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22 Creative and Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas for You to Try

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Do you love makeup? If so, I believe you can testify how bad you feel when you cannot find one of your cosmetics.

At times you may be in a hurry, and all you want is to find everything as quickly as possible. But anyway, you do not need to worry any more.

Below are simple DIY makeup storage ideas and organizing hacks. You can choose any to store your favourite makeups and life will be easy for you.

DIY Magnetic makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Make-Up Board

Makeups like eyeshadows and flush may pull off from their surface if they fall. But you can be brave enough. Since these makeups have metal containers, stick them somewhere. But on what? On a magnet of course.

A magnetic makeup board is very easy to make. You can click here to see how you can come up with one.

DIY Marson Jar Makeup Storage

DIY Marson Jar Makeup Storage

When you are not using your marson jar for fruit preservation, what do you do with it? A marson jar is the most straightforward idea for your makeup storage.

Instead of leaving your makeup disorganized, recycle this jar. It is simple but classic in its own way.

These jars have metal rings that you can tie on something like wood. Store your different makeups and see how adorable they will look like.

DIY Chalkboard Jewellery Storage

DIY Chalkboard Jewellery Storage

It is never a happy moment when all your beads and jewellery are all over. Organizing them makes them even look more beautiful.

This simple chalkboard can elegantly organize your jewellery and beads. Besides, you can even scribble on each column to indicate the name for each item.

This is an excellent way of organizing your stuff but cheap as well. You want to know how to make one. Click here for tutorials.

DIY Small Hanging Jars Makeup Organizers

DIY Small Hanging Jars Makeup Organizers

Those small jars that you are not using can be an excellent deal for storing your makeups. The only way is to choose to be creative with them. And they will give you an elegant look.

You will need some strings to hang them on the wall. Then, look for some beautiful decorative fabrics and tie on the jars. Who will not admire this?

When you have several jars, you can choose the makeup to store on each jar for simple recognition.

DIY Small Wooden Brush Holders

DIY Small Wooden Brush Holders

Keeping track of all your makeup brushes may not be that easy. Mainly that the face, the eyelashes and eyebrows use different brushes, it may be tricky.

Having a simple brush holder will save you a great deal. You will look more organized and avoid more confusions.

With these small wooden makeup holders, you are good to go. These little wooden boxes are simple. Label each holder according to your brush and enjoy a simple life.

DIY Glittering Candle Jar Brush Holders

Did you know that the candle jars you have already used can be a gem? These jars can make unique brush holders.

All you need to do is to add some beauty and glittery. Though it serves as your makeup holder, it also beautifies your surfaces with the shiny appearance.

See how you can come up with these cute makeup brush holders. Click here.

DIY Washi Tape Brush Holders

DIY Washi Tape Brush Holders

Creativity is fun. You can have anything and turn it to a beautiful idea. Washi tapes can remodel your vase and make them look lovelier.

It may not be enough to have your makeup brushes on a clear vase. You can choose to give them an elegant look with this polka dot tape.

This idea is straightforward but looks incredible.

DIY A Glass with Decorative Stones Brush Holder

DIY A Glass with Decorative Stones Brush Holder

Your beautiful makeup brush deserves an exquisite holder. Classically displaying them is not difficult. All you need is transparent glass and some decorative stones.

This glass makes your brushes look elegant and smart as well. You thought it would only beautify your makeup brushes? No, it also gives your room uniqueness of another level.

DIY Dinnerware Jewellery Organizer

DIY Dinnerware Jewellery Organizer

So, like you thought that those dinner wares are only for your guests or for dinner? Not at all. Why should your jewellery and beads hover around while you have these dinner wares around?

If you realize that you are not using those plates or cups oftenly, turn them to a makeup store.

It will not be offensive; you are only creative. Try this out.

DIY Glass Top makeup Storage Table

DIY Glass Top makeup Storage Table

What if your makeup is closer to your dressing mirror? Actually, that is how it should be. You do not need to carry your make from one place to another. Having them in one place makes life easier.

This table displays your makeup so well. The desk has partitions for your different tools, and you can quickly see and find any that you need to use.

The project is easy to build. What you need is transparent glass for the desktop. And you can also recycle an old table for the other parts.

DIY A Flipped Bowl and Plate makeup Storage

DIY A Flipped Bowl and Plate makeup Storage

How do you store your perfumes and other makeups? A wide plate and a bowl can be an excellent idea for you.

What you need is to flip your bowl and place the plate on top. Arrange your perfumes on the plate. Who would not like your organizations? I doubt if there is any.

This idea is simple. You do not need to purchase anything so long as you have the plate and a bowl.

DIY Movable makeup Storage Shelf

DIY Movable Make-Up Storage Shelf

What if you cannot stay in one place as you do your makeup. There a solution for you- a movable makeup storage.

This kit has wheels. It makes life easy for you. It also does not limit you to make yourself up in the bedroom or on a specific corner.

The advantage of this kit is that it has shelves. Hence, you can neatly organize your different makeup according to their use. However, this idea will favour you if you have a spacious room or house.

