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Does Delaware have online lottery?

Delaware is one of many states that offers lottery games to its residents. The state has a long history with lottery games dating back to 1975 when it first launched a state-run lottery. These days, the Delaware Lottery offers a wide selection of draw games, instant win games, and multi-state lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions. With the rise of online gambling and daily fantasy sports betting in recent years, many lottery fans have wondered if it’s possible to play the Delaware Lottery online. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not there is an online Delaware lottery option available.

The Current State of Online Lottery in Delaware

As of right now, there is no way to play the Delaware Lottery online. The state lottery does have an official website where you can find information on available games, winning numbers, retailer locations, special promotions, and more. However, the website does not offer any way to actually purchase lottery tickets or participate in lottery games online. The Delaware Lottery currently requires players to purchase physical lottery tickets from authorized retailers throughout the state. There is no mobile app or other digital platform to play. So for the time being, anyone wanting to try their luck with Delaware Lottery games will need to head to a store in person.

Why Can’t You Play the Delaware Lottery Online?

There are a few key reasons why the Delaware Lottery does not currently support online play:

State Laws Prohibit Online Lottery Sales

Delaware state law does not provide for the sale of lottery tickets over the internet. Certain federal laws such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) also restrict how states can sell lottery products online. These laws would need to change at both the state and federal level before any online lottery games could launch in Delaware.

Concerns Over Age Verification and Problem Gambling

Selling lottery tickets online creates challenges for verifying a player’s age and identity. Lottery officials likely have concerns over underage gambling and want tighter control over sales. There are also worries about enabling problem gambling behaviors with easy online access to lottery games. An in-person purchase provides more oversight.

Retailer Impact

Moving lottery sales online could hurt the thousands of retailers around Delaware that currently sell lottery tickets. These small businesses count on lottery commissions as part of their business model. The state may not want to disrupt this retail network by shifting lottery games entirely online.

Security and Technology Challenges

Running secure and reliable online lottery platforms requires specialized technology and vendors. The Delaware Lottery may not have the capabilities or partners needed to successfully launch an online ticketing system yet. Handling payments and personal information online also creates cybersecurity risks.

The Potential for Online Lottery in Delaware in the Future

While you currently can’t play the lottery online in Delaware, there are some signs that digital lottery games could come to the state eventually:

Growing Nationwide Trend

Over a dozen U.S. states now offer online lottery ticket sales or mobile apps to supplement in-person purchases. The option has proven popular with consumers and generated millions in additional revenue for state budgets. As online lottery play expands, Delaware may look to join the trend.

Legislative Efforts

Some Delaware lawmakers have expressed interest in introducing legislation to authorize online lottery games. While previous bills have stalled, there are ongoing lobbying efforts to legalize online lottery ticket sales. If supporters can build momentum, changes to state law could put digital lottery play on the table.

Third-Party Platforms

Even if the Delaware Lottery doesn’t run its own online ticketing operation, the state could potentially partner with authorized third-party platforms to offer a legal way to play lottery games online. This is the model used by a few other states.

Improved Technology

As lottery technology for mobile apps, digital transactions, and age verification continues to evolve, concerns about security and problem gambling may be alleviated. This could make Delaware lottery officials more open to an online lottery program.

Will Delaware Eventually Launch an Online Lottery?

It’s difficult to say if or when Delaware might ultimately begin offering its lottery games for online and mobile play. But there certainly seems to be growing pressure to head in that direction. If neighboring states continue expanding online lottery options and Delaware sees it is missing out on additional revenue, the state may revisit its stance. Any movement would need support from both the lottery and lawmakers. But with proper regulations and safeguards, an online Delaware lottery could be feasible. Players eager to buy lottery tickets on their phones or computers may just need to be patient a bit longer.

Can You Play Other Online Lottery Games as a Delaware Resident?

Since Delaware does not currently have an online lottery option, are residents able to participate in the online lotteries of other states? Unfortunately the answer is no. Federal and state laws prohibit residents from one state purchasing lottery tickets across state lines. So while someone living in Delaware could physically drive to another state such as Pennsylvania or Maryland to buy lottery tickets in person, they cannot legally purchase tickets for out-of-state lottery games online. Residents are limited to playing the state lottery where they are physically located at the time of purchase. There are some exceptions for subscription plans. But in general, each online state lottery only allows ticket sales within its own borders. So for now, Delaware residents will need to stick to the traditional in-person method for getting their home state lottery tickets.

