21 Creative DIY Display Case Ideas for Toys and Jewellery

There are a lot of things we desire to display, but ideas limit us. Did you know that you have a variety of ways to display items in your house? These ideas will not only serve their purpose but also add beauty to your room.

Below are several DIY display cases that you can try and see how amazing they can be.

DIY Car Toy Display Case

DIY Car Toy Display Case

Having children is fantastic. And of course, they will need toys. To them, a single toy is not enough. It is only when they have several that they can be happy.

Anyway, you will need a place to keep these toys. Keeping them well enables your kids to find them easily. Besides, it helps them know how to be well organized.

Laureen, a mother of small kids, helps us know how to make this idea. Check her simple tutorial.

DIY Acrylic Display Case

DIY Acrylic Display Case

Probably you have something like a machine or anything precious. The truth is that you will need to preserve it from dirt and dust (these may cause disfunction of your device).

An acrylic display case can do an excellent job for you. It is beautiful and straightforward. Besides, it allows you not to hide your precious equipment from even your own eyes.

This blogger explains the simple steps you can take to create this display case. Check the steps.

DIY Pastry Display Case

DIY Pastry Display Case

If you have a pastry business, you will need to be creative. Baking or frying your items, then hiding them may not do you good. After all, how will you entice buyers?

You need something beautiful that will showcase your yummy items. A pastry display is all you need.

Besides, this display case will not only bring you, customers. It also shows how clean and hygienic you are. After all, who likes a dirty environment? No one.

See this straightforward way of building this display case for your bakery or food vendor.

DIY Cutlery Display Case

DIY Cutlery Display Case

Have you ever thought about keeping your knives organized? The truth is that you cannot keep knives anywhere. Why? You do not need to cause an accident.

A knife display case is a great tactic. You will quickly reach your knife anytime you want to go on with your activities.

And again, it looks beautiful to have your knives in a different place from other cutlery.

DIY Jewellery Display Case

DIY Jewellery Display Case

Jewelry not only looks beautiful on the wearer. They also add beauty to home décor. Whether in your bedroom or sitting room, this display case looks fantastic.

It is an easy task to build this case by yourself. And instead of storing your expensive and quality pieces of jewelry in a closed container, why don’t you try something unique.

Even when in a hurry, you can easily access your jewelry. And I believe you will not be disappointed.

Also, this hack can serve well hawkers and cosmetic shops. Instead of spending lots of resources on purchasing one, you can build this by yourself. For tutorials, click this blog.

DIY Soccer Display Case

DIY Soccer Display Case

Are you a football player or a soccer fan? Does anything to do with soccer excite you? Having that soccer t-shirt in your wardrobe is not enough. Neither that ball underneath one of your tables is exciting.

A display case for your favorite match can do great. And maybe if you thought of adding some LED lights? It will be awesome.

This display case will always make you feel in the field. To try making one for yourself, you can watch the following video.

DIY Watch Wrist Display Case

DIY Watch Wrist Display Case

If you want your items to gain attention, the way you present them matters so much.

Watch wrist display case can make you sell or not. You can try making one for yourself and place your wrist watches impeccably.

Though wooden, it is still classic. Metal legs support the case, hence very stable. The case is divided into perfect portions to hold the foldable watches.

The upper side is not partitioned; hence displays the unfolded watches perfectly.

This idea is not only for sellers. You can also display your precious watches on the same in your house.

DIY Refrigerator Display Case

DIY Refrigerator Display Case

So, you want to display your stuff, but you fear they will spoil? A refrigerator can do you good.

The consumers of your refrigerated stuff will still find them in good shape just as they look from the display.

However, this display will need some electric connection to enable the circulation of air. The lights above the fridge give them more attention. You can, without a doubt, miss what you have selected.

Your items look yummy even from within the case.

DIY Doll Display Case

DIY Doll Display Case

Do you want to make your girl organized from childhood? The fact is that they will have dolls to play with. You can have them arrange these dolls in an organized manner when they are not playing with them. Will this not improve their creativity? Of course, it will.

Since this display case can fall, you will need to mount it on the wall. The shelves are neatly partitioned. Hence, the kids can arrange the dolls in any appealing manner.

DIY Flag display case

DIY Flag display case

Flag display cases can be quite expensive. What if you have a memorial that you desperately want to crown? A flag display case may be a good deal.

This triangular case displays the flag so nicely and neatly. The finish is also very appealing, not so bright, neither too dull.

Anywhere you would display it, it will fit perfectly. And the memories will worth revisiting. Behind the case is an opening you can use to insert or remove the flag.

DIY PVC Display Case

DIY PVC Display Case

You can choose to be creative with PVC. These materials cannot be limited to plumbing only.

Arranging the PVC in a wooden box brings out an incredible view. It is unique and purely beautiful.

Your kids will enjoy storing their toys inside this display case.  Also, they can place some more toys on top of the wooden material.

DIY Tire Display Case

DIY Tire Display Case

A tire may look useless when in a garage or when disposed of. But if put to good use, it makes an impressive display case.

