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10 Best Ideas To Make DIY Lava Lamp That Groovy

Are you looking for a simple but fun activity to complete with your kids? Make a DIY lave lamp can be one of the best choices.

It is an easy project but really amazing to do. The best part of the project is you can also have a fascinating way to teach science to your kids.

We have the 10 best DIY lava lamp ideas to inspire you. Regardless of whether you are making it for the first time or you are with experience, those 10 ideas can help you increase the fun. Enjoy!


1. Start With A Simple DIY Lava Lamp

Start With A Simple DIY Lava Lamp

A DIY lava lamp is a super easy but incredibly amazing project. No matter how busy your schedule is, you will surely add it to the must-do list once you know how interesting it can be.

If you are doing this for the first time, then start with a simple DIY lava lamp is the best choice. All you need is to get some basic household supplies, which are vegetable oil, water, food coloring, an empty water bottle, and Alka Seltzer tablets.

Then fill your bottle with those materials. Do remember the Alka Seltzer comes last.

2. Try Use Baby Oil In Place Of Vegetable Oil

Try Use Baby Oil In Place Of Vegetable Oil

Normally we use vegetable oil to make a lava lamp. But how about the baby oil? Will the baby oil works the same as the vegetable oil? Does this slight change bring a different result?

Think about this. You are having fun with this fascinating science experiment by making a DIY lava lamp, why not explore a little further?

We all know the bubbles moving inside the bottle are caused by the density and polarity of the substances. Try using different oil can bring different bubbles and make this playing experience into a wonderful learning experience.

Want to try even more? Well, you might want to sprinkle some salt into your lava lamp or you can drop a whole tablet in.

3. DIY Lava Lamp With Wax

DIY Lava Lamp With Wax

This excellent idea we highly recommended was inspired by a tutorial on how to make a lava lamp with wax. If you love making lava lamps, then you shouldn’t miss this one out.

Wax can be used to make a lava lamp is because of its density. The dense of wax is less than water so it expands and floats at a certain temperature.

You’d best take some protective measures to protect yourself from getting hurt when mixed with certain materials.

4. DIY Lava Lamp Without Alka Seltzer

DIY Lava Lamp Without Alka Seltzer

Want to DIY a homemade lava lamp but run out of Alka Seltzer? Do not let the lack of Alka Seltzer stop you from having fun with your kids!

You can make a nice lava lamp without Alka Seltzer! What good news if you have no Alka Seltzeron hand.

The secret is the use of salt! Want to know how to make a lava lamp without Alka Seltzer but salt? You can check this full guide on how to make a lava lamp experiment without Alka Seltzer. 

5. DIY Lava Lamp Glow In The Dark

DIY Lava Lamp Glow In The Dark

With only some common household things, you can make a lava lamp that glows in the dark effortlessly!

The trick is to use a water-based liquid that glows. Super simple but incredibly beautiful! The best time you make a glowing lava lamp is at night because you don’t need to block light.

All you need is to get some glowing paint. We highly recommend you to choose glowing highlighter ink because it is easy to get and it is also the brightest liquid.

Besides, you can also shine a torch behind the lava lamp to make it glow.

6. DIY Lava Lamp With Baking Soda

DIY Lava Lamp With Baking Soda

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make a DIY lava lamp in a different way? How about adding a layer of baking soda?

What is really cool about using the baking soda at the bottom is you can extend the chemical reaction time so there will be more bubbles and more fun.

You can start with add baking soda to the jar. This is a simple project you can complete in about 15 minutes but get tremendous happiness.

7. DIY Water Bottle Lava Lamp Decorate

DIY Water Bottle Lava Lamp Decorate

When it comes to making a DIY lava lamp, a water bottle is definitely one of the easiest supplies you should use.

With some free water bottles and only a few simple steps, you can make a lava lamp in minutes. What matters is to use bottles with a lid. This way you can add more Alka Seltzer tablets to start the process again and again.

Want to make the most of the water bottle lave lamp? You can make a number of them and use them as the most beautiful science decoration to brighten your room or for a party!

8. DIY Lava Lamp Jars

DIY Lava Lamp Jars

Besides water bottles, you can use jars to make an amazing lava lamp. Jars are made of glasses so they look more transparent and glossy.

You can make a wonderful lava lamp starting with clear a jar with a lid, then fill the jar with about three-quarters full of water, add drops of food coloring.

Do not miss this one out if you are the person who finds pleasure in a DIY beautiful lava lamp.

9. How About Make DIY Lava Lamp More Groovy?

How About Make DIY Lava Lamp More Groovy

What a great thing to make a groovy lava lamp while learning about liquid densities with your whole family!

There are some tips you can make a more groovy lava lamp and make your kids fall in love with this interesting science.

Besides use jars instead of a water bottle, you can also try out the following options:

Use biodegradable glitter made from eucalyptus plants.

Use multiple colors of vinegar and make the colors combine.

Use different shapes of bottles.

10. Try Use Different Sized Containers

Try Use Different Sized Containers

Make a DIY lava lamp is not only a hands-on activity but also a science lesson you can complete at home. The whole process you are making can be a significant chance to introduce science to the kids.

So what bothers you to make it more interesting and impressive? You can try making DIY lava lamps in different-sized bottles and observe the reaction with your kids.

Different containers may cause the various look of the lava lamp reaction. What fun!

Above are the 10 ideas for you. Besides, we also have a step-to-step guide to show you how to make a DIY lava lamp from the very beginning to the end.

Here is what you do:

Step 1: Get the supplies

  • The supply list is short and simple. All the stuff can easily be found around the kitchen:
  • l Cooking oil
  • l Water
  • l Food coloring
  • l An empty water bottle
  • l Alka Seltzer antacid tablets

Step 2: Add items

  • There is 3 item you should add one by one:
  • l Oil with bottle halfway
  • l Water to an inch from the top
  • l 10 drops of food coloring

Step 3: Drop Alka Seltzer

Before adding the Alka Seltzer directly to the bottle, you should better cut it into the quarter. Once you drop in the Alka Seltzer you will see bubbles rise and sink. What magic!

That’s all of it. With only three steps you can make a mess-free DIY lava lamp and learn about liquid densities!

Tips: Even though a DIY lava lamp is a simple chemical reaction, you should do this in a safe way. You can use a mask to protect your eyes during the pouring process as well as add a pan to catch spills.

In conclusion

A DIY lava lamp is such a hands-on project. With items you can always fond around the house, you and your whole family can make your own lava lamp and learn about the liquid density.

Do not hesitate to add it to your must-do list and have fun!