DIY Wall Mounted makeup Store

DIY Wall Mounted makeup Store

What if you want to complete your makeup on a single place? Here is the idea. You can mount a cabinet on the wall. This cabinet should be specifically for your makeup organization.

One cabinet is for your body makeup, and it can hold items like nail polish, perfumes, body cream etc. However, you will have to organize them in an easily accessible manner. The other cabinet will be for your jewellery.

Lastly, you need to see how beautiful you are after wearing your makeup. Have a mirror on the other end. Is this not awesome?

DIY makeup organizer

DIY makeup organizer

If you do not want your makeup all over a place, this wooden box can be a great deal.

Do you have a place where you wear your makeup? You can customize a wooden box that can fit there. After you are through using the makeups, you can organize them in the same box.

The box has partitions. Hence easy to categorize each makeup. Find here the tutorials to come up with one.

DIY makeup Brush Holder Portable Pocket

Do you want to travel with your makeup brushes but you do not know how? You can place your brushes anywhere, but the problem will be how you can locate them.

Finding a wallet or a simple pocket is a great deal. This wallet has several pockets. You can insert different brushes in the wallet pockets as you travel.

You can look for a durable leather material for this wallet. And if you have different sizes of brushes, you can have the pockets vary in sizes.

DIY Wooden Tray makeup Storage

DIY Wooden Tray makeup Storage

Do you want a rustic wooden tray to store your makeups? A wooden tray can do this.

Wood is readily available. And making a tray out of it is relatively easy. You can choose to be creative with your wood by creating a hexagonal-shaped tray.

The natural wood grains and the tray’s shape give your makeup kit a unique and chic sensation.

DIY Acrylic Lip Liner and Eye Liner Holder

DIY Acrylic Lip Liner and Eye Liner Holder

When you want to pick your lip liner or eyeliner quickly, this acrylic holder is the best. It has different portions that you can neatly arrange your liners.

This idea is simple, and anyone will fall in love with it. The acrylic material gives it the best and classic look too.

DIY Beautiful makeup Drawers

DIY Beautiful makeup Drawers

When you need a place to pick your makeup from then close it, a drawer can be the best option.

You can have several drawers, and on each section, you can put different makeups. These beautiful drawers will add beauty with their paint and store your cosmetics as well.

Besides, you can easily open the drawers since they have spaces at the top. You can place your hands on these places to pull the drawer.

Click following video watch how you can make these drawers.

DIY Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack

When you want an excellent place to store your nail polish, a shelf can do. Nail polish can easily pour if you do not place them in their right standing position. Hence you cannot combine them with other makeups.

A rack would neatly display your nail polish. Besides, you can easily choose any that you wish to use.

This rack has several partitions. Hence, you can display them as you wish. See how you can build this rack for your nail polish.

DIY Cardboard makeup Storage

DIY Cardboard makeup Storage

Cardboard can make a great makeup store. This idea is simple but gorgeous. If you have cardboard that you are not using, do not throw it away.

This cardboard has several partitions. You can place your tools at your preferred place. You can also keep some smaller makeup on the drawer and close it.

Besides, you can beautify this cardboard with any other material to give it a unique look. No one will know if that is a cardboard. Only you will.

A DIY Beauty Room makeup Storage

A DIY Beauty Room makeup Storage

You can also separate a room in your house and use it for your makeup wear. This hack is not only for celebrities.

Your beauty room should at least have a mirror. The mirror can be big or small.

You can also have a chair or a stool in the room. If you decide to stand or sit as you wear your makeup, you can.

You should remember to have your makeup tools in the room. Since this room is large and spacious to accommodate all your stuff, you cannot misplace anything. Watch the following video to see how you can organize your beauty room.

DIY Hanging makeup Storage

DIY Hanging makeup Storage

And whoever thought that a hanger and fabric could make a great makeup store? Creativity is fun. You may find yourself doing what no one else has ever thought of doing.

What you need for this idea are a plastic hanger and a beautiful fabric. The fabric needs to have pocket-like ends to insert your makeups.

DIY Plastic Bottle makeup Storage

You might have used some plastic bottles, and the only option you can think about is disposing of them. But wait. Did you know that you can also recycle plastic bottles and use them as your makeup storage?

What you need is just to be creative with these bottles.

Below are simple steps you can use to develop beautiful and great plastic bottles for your makeup storage.


  • Different colours of Plastic spray bottles
  • Permanent marker
  • Knife
  • Iron
  • Rubber bands

Choosing the desired height

Place your rubber around your bottle. Then mark around the bottles the height you will cut. Use the permanent marker pen. The rubber band is to help you uniformly cut the bottle. Cut the bottle along the rubber band line using your Exacto knife to cut.

Ironing the mouth

Turn on your iron box. Then, place each cut bottle on the hot iron box (the cut side should face the iron box). Leave the bottles for about 4 seconds. They should have folded to create rounded, smooth edges.

Storing your makeups

Storing your makeups

Place the bottles at your desired place. And finally, you can fill the bottles with your makeup and feel free to use them.

With all these ideas, I think you are good to go. Among these hacks, which one will you try? If you are a makeup lover, you should not fail to try any among these.

Put your makeups organized, and you will enjoy every bit of it. Feel free to be creative and add more ideas.