Key Facts About the Delaware Lottery

Here are some key facts and figures about the current Delaware Lottery offerings:

Started in 1975

The Delaware Lottery has been in continuous operation since 1975. It was authorized under the State Lottery Act with the purpose of generating revenue for the state.

Games Offered

– PLAY 3
– PLAY 4
– Sports Lottery
– Numerous instant win scratch-off games

Where to Purchase Tickets

Lottery tickets can be purchased at over 400 licensed retailer locations in Delaware including convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and more.

Age Requirement

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase Delaware Lottery tickets.


The Delaware Lottery is run by the state government under the Delaware Lottery Office. A director is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.


Since inception, the Delaware Lottery has generated over $5.5 billion in revenue for state government programs and services. In Fiscal Year 2022, more than $232 million in profit went to the state’s General Fund.

Where Profits Go

By law, Delaware Lottery profits must go to supporting the following:

– Public education
– Health and social services
– Public safety
– Natural resource conservation
– State parks and recreation
– Economic development

Could Delaware Ever Joint Multi-State Online Lottery Games?

One possibility for the future of online lottery play in Delaware is joining multi-state lottery games. Powerball and Mega Millions are already joint lottery games offered in most US states, including Delaware. Expanding participation to multi-state online lottery games could appeal to Delaware for a few reasons:

Expanded Player Pool

A joint online lottery game creates a much larger network of players across multiple states. This leads to higher jackpots and more ticket sales revenue.

Shared Infrastructure

Developing and running an online ticketing system takes significant resources. Participating in multi-state partnerships allows states to share costs.

Proven Results

Joint online lottery games offered through organizations like Jackpocket have seen tremendous growth. Delaware could build on their success.


Experienced third-party lottery management groups help ensure games are operated safely, legally and successfully across all participating states.

Of course, Delaware would still need to address regulatory and legislative hurdles. But pooling resources with partner states provides an intriguing option for Delaware to expand online lottery play down the road. The state already sells multi-state games like Powerball through retailers. Joining a shared online ticketing network could be the next step.

How Online Lottery Play Impacts State Revenue

A major incentive for states expanding online lottery sales is the potential for increased profits. Offering digital lottery games provides a new source of gaming revenue for state budgets. So how much of a financial boost can online lottery play provide?

States with online lottery sales have reported notable revenue gains:


After launching online instant win and draw games in 2014, Michigan saw lottery profits jump nearly 9% in the first year. Digital games now contribute around $100 million in annual revenue.


Online lottery sales that started in 2016 generated over $6 million in additional profits within the first 5 months. Kentucky now earns $15-$20 million per year from online play.


Georgia’s online lottery sales app has delivered nearly $23 million in extra profits since launching in 2018.

The revenue gains come from a few key factors:

– Broadening customer reach beyond retail ticket buyers
– Offering a convenient digital experience that drives increased play
– Ability to purchase tickets 24/7 from anywhere within the state

Based on the results in other states, an online Delaware lottery could realistically bring in tens of millions in extra yearly revenue. This added income would support valuable state programs and services. Of course, responsible oversight is required to manage problem gambling risks. But the financial upside of online lottery play is clear.

How Can Players Responsibly Enjoy Online Lottery Games?

While the convenience of buying lottery tickets online provides benefits for states and players, there are also responsible gambling practices that should be kept in mind:

– Set a budget for lottery spending and stick to it
– Only use discretionary income, not money needed for living expenses
– Avoid chasing losses and trying to win back money
– Take a break if lottery play stops being fun
– Keep lottery spending a recreational activity, not a source of income
– Take advantage of available player protection tools like deposit limits
– Don’t play when impaired by alcohol or drugs
– Get help for gambling problems by calling or texting national hotlines

The keys are playing within your means, keeping perspective, and avoiding excessive spending. Online lottery games can be safely enjoyed if done responsibly. States also have a role to play by providing gambling addiction resources and implementing player safeguards. With the right precautions, online lotteries can generate important tax revenue while protecting consumers.


While the Delaware Lottery currently requires in-person ticket purchases, there are good chances the state will introduce some form of online lottery play in the coming years. Expanding to online games would align with growing national trends, appeal to modern consumers, and deliver potentially millions in additional profits for Delaware’s budget. Lawmakers would need to address regulatory hurdles first. But by joining multi-state lottery partnerships and implementing responsible gambling protections, online lottery offerings could succeed in Delaware. For now, residents will need to stick to the traditional lottery ticket buying methods. But the door seems to be opening for convenient, digital lottery play options down the road.