and attractive it is to use concrete for building a more permanent DIY grill station?

If you are tired of those Formica or tiled countertops, then concrete could be right for you! With only a few bags of concrete, you can make a fancy outdoor kitchen that lasts over years.

So what do you think of DIY Concrete Grill Station? If I were you, I would like to have a try.

9. DIY Grill Cart Station

DIY Grill Cart Station

This simple grill cart station consists of a concrete countertop and a wooden base. They are looking so great together and there are wheels to help you move it around effortlessly.

It also comes with a large storage space at the bottom. This custom grill cart will work great at your next barbecue party.

10. DIY built-in Grill Station

DIY built-in Grill Station

If you’re craftsy and loving creating things, this built-in grill station made out of wood is your next project to go for. It comes with an attached folding table and features a compact and efficient design.

The smart part of this Built-in Grill Station is the combo of Ana’s plans, which adds more character and style not only to the BBQ but also to the backyard.

11. DIY Grill Cart

DIY Grill Cart

This mobile grill cart is perfect for extra counter space. On the top is the space for extra storage. It is cute, flexible, and has four wheels so you can use it anywhere. Jamie has shared the full guide of DIY Grill Cart so you can follow the guide to make your own.

It is made out of a large box and remains a large area at the bottom where you can use to hold a cooler. This way you will have a perfect place to serve drinks. This cart is better than a blue cooler or galvanized beverage tubs because it is cuter and more functional.

12. DIY BBQ Grill Cart

DIY BBQ Grill Cart

With a large, beautiful Cherry Wood countertop, this DIY BBQ grill cart shared at katrinablair will give you extra prep space for an exciting grilling party. It has been attached two wheels in the front and there are back legs at a 15-degree angle to enhance the design.

You can use Kreg Jig to build the frame of the cart. One of the best things about using Kreg Jig is you can easily create pocket holes. This way you can have all screws to be hidden and creates extra-strong joints.

13. Upcycled Wood And Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Upcycled Wood And Brick Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re feeling like a wonderful space to set cooking tools, fill pots, and everything else you need to fashion a fantastic BBQ, this amazing DIY outdoor kitchen is what you are looking for.

With the leftover wooden posts and old bricks, this outdoor kitchen can perfectly surround your grill. Besides, a durable concrete countertop and a convenient outdoor sink, give you even more options for storage and serving.

14. DIY Patio Cooler Cart

DIY Patio Cooler Cart

This DIY project made out of cart wood has a cooler box and a BBQ cart in one. It lets you have a bit more counter space to work with when grilling as well as storage space for grill accessories. It also uses cedar to withstand the elements and enhance the nice look.

This Patio Cooler Cart shared by Brad is simple to DIY. With only five steps, you can work out something that can serve as a patio as well as a grill cart:

  • Build the cooler base
  • Make grill storage bay and shelf
  • Build the patio cooler lid
  • Install the cooler drain and lower shelf
  • Finish and add hardware

15. Big Green Egg Grill Station

Big Green Egg Grill Station

This DIY concrete top table especially holds a custom spot for your big green egg. So if you have a green egg, this BBQ island is your best choice.

Besides being a nice grill station to give you more space for food prep, there is a sliding barn door underneath to give you more options for storage.

One thing I love most about this DIY Green Egg Grill Station is the wear-resistant concrete top table plans. So you can have the station last for over years.

16. DIY Grill Station Cart

DIY Grill Station Cart

This is a free customized DIY grill station cart plan to build a functional, beautiful, and fancy cart for your BBQ party. If you love grilling and have a Green Egg, you should consider this free grill station plan for up-cycling an old Weber grill to use in a DIY grill cart.

It is easy to build and features condiment holders on each side to offer you extra room to store all of the grilling items.

17. DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

If you love grilling and have a Green Egg, you should consider this free grill station plan for up-cycling an old Weber grill to use in a DIY grill cart.

It is a small but mighty grill cart.

Built from wood and comes with hooks, a towel bar, open shelving, this cart will give you even more options for serving and storage. Watch the full video of DIY Grill Station Cart and start DIY it now.

8. DIY Stone Covered Grill Island

DIY Stone Covered Grill Island

Besides being a wonderful Grill station, this DIY project can serve as a functional outdoor kitchen for you. It has a sturdy body filled with stone and presents a fancy appearance.

This DIY Stone Concerned Grill Island may cost you a little more time than the other projects. Although it is simple to build the frame, mortaring and fitting the stones can be time-consuming. If you do it right you will complete it in about two weekends.

19. Make a Patio Cart from an Old BBQ

Make a Patio Cart from an Old BBQ

Looking for ways to upgrade your old BBQ into a useful, wonderful new grill patio cart? Then you will not want to pass up this DIY grill patio cart. It is so simple to build and all you need is to make use of an old gas grill as the frame to create a patio cart.

Both the top and the shelf of the cart are made out of redwood. The materials are one of the cheapest and easiest of everything so this cart only cost you less than $50.

20. Wood DIY Grill Station

Wood DIY Grill Station

This fancy DIY wood grill station is perfect for a charcoal grill. It looks simple and clean but has big power to give you more counter space and shelving storage. Not to mention, it has a tilt-out bin for trash.

It is also super simple to build. You can start by taking the measurements of the width and depth of the grill and construct the island frame. If you need more detailed information, we have a step-to-step guide to help you DIY this grill station.


Grilling in summer can make the warm months warmer. Wouldn’t it be exciting to gather with a bunch of friends and make some tasty grilled food together?

So, what do you think about these DIY grill station ideas? We hope you’ll like to try one or two of them out and build your best grill station.

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