Your children will appreciate how this tire displays their hot wheels. The shelves are inside, and you can perfectly arrange the toys. The second wooden shelf is longer than the first and third. This ensures the woods fit solidly inside the tire and balance it.

The light blue paint on the tire makes it look more appealing.

DIY Candy Display Case

DIY Candy Display Case

Do you want to win the heart of children? The way you display your candies will depend if you will win them or not.

Having a small shop with one of your target customers being children will need some creativity.

These plastic jars make a massive difference in your shop. Not only so, but arranging the shelves neatly also has its impact.

DIY Transparent Tub Display Case

DIY Transparent Tub Display Case

You may have lots of stuff in your room. Some may be hard to find since you cannot recall everything.

Having a transparent tub display case will help you quickly locate anything. Labeling the tubs will also make it easy to identify them and returning them too.

This idea is elementary. With only a few transparent plastics and you are good to go. It would be best if you then placed the containers on partitioned shelves to recognize each of them quickly.

DIY Lock Display Case

DIY Lock Display Case

Your house or compound may have several doors. The doors will need locks and keys as well.

Creating a display case will help you locate these locks faster. And instead of someone staying longer waiting for you to look for the key, you can easily reach it.

Cardboard and some wood planks will work for this idea. You will need hooks to place your locks.

DIY Medal Awards Display Case

DIY Medal Awards Display Case

So, you have participated in several matches and won yourself some awards. These awards will be your motivation every day.

And placing them on a display case will be much better. If the medals are academic awards, displaying them just above your study table will inspire you and many other academically.

This YouTuber shows the most straightforward way you can create this display case for your awards.

DIY Wooden Coffee Cup Holder Display Case

DIY Wooden Coffee Cup Holder Display Case

When you love coffee, and you cannot wait to have a cup, you will do anything for it. A coffee mug rack will display your mugs so well.

This display case is made of a wooden pallet. It has strong hooks that are sturdily placed to hold your mugs. The case is held on the wall using nails.

This idea is unique and very straightforward. Hence, it is worth a try in your kitchen.

DIY Book Display Case with Wallpaper

DIY Book Display Case with Wallpaper

Having a bookshelf is pretty simple. But you can decide to do something extra to your bookshelf wall. Adding wallpaper will do good.

The wallpaper makes your book’s display case look much more appealing. The wooden shelves blend so well with the green wallpaper.

This book display case is partitioned into several portions. Hence, you can store several books.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Display Case

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Display Case

A kitchen is a place that you will visit more than any other site in a day. While making your meals, you will need to reach out to the necessary materials easily. A display cabinet will help in this.

Your sugar dishes, floor, coffee dishes, etc., will significantly be displayed in this glass kitchen cabinet. While the cabinet will serve its purpose, it also adds beauty to your kitchen.

DIY Hot wheels Display Case

DIY Hot wheels Display Case

Even when your boy’s hot wheels are too many, you can still manage them. When all these are placed on the floor, indeed, they will not look presentable.

This display case cabinet has several shelves. Hence, it is very spacious to accommodate much more Hotwheels.

Besides, it has a glass door. Even when the cabinet is closed, anyone can still glance at your children’s corner.

Glass Display Case

Glass Display Case

A glass display case perfectly showcases anything you put inside. Be it foodstuff or equipment. This case is the best.

Though fragile, this glass case will not only store your items but also beautify your room.

How To Build A DIY Display Case

Tools and materials

  • Hardwood for wood bars
  • Plywood plate
  • 3 mm thick glass
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Wood glue
  • Linseed oil
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Router
  • Router bit

Cut the wood plank

You are to cut the wood into desired lengths; that is, four short bars and four long bars.

Assemble the frames

Assemble your frames and ensure they are balanced and aligned. You can use the framing vise to help you align them.

Drill holes for the screws and dowels. You will then insert the dowels into short frames using wood glue.

Use a pencil to mark each piece; this will help you remember their order.

Check the depth of the groove. Take the dimensions of the board and the glass plate.

Disassemble the frames.

Making grooves

Use your router to make a width of 4 mm and a depth of 10mm. Use a router bit for accuracy. Ensure you are careful when using a router. It can cause cuts.

Sanding and oiling

Reassemble the two frames. You can then sand them to align perfectly, then apply the linseed oil.

Cutting the board

Cut your bottom board to the required size. Insert your board into the base frame. Ensure you screw the brackets for better mounting.

Place the pillars, then adjust them. Insert screws in the pre-drilled holes to secure them.

Assembling the top part

Place the glass into the frame, then secure with screws.

You can also sand the corners; this will help them fit well into the pillars.

Finished product

This is how your small glass should look like.

how your small glass should look like


Finally, display cases are but amazing hacks. As we have seen, you have a limitless number of stuff you can display.

You are free to practice these hacks both in your home and workplace. They can indeed save you some fair amount of money.

Can you be set and try any of these ideas? Ensure you add beauty to your home with any of these hacks.

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