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Beat the Summer Heat With DIY Swamp Cooler

Summer is knocking. How ready are you to face it? It would help if you had a cool environment wherever you are so that you can be productive.

Below we have listed 15 DIY swamp cooler ideas for a homemade air conditioner.

that you can try at home without too much hassle. You can be sure you will conquer the summer heat!


1. DIY the Bucket Swamp Cooler

DIY the Bucket Swamp Cooler

Summer can be the best season if you prepare yourself well. And here it is on the corner. How should you get ready for it? You can make this swamp cooler at home without too much effort.

Of course, everyone wishes to spend little and get the most. You can acquire the necessary materials at both your local hardware shops, while some you may need to order online.

A bucket, a Dura cool pad and other few materials are some of the collections you will need to assemble this plan. If you do not possess some small electric experience, do not fret about asking for some help from an expert.

2. DIY Evaporative cooler

DIY Evaporative cooler

With items available in your house, you can make a super simple swamp cooler. However, if you lack the necessary, you can afford them at your nearest hardware. Be sure you will not lack some bolts and nuts, a fan, and a pad.

Instructables give straightforward step-by-step instructions to come up with this baby swampy. I love it since it is portable. I hope you too will love it. Try it with a 5-gallon bucket and see it cooling the temperatures around you.

3. DIY Grow room swamp cooler

DIY Grow room swamp cooler

Unless you give your plants the best humidity, you may not receive a good harvest. If the humidity is too low, the plants may dry, and they may be too supple if too high.

An evaporative cooler can be a great deal in your grow room if your room has low humidity. You can adjust this condition with a DIY idea and get the best you should.

You will need a few items like a bucket, tee fitting, fan, pump, pad, and other things to create one. To prevent the pad from sagging, you can zip it on top of the bucket. The bucket and other supplies fit in a tote, and you can place it comfortably inside your plant room.

4. DIY Portable Cabin Swamp Cooler

DIY Portable Cabin Swamp Cooler

Not all times can be hot; however, summer must come. Trying out something simple will save you a great deal and keep you fresh all through this season.

I love this simple swamp cooler from md pub. I think you, too, should try it out. The maker explains the steps followed to create one, and even a novice can try it out.

Unlike other swamp coolers I have seen, you do not need lots of materials for this one.

Hence, you will not break the bank trying to figure out how you can acquire the supplies.

5. DIY simple bucket swamp cooler

DIY simple bucket swamp cooler

Many homes possess a 5-gallon bucket. Hopefully, you, too, have it; this is one of the essential things to develop a simple swamp cooler that will help you cool your room down.

Besides, if you feel like the breeze is not chill enough, you can add some nice perks. It is quite an adorable DIY that you should not miss trying out.

With a few materials like a fan and some power plugs, you will be good to go. Also, you do not need to worry if you do not have electric power; your solar too can power it. Tutorials are vital if you would wish to try them out.

6. DIY Jumbo evaporative cooler

DIY Jumbo evaporative cooler

If you think the other swamp coolers are too small for your need, you should try this one. It is vast and will, without a doubt, give you the size of breeze you ever desire.

You will need a wide pad and an evaporation frame. Some rings from your shower curtains will act as wires, while a central crossbar will support it with the bottom part. Hopefully, you will not need a jacket once you set this Jumbo swamp cooler up.

7. DIY Carry me Air conditioner

DIY Carry me Air conditioner

Where would you wish to spend your summer? No matter the place, this swamp cooler can sort you out. It works faster, and it is effortless to make.

You need few supplies like an ice chest, fan, PVC pipe and some ice to create one. If you are in a place with no electric power, you can still connect it to your solar panel. You will, without a doubt, enjoy its durability and the extra chills from the ice.

8. DIY Box fan evaporative cooler

DIY Box fan evaporative cooler

Once you are creative, you can make anything out of nothing. This cooler is made from a box fan. You will need a few things to complete it.

If you do not wish to use it as a swamp cooler, you can also set it to serve as a standard fan. Note that the change will not affect a thing in the project.

A planter box can help you recirculate the water from the porous pad. Some bit of instructions will help you complete the project ASAP.

9. DIY Power-packed swap cooler

DIY Power-packed swap cooler

I know you have ever experienced the chill breeze that a commercial air conditioner oozes. If so, this powerful DIY swamp cooler can provide the same effect. Plus, it saves so much power.

You will need some detailed instructions to complete the project. The supplies are not very costly, including the PVC, mortar, and others, which you can find in your nearest hardware or online shops.

10. DIY Personal swamp cooler

DIY Personal swamp cooler

So you want a pretty faster idea for a swamp cooler? You do not need to worry. This personal swamp cooler has you covered.

You do not need lots of materials. Anyway, why stretch where you cannot reach? A plastic container, a little fan, some ice and water are items you can never lack.

You can spare some 30 minutes to complete this small project even out of a busy daily schedule. It is small, but you cannot compare its power.

11. DIY PVC Swamp Cooler

DIY PVC Swamp Cooler

Too much heat can be pretty distracting and even take away your peace while sleeping. Why go through all this yet you can make a simple cooler that can take away that heat from your environment?

You will need a container with its lid, a water pump that you can submerge, some elbows and a few hardware to complete this DIY craft.

12. DIY Cheap Swamp cooler

DIY Cheap Swamp cooler

Your mind is a great asset because it can create big things once you allow it. Just allocate some time, maybe a weekend, and you will not regret making this swamp cooler.

It is easy and very cheap. You only need some PVC pipes, a pump, a hot glue gun and a few stuff, and you will be good to go. You can use it in a camp with no grid power-just connect it to your solar panel.

13. DIY Camping Bucket Swamp Cooler

DIY Camping Bucket Swamp Cooler

Camps can be hot like a desert. A cooler will save you a great deal if you equip yourself on time. This bucket swamp cooler is just on another level. I love the white, black and red color combination.

You can recreate it and enjoy the chill breeze as you sip your cold Fanta with available resources. The PVC pipe allows the hot air in the bucket then releases it once the water inside cools it down. It is such a refreshing moment for anyone around there.

14. DIY Portable Swamp Cooler

DIY Portable Swamp Cooler

You do not need to break your sweat on your hikes or even in hot camps. A portable swamp cooler can be a perfect companion on those journeys.

A poly hose, a fan, a battery, and a few hardware are some of the supplies you will need to make one. Make your hobbies enjoyable and refreshing by trying this out.

15. DIY Home Swamp cooler

DIY Home Swamp cooler

Once in a while or often we get visitors in our houses or rooms. Their number can affect the amount of fresh air in the room. What if it is summer and you cannot control the heat? Of course, a room swamp cooler can be an ultimate savior.

You do not need to make it complex. Get a few supplies like power wire, cooling pad, fan, pump, and bolts to create one. Mount it on the wall and let your friends see how you are a pro!

How to DIY Swamp Cooler

So you wish to make swamp cooler at home but wonder how and where to start. It is simple and easy. You need very few items that are not hard to find. Even if you are a novice, you can still try it out. See below a few steps to help you come up with one.


  • A bucket, let it be 5 gallon
  • Drill and a saw drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Cooling pad
  • A PVC tube-5 feet
  • A fan
  • Small pump
  • 12-Gauge wire
  • Garden cloth

Step by step instructions

  1. Collect water and fill up to two gallons in your bucket.
  2. Make a line on top of the bucket where the water has reached. Use your saw drill bit and drill to make two 1.5 inches holes around the bucket. The holes should be one on top of the other.
  3. On the left of these two holes, drill one big hole around 2 inches. Ensure you do this all around the bucket.
  4. You will now need to cut the pad. Ensure you first measure the bucket and the pad so that none is smaller or bigger than the other. The pad’s height can be around 14 inches and about 31 inches wide.
  5. One of your materials was a garden cloth. Did you know how and where to use it? Cut it in the dimension of the cooling pad. Its primary purpose is to absorb water. So, place it between the pad and the bucket. As in, line it on the bucket first before fitting the pad.
  6. Check the dimensions of your box fan, then cut a hole on your lid with the exact measurements.
  7. Place the fan on the hole, then secure it with nuts and bolts. If there are extra gaps, use adhesive.
  8. Place the pump into the bottom of your bucket, then connect it to the PVC tube. The PVC should be around 5 feet to go around the top of the bucket. Ensure the pump power lines are out of the bucket.
  9. It would be best if you cut a notch at the bucket’s rim to prevent the lid from getting on the way of the power lines.
  10. Use the 12-gauge wire to make several holes in the tube. Water will leak through these holes to reach the cooling pad.
  11. Ensure that all the water is not released by clamping the hose ends.
  12. You are almost through with this DIY craft. You will need to wire the swamp cooler to a 12 V battery or a solar panel. You will then be ready to use it and enjoy the cool breeze!

As you use your swamp cooler, these are some of the things you should remember;

  1. Open your windows. It works well when fresh air streams in.
  2. Use it only on dry air. Avoid using it in high humidity to improve its functionality.
  3. Don’t worry if it does not cool your entire room. The secret is where you position it.
  4. Ensure that the cool pads absorb enough water before trying to use the swamp cooler.
  5. If you want a cooler breeze, make use of ice.
  6. Always keep the equipment in good condition. Clean the outside, remove dust and use clean water to refill it.


I hope you have seen how pretty easy it is to make a swamp cooler. With all these easy DIY swamp cooler ideas we have listed, we expect this summer to be the best moment for you. Come on, grab the few materials, spend less cost and enjoy the breeze at your comfort.